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WoW has a miniatures game?

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>Warriors of chaos with big pauldrons and excessive armour? This is news to me.

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more like warhammer has a not-so-low-key MMO

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Holy shit warcraft is getting a miniatures game? So brave of them to have tauren/human paladin as a main character. Really like how they're embracing the gay furry audience.

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Nice mini. Too bad it's for a dead game that sucks ass.

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wtf, why would they ruin Sigvald like this

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Dead? Nah. Shit game? Definitely. Keeps the retards contained though and not going into better games and shitting up their communities. Best part of all? You're post and mine will get bombarded by the very retards who bought the overpriced plastics and the trash ass ruleset.

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It's dead where I live. Only 1 store out of the 5 in driving distance plays it, and it's literally only the exact stereotype you'd expect.

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Hey.. remember
Warhammer sis for everyone...

(Eye roll)

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I'm glad the hair means the head is probably a separate piece because that face is munted

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This d00d is 16 years old

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horns are the only issue, besides that the rest is perfect

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Luckily, given the placement of them, it seems like it would be really easy to just cut them off with an exacto knife as well. Definitely looking forward to a conversion where someone actually does this.

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He'd make a pretty cool Fulgrim, though

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how big is he actually going to be?

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Good point. He'd probably be at most half-again the size of a man. Say...a head taller than a stormcast.

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>dead game
It seems pretty active. And I hear good things about its gameplay which even 40k players wish they had.

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I thought the rules 40K players wanted were already incorporated into the latest editions.

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Archaon and Sigvald!!

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Not even remotely. 8th edition was basically an incompetently modified version of the bad AoS ruleset as it existed in 2017. They have subsequently fixed the overwhelming majority of the problems with that ruleset in the 2nd edition AoS ruleset, 40k however failed to fix any of the known problems with that version of AoS.

Since then they've been struggling to deal with the these issues by coming up with their own, different (and generally retarded) solutions to problems that AoS already solved.

So 9th edition is essentially a bad version of AoS that has been patched incompetently and incorporates both old AoS problems and brand new unique problems of its own.

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look at the skeleton on the base
he's easily twice a man, probably as tall or taller than syllesske

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So...Fulgrim is in AoS now?

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Sadays, he doesn't know.

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