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What's the difference between a Blood Mage and a Vampire /tg/?

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>What's the difference between a Blood Mage and a Vampire /tg/?
The difference between smoking weed on weekends and being on the street whacked out on PCP every hour of the day.

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One uses blood as a means of power, the other is a disease/parasite infecting a human and giving them the powers of a leech.

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one is cool, the other is cooler

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In my setting there isn't one. Blood magic is using the magical power inherent in blood to cast spells. You dig into your veins to call forth a spear of frozen blood, you scratch runes into your skin so the blood forms a sigil of strength/speed/protection, you rip your guts open to birth a blood ooze.

Becoming a vampire is just when you learn a spell that lets you get cool fangs that let you drain blood from others, which means you have to spend less of your own blood to do magic.

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One doesn't suck.

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