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Tell me /tg/
How does your PC face a true enemy

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a tactical retreat is always a valid strategy

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I initiate self-destruct, killing us both.

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Well he exists in the 5e system so he runs inwith a half baked plan that relies on the cleric, paladin, and bard to ensure he doesn't die. And if he does just bring him back

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a song in my heart, smile on my lips, spring in my step, and a big fucking erection

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Carefully. Measuredly.

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wallgonne to center of mass

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With his sword in hand, his heart hardened and his eyes set ablaze by his suppressed rage.

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from 100 feet in the air

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D&D 3.5 doesn't have facing rules except for Beholders so unless he's been turned into a Beholder he wouldn't.

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Seduce them.

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Is he made of earth or is the earth made of him?

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When he's underwater does he get wet or does the water get him, instead?

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I and my group are conditioned to run any time we don't have to fight no matter which of us is DMing.

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This series peaked right there at this exact moment about 15 chapters in very sad

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It's still awesome dude. Princess armless arc is great.

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By being the most tricky bastard in the whole world and always having a spare grenade. There are no almost no problems that can't be dealt with by the way of liberal application of explosives and bullshitting your way to the moment when you can use them.

When you can sneak on a bunch of mages in oWoD, while not being a wizard yourself or having any personal supernatural powers, and scare them half to death just by saying "Hi" you know your life is on the right track.

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With one hand on the hilt of my blade, and the other in my component pouch.

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