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Almost every thread on /pol/ is off-topic or just bait. The board has gone to shit the last several years. The mods allow posting of actual pornography and yet my threads get deleted and get banned for posting actual political content. Please fix this

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Does he still visit you?

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This thread was moved to >>>/qa/3658923

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This thread was moved to >>>/bant/11738918

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Wow I didnt know this many people had passes

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take your meds schizo

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Just renewed my pass bros

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Wtf how??

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Pass was a very nice choice.

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join this server so i can get stuff https://discord.gg/QakTtHbZ

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It's /leftypol/. I will not join. You are a big faggot.

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The very important purplel post

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Artist here, digital, and otherwise.
Bros, how should I fix this meme?
Also, for a limited time, if you need one fixed i suppose I'll do it if you're not a Communist. Post it, and let me know what you want done with it...

I get hate for Zognald. But, I truly think that between what he has done there,, and Bin Salmon's ego, well, Israel is fucked to the point where the cocaine train is pulling into Auschwitz, and this time they will use gas, just for the lulz.

Will return all to this thread.

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Free templates

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Underrated games thread. I'll start.

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Assuming direct control.

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Rods and cones shift

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What's your main team, /vip/?

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he's mad lolololol hes mad

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who, ur mom? lol fag

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You folks like it?


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This is bad.
Stop making these.
Find another hobby.

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Hello /vip/

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Hi anon

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I can't believe it... I've become a passcuck

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I got tired of regional IP bans.
Fuckin phone posting is the only way I get through the day

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We have this thread every day.

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Deal with it passcuck bitch

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Hot damn this is a slow ass board

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Russians also can drink vodka. Be russian.

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buying a pass with your stinky linky eh anon? not bad not bad

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we have the technology

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Tranny tranny telling lies
No vagina between your thighs
Soon you'll see there is no hope
Soon you'll be at the end of a rope

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/vip/ is Guy Heaven, no women allowed

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Previous thread: >>99729

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>removes loli images on a lot of their boards, even the NSFW ones
>have porn ads that can be seen on boards marked as SFW

Can we finally agree 4chan turned into garbage when Hiro took over as owner?


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Same butt as in OP image, but here she's crossdressing as a boy (but her jiggly butt reveals she's a girl).

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Again, same butt as in OP.

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Posting lolis is the perfect natural filtration system to keep out redditors and other undesirables. The thinking man will always choose a loli over a hag because shes simply superior in every way.

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4chan has ads?

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Hey /vip/ welcome to George Floyd Gaming Thread. Be sure you complete the captcha on the second post before you continue.

This streamer is the next big thing. Hoping we see his onlyf*ns eventually, I heard he has a full video out on it.

Just remember not to PVP wit him, he's not that type of guy and he can't breathe

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Nothing wrong with smashing some twink boipucci, but let's not spook ourselves here. There are indeed only 2 genders, or sexes if I should say so. The very notion of an idea that gender exists is a bit of a spook in an of itself. If you like getting buttpounded by burly jojo-like pre part 5 men or if you like to buttpound twinky jojo-like post part 4 men there is nothing wrong with that my dude, but at the end of the day you have XY chromosomes and the simple fact is you are a male.

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God Hates Faggots

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