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Zenkai no /llsifg/! >>262662163

Current Events:
EN: NozoHonk MedFes/ UR Umi
JP: UR Riko

>Game Wiki

>Event Points Calculator

>Event Cutoff Predictor

>Team Builder


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Honoka is my wife and I love her very much

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cringe and secondpilled

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aqwhores a shit

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Yay! Honoka-chan!

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I barely got away with my life yesterday Niggo-sama, i will ask you to satisfy my killer wench until you do it

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>non muse OP
I'm awake

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What could have scared Dia like this?

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Umi is love.

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Reminder that Arisha is still the only raibu VA with bed scene.

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Pana is life.

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She saw how big my dick is and how much it's gonna stretch her pussy

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Would you lick?

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>only rin, hanayo and maki didn't do much in gbf
>just like in anime
huh, not bad.

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Careful, you will anger butthurt makifags.

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Do the first years ever do anything in the anime? They're basically all filler girls.

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I would faint from the stench before even coming close to her armpits.

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I think only yoshiko and ruby that had screen times more now that I think about it...

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What did yoshiko do?

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helping riko to become brave and friendly with the dogs? yeah, shitty writing i know.

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Never mind me, only rupee is relevant

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So Rin was relevant too? Good to know
Which one is it? Make up your mind

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With ALL STARS on the horizon, we should cease all genwar bullshit and embrace all idol groups including PDP.

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Shut up hagtard

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I'm pretty sure the recent issue is about Nozomi, not genwars

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She got her own episode in Season 2 of Muse anime.

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All Ruby does is help make the costumes, which You was doing already. Maki was the only first year that actively contributed towards her group by composing the music.
The third years don't really do much either, but they do eventually force the groups to address the problem of what happens when some of the members graduate and can't be school idols anymore.

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This goes for both Musefags and Aqoursfags though

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I know, and it's about his dick, if the dog episode is relevant then so was this

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You designs the clothes. Ruby handles the thread and needles.

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Muse members in order of how much I like their singing voice:

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>With ALL STARS on the horizon

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It must be quite a challenge to not put Nozomi on number one huh?

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Hanayo should be split into original Hanayo and impostor Hanayo since they're like completely different voices.

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Why? Her voice is pretty bad

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How does a game about tapping circles with anime girls' faces in attract so many schizos?

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You know what i meant, putting Nico and maki below? What a joke

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Mari goes better with Dia.

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are you deaf? kotori's solo cd got sold more than the rest of the girls' solos.

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Shut up

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And Ruby.

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>the retarded nicomaki shitposter
Oh. I feel dumb for trying to have a conversation with you

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Yoshiko is better

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Ignore him

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I like maki's voice in gbf, her voice doesn't sound like a smoker anymore.

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Speaking of rare pairs, I like ChikaRuby.

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You first
Well you should

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aqua is a mistake

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What happens in the last hours of an SIF event?

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for cute happy lovers

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I hope Emitsun is fine in these days.
How do we support her?

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People will be racing for point tier.

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Wondeful Rush

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You have good taste, even if I'm a Nozomifag. Never listen to butthurt makibrainlets and nicoturds.

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That was Eli
Kotori was second
And Umi sold less than fucking Maki

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>pinch nose
>outsell umi

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>not genwars
You can't say this until you can make two non muse OPs in a row without genwarturds having a mental breakdown.

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>need 200 gem pieces

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oic thanks for this. I thought it was eli who got the 2nd place

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It's either poshn or fatso who are going to rush and make early threads.

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You have good taste, never listen to butthurt nozoshits and umiturds.

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He was criticizing makitrash

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