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Hey /vip/, this is my last day with this pass before I have to buy a completely new one because hirojew made renewing a pain in the ass over just buying a new one through a 3rd party.
Might as well also use the trip I posted under when this board was first created back in 2016.
It's been fun, bros

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my hate flames eternal, die

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I'm glad you are gone

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nah, I've been back for the past month lmaom

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Sorry to bump this thread.

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Hey /vip/ I have a good relationship with my gf lasted 6 years. I want this to be my one and only relationship. I love her and I think she loves me back.

We never broke up, we never fought for serious. But, we bought eachother some expensive gifts every anniversary and every birthday

Last year, the relationship started to go down the shitter. We used to call eachother every night and speak for 2 or 3 hours.

Here's the deal, she's been into JoJo fandoms and she found some "friend" who she wanted to know his culture.
(he messaged her first) She likes his posts and shit and I told her to stop. We argued for a bit and I wasn't able to redpill her about the normie niggers on jewbook.

>I don't want you to be involved in my choices, you did this in the past before.

So, this is my first relationship and I don't know what to do.
What do?

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Why do you care that she's talking to some random person online? Leave her alone you control freak faggot.

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What's JoJo?

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So why did she do it?

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STOP! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen memes are now forfeit.

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*resists arrest*

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I thought she was extinct...

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Judge here, giving the exact same response to the exact same OP is not illegal, he's free to go

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Very nice.

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I just bought it cause gmoot blocked my isp. Is there any privacy policy or do the glow-joggers have access to my shit now since I'm an idiot wh actually used his actual e-mail address?

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You're no longer a google slave. They no longer can see you on this site and you don't work for them for free anymore. Rejoice.

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I do rejoice about the google faggots not knowing I am here. However I still feel retarded for having used my actual email. Can Hiro get hacked and have my email address shown to the world? Outcasted by normalfaggots for ever? Is Hiro tracking all my posts in some sort of database?

How secure is 4chan in reality? Should I ask /g/?

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You've probably made yourself an easier target, but I have done the same. It will be nice to meet you when they round us up, op.

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Rejoice, indeed.

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Previous thread: >>98026

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The Prophet Muhammad ? said

>I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped, Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my orders.


>When you engage in ‘aynah transactions [a kind of transaction intended to circumvent the prohibition on riba or usury], and you take hold of the tails of oxen and you are content with agriculture, and you give up jihad, then Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion, Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion, Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion.


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>BBC published the testimony of a gay Iraqi man with the pseudonym Taim who had fled an area overrun by the Islamic State. He lamented the extent to which many in the communities in which he was raised cheered the Islamic State's persecution of perceived homosexuals. (The Islamic State is also known as ISIS and ISIL.) He said:

>Isis are also professional when it comes to tracking gay people. They hunt them down one by one. When they capture people, they go through his phone and his contacts and Facebook friends. They are trying to track down every gay man. And it's like dominoes. If one goes, the others will be taken down too.

>It's devastating to see the public reaction to the killings. Usually, when Isis posts pictures online, people sympathise with the victims — but not if they're gay. You should see the Facebook comments after they post video of the killings. It's devastating. "We hate Isis but when they do things like this, we love them. God bless you Isis." "I am against Isis but I am totally with Isis when they kill gays." "Amazing news. This is the least that gays deserve." "The most horrible crime on earth is homosexuality. Good job Isis." "The scene is ugly but they deserve it." "Those dirty people deserve Isis."

>A handful of gay men who escaped the clutches of the Islamic State gave testimony at a United Nations meeting in August.

>"In the Islamic State, gays are being tracked and killed all the time," said Subhi Nahas, a 28-year-old Syrian who fled via Lebanon and found sanctuary in the United States. "At the executions, hundreds of townspeople, including children, cheered jubilantly as [if] at a wedding."

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On Iraq

>America insisted on attacking entire peoples, including their children, their women, and their elderly. It is now clear that it is Israel that is behind all the attacks on states in the Islamic world. However, for fear that great popular movements will rise up and topple them, these collaborator regimes [he singles out Saud especially] have conspired to save their own skin, regardless of their duties to Islam and Muslims. The feelings of these people were desensitized as much as America wanted, so the Jews were able to employ American and British Christians to do the job of attacking Iraq. America claims that it is bringing Iraq to account and to justice, but the fact is that the Israeli authority and the Jewish authority, which has become powerful inside the White House, as everyone can see—the Defence Minister is Jewish, the Secretary of State is Jewish, the CIA and National Security officials are Jewish, all the biggest officials are Jews—led the Christians to clip the wings of the Islamic world. Their real target is not Saddam Hussein but the growing power of the Arab and Islamic world, even if they struck the Iraqi people or—as they previously alleged in the sanctions against Libya—because they had a chemical weapons factory, or when they bombed the al-Shifa factory in Sudan, which was a pharmaceutical factory

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His interview in 1997 after condemning the House of Saud as degenerate and leaving the country

>PA: Your family is a rich powerful family in Saudi Arabia. Have they, or the Saudi Arabian government, asked you to stop your activities?

>OBL: They have done that a lot. They have pressured us greatly, especially since a lot of our money is still in the hands of the Saudi ruling family due to the activities of our family and company. They sent my mother, my uncle, and my brothers on almost nine visits to me in Khartoum, asking me to stop and return to Arabia to apologize to King Fahd. I apologized to my family kindly because I know that they were driven by force to come to talk to me. This regime wants to create a problem between me and my family in order to take some measures against them. But, with God's grace, this regime did not get its wish fulfilled. I refused to go back. They [my family] conveyed the Saudi government's message that if I did not go back, they'll freeze all my assets, deprive me of my citizenship, my passport, and my Saudi ID, and distort my picture in the Saudi and foreign media. They think that a Muslim may bargain on his religion. I said to them: do whatever you may wish. It is with God's bounty that we refused to go back. We are living in dignity and honor for which we thank God. It is much better for us to live under a tree here on these mountains than to live in palaces in the land most sacred to God, subjected to the disgrace of not worshipping God even in the most sacred land on earth, where injustice is so widespread. There is no strength except with God.

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>Some Arab states were most strong in their criticism, like for example the latest speech of the Saudi Interior Minister, who warned against you personally, and warned against the following of your curriculum [nahjikum] and what you say. So do you have a specific strategy for Arab nations? And what is your answer about the latest declaration by the Saudi Interior Minister?


Bin Laden
>I say to those people who walk behind those rulers, don’t they have hearts? Don’t they have faith [imaan]? How can they declare faith [imaan] while they are helping those fornicating disbelievers [al-kafara al-fajara, fajar is the root of a 4-letter English word that starts with F] against the children of Islam? They help them against our children in Iraq and Palestine.

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>Brothers and sisters, there is a global culture that is being forced down the throats of everyone on the face of the earth. This global culture is protected and promoted. Thomas Friedman--he is a famous writer in the U.S., he writes for the New York Times--he says, "The hidden hand of the market cannot survive without a hidden fist. McDonald's will never flourish without McDonnell Douglas." The designer of the F-15's. In other words, we're not really dealing with a global culture that is benign or compassionate. This is a culture that gives you no choice. You either accept McDonald's, otherwise McDonnell Douglas will send the F-15's above your head. It's a very intolerant culture that cannot coexist with anything else, it uproots every other culture on the face of the earth, it just cuts the roots of it. And you have here a quote by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he's a famous Russian historian-writer, he says, "To destroy a people you must first sever their roots." So it's really a destruction of the people of the earth, because every other culture is being demolished. So this is not a global culture that will coexist with others, it will replace others. And the only ideology that is standing up to this global culture is Islam.

The above quote is from an English khutbah (sermon) by Anwar al-Awlaki, the first in a series on the Life of Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhe


(excerpt is from 27:25)

Droned for supporting al-Qaeda, he was also ridiculously slandered by the FBI who said he solicited prostitutes and was arrested multiple times for it while an imam in San Diego (strange no news organization reported it until years later, considering his mosque was major and he was a national figure). This character assassination was to discourage Muslims from following him. My favorite khutbah by him is actually Victory (also available there).

Pic is his daughter, killed by Navy Seals. His brother and son (in pic) were also killed.

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only the coolest botes get to be posted in this thread.

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>niminiggers spamming again

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How can I renew my pass without paypal AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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I used based big hunters to get my pass because I’m too much of a brainlet to use crypto

>> No.99748

Cute OP pic :)

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by making yet another thread about how to renew your pass

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that's a good idea!

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Kaede Higuchi

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thanks for all your hard work

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Found a funny one in a trade today, realistic with training A.I.

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It's a test.

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>Flying back from Thailand I had a 6 hour layover in Los Angeles. My sister lives there
I don't believe you

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nice dubs

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<span class="sjis">is coffee good for you[/spoiler]

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>> No.99483

It is, but porn is bad for you.

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WMAM Couples is what god intended.

>> No.99389

who is this boy?

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I just get this error. I can post fine on Chrome though. Any tips?

>> No.98345 [DELETED]

you have to fisable ad blocker for 4chan dummy

>> No.98346
Quoted By: >>98348 >>98905

you have to disable ad blocker for 4chan dummy

>> No.98348
Quoted By: >>98905

Thanks brah

>> No.98905

In particular sys.4chan.org (which has no ads anyway)
4chan and 4channel can be left enabled

>> No.99447

This one too.

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Anyone else buy a pass because they were so fed up with reCAPTCHA's bullshit.

Anyways, reCAPTCHA hatred thread.

/vip/ needs some posts.


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>> No.100105


>> No.100326

My ISP is range banned.

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jewgle was such a mistake

>> No.100881

my enterprise grade internet is range banned

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Welcome to the Breezie the Hedgehog General. Here we discuss ALL things Sonic related and blue board friendly, away from the plebs who can't afford to post here!

/bthg/ #1 - "Everyone's a Winner" Edition

>Sonic News<
Sonic movie finally coming out in Japan June 26th.

TSSZ is dead.

Tikal is joining Forces Speed Battle.

Paramount & Sega finally confirm sequel to Sonic movie in the works.

SAGE 2020 Announced - September 5-12!

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 is available to download on mobile.

Sonic and Tails R Fanmade Radio Drama announced featuring Ryan Drummond and Mike Pollock.

Evan Stanley, known artist and GOTF creator, is becoming a main IDW Sonic writer

Flynn will work with her

Flynn and Jack Lawrence working on Bad Guys, a 4-issue miniseries focusing on Starline and some other villains

Current IDW Release Dates (subject to change):
28 - June 24
Annual - July 8
29 - July 22
30 - August 5
31- August 19
32- September 2

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Quoted By: >>99745

Miss Archie Sonic. Did they ever conclude that particular arc?

>> No.99745


>> No.100243

Ooo that's pretty!

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Quoted By: >>98343

ITT: We discuss all the things that the lower class posters do that we hate.

>> No.98343


>> No.99445

I'm not going to sit here seething about the lower class. That's their job.

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>tfw had to buy a pass to post because captcha would never work and my mobile ip always in a ban range.
>Tfw should have got one long time ago.

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>Only posted this to feel self important

>> No.98318

I hope it worked.

And yes, the pass is totally worth it.

>> No.99450


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<span class="sjis">"EWSTNFUegfnaig WGDRwasga a GAG BBOBOBbobobob WG Wgr RJYREATJYYRJSG GggggggrrrrRRRRAAAAA SnNSOFSDgsdgoasgnan jngfsnjgjk EEEEPEPEPEPeeepeeepp"[/spoiler]

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Quoted By: >>99743


>> No.99743


>> No.99996
Quoted By: >>100718


>> No.100718
Quoted By: >>101576


>> No.101576


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Quoted By: >>101396 >>101700

auwgawugawug auwg auwg AUWGAUWGAUWGauwgauwgagwuauwhg

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>> No.100620

how did they train the kitten to do that

>> No.100647


>> No.101396


>> No.101700


>> No.101722

Holy shit is that real?

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Quoted By: >>99434

can i bypass IP ban plz plxz

>> No.98251

wow i can

>> No.99434


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Quoted By: >>99489 >>99498

>blacks when another black gets murdered and it means they get to go steal a new tv, xbox, and jordans

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>> No.98194

black people are God's ultimate test. If you can let them into your heart despite all they do you're truly a saint.

>> No.98642

a thread died for this

>> No.99489

true lol

>> No.99498


>> No.100218

lol based

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Quoted By: >>98113 >>99354

>mfw people are complaining about captcha
God damn I love being a patrician

>> No.98113

Sometimes I have to use captcha on other websites and it makes me sad how strong a vice google holds on the anti-spam industry.
What hurts more is people's negligence to realise that they are essentially doing Google's work for them or that alternatives even exist.

>> No.98193
Quoted By: >>98220

I had a Pass since what, 100 dollars ago or so

4chan can do what it wants, I'm sure they have solid reasons for blowing off credit cards, but I'm not using ghetto currency

mfw back to using fucking captcha in 3 days when pass expires

de-testicle and skin alive every cuntbrain spammer for making antispam bullshit necessary

>> No.98220

>4chan can do what it wants, I'm sure they have solid reasons for blowing off credit cards
can't offer it when hiro's on their blacklist.

>> No.99354


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I got banned on /a/ because one of the janitors like to avatarfag as characters sipping from cups and I made fun of him. What are ya in for?

>> No.98105

Does since4pass not work anymore? I tried to dunk on some faggot and it didn't work using "#since4pass" in the options field. Now I'm trying it without the #.

>> No.98996

Banned on /a/ again for making a joke about the avatarfagging Janitor in the buyfag threads. No sense of humor. He also seems to have a very fragile sense of heterosexuality if one gay joke can make him ban someone for three days.

>> No.99677

Banned from /v/ for making a gamer fuel thread.

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Quoted By: >>98517

Previous thread: >>97492

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>> No.98494
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>> No.98495
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>> No.98496
File: 394KiB, 849x1200, tumblr_q2u2s8WtN21qzzvgdo1_1280.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.98518

Next thread: >>98517

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>> No.99346


>> No.99727


>> No.99980

You've lost weight

>> No.100727

How are posts this bad even allowed??

>> No.100769

LOL, I fucking love this shit.

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