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Looking for gay (male-on-male) ballbusting stuff. Don't know if this is the right place to post? Help me out, guys!

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Someone uncensored it (using the linedrawing version i think) and it was posted in an now archived/deleted uncensoring thread.

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Found it while I was snooping around the archived boards. You can use https://yuki.la/ for searching those boards.

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Found it while I was snooping around archived boards. You can use yuki(.)la if you wanna see those boards

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Found it while I was snooping around archived threads. You can use yuki(.)la if you wanna see those threads

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I've been scouring fireden, is fireden better?

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I meant 'yuki(.)la' not fireden.

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Homies being bros, post real g's helping each other out.

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next time be a homie to the rest of us and post 5-6 pictures to start a thread

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Lets make a thread for cute squid boy love

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this one is my fav

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No, we don't need you art Biribeast.

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> you art
Did you finish high school?

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I like his art (he could improve in some places), but I wish he would do more western stuff and irl people instead of generic animu literal who's.

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They tend to do popular anime and then have obscure stuff to go with it.

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Forgot to asd that sometimes they also draw really minor characters from said shows getting all beefed up too, so there's clearly a preference there.

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anyone up for a Hannibal thread?

this drawing is my personal favorite.

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there's already one up

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Oh shit source?

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Wish more yaoi Doujin had stuck in wall tags

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread. No fan art/edit

Last thread: >>2732246

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How small must be that dick?

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What is this from?

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This game made me Fully Gay

Like seriously every time i look at the CG i always get a boner no matter how much i cum

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Hey, looking for some more symbiote yaoi so if y'all got any plz plz put it here

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Anything to do with piss and shit
Wetting, messing, diapers, golenshowers, eating, drinking, ect.

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Real quick, can I get a link to where you found that first dl image?

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"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth."

Remember noo small tops, ladies and gents!

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mfw their new CGs are available but booth hasn't been accepting international payments for almost a year and digiket is a pain to figure out, pls share

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Why is Digiket's censorship so retarded?
I love how booth only puts a small black line to censor.

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this is a sequel from last years', same characters + a new one

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Which one is your face?

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>mfw lunatique's works are so wordy and such a pain to clean that they'll never get a translation.

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Do you people not know what "mfw" means?

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Im new at doing this so all the help would be nice.
But anyways im looking for some image sets by Yuufreak. I've noticed that not many people are shareing his work. In particular im looking for the frat boy tadashi image set. Tysm in advance!

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Btw i have a drive full of Yaoi/Bara i have collected over the years. Give me a shout if you want it. My discord is Bertoldt#5133. I dont really like posting stuff public so ask there thx.

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on gumroad he's selling the image set fo 16 dollars. That's insane, his art is good but 16 dollars just for an image set!

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Well mabey if, just spitballing here, you could have possibly read the boards rules beforehand?
Like to know the minimum amount of images you have to post for a thread in the first place?

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read the rules and lurk moar you fucking newfag

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I can't tell ya how many times I've jerked off to not only Free porn but the show itself.

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these two, godDAMN it. I was jerking off to them for a good two years before I actually watched the fucking show.

now it's back on Netflix it's a fucking wrap, the things I'd let Suzaku do to me...

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Based, Lelouch is a semen demon

Suzaku's English VA kills it for me though

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fucking factual

I've never watched it in English for exactly this reason

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any day not spent jacking off to trevor philips is a day wasted, in my opinion.
I can't stop thinking about his tiny, tightly-circumcised cock. the strength of his thrusts and his stamina bolstered by heavy amphetamine abuse. absolute perfection wrapped up in the package of a disgusting bastard.

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What does Trump mean by "the best is yet to come"?
Why does he say Biden stayed in his basement?
What did he mean by calm before the storm and what is the storm?
And for fucks sake where is Hunter? Is he in jail? Is he cooperating? If he is cooperating why is this shit still going on. Why does trump flaunt it?

Feeling weird. I feel like im not read enough to read between the lines. I feel like I dont know what is going on.

Surely the white race had to have been more powerful then just david duke although much respect to him.

The whole world is still in lock down. By now, many of these countries would have enough support to end it but they dont. So why all closed? Statistically impossible that over 100 countries stay closed unless theyre being told to by an authority. Who is that authority? Why do they think its important to do so. They give us money to eat and live, surely that can't be in their interest economically. They profit more off our labor.

WTF IS GOING ON!! Someone not retarded help a nigga connect some dots here. Or maybe recommend a book that will make this shit make sense

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most of it's western

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>/pol/fag uses /y/
At least I'm not alone here.

>> No.2806449

hello fellow /pol/fag! wrong board. >>>/pol/

>> No.2806451

There are more of us then you think

>> No.2806479

A /pol/ user on /y/ I'm not surprised.

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Underrated Daddy

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Yeah anon, surely for jacking-off to drawings will get you a boyfriend.

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im not a fag i'd never date a guy

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And? I don't think jack-off to IRL porn will get us a boyfriend either way

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A thread dedicated to hunks with things covering/hiding their heads/faces, basically helmets, masks, or other things.

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there's so many sexy men to choose from. Bonus for Roegaedyn and Elezen, races from XI fine too

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bless you stranger

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I like body swapping and body possessions

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Looks like Small Top-chan kicked this off the board. Let's remember: Anyone on top. WHo cares? Just post the guys you love.

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>who cares
Just because nobody can object to it doesn't change the fact that you're once again holding your rules of engagement over everyone's head.

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So if I understand you correctly, by saying that there is no exclusion on what to post, you are claiming that I am restricting people? Grow up already.

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Let's get some sexy-ass basketball boys in this pit! No small tops!

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File: 297KiB, 650x650, 1626446 - Atsushi_Murasakibara Kuroko's_Basketball Teppei_Kiyoshi.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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