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How do dwarven holds prepare for things like earthquakes? Presumably their holds are built with anti-earthquake architecture. How would you build an underground city (dwarven holds) to sustain an earthquake?

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Hard hats.

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Dwarves build under mountains. Which are generally geologically stable when it comes to earthquakes.

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Real structures have giant shock absorbers that dampen the shaking. I imagine dwarves build those into the foundations of their cities and reinforce the ceiling beams to hold it up. Netting could be stretched across the stone to keep debris from falling loose, like what they do to windows IRL to prevent shards getting everywhere.

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fuck dwarves

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What? Mountains are where the fault lines are, dumbdumb.

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Yes, sir

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oh my god, I'm getting the meat sweats just looking at them titties.

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>How do dwarven holds prepare for things like earthquakes?
By you not writing in earthquakes.

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Don't build your underground complex on a fault line.

Not every mountain, just ones formed by the kind of geologic activity that leads to earthquakes, and keep in mind geologic activity isn't the same forever. Not all mountain ranges are created equal.--name the last time there was a remotely major earthquake in Appalachia, for example.

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Maybe I don't actually need my pelvis...

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Regular sacrifices to the appropriate cththonic god. Also, yeah, try not to build on the fault lines.

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They don't. This is why Dwarves are a declining civilization: any time there is an earthquake, they lose whole cities.

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Underground structures are actually some of the most safe places during an earthquake


Because they have no reverb. Since they’re in contact with the earth on all exterior points (instead of just, you know, the ground like a regular building) they actually move along with the earth as it shakes instead of wiggling freely, thus hugely reducing the sheering forces they experience.

This is assuming a properly excavated and reinforced underground structure, not something like a mineshaft

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November 16th, 3:45am about 6 miles from South Cleveland, TN. It was only a 2.5, but if you're underground when an earthquake is happening 2.5 is plenty enough to bring the roof down on you or buckle the walls.

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Shaking isn't the only failure mode and underground the lack of strain from shaking would be replaced by strain from pressure changes. While most earthquakes happen close to the surface and probably above the dwarves some earthquakes have hypocenters below or at the depth of dwarves. Those would be very bad.

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Did you sleep through all of your geography classes?

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You just build a lot of columns, engrave your heroes in metal and gems, and pray you don't dig too deep.

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Canadafag here, where I live we can feel earthquakes from parts of the Appalachian Mountains in New York State sometimes.

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What about how dwarven cities deal with heat and smoke, like from all the forges and lava we typically see them depicted with? What about how big a cavern they would reasonably have, both before and after enlarging them?

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Chimneys, failing that dimension dooring the smoke to caverns full of goblins they want dead

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Dwarven ale.
Drink enough of it and you lose all your cares.
You don't even care that your women-folk have beards.

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Earthquake damage is caused by tall structures shaking. That's not an issue when your home is hewn from solid rock.
Soil liquefying? What soil? Rock. The bones of the earth.
Larger areas may have some damage, but mostly from falling objects. Pretty much everywhere has been properly buttressed.

Dwarven architecture is subtractive, rather than additive.

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Why would anyone use those roads?

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>Why would anyone use those roads?
I admit, whoever drew that picture didn't consider that, I just used the first with visible lava that I could find. What about if they have several structures rise through the top of the cavern, like Ironforge in WoW, and/or have a large, open entrance for air circulation?

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not everywhere on earth experiences earthquakes, anon
if they live in a deep, solid tectonic plate, they dont have to worry about it

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that would be you

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