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anyone has this?

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just buy it you retard, we don't need yet another fucking begging thread.

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Hi, someone who have this nude model from naruto? please

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this kind of naruto art is fucking disgusting

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naruto has a small dick so his model is trash anyway

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Riding thread, please. I love to see cute boys on top.

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His Haikyuu is the shit

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A little late getting started, but I'm shocked there wasn't one already. Post your beautiful green tusked bois during the remainder of this sacred month.

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Really, Fujoshis don't spam /a/ with yaoi,
don't complain about "hetshit" or yaoibait.
They're really more tolerable people than /u/ on
other boards.

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>some time ago on /vp/
>saw pokeboy thread
>decided to post cute handsome boys
>get spammed with yurishit, waifushit and ecchishit until image hit limit
Not just yurifags but waifufags as well

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What? How did that happened? Really I think the pokemon communits is to much infected with guys or people who loved the pokemon when they were young and now are still interested in Pokemon but not in the monsters but in the Pokegirls.

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Pokémon attracts the most autistic of autists so it was probably doomed from the beginning

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>tfw make a bara thread on other broads for fun
>get spammed with twink/fat/fur-shitters
People just can't respect thread themes.

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>me as a /cm/ and /y/ anon
>found redirected boy threads from /v/ even though it's vidya related
4chan is filled with waifufags and so are the mods

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Bonus question:
>What’s the weirdest BL you’ve read that you ended up enjoying?
BL Tierlist Maker

Previous thread >>2790273

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Art is still unironically ugly and not anime, and merely just one line isn't enough according to the 2020 yaoi professional standards

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Who died and made you the Queen of gay?

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I graduated from a prestigious yaoi academy, don't reply to me again unless your posts start corresponding to the 2020 yaoi guidelines

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>Sakurada-Senpai Kaizou Keikaku

> "Senior's body and mind will be remodelled..."
>Girly favourite window side candidate Damery man · Sakurada and Yayoi of a super-high-spec junior student who can not be jealous. Yayoi, who has a strong desire to Sakurada, ties his body, sings and develops. In the transformation play that heats up Sakurada of nonke begins to gradually feel pleasure!?
>In addition to the title work, it also includes the spin-off too much of the ultimate de M owner and sales clerk of Yandere Saiko!!
what the fuck, mangadex?

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Bonus question:
>What’s the weirdest BL you’ve read that you ended up enjoying?
BL Tierlist Maker

Previous thread >>2790273

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I am in dire need of more images of casual public nudism.

What is it?
Basically i need DRAWN (as i'm posting on this board) images of fully nude man/men around in public (street, party), while the clothed people aside don't bat an eye.

If you don't get what i mean it's something like the image on the pic, but obviously not blurred, and again, drawn instead of having real people.

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Game is out on itch.io and will be out on steam any time. Share some opinions if you get the game :)


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Play Coming Out on Top.

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Usually people that feel the need of extrapolating themselves into imaginary characters that are obviously not you and meet none of your criteria as equally imaginary people that would never date you fawn over (you) without sense or reason, are the ones you would call low-self esteem. You definitely sound the part, if anything.

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>Can anyone explain to me why str8 visual novels have all the love interests be nice, interesting, deep, unironically diverse, and completely devoted to the protagonist making the story both wholesome and hot
Because you are clearly only familiar with moege if you think like this.

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i don't know much about straight games, but it's probably a different market and has a different history with genre tropes.

also yaoi games and bara games tend to be different, since one was traditionally for women and one was traditionally for gay men.

the other thing is that most games being made in the West are pretty low quality. and they're generally being spear-headed by artists using Ren'py who are not writers.


i agree COOT is a good place to start. some of the writing is corny, but if you're looking for diversity + winning men over and feeling like you've earned the sex, it's pretty good for that.

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I'll leave this here.

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A bunch of Marototoris fanbox works leaked over on eHentai and i've been slowly working on removing the watermarking/censorship on the images. Theres a few comics too that I was wondering if anybody could translate:

JP: https://imgur.com/a/9fZMag2

When I was going through un-censoring I made a blank textbox version too if anybody wants to take a stab at typesetting in an english translation.


Sorry if theres a page out of order in the imgur links.

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Try this website then: https://buhitter.com/author/Marototori?p=1

Convenient for browsing images and goes very far back so long as the post wasn't deleted. Might have to login and link to your twitter account if the user flagged their images as NSFW.

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Damn. Thanks bro

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That would be awesome tho, can't wait to see them

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OP here, if you wanna translate you can just type in the rough translation into the blank textbox version in microsoft paint or something, I can do another pass later to properly typeset in the translation.

Also if anybody has any tori stuff thats new and wasent leaked over at ehentai, post it here and ill un-watermark it asap.

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So anybody gonna typeset this?

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I want to draw sweet and romantic porn of these character any suggestions

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Avatar the last airbender or The legend of Korra

Bonus if Sokka or Kai

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jesus these are funny

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There's a full version of this picture somewhere on the web and I was wondering if anyone had it.

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This picture as well. Does anyone have it?

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The artist never finished that one.

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Anyone got the full version of this pic?

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Has no one ever even signed up for his patreon? I cant find any of his stuff besides what's on his twitter (nothing on YP or ADF)

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Why even bother sub to his patreon. He offers all his shit uncensored for free on his twitter just like you said.

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>> No.2792499

He only posts like one of 8 images he makes a month

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His renders are pretty good but the abnormally big dicks kinda turn me off

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Who cares of this thIef?

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Quoted By: >>2792631

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more like kbdn

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Boys doing other kinds of leg stretches also welcome

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>Starts with literal futashit and devolves to shotafaggotry
Good luck with your thread.

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Quoted By: >>2792029 >>2793357

Which was that hentai with the trap that was being a prostitute and not into the sex but then the dude gives him some aphrodisiac and then loves cock and shit yall got that?

>> No.2792029

Go ask /r/ retard.

>> No.2792034

I dont have the number, but the hentai i think you're looking for is A Boy Who Lost Himself To Drugs

>> No.2793357

That sounds like every hentai ever

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I'm looking for erotic art with a focus on ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt. Realistic if possible.

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looks hot to me

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ftm are literally the worst, you girls sicken me

>> No.2803182

meant to reply to this post too >>2796555
absolute cancer. killed my erection. the estrogen of these posts is stronger than a literal milf creampie video

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