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/y/ rule
>Piss Off.

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People add rules all the time. Newfag.

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No they don't you autistic fag oh my god /y/ sucks enough without you dipshits actively working to make it suck harder

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if you dont like it literally just get out of the thread or off /y/

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Man, there's a picture I had saved forever ago of Cless from Phantasia sitting near a tree after he jerked off. Super hot pic but I can't find it again.

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Are these games worth picking up or should I just hover around the r34?

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Malyk was best husbando xD

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More bottom raven!
A Roku is fine as well.

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the games are actually really good, my favorite is Vesperia

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I prefer raven as top, but both work honestly

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If you enjoy lengthy JRPGs they fit the niche.
Avoid Zestiria.

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(Also if you say something, please attach an image with it!!!)

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yeager is underrated desu

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yeager is underrated, not going to lie.

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"if you don't like my shitty unnecessary behavior you can leave" is a real weird way to spin it so you're the good guy lmao

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have you ever actually looked at threads in /y/? Do you know what, youre probably a troll, im going to stop now.

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Yes. Have you?

Because if you have, your lack of pattern recognition is...kind of impressive, really. You almost have to be actively trying to attain that level of obliviousness.

The pattern in question being:
>Some dumbass starts a thread and tries to stipulate “no small tops”
>Said dumbass is ignored as people post whatever the hell they want within the thread’s theme, including small tops

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If you dont fucking like it, report the thread. I doubt the mods would remove it though.

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i see the no small tops guy is still here and still retarded

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stop samefagging dipshit

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I see the no small tops guy is still getting pissed we call out his BS.

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Small tops best tops

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Are you doing this just to spite someone on the internet? Lmao. It must have been a sad day when you crawled out of your whore of a mother's beaten up womb.

When you were a child, your mother was disgusted by what she created. Your father that stayed left when you were 10 because of the abomination you were. He could not believe that was from his sperm.

Now it is 17 years after that tragic day, and you are on mommy's laptop, looking for threads to make you angry. Delete your history before Mommy finds out you were watching porn. Or will she care? It seems like she has given up on you a long time ago.

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B) I am not going to read all that

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tried too hard there. no small tops fag confirmed b8

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Could've said the same for you. Now leave.

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Love how you seem to think we are all one guy. Get off your own ego. But make sure to brace for impact or you may break your neck from that high of a fall.

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stop samefagging, I know you are.

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Thanks for the laugh. Seriously. Knowing you really are this stupid is joyous to know. Makes it much easier to get you to do something stupid and perhaps finally banned.

And yeah, there are more than just one person "samefag" that hate you from /y/. Just get lost.

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Why does anyone care that someone posts dumb rules at the top? Post anything you want within reason.

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