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Okay, so I really need y'all help finding a certain image.
It's really NSFW, though, but I do apologize if any of you happen to be somewhat uncomfortable by this post here but I'll appreciate it if any of you can still be of assistance.
Please don't mind the image, it's just... certain proof. :(

1. So the image I'm requesting for here was created by someone named Freestersins on Tumblr whose name happens to be Jay or at least as far as I recall. He would happen to be an NSFW artist who would draw South Park characters most of the time but due to Tumblr addressing NSFW posts, his posts there would be booted
2. The content would include Stan, Butters, Token & Clyde all naked in a beach.
3. Stan would be shooting something white on Butters while he'd be right by a tree, can't actually specify it so I don't know what it was.
4. Clyde would be shown laying down on the floor of sand with Token laying on his ass; Clyde would turn his face at the camera while Token would have his tongue out (also, Token's nipples were shown too. I think semen must've also been shown from Clyde's ass which may indicate why Token's tongue was out.)
5. The art picture even had a caption on it that would say something like "beach butts" or "beach boys" -- either one, I don't know for sure, though.

However, if it's really nowhere to be found then at least I tried. Knowing there's still some of his other artwork out there, I'm still genuinely wondering where that exact picture there is. Like I said, I'd really appreciate if any of you might know if it's archived, screenshotted or just out there somewhere. I know it may be one damn picture but I'm still worried about it, to this day. Thanks for reading & understanding.

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P.S: For those of you that are familiar with the user there or might have viewed his posts there, you'll know who I'm talking about & possibly the fact that he had the image of which I just described, if you have seen it before.

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I don't like request posts but finding pictures makes me feel like a detective

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bro i can't believe you found that. not op but kudos to you

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Surprised to see that you didn't get hundreds of death threats and actually got the pic

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Masshiro na keshiki ni ima sasoware te
Boku ha iku yo mada mi nu sekai he

Maigo no mama tabi shi te ta
Nezumiiro no sora no shita
Higawari no chizu ikutsu mo no yume ga nijin de i ta

Itsuka ha sa
Chippoke na boku no kono hohaba demo
Ano kumo no mukou made ikeru ka na

Tsuyogatte kizu tsui ta
Kokoro sukashi ta you ni
Furidashi ta amatsubu tachi ga
Ranhansha kurikaesu

Massugu na hikari ga kousa shi te
Yukisaki mo tsuge nu mama
Doko made mo tsukinukeru
Awai zanzou ryoume ni yakitsuke te
Kono sora no shita
Donna toko ni i te mo
Todoku hazu na n da
Mada mi nu sekai he!

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I love Jean

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Mr. Gar, Radicles, and any other guys there that get you hard.

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selfcest is quite nice

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JoJo thread is this way >>2767484

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>Looking through the first few panels
Oh nice, this is actually pretty wholesome and cute, I have a friend who really likes Doppio I could show this to-
>Sees the rest of it
Oh fuck that's actually super hot.

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Hey guys, does anyone know about that one face creator that let you create a male ahegao face? I'm almost 100% sure it was on Picrew, but I can't seem to find it anywhere now.

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Post them

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Don't make threads when there already is one

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Better yet, don't start with obvious shotashit.

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god that image is such a fucking meme

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These are the rules: No small tops.
No shota (e.g. only adult looking Ciel, Alois etc)
No gore.
And no misogyny

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>Be me

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anyone have the affection scenes for post December 2019? https://www.luscious.net/albums/gay_harem_text_affection_scene_325458/ this is the most complete collection I can find and it hasnt been updated since then.

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Koei has a bunch of hot guys, can we have a thread about them?

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i want something dark evil and gayAF

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didn't have it saved, scrounged up gelbooru for relevant shit, and welp, its tags are fucked up apparently.

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are you so low test that you can't focus on a fat cock when tits are in the room? I thought you were gay.

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Did it trigger you?

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I'm sorry the global rules don't let you post danziengines mpreg shota doujins and call them "twinks" Anon.

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Tits ruin everything, you telling me you watch straight porn to get off too?

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Does anyone have the NSFW versions of the Kakashi art by Sakimichan? Thanks.

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This thread was moved to >>>/r/17543280

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twink orgy thread

>> No.2786935

The best kind of orgy AND the best kind of thread

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maybe next time your dumb ass could describe the thread

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Stop making threads with one image

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Bonus question:
>Which BL do you think deserves an anime or film adaptation? Why do you think so?
>Hardmode: Which BL do you predict is most likely to next receive an anime or film adaptation?

Previous thread >>2784578

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Anyone played the new vanillaware game on PS4? Apparently it has a BL route?

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sneakretly posting my pokeboys again

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Any good doujins?

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if there are i haven't found them, sadly.

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Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Bonus question:
>Which BL do you think deserves an anime or film adaptation? Why do you think so?
>Hardmode: Which BL do you predict is most likely to next receive an anime or film adaptation?

Previous thread >>2784578

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Please reply to this post to ask for things to be added OR REMOVED from the rec pastebin.
>anime, VNs, and fan doujin are allowed
>please state if your rec is for the pastebin and pinboard, or specifically for the chart.

How to post to Pinboard:

NEW HERE? Check out our curated rec chart!
>Pic related

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what are some of your favorite twinks art?

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thanks you legend

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he seems retarded now because he's looking at the fucking void

>> No.2786325

Nooooo anon, that's a twink!
If i say it's a twink it absolutely negates the fact I'm just posting shotacon and the mods will be retarded enough to let it slip!
Oh wait

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he just can see beyond sight, anon

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there is absolutely not enough captain harlock porn

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Quoted By: >>2808074

original character and content thread
fan art is okay as long as you are the owner of the drawing

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Ugh, these are so cute.

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omg thank you! <3

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I need help from someone to translate this vid. I'm doing it for free and i will release it for free. Are there any volunteers?
The translation is from Jap to Eng. I'm a video editor and will do everything else by myself besides the translation.

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Look closely at the watermark anon.

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To be fair, this artist doesn't really look that different. Same shading techniques, bland looking cock and balls, and fem looking faces.

>> No.2790976


>> No.2791189

i don't think so, zarory's latest arts are full of details, you can easily see it on zuko's and ahri's pics

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