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mole slipper edition

>Latest news
- Line-of-Sight Beta
- Elves whitewashed
- Crystal shit buffed
- Wildy Aviansies drop ecu keys and cooldown removed
- Smithing interfaces reworked, based ezscape left-click
- Zalcano tick retards get btfo, crystal imps have a spawn fixed, gauntlet is made easier for champs
- JMods respond to the outlash from Mod Gee's abomination, remodel polled, mix between the two added
- Song of the Elves released
- Warding fails, Twitter celebrates, Reddit melts down

>Communication & Info
Home World: 327
Clan Chat: ironman cc
Website: https://osrs.game/
Wiki: https://osrs.wiki/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS
Stat tracker: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/

Gear: https://discord.gg/7KZHZ38
Skilling Methods: https://discord.gg/e2effBN
Ironman Methods: https://discord.gg/JNvajHZ
UIM Methods: https://discord.gg/Muutmsv

>I'm new, what should I do?

>DPS calculator

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