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Spoiler declaration: Biden wins! No kidding! He won 2nd place and we are so proud of him for participating!

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Identifying themselves as MAPs, minor attracted persons, the pedophile-dedicated accounts of soc media's largest corporate entities remain protected by the ceo class, simultaneously, right wing causes, and values are being forced off of these websites.
>clearly, this is a trend towards normalizing adult/child sexual relationships, while using the network of DC-based non profits, such as Brookings, as well as Aurora Aurora Borealis, to affect change in media, educational institutions, and in the laws.
>ACB's appt to the SCOTUS threatens this, as well as exposes the vast amount of cash, and other assets which clearly expose DC Think Tanks as the bodies responsible for affectng these changes
>activists have been, for the most part, removed from thr SCOTUS
>but DC has Fed judges, and District Court judges, all plotting the normalization of adukt child sex issues.

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