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Ichigo was one of my first love when I was younger lmao

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Post boys wrestling and doing submission holds on each other

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post sleepy boys

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That looks more like possessed by soul-devouring satanspawn, but sure.

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He will resort to the fumbling old man in mental decline persona, that they've been denying for months, who was taken advantage of by illintentioned agents who will hide behind the guise of people who saw themselves as arbiters of democracy

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Been a while since we had a thread for beautiful sexy dark skin men.

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Yes more Arjuna please

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1 million+ ERSDL am I gonna make it?

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

>https://pinboard.in/u:yrecs (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Bonus question:
>What is your favourite BL magazine?
BL Tierlist Maker

Previous thread >>2803142

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No, that's Shoowa's version of Aisuke and Seven

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This take is just way too reasonable.

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you're free to hide the post and subsequent responses. Like so

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No, posting people being retarded on Twitter is off topic and only brings in cancer discussions. I personally didn't say anything because we're past bump limit already but don't get too comfortable.

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Gonna be honest with you anon, I was literally taking the piss and just using an amalgamation of shit I've read both from Alt right anitwitter and /v/ about politics on anime shit as unfunny shitpost.
But hey, I was totally expecting someone to be autistic enough to take it seriously, call me a retard /pol/ack and force me to spell it for them.
Thanks for never making me lose hope in how exceptional /y/ can be, Anon.

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A threads for smaller tops on bigger guys. Bonus points for stereotypical tops on bottom. No shota obviously.

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Ugh that autismo is so fucking annoying and the mods here don't do shit either. What I would do is to bump and keep threads that I like alive and hopefully push out and keep that autsimo's spammed threads at the bottom.

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I've been doing that but seems like that anon lives on this board to watch good threads die just to repost the same thread with no small tops in it. Hate to say it, but if they're trolling they've won, I can't help getting pissed off each time to see it now. Feels like all we can do now is just live with it or fight fire with fire.

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Yeah it fuking sucks to live with it. Been there during the time of their spammed country threads too. I could only wish this board has better mods that can actually do their jobs right and perma-ban that fucker. Also having multiple active threads on the same board is not allowed either but somehow that autismo is able to do that.

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I think this thread was made because some autist decided to make a bunch of threads saying "No small tops"

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Yeah, like, some people just really like small tops, man.

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Post all the MegTen men you can, girls and boys! Just remember: NO SMALL TOPS!

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Aight this is only a small chunk of my folder but i'll be back later today to post more

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Anyone got some dojima

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More images of this artist and these two sexy boys

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What's the artist's name?

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This is his/her twitter

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that account is dead, got a new one?

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Does anyone else find Arthur x Lewis very hot?

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Honestly, Human Lewis is better looking.

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post your favorite looking cocks

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It's my second favorite holiday so let's post a great feast

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Last thread died.
Lets bring in all that sweet sweet Hypnovember content y'all!

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i think thats just a futa you posted

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Source thread
I'll start
Artist please

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With No Title is the Artist/Blog name
Daizaemon Kaze from Gantz

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Anyone know the artist?

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Check out my onlyfans at onlyfans.com/pipixxx

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A board dedicated to posting MALE fart art of western orgin

>no female farts unless a male is in the picture
>no furry
>no prepubecent males (shota)
>no slob

have fun

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does anyone know the title of the Gengoroh tagame manga she’s standing in front of ?

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Quoted By: >>2805914

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here comes a long one

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maximum filesize is 4mb. look up the name in the first image i guess. this is all i have.

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Lol this one sucks

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Who did these?

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I don't know if this has been posted before, but I needed this.

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still a good image

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Why is twink now synonymous to shota tho?
Is because you fags are ignorant and misuse the terms at every chance you get. Back in my day twinks had actual body definition and were not just little andro babies for sick fucks.

>> No.2805775

that's great!
not the image I was looking for, but sure is hot

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the one on the right is actually doomer femboy according to the artist--this artist literally doesnt draw anyone with vaginas. can't imagine twinkjak being dom over any male but this is cute

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I need the sauce

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