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Hey asshole, what did you just say about female martial characters? Want to repeat that nice and loud so my polycule and I can hear it?

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Spread your legs, roastie cunt.

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They like all martials with skin are inferior to skeletons.

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-1 to str and siz no more now less

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>Pic unrelated
must be a Chinese necromancer

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>it's another make a really shitty bait thread as an excuse to make /pol/ posts on /tg/ thread

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>power word

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-1 is your dick size.

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>mods just IP-wiped dozens of posts and then nuked two /pol/ threads
>raiders immediately make a new shitbait thread
fucking incredible

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There is no real end to /pol/ retardation

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My mother raised me as a feminist and told me to respect women
>Draws katana
So I will treat you like men and grant you the honor of a warrior's death... m'ladies...
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoDgWil2fZ8 starts playing
>Dashes forward and pierces the shield of the one on the right, stabbing her in the heart
Not yet!
>Spins around, decapitating the ravenhaired one as she tries to sneak up on me
Not yet! Not yet!
>Kicks the curly redhead in the balls, then cleaves her skull in two
>Jumps in the air, twisting around and landing in front of the blonde and bisecting her head to groin
That's four....
>Walks up to the leader, katana casually resting with the blunt side on my shoulder
And then there was only one. Feel like surrendering yet?
>Dodges her flail by casually moving his neck to the side
Such a shame, you're such a lovely lady... you would've made a good bride. Pity, you'll never experience my amazing technique honed by decades of studying erotic Japanese graphic novels
>Teleports behind her
>Cuts off both of her legs and arms in one fell swoop
You bore me.... lie there and bleed out while pondering the mistakes that brought you to this point
>Walks away like a badass
NEVER mess with a male feminist!

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r/chapotraphouse and leftypol spamming the janny applications was for naught...

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I want to lick sweaty girl abs until I drown from the amount of fluids I've consumed.

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But we must never forget, my brothers, that our blood and our skulls are welcome too.
Blood for the Bloodgod! Skulls for the Skullthrone!

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Yet, two of your retarded /pol/ threads and bunch of /poltard shitposts got removed so maybe what was for naught was trying to get you to think.

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They're not my threads, I'm a jew who hates high taxes so I am obliged to hate BOTH of you.

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It's when you have a polygamous relationship, the various web of people you and your partners are sleeping with are your polycule.

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Go back to /biz/ then.

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Imagine bragging about being some humorless cunt raider from reddit. Imagine thinking that jannies can stop /tg/ being part of 4chan.

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imagine cleaning up shitposts FOR FREE

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I refuse to be pogrom'd, I like and play traditional games. Lefties deserve the noose.

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Only a butthurt simp would create this.

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>Various disemboweled women
That's 180 degrees removed from a simp.

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Are you a genuine political lefty or just a simp?

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Imagine being a retard who think shitting up /tg/ with /poltard shit is ok, oh wait you don't you just have to look at your dumb post.

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Fine, go be retarded in /hm/ faggot

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Imagine letting /pol/ live rent-free in your head to the point where you think someone complaining that the titties on some piece of fantasy art aren't rockin' enough means that they are secretly a literal nazi. Take a step back and look at yourself once you've stopped hyperventilating.

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If there's one thing the left is good at, it's eating itself. Look at the question of trannies in women's "sports" for example.

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Yes, you made it clear you are a retard faggot, you can leave now

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>not being schizophrenic nigger-obsessed /pol/tards somehow is bad
you are mentally ill

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>I can't stop talking about trannies

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>If you're not a (insert turbo faggotry) you're a (insert insult)
I see you're both a simp and a political lefty.

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Based boomers, we'll need their wisdom and experience on the day of the rope.

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t. retard and faggot

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The only day of rope you are going to see is when you hang yourself

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I said they're perfectly normal and I don't know why /tg/ keeps indulging the same repetitive bait centered around them

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butthurt coomcuck hands typed this

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t. smegmarxist

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>s-stop laughing at my ridiculous ideology!

It's the best. All you can do is strawman your tormenters into being nazis instead of mostly apolitical moderates having a giggle at your expense.

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t. butt pirate

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Isn't that 40+% more likely for you though?

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>I can't read because being a /pol/tard mean having no brain

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Nope not trans, retard

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I'm not going to plunder your booty, darn Asspaniard

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It's even better. The worst people like him can do is accuse their opponents of being like them.

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That is is because you can't find your dick, sir ballsgraber

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Are you that one janny who white knights for every fictional woman and then deletes the thread in a fit of rage when he gets destroyed over and over again after claiming anyone who isn't a simp is gay? Do you do anything but post here? It's terribly sad.

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I said they exist to do whatever psions tell them to do
orgy time

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I am not really sure how reply to your post. It's so full of retardation,delusions, and butthurt I don't even know where to start.

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You're that guy exactly, I know your reaction images by now.

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based classy anon.

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Stupid 12 year old fag.
fixed that for you

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You fight like girls.

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why are are you so anal retentive and humorless? Have you not had your sex yet?

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