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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

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Maybe she's a lesbian self inserter.

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no im a straight man and i enjoy yaoi

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Speaking of Jap sex vocab, what I dread even more than 'daku' is goddam okasu/??. Is it 'to rape'? Is it 'to fuck'? It's used as both, so you can take a guess from context, and then it'll come up in the 'mixed meaning' at least three times more!

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the cast for the Cherry Magic adaptation is a lot cuter than the usual standard of BL doramas. I'm tempted now, have any anons watched it yet?

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women don't use 4chan

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There was a bit of discussion about it three or four threads ago. It's decent and quite cute, but the pacing is incredibly annoying for me.

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What do you mean, anon? What about the menace of self inserting lesbians?

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its like anything paranormal, a myth. someone should make a show called carpet muncher buster to try and prove lesbians exist on this board

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the real problem with dotei yankee magicus is that the regular blond version of the uke was hotter than his semen demon transformation.

It's also funny that the villain's comeuppance for orchestrating a brutal mindbreak gangrape of our uke is a slap and an apology. Hope there's a sequel manga focused just on his quest to be fucked by his brother.

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> It's a lot cornier/dramatic than the manga. I do like the non-manga scenes, though.

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isn't there an anime about a unicorn like you

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yes and its shit

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"Make love" also works.

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Why and how

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I love "your body is so lewd" but none of that "embrace me" shit. Also I've seen "you're so sexy" a few times in BL, but would it kill translators to let dudes call each other hot from time to time.

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I usually go with "take me" for that one if the scene is cute, and I go really raunchy with it if it's porn.

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Top and bottom?

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>the real problem with dotei yankee magicus is that the regular blond version of the uke was hotter than his semen demon transformation
Based and yankeepilled

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Why don't you like it? What do you disagree with it on?

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i just enjoy yaoi more than yuri and hetero manga. Its more entertaining and has more variety.

it looks ugly. thats about it. I dropped it one episode in

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What are your favorites, anon? What kind of dynamics do you enjoy? How do you deal with the sex scenes?

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Man, you got really mad at that dude.

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I get you're the same guy who said could only read shit when one of the guys was hyper feminine.

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Did you check out the manga it was based on? I think it looked better "on paper".

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I think "spread your legs" sounds awkward too. It seems like BL scanlators have the reverse problem of shonen scanlators, they're so reluctant to use curse words because they don't want their uwu cinnamon rolls to say "fuck."
>pic related examples from Never Good Enough and Motion Emotion

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>the regular blond version of the uke was hotter than his semen demon transformation
t. older brother

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Are you bi?
Have you ever kissed a dude at request?
What are your opinions on polyamori?

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Well guys I've officially lost it, I've started actually working on muh Nakamura-kun doujinshi comic. Drawn a couple pages for chapter 1 and started writing down bits for later chapters. My mind is awash with images of cute anime boys. I'd say quarantine has broken me but I was always like this

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we can't wait to read it, anon.

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If you all are talking about The High School Life of a Fudanshi, did anyone like that manga? It's painfully unfunny, especially compared to the many great BL parodies there are out there already.

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>they're so reluctant to use curse words because they don't want their uwu cinnamon rolls to say "fuck."
Are you sure this doesn't happen because authors themselves think their characters are too cinnamon roll to say fuck and translators are just trying to maintain the original tone?
Like, "embrace me" and "make love to me" might sound corny as fuck, but daku is a corny way to invite someone for sex in the first place.

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Nothing like mediocre porn from a western weeb.
Do your best, anon.

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My man, I've been drawing Theo and Oz almost compulsively for a while now too.

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Yeah, I wasn't hooked. The author started to run out of jokes quickly and tried to remedy this with wacky new characters, but it didn't work.
I was surprised to see it animated.

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new thread

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thanks anons, look forward to it


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New Thread >>2805679

>mfw I'm the one brainlet who thought it was funny
In my defence, I will laugh at absolutely anything. My favorite manga is Cromartie High, I own every volume. Shit like Danshi Kokosei no Nichijou is what keeps me going in life.
At least it was better than Kiss Him Not Me?

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pics or it didn't happen

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I only draw traditional and they're all way too ugly to share. I appreciate the interest, though.

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Bet you're really good tho

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This. This is the real reason.

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This could be a fun thread topic. Do you ever draw fanart of BL series.

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>The High School Life of a Fudanshi
>one of the guys is named Nakamura
>now they're talking about this Nakamura being a uke
this is fucking with my mind damnit

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>think "spread your legs" sounds awkward too
Spead your legs sound perfect in that context, though? What was the original text?

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I'm the one who translated NGE. It's literally what the original uses and since the phrase works the same in english, there was no reason to change it. Funnily enough the quote was deemed so catchy is was used as promotional band of the volume, so I'd feel kinda bad to completely rephrase it.

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I think it's a good sentence. Really fits the original tone of the scene, it supposed to sound bitter and a bit angry with a mix of horny.

>> No.2805834

Thanks, that's what I was aiming for. It's slightly less apparent in English but Theo always uses polite register with Louis, even when he's being rude otherwise, so that's one more reason he can't sound too vulgar.

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>types "lmao literally"
Shouldn't be surprised you lack reading comprehension.

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