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I'm look for .stl files to print miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy in 28mm heroic scale. Anyone have any links to purchase suitable files or hopefully even the files themselves?
I'm looking mainly for Empire models personally.
I'd really appreciate if anyone has the norba miniatures .stl files.

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have you searched on thingyverse?

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Lost Kingdoms has a lot of great lizardmen, chaos dwarf, and tomb king stuff. They just launched a Kickstarter for really nice Bretonians, but it's a Kickstarter on top of their Patreon so manage expectations accordingly. Highland Miniatures has a lot of nice Skeletons and some nifty old-school Chaos Warriors.

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Unfortunately Thingiverse lacks high quality models.

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I'm not complaining free stuff. If you want premium stl, look in The 9th Age marketplace forum

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