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First for converting/painting Sigvald into Ruber.

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I wonder how compatible the new Slaanesh kits will be with the old ones

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How do the the Warbands play from Warcry? I'm considering picking up a box of those Fire Guys and either the Cypher Lords or the Snake/Life guys.
Guessing there are no rules yet for that warscroll/battalion focused on them, whatever the fuck they're called?

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why though ?

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This was one of the pieces which made me consider that AoS could have some meat to it, and now it's looking really solid. It still has a long way to go, but it's a good start nonetheless.

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Very, just switch the legs to these guys, and give them the lance arm

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Because Ruber is perfection.

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In theory who is the most powerful Chaos God?

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My Chaos god is stronger than your Chaos god.

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Ratboy genius

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Can I have a semi competitive slaanesh army without any big units? Infantry and cavalry only

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Go to Warcry: Catacombs product page and download the rules for them if you want.

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>have WD sub
>still don't have it when I should get it a week early
This keeps happening and I keep complaining and it sorts it out for a few months then goes back.

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The new guys arm pit is under the shoulder armour, so even if it doesn't go in there nicely you can't tell.

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Oh good. Its probably not necessary but since Hellstriders are so old I'd want to use some buts from the newer kits just to make them look right together

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It's not a theory, Slaanesh is the most powerful. The other three fear him for this because their all obsessed with their own things and they feed him power.

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Except power comes from mortals and khorne is king due to ONLY WAR.

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I was thinking the same, I have 15 more hellstriders to build and paint and they only have two kinds of heads.

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>mfw I'm about to fill an elf girl up with beastmen spawn.

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I'm an aos newfag and have been looking for a reason to play, so I don't really understand the impact of thoses sorry mate. Any help for how they transfer in this game would be appreciated, especially as to the new battalion thingy

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How can you doubt? Can you point a biggest and more powerful champion than him? Pathetic. The champion is the strength of the god so the answer should be clear.

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>not having a gor family with a healthy childbearing beastwoman


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Nah, it's literally in the book.

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anyone? or do i have to take huge ass units like keeper of secrets?

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I'm a titanic griffithfag and will be doing what I can to create the reborn version out of Sigvald for the shelf

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iirc they all basically play like marauders (same statline) but with some extra abilities or additions to movement etc. Corvus Cabal get an extra 2" of movement and throwing weapons, Splintered Fang can effectively resurrect their snake models each turn and deal mortal wounds on a roll of 6, Cypher Lords get throwing weapons and can use smoke bombs to reduce enemy units' chance to hit and so on.

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At least take Syll'Esske.

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run Depraved Drove and have your Bestigor and Ungor charge the enemy force before they even have a chance to move.

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Keepers have become less mandatory post-nerfs, but they're still really good. You can make an okay list as long as you fill up your hero slots

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They fear yes but he isn't ever the predominant god. Might as well say Malal is king because he is powered by chaos itself and chaos fighting each other in the great game

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does that require the obelisk
I see. I probably should hold back on buying anything until the new units stats are revealed right?

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Is Chaos gonna win again?

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stats are temporary, models are forever.

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Slaanesh WILL be most powerful, but currently youngest and weakest. Everything else is correct.

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Chaos always wins baby

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Can you look at Sigvald and think otherwise?

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I would only do that if I was a human.
I wish I was a human guy with a qt beastgirl wife.

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If by chaos you mean Khorne then yes.

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I quite like the look of the fully armored slaanesh chaos warriors, would be nice to have them and some cavalry to play with. Are the slaaneshi cavalry any good or is it the daemonettes that do the heavy lifting?

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would fuck if she pole danced on that

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Seeing Sigvald and the Chaos Warrior Warband, as classics redone , and what GW done with Dark Elves now in lore makes me mad about Beeing a High Elves fan.

Sigvald makes Teclis model look more garbage than already is and Chaos warriors new sculpts makes me even more angry at shitty Lumineth Cowlords.

Gw didnt even fucking let us play with our older high elves in CoS like dark elves did. Fuck GW

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Is the dl for the new White Dwarf out there somewhere?

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Imagine actually being an HE fan.

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>Fuck GW
>he reached this conclusion just now
You can only take on something new and accept they are cunts that will occasionally ruin what you like

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Can entretain you even more. Guess what my other army was?

Hint: There is a guy posting about their return "soon" daily

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Tomb King are pretty neat, remember reading about a guy winning with them at a tournament earlier this year. Shame they got legend'd since they are groovy and most of their models got refreshed not too far from squating, feels weird.
HE still deserves bullying.

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Btw, post you TK army.

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AND YET people STILL bought those retarded cows

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helves belong on shelves

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cute gote

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I like the realmlords

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Why did GW fully sculpt the Branchwraith's ass and then cover it with branches?

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>horny designers
>prudish suits
Most commercial art is a compromise between these eternal tribes.

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They look great, remind me of the old mounted Slaanesh Lord model, especially the helmets

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Can I build a regular Seeker Chariot from the SC, or does it have to be an Exalted Chariot?

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does anyone have a pic of it uncovered?

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Lumineth are a shame for me because I think the spearmen, archers, and cavalry all look pretty solid; not my ideal aesthetic, but I like them well enough. Meanwhile, the Light of Eltharion is probably my favorite hero design in all of AoS. The hammer guys look dumb as hell by default, but with some headswaps, look pretty nice.

But I hate everything else about the army. I hate the anorexic cows, I hate Teclis and his sphinx-thing, and I hate the Stonemage.

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Just starting to get into AoS I know that KO is one of the harder factions to get into but I think that's what I'm going with and I'm getting the Warcry set bc my LGS plays it a ton and the jakkob bugmansson xi brewmaster model because he looks amazing, anything I need to know going into the faction?

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The cow is their best model.

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Sigvald would look alright in a chariot

>> No.76078466

Cow would be ok IF they had kept High elf options of Behemoths.

As the only option it sucks. Specially Avalenor head, it looks really dumb.

>> No.76078483

You can. The Exalted Chariot is just two Seeker Chariots mashed together, so all the bits are going to be in there.

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I'd like them if they weren't so thin. If they were bulkier, they'd be fine. I'm sure the designer was aiming for them to resemble an elf build, but it looks really silly on a minotaur-like creature.

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I hate this model and i'm so envious of Slaanesh faggots... i still remind how hyped i was with Lumineth first wave and the slap in the face of the second

>> No.76078541

I really wanted to like Lumineth, but just couldn't force myself to deny that I didn't like the models all that much. The lore is fantastic.

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You can build two of the small ones or the one big one.

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pls respond

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cowchads rise up
if you clip the top off the helmets then you're a bitch full stop
we ride together
we die together

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well, this might not be the goat of the woods with a thousand youth, but I will be damned if we're not making at least a dozen

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>those hips

>> No.76078648

So I get 2 Chariots per SC? With bases?

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are LRL fun? there is a battlebox on mercari for pretty cheap that ive been eyeballin

>> No.76079130

Will it be Broken Realms: Sigvald ( with like 15 new scrolls for HoS), or a normal Armybook?

Im thinking its an armybook now, and instead the next Broken Realms will be Death related.

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how would we know how units that arent out play? also how would we be able to compare them to daemonettes?

>> No.76079162
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I'm 75% sure it will be a new army book. Is a lot considering the things the trailer unveiled but we still not know

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This feels like a dumb question but can you have both a banner bearer and an icon bearer in a unit of 10 Daemonettes? The only reason I ask is because most of the official pictures only have the banner bearer. The warscroll says 1 in 5 can be either so I would assume yes but I wanna check before I assemble anything.

>> No.76079220

its gotta be a new armybook, because they have to add lord of paint, new rules for the hellstriders etc, as well as the underworlds kit, and then perhaps 6 new kits ( sigvald, dualkit knights, slaangor, the presumed sorceress in the background, the giant bull-pulled dias or palanquin you can see)

>> No.76079271

i suppose you're right. Was wondering if daemonettes are still essential in slaanesh armies in its current state pre new releases

>> No.76079356

There is a lot of micromanagement and some mechanics that aint fun for the adversary.

If you like a slow, defensive shooting army, Lumineth it is

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I want to be a Chad who crushes pussy. What's the AoS army for me?

>> No.76079513
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any warcry men in? I am torn between kharadron because I like dwarves and khorne daemons because I like bloodcrushers

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This image is key for take a glance of what will come.

The knights=Already seen
The archer cute=We already spotted some bows in the background
The slaangor=Already spotted
And finally the infantry cutie could fit as the battleline

The warband was a teaser in the same way gloomspite gitz got some years ago

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>Crushes pussies just by looking

I recommend you to wait some time. Definitive chad is coming

>> No.76079543

This gor is lowkey kinda hot
Anyone else agree

>> No.76079546

Lumineth with only cow units

>> No.76079563

speaking of, are kharadron any good in AoS? I don't care about being super competitive but my 40k armies are usually auto-lose narrative tier

>> No.76079567
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>> No.76079583

Haha can you imagine?

>> No.76079595

Pretty sure the archer is a guy.

>> No.76079672

I'd let it throat fuck me, no homo

>> No.76079694

Is a true mistery right? A crab handed abomination should be repulsive... But when you look closer... haha.

>> No.76079698
Quoted By: >>76079707

I hope all the Slanngor have that creepy, gangly look.

>> No.76079707

seems that they will judging by the blurred ones in the new teaser

>> No.76079876
Quoted By: >>76080451

feelsbadman, ordered Bugmansson on the 11th and he still hasn't arrived.

>> No.76079881
Quoted By: >>76079904 >>76079916

How big is the Chaos Spawn? I'm tempted to use its tentacles in a conversion but I have a feeling they'll be too big and I should just use wires covered in greenstuff

>> No.76079904

They're on 50 mm bases.

>> No.76079916

use the skull in the picture for reference

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I'm inspired by that one short story. How would I slaanify a branchwych? I'm thinking giving the shoulder grub a long needle mouth and tongue like Steeds, and carving out the scythe blade and replacing it with a daemonette claw.

>> No.76080097
Quoted By: >>76080227 >>76080233

Let's say I have two boxes of 20 clanrats. Do I need to equip all of them with the same weapon type? If I build 20 with spears and 20 with blades for the sake of variety, will I never be allowed to combine the two blocks into one unit of 40?

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Is there any way to get CoS Daarf Models into a Fyrelslayers list? I think a full Fyreslayers army looks hideous, with all the mohawks everywhere. But if they are broken up with some traditional Dwarf models, I think they look leagues better, like a ruling elite that mainly spams peons and sends their own kind in sparingly.

But, of course, there isn't really a way to fit them in. I'd like to use Iron Breakers as battleline, but Allies can't be battleline, can they?

>> No.76080227
Quoted By: >>76080302 >>76080535

I think you can play CoS and there's a specific city that lets you include some fyreslayers to the effect that you are talking about
You can't combine swords and spears together no, probably go with spears though and have the option to have 2 blocks if 20 or the full 40.
You'll wanna expand anyways

>> No.76080233
Quoted By: >>76080302

As far as rules go, no. However, I usually build how I want and then stick them with one loadout or another, as far as rules go.My autism prevent me from taking different weapons on similar units, so if one unit of skeletons has spears, then they all do, and vice versa.

It's also the only way to really be fair about it too. the last thing you want is to accidentally forget which unit had which weapon, and now your opponent is eyeing everything you do, because he thinks you're a cheat.

>> No.76080302
Quoted By: >>76080425

Why can't you build as you wish and agree beforehand that these guys will all use spears or blades?

>> No.76080425

That's literally what I do. I said as much.

>> No.76080451
Quoted By: >>76080492

I can't find his rules on his webpage, do he even have rules or do i have to use him as a regular admiral/brokk?

>> No.76080492
Quoted By: >>76080508

No rules, just a display model.

>> No.76080503
Quoted By: >>76080551

Do we know how big Sigvald is going to be? Also, is he a daemon prince now?

>> No.76080508
Quoted By: >>76080873 >>76080905

Well, then i will play him as brokk and that his brew "gives you wings" if someone chimes up about him not having an endrin.

>> No.76080515

i just saw the preview, BLESS MOTHER/FATHER SLAANESH

>> No.76080535

Only KO have 1/4th option in Tempest Eye, fyreslayers are allies only for now.

>> No.76080537
File: 333KiB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76080551

Assuming the little old vs new comparison widget they put in the announcement post is to scale, he'll be about the size of a daemon prince.

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where my ogor bros at?

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Man, the new Slaanesh shit is so fucking cool. I don't have a point or anything, I'm just geeking out like a motherfucker.

ANYWAY my Lumineth Army Box has risen to the top of the pile of shame, and I'm flipping through the book, and I'm wondering: is it possible, dare I say optimal to assemble a Lumineth list whilst completely ignoring Moo-tain Spirits and Cow Elves?

I feel like the Vanari just do it all so much better, like why would you ever take Alarith over their equivalent in points of Wardens? Ignoring the fact that Warden champions make the unit a wizard, ignoring their synergy with bows and cavalry, ignoring the fact that they are tied for wounds yet have double the models, they just seem... better. Sunmetal weapons ftw. The only strike against them is the poses... seriously how do I even use these on the table?

Anyway, as far as big guys are concerned, for 490 points you can gave named cow, and a cow wizard or... Bundo fucking Whalebiter. Is it just me, or is Alarith ass?

>> No.76080633
Quoted By: >>76080818

Pierced bark nipples?

>> No.76080665
Quoted By: >>76080772 >>76080785

sounds like you your not passionate about mormon elves, sell it and buy more slaanesh kits

>> No.76080740

Sure it's possible. I mean, it's not optimal since Stoneguard cost barely more than Liberators while being one of the best anvil units in the game and they are that for an army that otherwise struggles with being extremely fragile. But you still have the if-you-bring-more-than-three-units-people-refuse-to-play-you archers, the fuck-your-horde-units cavalry and the better-hope-you-have-some-fantastic-foam-pads-in-that-case spearmen.
I just think that if you feel the need to ignore a sizable part of an already pathetically small army roster then you probably don't actually like that faction.

>> No.76080772
Quoted By: >>76080786

This, Sounds like your not having fun with them, why not sell em ?

>> No.76080785
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Quoted By: >>76080799

Nah, I love the Vanari, I just think the Alarith sculpts are stupid, and spears > hammer on the tabletop.

I'm most interested in the archers because I want a shooty army, or at least an army with a heavy shooting component that can do other shit.

I have Slaanesh for fast and punchy, SoB for proppa killy ladz, I want all my bases covered.

>> No.76080786
File: 445KiB, 792x705, __tamamo_and_tamamo_no_mae_fate_series_and_etc_drawn_by_speckticuls__3164c6478264a6d6df72bf1ab08b7c56.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Because nobody else likes them either.

>> No.76080799

God that pics good

>> No.76080818

If only I had the GS skills for such tiny detail...

>> No.76080870
Quoted By: >>76080882

For someone considering getting into the tournament scene, is there much in the way of 1K tournaments?

>> No.76080873
Quoted By: >>76080889

Yeah no that won't fly, he'd be better as an admiral.

>> No.76080882

No. The game is horribly unbalanced at 1k. The Meeting Engagements rules were designed to try and fix that but they instead just shift the meta so that different things are completely broken.
1k only works if everyone agrees to not be an asshole, which will never happen in a tournament scene.

>> No.76080889
Quoted By: >>76080900 >>76080904

Well, then his keg is full of lighter than air ale. Check m8

>> No.76080894
Quoted By: >>76080981 >>76080988

>doing 1 of each grand alliance army then
>got IJ done, halfway through KO and nighthaunt on pause till new book.
>theory crafting STD and got a couple of boxes to start then with. God of choice is tzeentch
>New slaanesh revealed with the return of my 2andfav chaos champion
>all models shown are fantastic

...for fucks sake. Guess slaanesh will be my next chaos army when I'm done with my first 4 armies...

>> No.76080900
File: 75KiB, 920x950, 99120101070_LandRaiderCrusaderNEW01.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

And here's my ironclad, bro

>> No.76080904

pass the aetherbooze

>> No.76080905

Get yourself that bull endless spell, give it wings, connect it to the barrel with green stuff as if it's coming out the barrel, paint it as if it's made of beer then have the dwarf riding it.

>> No.76080981

Well it's a good thing you can use all those StD for your Slaanesh army, isn't it?
To be honest, I'm jazzed that you can finally make a Slaanesh army without needing ugly-ass daemonettes. Sigvald, that StD Underworlds warband (for the Sorcerer), Fiends, Slaanesh Warriors, some normal Chaos Warriors and maybe some Hellstriders for speed and you have a playable army. And that's without considering whatever else might or might not come out.

>> No.76080988

Just sell STD, they're ugly garbage.

>> No.76080993

Didn't the main book call Khorne the strongest, at least in AoS?

>> No.76081009
Quoted By: >>76081096

Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh are traditionally in that power order, though the margin between each's power is unknown

>> No.76081014

In Aos 1.0 he was clearly the strongest. With the return of sigmar his forces are pushed back but he is still growing stronger due to even more war and is now growing in the same pace as the others.

>> No.76081034

khorne is the first, nurgle is the oldest, tzeentch is the one most ahead and slaanesh is the one projected to prevail

but in the end none is stronger than the others or the great game wouldn't remain in balance

>> No.76081040

Imo the problem is that Lumineth have very few warscrolls and still managed to have overlap.

Both spears and hammers are slow resilent troops. They fill the exact same roll. If one was sturdy and the other was high damage , Lumineth would be a way better army.

>> No.76081043

go away bizarro carnac

>> No.76081083
Quoted By: >>76081088 >>76082219

When will we able to buy the new slaanesh stuff reeeee

>> No.76081088
Quoted By: >>76081152 >>76081230

when you stop touching yourself at night for one month straight

>> No.76081096
Quoted By: >>76081143

The books also talk about powers waxing and waning, changing the order now and then. Nurgle sometimes becomes very powerful when there are pandemics, just to go back to his "normal" level afterwards. Tzeentch was said to have been the strongest of them all just before the start of the Age of Chaos, due to all enlightenment, innovations and magical evolution that was at the high point of the age of myth, only for Khorne to take the top spot once more when chaos flooded into the realms and war became the major factor.
Slaanesh is the weakest, but as they say the one who is projected to win in the end, as all the other gods followers(and themselves?) fuel him to some degree due to them being obsessive of their own niche.

>> No.76081143

>Slaanesh is the weakest, but as they say the one who is projected to win in the end, as all the other gods followers(and themselves?) fuel him to some degree due to them being obsessive of their own niche

Tbh you can rationalise all gods followers as incidentally helping all other gods if you try hard enough

>> No.76081152

You ask the impossible

>> No.76081160
File: 955KiB, 1910x816, 20201121_171512.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081234

>second worst chaos daemons
>second best chaos mortals
>second best chaos range in size
>first best lore for a chaos god
>first best look for chaos champions

khorne has ugly mortals and range bloat
tzeentch has ugly daemons and a small range
nurgle has monothematic designs and a small range
slaanesh reigns supreme now

>> No.76081174

Because he likes painting... WITH PRIDE

>> No.76081179

except slaanesh is the only one that is canonically said to work that way
in the case of the others it would be an unsupported headcanon

>> No.76081183
Quoted By: >>76082251

Well boys, looks like Slaanesh is back on the menu

In preparation for those new mortal Slaanesh coming out, is there anything I should be buying, building and painting for now?

>> No.76081186

Perhaps. But you don't need to try hard to make it work for slaanesh, it's quite logical seeing as the chaos gods by design are exessive and obsessive and their followers as well (Kill and fight all the time, seeking ever more knowledge and power and ....uh, I guess nurgle is harder) and most of all that it has been explicitly stated in the lore that this is the case.

>> No.76081201
Quoted By: >>76081216

hope that slaangors are alt-bullgors like how tzaangors are alt-bestigors
not a fan of the current cows

>> No.76081208


" Though Khorne is the only god openly hostile to the Dark Prince, Nurgle and Tzeentch are also ill at ease in his presence, despite the fact that the most typical hierarchy of power between the four Chaos Gods sees Slaanesh at the bottom. Even they feel the magnetic pull of his matchless charisma, and are both attracted and repelled by their younger brother.

This is due, in part, to the fact that all the Chaos Gods embody the excess for which Slaanesh is known: Khorne with his bloodlust, Tzeentch with his scheming, and Nurgle with his spreading of plague. Each is an obsession that Dark Prince can turn to his will with merely a whispered promise. Lurking deep within the psyche of each of his brothers is the suspicion that the influence of the Dark Prince is rapidly growing, and that Slaanesh will perhaps one day eclipse them all in strength. With this thought in mind, any alliance of convenience with Slaanesh is especially short-lived; while this could be attributed to simple distrust of one who changes sides at a whim, there is an argument that the Dark Prince’s rivals fear the secret power he holds over them."

>> No.76081216
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, 20201121_183210.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

they do look pretty big, but they seem to retain the same spindly look of the underworlds one, just upscaled and with a more bull-like head like the ancient keepers of secrets

>> No.76081218

The difference is Slaanesh is literally Excess, and all chaos gods push their followers to excess.

>> No.76081230
Quoted By: >>76081246

>NOT wanking summons Slaanesh

>> No.76081234
File: 432KiB, 920x950, 20201122_103231.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081267

>too beautiful to appear on dorghar
>also dabs on std cucks by getting multipart warriors first

>> No.76081246

You force him to show himself and coerce you into doing it.

>> No.76081254

>Book 1: Morathi
>Book 2: Sigvald
>Book 3: Archaon
>Book 4: Tyrion
>Book 5: Gordrakk

>> No.76081260
Quoted By: >>76081275

either they're going to rush them or the next edition of aos is not coming out in summer

>> No.76081267
Quoted By: >>76081337

>std cucks
Those poor bastards; the warriors and knights in the SC are beautiful, it's a shame they didn't include options for banners/musicians.

>> No.76081270

>Book 1: Morathi
>Book 2: Nagash
>Book 3: Nagash
>Book 4: Nagash
>Book 5: Nagash

>> No.76081271



>> No.76081274
Quoted By: >>76081294 >>76082434

>no Death book
>implying we're not going to get Vlad Von Carstein and his quest for his wife.

>> No.76081275

Is there even a need for a new edition, or would it purely be a "let's shake things up and force 'em to buy new books" move?

>> No.76081281

How fun is to play (and play against) the Legion of Sacrament? I don't have a Death army yet and I kinda want to try it. I may use a bunch of old TK kits too since I know a guy that wants to sell his old army.

>> No.76081290

the LRL make me want base to base formations as a standard thing for AoS.

It promotes spears a little more and makes defensive formations better than everyone trying to engulf each other like bacteria.

>> No.76081294
Quoted By: >>76081312

A death army will be represented in each book over the next four books :^)

But hey, Vampirates SOON, right? Oh wait, my bad, the new army this summer is Malerion and his sexy dragon-elves.

Seethe, bonefag.

>> No.76081301
Quoted By: >>76081340

yes, pushing a new starter set and experimenting with the rules has been the staple of GW's business model for a reason, perpetual novelty sells

>> No.76081311
Quoted By: >>76081318 >>76081394

>everyone trying to engulf each other like bacteria
But that's how battles were fought, anon. The moment the line is compromised, everyone turns into a wild animal.

>> No.76081312
Quoted By: >>76081358


Please, I'm a Vladfag. I want a vampire army that goes full gothic.

I want vampire men at arms with bat winged greathelms.

>> No.76081318

And the trick to most ancient combat was to try and prevent the line being compromised.

The Greeks and Romans were adamant in keeping tight formations. It's how the Romans beat the Gauls for fuck sake.

>> No.76081319
File: 51KiB, 640x360, NlrT5t5IOahX_640x360.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

How do you paint Skaven tails? Same as flesh? More purple?

>> No.76081321

I have autism

>> No.76081337

>the warriors and knights in the SC are beautiful
They are. I just want to build an army with those models.

>> No.76081339

Where does the GW webstore in aus ship from? might get a vamp lord

>> No.76081340

>Just finished painting my Slaanesh force or so I thought
>Also have 1000pts of Lumineth Chadlords
>And all the gargants
>Have wanted to fuck around with Stormcast for a bit, but Soul Wars is ass-cancer w/ a hero who is missing half his mount
I'm all for it. Here's hoping the destruction force in the starter box is Ogres or the Silent People.

>> No.76081344

>Is there even a need for a new edition
Plenty, regardless of how you feel about current mechanics.

>> No.76081358

I want werewolves before vampires.

>> No.76081359

>Spoonfeed me
No, allies cannot be battleline. You can use Dispossessed as Fyreslayer allies, where 1-in-4 units can be allies and 1/4th of your total points allotment allocated to that.
Your options for mixed Duardin are:
>KO/Fyreslayers/CoS with 400pts of any other Duardin
>KO with Barak Thryng, with 1-in-4 being a non-KO Duardin unit and then your usual allies stuff
>CoS with Tempest's Eye where 1-in-4 can be KO and then your allies could be Fyreslayers
>GA: Order and do whatever

>> No.76081374
Quoted By: >>76081386 >>76081387

inb4 Khorne resurrects Throgg

>> No.76081377

I hope that with the new slaanesh stuff we get more lore interactions like how sigvald and syll'eske see each other.
Also I just realized that morathi currently has one of the 9 gaunt summers. Could the freeing of slaanesh maybe have been something set in motion by tzeentch or archaon?

>> No.76081386

>throgg becomes an ever chosen or actually leaves chaos and becomes a destruction demigod.

>> No.76081387

>lgs has a big sale on old WD issues
>pick up a bunch
>post AoS issues talking about Tomb Kings
Weird... Alongside Fyreslayers too, as if both are fixed elements of the game. I bet everyone was a toxic pos to TK players when they got squatted.
Throgg is alive in AoS, he is mentioned in an SCE tome.

>> No.76081388

I do them as flesh tone, just a lil bit brighter

>> No.76081390

Well, just nabbed myself a Lord of Pain. Let's see how we go.

>> No.76081394

Formations have always existed because they are just the logical outcome of melee combat. Most of the time, the most disciplined line won the engagement.

>> No.76081404
Quoted By: >>76081444

>Weird... Alongside Fyreslayers too, as if both are fixed elements of the game. I bet everyone was a toxic pos to TK players when they got squatted.
Both Bretonnia and TK were part of AoS in exactly the same way as the rest for about 8 months ubtil they released the Grand Alliance books and started squatting stuff. Whoever says that it was obvious is not only a retard, but also a newfag.

>> No.76081415
Quoted By: >>76081444

About that...

>> No.76081444
Quoted By: >>76081470

As someone who started AoS with Greenskinz and browsed here, I can almost certainly say that were exactly like that.
Yeah, the squatting of Greenskinz, Moonclan and Gutbusters was a given. Moonclan are almost entirely ancient resin sculpts and Gutbusters have went five years without a single ounce of support. Damn, it's as clear as day: if you want an army that's confirmed support pick up Dispossessed!
>GHB allegiance
>Got a WH community faction focus that featured ALL their models
Yup, gonna enjoy that Dispossessed tome. Can't wait to finish off painting the blob of 40 Warriors I assembled. Good times ahead.

>> No.76081469
Quoted By: >>76081493

Gotta say Sigi is a far more interesting chaos chosen than Archaon could ever be.Hopefully the both clash soon

>> No.76081470
File: 201KiB, 920x950, gw-99020209009-0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081515 >>76081564

Nah Greenskinz are getting souped with Moonclan. Why esle would they sell them as one army? New Orcs and Goblins soon.

>> No.76081474
Quoted By: >>76081528 >>76081740

i think we could use more rules, both general and faction specific, for keeping in formation. But not make it standard.

Example: "if all models in this unit are touching the bases of 2 more models within, add +1 to save rolls."

This would be a general rule for any units using shields, and would allow you to chose to play defensivly at the cost of less attacks due to no long pile in.

Also armies like khorne or warclans could get a + 1 to wound buff as long as they are NOT in coherency

>> No.76081486
Quoted By: >>76081532

Honest Bret will prolly come back in some shape or form, given their AoS loresnippet about their pocket dimension. Not any time soon, with other stuff being priority, but eventually in few years.

>> No.76081493

From what ive read I enjoy archaon more

>> No.76081501
Quoted By: >>76081534

In cock size it'd go

Slaanesh > Nurgle > Khorne > Tzeentch

>> No.76081515

Now you are just making me sad.

>> No.76081528

We don't need yet another layer of special rules bloatikg the game even further. Make it a core rule everything accounts for or don't do it at all.

>> No.76081532

I know I'm the only one but I'd love to see them take bretonnians and push them up an age or two. Have them become 17th century Europe with musketeers and duelusts and the like. Keep the whole nobles aspect but turn it up to 11.

>> No.76081534
Quoted By: >>76081546

Slaanesh > Tzeentch > Nurgle > Khorne

>> No.76081546
Quoted By: >>76081601 >>76081613

On a scale of being a little bitch, sure

>> No.76081559
File: 1MiB, 1920x2951, Nagash by Russel Ng.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76081562

Duelists* what the fuck is wrong with my typing today...

>> No.76081564

It's obvious that most of Moonclan will get squatted. Like, if they were to actually support the army they'd have to remake almost every single kit. I think Greenskinz have more chance of that given they're already quite modern: just look at Boarboys.
Sorry, Moonclan players but I think the best you can hope for is a new squig herd kit or two. Well, it's better to know and not waste money, right?
>almost every single fucking Moonclan kit gets updated
>even fanatics
>then they get more units
>then Greenskinz get squatted and not even Boarboys/Warboss survive which are newer than Stabbas
Crazy times.

>> No.76081567

>make bretonnians but make them look and play nothing like bretonnians
No thanks.

>> No.76081573
Quoted By: >>76081589 >>76082986

There is something anime on him, like a mix of Saint Seya and Fist of the North Star.

>> No.76081584
File: 200KiB, 1000x500, ApocTrays-Jun24-Share27dhf.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>base to base formations as a standard thing
it would be so easy to integrate the movement trays in the rules it's not even funny
they have the movement trays on the store too

just swap with this the description of units that can have a large bodycount and have bases that fit one of the trays GW sells on the store
>a [unit name's] unit has any number of models or models on formations, each armed with [unit's weapon profiles]
then include a small paragraph to explain how formations work
>models that occupy a citadel movement tray when they are set up are treated as a formation, formations behave exactly like any other models with the following exceptions:
>the models move as of they were a single model, an individual model can't be moved away from the formation, for example in pile-in movements
>when measuring distances from a point of the battlefield to a model in a formation, if there's one or more models of the same formation inbetween, you can count the model as being 1/2" closer to the point (to counterbalance the fact models on the trays are not in exact base to base contact while not giving enough of an advantage to make them fight on more ranks than what would be possible without these trays)

there done, same costs, same rules, same shit and the game is sped up tenfolds for horde armies

>> No.76081589
Quoted By: >>76082146

lol it's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Those anime are probably stealing from Jojo.

>> No.76081590

Brettonian are the grog/tw secondary containment faction

>> No.76081595

Fuck formations, they can stay gone

>> No.76081596
Quoted By: >>76081609

AoS doesn't need movement tray shit but it does need a supplement for basically returning to whfb simulation days.

>> No.76081601
Quoted By: >>76081628

Did I strike a nerve, little guy? Khorne is literally the God of overcompensation. If all four classic Chaos Gods were at the gym...

6'3 chad whose compression leggings leave nothing of his 9-inch meatbat to the imagination.

5'6 Italian guy w/ a micropenis who will never accept that no matter how much muscle he builds, he'll never get taller.

Lanklet who has been researching the perfect workout routine for the past five years.

Guy who only grows facial hair to hide his triple chin.

>> No.76081603

Move to Canada then sicko

>> No.76081609
Quoted By: >>76081619

Most of the aos fanbase would ignore it

>> No.76081610
Quoted By: >>76081620

You'd still need to rework pile ins and even then it's just a roundabout way to do the dame as fabtasy but wuth round bases because for some reason they are obsessed with using the bases that weren't designed for this kind of games.

>> No.76081612

The build is fine for me, it's that it has mountains and trees growing on it. It's so top heavy while looking so slender. If the shoulderpads were bought in a little, the mountains and trees removed (put them on the base if they have to stay?) then I think it'd look fine. Not great, but fine.

>> No.76081613
File: 80KiB, 767x323, manlet rage.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Bloodthirster of impotent manlet rage

>> No.76081616
Quoted By: >>76081633

Isnt that skarbrand not the normal bloodthirster?

>> No.76081619

That vocal minority ignore everything that isn't matched-play related. GW are not in the business of pandering to a toxic tournament scene. Most of what GW produce isn't related to that audience.

>> No.76081620
Quoted By: >>76081645

>You'd still need to rework pile ins
I did, they pile in as a single model, done, not getting out of the formation

>> No.76081628
Quoted By: >>76081671 >>76081708

Nope. If we take the gym setting.

>tzeentch is the guy who joins on new years month then leaves
>slaanesh is the bodybuilder obsessed with building the perfect muscles
>nurgle is the strongman who just goes around flipping tractor tires
>khorne is the crossfit dude.

>> No.76081631
Quoted By: >>76081638 >>76081662

Kinda wish StD/Undivided got a greater daemon too.

>> No.76081632
File: 883KiB, 989x709, Capture.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You convert your champions, right?

>> No.76081633
Quoted By: >>76081653

Only cause skarbrand is standing on the ground, making it easier to compare size with the others. The standard thirsters are leaping from fire and shit.

>> No.76081635

>6'3, 6'1, 5'11, 6'
It's like pottery

>> No.76081638
Quoted By: >>76081648 >>76081655

Belakor exists he needs a new model and purpose in life

>> No.76081645
Quoted By: >>76081658

I've played with trays already doing that and it's still a pain that gimps you. No one will use formations if they work against you.

>> No.76081648
File: 1015KiB, 1774x894, 20201021_183121.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

be'lakor should not be the only undivided daemon prince, just the first

>> No.76081649
File: 190KiB, 945x335, skaven tail.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76081653
Quoted By: >>76081668

Dawg basically no one wants formations and shit back. Its mostly the people who want WHFB back.

>> No.76081655
Quoted By: >>76081676

But he's a prince, I want a greater daemon.
Also this.

>> No.76081658

>No one will use formations if they work against you.
they don't, you've used yours wrong

>> No.76081659

First and best, I agree.

>> No.76081662

A massive Fury or something like that, would be cool.

>> No.76081666
Quoted By: >>76081675 >>76081676

Belakor should be the skarbrand to the normal bloodthirster undivided daemon

Have archaons daemon horse give birth mirroring dracothion birthing the dracoliths and stardrakes

>> No.76081668
Quoted By: >>76081692

There's plenty of people that dislike how messy combat is in AoS. Also every single horde player complains about movement.

>> No.76081671
Quoted By: >>76081717

>Tzeentch is the hipster dude listening to audiobooks on the treadmill
>Nurgle is the fat guy who are doing GOMAD but wont put in any real work at the gym
>Slaanesh is the gym chad who everyone likes or envies
>Khorne is the roided manlet scraming his lungs out in every execise

>> No.76081675
Quoted By: >>76081687

>Have archaons daemon horse give birth mirroring dracothion birthing the dracoliths and stardrakes
why the fuck is that even needed?

>> No.76081676


>> No.76081679

Pinkier - i.e. more red/purple tones

>> No.76081687

Newfags that think chaos is a dark mirror of stromcasts and not the other way around.

>> No.76081692
Quoted By: >>76081706 >>76081707

Over my time playing at whw (since aos dropped) ive only ever heard horde players wanting trays not formations

>> No.76081706

>I've only ever heard the people that meet the problem to whine about the problem
jeez I wonder why

>> No.76081707
Quoted By: >>76081726

We are taling in loops mate. Yes, they want trays, but trays don't work if you don't enforce formations simply because trays will never be as flexible as individual bases, so unless you rework pile ins and movement so that they are per unit instead of per model, trays actively gimp you. The way the range of attacks works would need to be changed (though IMO that should happen anwyays).

>> No.76081708
File: 47KiB, 600x480, slaanesh2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This thread needs more Slaanesh. I gotchu
But Slaanesh doesn't just want to look the best, he wants to be the best, he's all about functional strength; why do you think his units are faster and more killy than Khorne's, and why depravity is so much better than blood tithe?

Tzeentch never leaves, but he never sticks to anything so he makes very little progress.

Would literally never set foot into the gym; Nurgle is all about complacency, stagnation, and joyful nihilism. Again, who needs to go the gym when you can just cover your triple chin with an opulent neckbeard? Also 100% has stretched ears and a bunch of shitty tattoos. Also vapes.

Is the dude held back by bro-science. He's also a manlet.

>> No.76081717

>Made me feel good about myself
>Sides in orbit
Thank you, anon.

>> No.76081726
Quoted By: >>76081742

find a single instance where >>76081584
would produce a different result than a unit with separate bases

>> No.76081740
Quoted By: >>76081763


Marching formation:
if all models in the unit is touching 2 other bases in the unit at the start of movement, and at the end of movement, they can choose to march. When making a run action, add 4' instead of d6.

Defensive formation:
if all models in the unit is touching 2 other bases in the unit and it didnt make a move action this turn, you can say it is in defensive formation. Reroll saverolls of 1 until the end of the combat phase. In addition add 1 to bravery for the unit.

Push through:
When charging you can chose to say the unit pushes through.
The unit can pile in 5' instead of 3', and suffers a -1 to hit until the end of the combat phase. IN addition, if there are no enemy models within 3' of this unit at the end of combat, it can make a normal move.

>> No.76081742
File: 20KiB, 1335x742, trays.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081752

Almost every case.

>> No.76081748
Quoted By: >>76081769

As a complete newcomer to AoS LoN SCE and StD seem appealing, I dont really play only collect

Sell me on each one.

>> No.76081752
Quoted By: >>76081763

all models in both cases can attack

>> No.76081763
Quoted By: >>76081806

I would only agree with this if every warscroll and allegiance was tone down significantly. We already have 20 layers of special rules on every unit, we can't keep adding more.
>range 1"
>32/40mm bases
Only the first three would attack on the left, but all 5 on the right. Even if we let all attack, as soon as you put another rank behind them, loose bases win again.

>> No.76081769
Quoted By: >>76081780

If you only collect then just look at the models moron

>> No.76081780

Some model kits are worse than others

>> No.76081782
Quoted By: >>76081792 >>76081797

Someone last thread was saying how for Nighthaunt and LoN you need to defend your General under any circumstances, because if they die the whole army follows? Is this some rule I'm overlooking, or is it just that the General can take a command trait to bring back summonable models?

>> No.76081792
Quoted By: >>76081808

The general in LoN armies gets the rezzing command abilities which is very important for their gameplan.

>> No.76081797
Quoted By: >>76081808

Losing deathless minions makes your units a lot more fragile and losing heroes means not being able to heal, buff and revive units.

>> No.76081806
Quoted By: >>76081954

>>range 1"
>>32/40mm bases
they would get half a inch more of range as per >>76081584, 32mm bases would work
the 40mm bases wouldn't but the system was not put for 40mm bases
it's for
>units that can have a large bodycount
the moment a horde unit has 40mm bases call me back, until then find a real issue with the system or admit it works

>> No.76081808

Okay cool, thanks. I was wondering if I'd missed something that inflicted a physical penalty rather than a meta one.

>> No.76081830
File: 235KiB, 850x713, 1606017324519.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what other models are based on jojo? I would want to play the army with the most so which is that?

>> No.76081843
File: 2MiB, 1098x1098, 20190825_190035.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081849 >>76081909

katakros and sigvald should have hateboners for each other

>> No.76081845
Quoted By: >>76081904

Hey lads, I’m thinking of getting that Kraeth’s Shadowpact set since I have an opportunity to get it cheap. If I get it, what should I run it as? Har Kuron or Anvilgard? Also, I am aware if I do that I won’t be able to use the dreadlord option as the sorceress is what turns the others into battleline. What should I run the dreadlord as then?

>> No.76081849
Quoted By: >>76081926

haha is that a jojo Japanese comic? Name?

>> No.76081904

The dreadlord isn't a separate model

>> No.76081909
File: 864KiB, 710x654, Ho you dare approche me.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76081950

Guess I'll have to do this one with Katakros and Sigvald

>> No.76081918
Quoted By: >>76081950

>jojo invented loose suspenders
Come on now.

>> No.76081926
Quoted By: >>76081950

very strange bait

>> No.76081942

>Lord Kroak

How many more characters are they gonna bring back? Why delete a setting if you're just gonna essentially carry over more characters than you create yourself? Then again, the characters they've created are pretty cringe. Does anyone care about Gavriel Sureheart?

>> No.76081950
Quoted By: >>76081975

there's more similarities than that. The whole character personality is just Dio AND it's got a similar colour scheme and supernatural categorisation
Cope this is a JBA setting not Tolkien. Go play the Lotr game you bitch
Based I laughed

>> No.76081954
Quoted By: >>76082092

Tell that to stormcasts or khorne that can get 20 man units of 40mm bases. Or 30/40 man units of 32. And that's just range, the moment the enemy isn't in a straight line, you can't do curves with trays the dame way you can with individual model, which is why I say formations would need to be enforces, so that every unit is straight.

>> No.76081961
Quoted By: >>76081969 >>76081974

They killed off the setting so we could make a light year leap in progress rules wise

>> No.76081966
Quoted By: >>76081969

>let me ignore all the actually cool characters AoS introduced and name a random stormcast that has no lore and no one cares about

>> No.76081969
Quoted By: >>76082012 >>76082038

They did a similar rules rewrite for 40k, didnt need to kill off the lore.

All those words and you didnt name any 'good' AoS characters.

>> No.76081974

Why hasn't that progress appeared, then?

>> No.76081975
Quoted By: >>76081999

>jojo invented yellow

>> No.76081988
File: 939KiB, 881x764, dwarfwarriorswithshields.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What should I use these as? Does anyone have pics of mixed racial units? I may just throw these in with Freeguild stuff and give them all a similar colour scheme

>> No.76081999
Quoted By: >>76082033

It invented yellow colour schemes on supernatural smug bois, yes. Fuck off with your JoJo hate if you didn't like it go watch some dbz or some shit faggot

>> No.76082012
Quoted By: >>76082043

>Brokk (hoes mad)

>> No.76082019
File: 164KiB, 920x950, DIR-84-07.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082029 >>76082030

Ordered a box of these guys.

Should I build them as:
Longbeards with great weapons?
Longbeards with shields?

>> No.76082029

Sell them.

>> No.76082030


>> No.76082033
File: 184KiB, 413x549, 1601002877236.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76082038

Seems to me like the great majority of the rules changes are riddled with problems and shortcomings.

>> No.76082043
Quoted By: >>76082066

He cool
He cool
She cool
He cool
Daemon so doesn't count.

That's a lot fewer cool AoS characters than returning Fantasy ones, again questioning the need to destroy the setting if you're gonna bring back so many characters and have them be cooler than Neave Blacktalon or whatever.

>> No.76082054


was never brought back, they were in from the start and the backbone of the setting.


Chaos champions and daemons did never really "die" in the first place, saved by their gods and all that.
Same goes for Nagash's mortarchs

A bit weird they kept him around tbf

Just a cashgrab. No logic behind his existance

I really don't know why. She got maximum redesign anyway. Guess its because of name recognition or something.

Also, because the setting has reached it's creative and financial limit, but the characters are good enough to wanna keep.

>> No.76082066

The destruction of the setting wasn't the designers choice. If management hadn't killed the game, they would have just revamped the rules like they did with 40k.

>> No.76082092
File: 46KiB, 497x571, 20201122_122900.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082109

>20 man units of 40mm bases.
so rare it's a non-issue
>Or 30/40 man units of 32.
32mm bases work with this system
>you can't do curves with trays
look, curves

the system works and it works better than leaving hordes as loose bases slowing down the game and forcing rules writers to design the rules to not add anything remotely interesting anymore because the time limit is already too strict and loose hordes make things unwieldy

>> No.76082109
File: 301KiB, 1600x960, rohirrim army, wotr - war of the ring.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Mate that's only working because you are leaving the required spaces between models. People aren't gonna let you do that if they can take attacks from you. You look like you haven't played with trays at all. There's a reason why games that were made to use trays use square/rectangle trays, round bases or not.

>> No.76082120

God that looks awful

>> No.76082123
Quoted By: >>76082137

Why even have round bases at all? That pic confuses me.

>> No.76082137
Quoted By: >>76082150

To be honest, I wouldn't mind at all if they brought the War of the Rings style of trays for AoS and made them mandatory.
The lord of the rings game is a skirmish game, you normally just use a handfull of models you control individually. For the War of the Ring supplement, they upped the army sizes to something similar to what WHFB used, using units too, which made using individual models on round bases counter productive. To make the game playable, they made those trays. Somehow that memo got lost when they made AoS, gave it round bases but kept the army sizes basically the same.

>> No.76082146

I mean he literally has Dio's shoes, this can't be denied. Everything else is in the realm of general anime aesthetic

>> No.76082150

Hell, it works better for AoS's system if they want to keep the increments for point costs. You buy whole trays and then upgrade them, Epic style.

>> No.76082168

Yes. It still fulfills the 1 in 10 requirement.

>> No.76082187

>he thinks being a grog is a bad thing

>> No.76082219


>> No.76082235
File: 240KiB, 920x950, 20201122_123325.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Mate that's only working because you are leaving the required spaces between models.
read, nigger, read
>they have the movement trays on the store too
>citadel movement tray

>> No.76082251

I’d say get direchasm next month for a little taste of the full release.

>> No.76082255
File: 101KiB, 868x763, Camera Pics July 2013- 005.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082269

So anyone knows where to buy that kind of movement trays? With AoS's base sizes.

>> No.76082268
Quoted By: >>76082330 >>76082405

I hear Sylvaneth are all about creating forests and summong dryads and gaining buffs when in that terrain, that sounds awesome. Have I been misled?

>> No.76082269
Quoted By: >>76082288 >>76082302

I wouldn't allow those in game

>> No.76082274
File: 93KiB, 920x950, Crypt_Infernal_Courtier_M02.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Assembling my Flayers and I just noticed.. the one posed to be the Infernal has a bad wing cast, like he was designed with two right wing-arms.

The other two have normally designed wings, mirrored counterparts, concave shape on the inside etc. The leader variant literally has two right arms, just posed in such a way to hide the design flaw. This is still an old Vampire Counts sculpt, people seriously didn't notice this shit for what.. 15 years minimum?

>> No.76082288
Quoted By: >>76082291 >>76082302

I'm not gonna play against you.

>> No.76082289
Quoted By: >>76082308

Are you really this retarded?

>> No.76082291
Quoted By: >>76082302

No one would play against you.

>> No.76082302
Quoted By: >>76082320

Neither of you have models and you never will because you spend all your time on the internet and all your autism bucks on internet access and tendies.

>> No.76082308
Quoted By: >>76082324

What's that supposed to mean? Prove me wrong instead. It has two right-arm posed choices. The left arm part is badly designed, since if you move it to a neutral position, it literally looks reversed, when it should be mirrored.

>> No.76082309
Quoted By: >>76082322

Jojo fans a fucking retarded.

>> No.76082320

Post your models then

>> No.76082322

Says the guy who can't type.

>> No.76082324
File: 344KiB, 1549x2048, Emf50jSXEAA9p6W.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Anon... If you don't understand basic anatomy, I don't know what else to say. It's not some secret error only you've noticed in "15 years minimum": you're just stupid.

>> No.76082330
Quoted By: >>76082359

No, that is correct. Its just not enough to be good.

>> No.76082340
Quoted By: >>76082365 >>76082397

Nice proof. GW made a mistake and are covering it up poorly not me.

>> No.76082356
Quoted By: >>76082371

That model was a mistake

>> No.76082359

Shit. It sounds fantastic for objective control and such.

>> No.76082365

1) The "error" wing fits on any of the three bodies given they all have the same joint
2) Casting errors like that don't happen
3) It's just a left arm stretched back in a dynamic gesture.
Have you ever like moved your arms at all?

>> No.76082371
Quoted By: >>76082430

Yep the fingers clip into the thumb nonsensically

>> No.76082373
File: 754KiB, 920x950, 99120206021_PestelinPlagueMonks01.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If I want to add some Plague Monks to my Maggotkin army, would I want the whole Skaven Battletome too or is the Battlescroll in the box enough?

>> No.76082379

Fuck this Anon should be a qa advisor for catching out this fifteen year old flaw no one else saw
Gg Anon

>> No.76082383
Quoted By: >>76082526

You just need their warscroll which is on the gw site

>> No.76082386
Quoted By: >>76082526

That'd be outdated, you'll want the azyr app or a digital battletome that's been updated given faqs

>> No.76082395
Quoted By: >>76082526

You don't need the tome. You don't even need the unit rules in the box because all unit rules are available to download for free on their website (which is a good thing since they update unit rules all the time and I'm almost certain the rules in the box are long out of date).
I would, however, advise against this because someone at GW decided that we can't have fun things so using Skaven outside of a pure Skaven army sucks. Plague Monks in a Skaven army are a horde of tiny blenders. Plague Monks in a Nurgle army are just sub-par Marauders.

>> No.76082397
File: 633KiB, 1536x2048, Wings.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This >>76082340 anon isn't me, but he's correct. I'll even take a fucking photo for you. Top right is the offender. It should be mirrored, but it's not.

>> No.76082405

Also teleporting, keeping your large units of dryads near your place of power (terrain you choose let’s you ignore battleshock), using Kurnoth hunters as buff relays, and hoping your Tree Revenants kill something after their teleport because they’ll die fast afterwards.

>> No.76082416
Quoted By: >>76082432 >>76082440

>It's an error because it looks different
Every champion model is a mistake, then?
It's specifically sculpted to fit in a specific joint. Try putting it in the right side and see how that turns out. It's perfectly anatomically correct, you're all just retarded

>> No.76082430
Quoted By: >>76082436

I also just hate the proportions
You can excuse it with "muh magic" all you want, at the end of the day it just looks like trash

>> No.76082432

It's correct. It just looks like shit. Never attribute to incompetence what can be explained by a GW designer trying to do an "innovative" pose.

>> No.76082434

>Vlad Von Carstein and his quest for his wife.
Oh fuck no. Once was enough. They got their proper sendoff in the first Vampire War, and retreading their characters in the End Times turned out to be a serious mistake when so much of the final book was made to focus on their tired character drama over the end of the fucking world. This shit does not have to be repeated, and shouldn't be.

>> No.76082436

Yes I think all Troggoth models should be squatted in favour of more realistic sculpts

>> No.76082440
Quoted By: >>76082451

I have literally tried to pose my arm like it would be and I would have to dislocate my elbow to make it work, and I'd have to make my bicep and tricep switch places. It's not that it just looks different, it is anatomically incorrect.

>> No.76082448

wow gw are really that awful kek the absolute state that they put 4 right and 2 left arms in

>> No.76082451
Quoted By: >>76082462

I bet £100 you're obese

>> No.76082462
Quoted By: >>76082488 >>76082518

I'm 70kg, paypal me, faggot.

if you try to use the left arm as a right arm... it works anatomically perfectly.

>> No.76082480
File: 144KiB, 394x394, 1604271385957.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Can you retards stop breathing? You make the world worse by existing.

>> No.76082488
Quoted By: >>76082494 >>76082527

You can actually? Build yours that way and post them please

>> No.76082494
Quoted By: >>76082527

You can but the wings are pointing outwards (incorrectly) and the pose is wrong.

>> No.76082518

Proof and pp email please

>> No.76082526

cool, thanks.

Might do it anyway

>> No.76082527
Quoted By: >>76082583

Pretty much what >>76082494 said. I just dryfit them with the correct torso. I have considered slicing off the wing membrane and turning it around, or doing the same to the forearm, neither will work because the part as a whole is designed like a right arm, not a left one. Notice the membrane billows outwards, which is correct, but the arm itself is not, it bends the opposite way a left arm should. It bends correctly.. if used as a right arm.

>> No.76082583
Quoted By: >>76082592

So it's a left arm, not a right one? Way to shit up the thread you retard

>> No.76082592

Can No.. it's a right arm. Not my fault you can't read. you probably don't even own the fucking mini to check it yourself. I have the parts in my hands right now.

>> No.76082603
Quoted By: >>76082617 >>76082628

Fyreslayers have errors too I can't attach my arms so wide so they probably made a mistake mirroring one arm lol

>> No.76082617
File: 85KiB, 685x641, Screenshot_20201122-125132.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76083604

I challenge anyone to get their arms like this! I can't it hurts and puts me out of breath
gw make lots of mistakes too probably

>> No.76082628
Quoted By: >>76082659

Hilarious. As opposed to this genuine error considering the elbow bends the opposite way. I suppose you can handwave it like "Well it's a ghoul, yeah the arm is broken or Nagash didn't have a spare lefty" but really?

>> No.76082637
File: 235KiB, 727x662, Nope.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082725

>This fucking discussion

>> No.76082644

Why is it so hard for anyone to believe it with actual photo evidence? GW can't do no wrong?

>> No.76082652
File: 1006KiB, 699x532, beastclaw.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082674

I'm going to have a beastclaw raiders themed Ogre Mawtribes game this week. I haven't played with my ogors since 1st edition AOS, anyone have any tips?

>> No.76082659
Quoted By: >>76082679

Excuse me? Why are you arguing with me I think the pose of the ghoul is also anatomically wrong so I agree with you I'm pointing out other examples

>> No.76082674
Quoted By: >>76082707

use stonehorns, preferably at least 1 of which is a frostlord. use boulderhead tribe. try to get a guy with the boulderhead artifact and black clatterhorn mount trait, preferably your frostlord, and then get a stonehorn huskard with metalcruncher

after that, fill it out with stonehorn beastriders and mournfang cav for battleline. go fast and smash into the enemy, dont let them get the charge on you, you want to make sure you're the one charging

>> No.76082679
Quoted By: >>76082702

The fyreslayer is correct, it's just a dumb pose. but I've had enough of this, I know I'm right, I have the part here, I wasted time posing my arm to quadruple check this shit. It is a design flaw, it is a right arm, end of.

>> No.76082688
Quoted By: >>76082705

Well... I mean, it is a deformed mutant so you can kind of make it make sense.

>> No.76082702
File: 1MiB, 1508x882, image.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You're wrong, notice the difference in outward and inward facing wings. There's no hands to reference so you're getting confused, given you don't understand anatomy

>> No.76082705

I know I can, but it triggers my fucking autism now that I've noticed it desu. I've wanted a set of these guys for years, being a fan of gothic horror. Now I feel a bit upset.

>> No.76082707
Quoted By: >>76082739 >>76082772

I've got 2 start collecting boxes worth of units (Frostlord on Stonetusk, Thundertusk beastriders, 2x4 Mournfang), and hrogthorn and a fungoid cave shaman for support. I was thinking of going thunderbellies or whatever since there is so much Mournfang, but Boulderhead was my first guess.

>> No.76082718

If you disregard the wing membranes and how awkward it looks you can see how the left arm is actually a right arm if you make the actual model - it fits in the socket for a right

>> No.76082725

Yeah, I have no idea how people go through life being this stupid.

>> No.76082735

never noticed but that's true it's like the arm is tilted back when the others are neutral like their opposite
wonder why they thought they could get away with a completely different pose for one arm?

>> No.76082739
Quoted By: >>76082882

boulderhead is a lot less attractive if you cant give multiple hero stonehorns mount traits. you could probably go with thunderbellies and be fine, or winterbite if you expect to encounter a lot of shooting.

in this case, i would give your stonehorn frostlord the metalcruncher trait, its great for eating hard targets.

>> No.76082763

I really hope next edition adds something like Crusade for AoS, it's the most fun I've had in years.

>> No.76082772
Quoted By: >>76082882

the way mawtribes plays now, everything deals impact hits when they charge, you roll dice equal to their charge roll (so if you rolled a 7 to charge, you roll 7 dice), then for each 6+ you deal a mortal wound to your charge target. behemoths deal MWs on 4+ instead of 6.

your behemoths also count as more models for the purpose of scoring objectives, counting as 10 models, and non behemoth ogres count as 2 models. ogres also move 3" faster when not near an enemy, and get +2 bravery when near an enemy, and beastclaw raiders units deal mortal wounds to anything near them with grasp of the everwinter.

so its all about moving fast and charging

>> No.76082774
Quoted By: >>76082791 >>76082804

What's the error?

>> No.76082786
Quoted By: >>76082798

Actually I take it back, I kind of see it now. It's is a left arm but the... little thumb spike thing is the wrong way around so it's confusing.

>> No.76082791

There is none

>> No.76082798

Not really. Flayers just have a more flexible anatomy to accommodate flight, that's what you're confused about maybe?

>> No.76082804

People are arguing if it's swinging it's left arm around or if it's lifting it's left and twisting around.
If the former then it's modelled wrong, if the latter then it's fine, just an awkward pose.

>> No.76082805
File: 716KiB, 1000x1000, 1606006091564.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's something...

>> No.76082854

How do Moonclan play? Stabbas as the core, Fanatics of -2 rend surprise, then hoppers/bounderz for cav/mw?

>> No.76082869
Quoted By: >>76082903

>Put Chaos Knight head on Chaos Warrior
>Pretend this makes them unique
Yeah, it's just like those Brutes with Gore Grunta Rider top knots. Very creative use of CAD assets.

>> No.76082880
File: 854KiB, 710x654, KATAKROSvsSIGVALD.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.76082882

Wicked. That sounds really good. You can get a trait for your warlord (or mount?) that makes it so your minimum dice roll for that charging rule is 7, which seems pretty good I think?

Yeah metalcruncher looks wicked.

>> No.76082888
File: 721KiB, 871x858, chaos warrior champion.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76083144

The fact that these lads look so fucking good just makes the lack of a real kit hurt so much more.

>> No.76082893

What Slaanesh units are good? Thinking about stuff to buy before the new dudes come out.

>> No.76082903

Am I the only one who loves the new CAD type of GW models? There is so much more detail in models now than there were in the past. Compary that warrior to the dopey shit and I don't even give a fuck if it was a lazy CAD job, it's awesome how much detail is in that mini.

The only thing that annoys me is GW still charging like they're sculpting every mini by hand.

>> No.76082910
File: 179KiB, 960x960, lumie.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76082951

Why can't GW into anatomy?
You can't hold a spear like this at that angle.

>> No.76082951
Quoted By: >>76082989

They're supporting it with their left hands, if you look under the shield, and poking it forward with the right.

>> No.76082986
Quoted By: >>76083037

I bet my hand Dio was an inspiration
>spiky shoes
>hearts on knees
>the 2 ropes on his hips

>> No.76082989
Quoted By: >>76083021 >>76083032

Yeah you try holding your left arm that way with the palm upwards

>> No.76083021
Quoted By: >>76083034

It's quite easy actually, I think you're just looking at it wrong.

>> No.76083032

That stance actually feels pretty strong and stable

>> No.76083034
Quoted By: >>76083532

>if I say it it must be true
Not how it works, anyone can grab a broom and try it for themselves.

>> No.76083037

Spiky shoes seem to have been taken from Syl'Eske, but besides i wouldnt put it past the sculptors to try and sneak some meme in

>> No.76083063
File: 650KiB, 1000x629, Luv me gut.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76083120 >>76083148

Gonna play my BCR vs LRL today
any tips? its gonna be a 1000 point game

>> No.76083120
Quoted By: >>76083148 >>76083203

Beware the weepy woman.
>20 spears charge 8 ironguts and stab 1 to death
>they flatten two thirds the unit as response
>she goes 'no u' and forces you to take a battleshock test at +15

>> No.76083144
Quoted By: >>76083163

Any one got a pic of the Qt champion?

>> No.76083148

Maybe I should tell what I want to bring:

1 Frostlord (Stonehorn)
1 Huskard (Stonehorn)
2 units of 2 Mournfangs each

Jesus christ
so #1 priority is to kill her

>> No.76083163
File: 734KiB, 1000x1000, 2bK7xOwbpr2Xogl2.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76083187

Would sniff warp infected feet and suck nurgle blighted armpits/10

>> No.76083189
File: 857KiB, 550x398, bat.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76083206 >>76083324

>want to paint my FEC based on some regional bats
>flayers will have very dark brown/black skin
>ghouls a more lighter brown
>realise it all looks rather racist
Yikes. Does anyone have any tips for fixing this? I was thinking of having some patches of pink-skin as the Pipistrelle bat does sometimes around the eyes and nose but I don't know.

>> No.76083203

could just take a tyrant and smack the lads around to make them ignore battleshock for the game

>> No.76083206
Quoted By: >>76083220

Stop trolling and fuck off.

>> No.76083220
File: 47KiB, 512x392, unnamed (9).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm not pol-race baiting or whatever, I'm just looking for some input. Maybe my ghouls should be a totally different colour but idk cohesion and stuff.

>> No.76083237

Not really a fan of models without helmets and I don't dig the trim. The ETB champion looks a lot better.

>> No.76083288
Quoted By: >>76083300 >>76083301

Built a Treelord Ancient, it’s a fun kit to put together

>> No.76083300

I never noticed the heels until I built it. I just wish the torso was more adjustable, the whole pose is in what arms you built.

>> No.76083301
Quoted By: >>76083311

It is. But beware of how you transport it. The branches snaps very easily

>> No.76083303

fanart when?

>> No.76083304
File: 81KiB, 1280x720, YTTyo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76083320 >>76083359

Drycha is being added to the Total War games. Perhaps the GW suits will have pushed the AoS team to put her and Sylvaneth at the forefront of one of the Broken Realms installments for the sake of synergy. Please, I just want buffs to my revenants.

>> No.76083311
Quoted By: >>76083348

I thought they were quite study but SoD's sword can be a bit bendy.

>> No.76083320
Quoted By: >>76083339

Total War has no bearing on AoS, at all. It never has.

>> No.76083324

pink face areas and make the limbs significantly darker than the torso like in your pic

>> No.76083339
Quoted By: >>76083386

Both Total War and AoS got Gotrek stuff the anniversary of his books

>> No.76083348

Yeah, no. The horns in particular snaps easily and then it's fucking hell to repair them in a way that doesn't snap again immediately. Believe me, them and Kurnoths are the reason I switched to magnets.

>> No.76083354




>> No.76083359

One more wound for both revs would do so much for them.
Is there ever a reason to take more than 5 tree revs in a unit since their bravery is shit?

>> No.76083386

Because anniversary affects all products not the other way around

>> No.76083532
Quoted By: >>76083569


I'm sorry you're a cripple, anon

>> No.76083569

Post physique.

>> No.76083604

Fyreslayers and Dwarves of Chaos arms are just straight up fucky in general. Its like they have no armpits at times and every side is the backside.

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