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Previous thread: >>75985552

General thread for the games too niche to be in a proper thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, BFG and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to >>>/tg/aosg, >>40kg and >>>/tg/hhg.

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games. (don't share)
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

No question this time - discuss previews https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/21/warhammer-preview-online-decadence-decay/

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for rangers of the north? just the plastic ones, if those are out of stock I'd honestly just wait for them to come back

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First for trees

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Should I be forced to ally in other factions to make my MESBG army decent? I always feel like I'm playing an uphill battle and the guys at the shop told me to just ally in stronger unit but I like playing a pure force.

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what army? some factions are a lot more limited than others

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There used to be proper MeSBG and Bloodbowl threads, what happened bros?

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/mesbg/ was too slow and inactive to have its own thread. Rarely went over 50 posts before dying.

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Yeah this is like the whole point of the general. Each game (with the exception of kill team, which was a sad tortoise of a general) were unable to sustain a general for more than a month or two. We've all come together to form a great Voltron general instead.

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I used to run MESBG trove since the very first new edition rumour. Fuck, I even remember when we had an official GW leak-Anon. I will never forget how he spoiled what Pelennor Field box is (most people thought it will be a board game), told us about new Rohan heroes sculpts etc but /awg/ anons called him a faggot and a liar.
Anyway, there is no need for a separate thread for Middle-earth - we can discuss any related stuff here and share files as well.
Same is true for Blood Bowl - have no idea why BB Anons push a separate general thread on their own so much.

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I'm getting a decrpytion error when I attempt to download the House of Iron PDF of the mega. Is there some way to fix this or is the upload fuckead?

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What is the most based army in Kill Team?

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awByhDDB#d8hRg9iPeMf69Uf1Dd3lqpQjQunnkB0hyHb8d5enhKk. I will axe this link in a few hours so better download it this time lad.
9 Nids Genestealers unironically.

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Ah fuck this shit. I won't run a trove for OP but I still have much /gwsg/ shit. If you are looking for something that can't be found or downloaded from the OP reply to this post. I will check if I have the requested file on any of my private troves. Cheers lads.

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Anybody know how many Army Points a ship can carry?
Me and a friend is trying to run a "Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Galactic Conquest" type game where for planets we do a regular army vs army but when transport ships meet in space we switch over to Battle fleet Gothic.

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Marines strike cruisers can support a company so never fucking worry about that.
Chaos is packed to the rafters with mutants so it's not an issue.
orks, see above.
other races tend to have specialized drop ships.
my suggestion is to crib some rules from drop fleet commander and set up specialized non-combat transport vessels

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Actually a non-combat transport vessel sounds like a good idea.
Either that or allocate your armies between the ships.
Does drop fleet commander have rules for ship bombardment?

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I mean, depends on the Ship. Space Marine Strike Cruisers can carry 1 Company with associated vehicles, but they are like 3-5km long. Those are just the astartes/primaris, not the rest of the crew/servitors etc.

Put into perspective of something like a modern aircraft carrier, which is 0.3km, and manages to carry like 5000 personnel, scale it up 12-15 times, and then factor in as well that these are crews are often born, live, eat, fuck and die on board, occasionally replenished by chain gang prisoners etc, and they have to be entirely self sufficient for occasionally years, decades or even centuries if shit goes screy in the warp, at a time, and not reliant on getting a RAS, yiu ar eprobably looking at 50,000 plus people squeezed in for comparatively small ships.
Throw in something like an Imperial Navy Battleship or Grand Cruiser and you could be in hundreds of thousands, if not even Millions of people.
Then again, if you want to talk about utility ships, like a Mass conveyer, even massive container ships over 350m long these days may only have a complement of 50 crew. A 10-15km mass conveyer might maybe have a couple of thousand.

So that's where shit gets wierd, because 'points wise' those people are not your front line guardsmen: guardsmen and their conscript might be trash tier in a game with primaris and greater daemons wandering about, but they would probably rival today's elite Infantry regiments like paratroopers or marines etc. The majority of guys on board are not even conscript level, at least conscripts are given lasguns and flak armour etc.

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The scale of BFG is absurdly higher than 40k.

Outside of space marines, I don't think it's even feasible to collect the entire passenger load of the smallest of warp capable ships. Conservatively, even an escort ship probably has a crew of at least 10 thousand, and could probably carry another 1000 in combatants.

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Is Kill Team still a thing, or has Combat Patrol become the new small 40k format?

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Simple, you can carry a number of troop points equal to half the cost of the ship hull itself (excluding weapons)

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theyre getting an update early next year so i assume march 2021

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Thanks for the tips anons!

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Okay, I decided to bite both Warcry and Kill Team bullets with Daemons. My GF wants to get a Slaanesh SC box so I thought it might be fun to start a Daemons band side-project with a single Start Collecting box as well.
Which God - besides Slaanesh - would be the most interesting on the table gameplay wise?
Which Start Collecting box comes with the most of value for building Warcry and Kill Team bands? For Tzeentch I'm okay with getting a box of Blue and Brimstone Horrors as well if needed.

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Some factions like Alpha Legion worship Chaos Undivided, which means they don't worship a specific chaos god

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alpha legion is not part of the daemons faction for kill team
https://www.goonhammer.com/kill-team-tactics-chaos-daemons/ and the 1d4chan tactics page https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Kill_Team(8E)_Chaos#Chaos_Daemons_.28White_Dwarf_July_2019.29 may be of use to you. I have heard that daemons are best played as a mixed faction in kill team though i may be wrong.

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yes, they have classes of ship dedicated to it. sometimes they mix troop transport with bombardment

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So I've been collecting Underworlds bands to paint but I want to learn how to play either it and/or Arena Mortis. What are some good ~32 card decks I could make for a friend and I to start to learn, particularly with these bands and the universal cards they come with. Mostly what gambits and things are good to throw in to start at a not so complex pace?

Steelheart's Champions
Sepulchral Guard

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>Steelheart's Champions
Fuck off and find some taste first.

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Nah you can kill yourself mate. Stormcast are lame but fun and relaxing to paint.

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Consoom some more, corporate cuck.

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Why the fuck do you care? You whiny little faggot. Everything you consume is made by a corporation. You havent had an original notion since they programmed it out of you.

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You are posting in a GW thread friendo.
Is /gwsg/ always this mouthbreathingly retarded?

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I feel like such a corporate cuck for painting this stuff fellas. I paint through gritted teeth with tears of rage streaming down my arch tier rosey cheeks. Also just smoked dmt with my roommate and am over the larp

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I don't think the average guard regiment is equivalent to an elite infantry regiment of the modern era in terms of the capability of it's individuals, I've heard it often said they're equivalent to all sorts of elite modern day soldiers, but that sounds like 40k power level wank
not to say that certain regiments won't make marines and paratroopers (though in the current period, there's debate about how elite even those are) look like pussies, but it's probably not the average conscripted unit that's like that
they seem more often equivalent to the three week wonders of the US during wwii and often times not much better than the army or militia of a third world nation or warlord, of course, with far superior and much higher tech armor and armament
though I guess even the quality of the training and organization differs from planet to planet
I say all this as a guard fan

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Aren't Guard typically taken from the best soldiers amongst PDF troops?

That would make them special forces surely.

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I like the new van saar.

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you might as well say the army are special forces compared to the national guard. silly.

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I smoked more and threw up on my sofa. Would recommend

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The second champion is pretty good.

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People with shit taste are majority, anon.

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Like the other anon says, depends on the faction. But also if you play good vs evil which is the "intended" way. Elves in general struggle in good vs good games in my opinion.
Lothlorien is kind of in the middle. They have some good matchups, mostly against forces with less than 6 defence. From evil factions they only really struggle against Mordor? Which is obviously the main evil army, but still. Main issue is that against 6+ defence they just lack hitting power and dont really have anything to boost it with. And in those matchups having something like Rohan allied in could be useful for sure.
One thing you can do is of course twohand feint with front rank of elves. I do it against S4 opponents like Morannon orcs since losing the defence from shield doesnt matter. With a banner and your high fight you've got alright chances to win it anyways but more than doubled chances to actually kill something.

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I don't know if that's true, everybody says that, though I can't remember seeing such sourced, and every guard unit we know of doesn't really mention working that way.
Cadians literally did the opposite, they kept their best on planet.
There's also loads of stories of corrupt governors keeping their own elite pdf with super cool equipment, and there is also a bunch of guard stories where it sounds like people just kinda got thrown into the fight.
Lots of guardsmen are pulled from feral worlds that don't really have much a pdf to speak of.

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Felt bad today at my game of MESBG. I got frustrated and started complaining about how my faction lacks any of the cool stuff other armies get and how I feel left out. I ended up winning the game but it made me just feel more like a dick.

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What were you playing and what was your opponent?

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Anyone know how to get the voidsmen from rogue trader? Do I have to sacrifice an arm on ebay?

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Everyone has moments like that on occasion anon, try not to get too down about it. Maybe apologize to your opponent about the bad sportsmanship.
I had a vaguely similar situation in Kill Team last year were for a few months every 4 out of 5 games I played were against Tau (of the 4 regulars, 2/4 played Tau exclusively), and despite my winrate against them being not just positive but pretty strong, like 60% or so, I got super sick of drone bullshit and would sometimes get tilted and complain to my opponent about them.

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That or hope they get an independant release in the future. I am also waiting for the Gellerpox and a bunch of the Blackstone Fortress stuff.

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I got completely tilted in a Blood Bowl game some time ago. Our group is pretty small so in a league you play the same teams all the time.
I played Dark Elves against Lizardmen and even though the game was on a knifes edge the whole run through I just got so fed up.
Fuck Lizardmen. Who the fuck thinks its a nice design to have a team that is one of the fastest in the game while having 7 S4+ pieces on top? And stunty pieces of shit being able to just go through a screen and ignore all the basic mechanics of the game. Its so fucking overwhelming to play against a line of S4 for who all have at least block if not guard, MB or tackle at this point in the league. You cant outmaneuver them. And if you get some of them down lmao armor 9.
Its such a shit matchup where you have exactly one option of trying to hunt skinks. If they get removed then you have a chance. If they dont, you lose.

I'd just like to play against fun teams for once like Humans, Undead, other elves.
Hell I'll even play against dwarves more gladly than the fucking lizards at this point (who are also in our league and who are my second least favourite team).

Like, this isnt even about some objective power ranking. Skaven are a blast to play against even though in the new edition they're superb. But the matches are always entertaining with bullshit on both sides.
Lizards are a shit grind where you dont have options.

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This has to be the best new model that Geedubs has made for mesbg, I hope they'll do more of these monsterish things in the future as the new character models don't have the same feel as the older sculpts. A new plastic Watcher in the water maybe? Or cave drake / generic dragon?

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To be honest, i'd like some evil focus going forward. I would kill to see a new Sauron using the plastic tech they have now. And possible the nine redone as well. Both the disguised and their take on the title versions.

>> No.76081783
Quoted By: >>76081824

Sauron is definitely on the line if they end up making a Last alliance supplement, a box with just Sauron or him battling Elendil and Gil-Galad would probably do pretty well, and fit the concept of 2-4 models per box that they seem to be going for now. Could even throw in Isildur and Elrond in FW resin for some quick cash :^)

>> No.76081824

Elrond's too important of a character to get the FW treatment. Resin seems to be reserved for more secondary characters. Elendil and Gil-galad i could see. But i think Isildur would end up in plastic.

>> No.76081858

How about some plastic troops for once? How about ensuring that the main armies are available at the store (looking at Angmar especially)?
But no lets make worthless meme models like ents. And the retarded fanbase lusts for a new sauron. Truly that is what the game needs!

How about some mid tier heroes to more than just rohan, gondor and mordor? Raza&Delgamar was a nice step in the right direction even though both are kind of shit. More of those please.
But no, lets make some worthless Bree models instead and an expansion which only worthwhile content was a couple of new LLs.

>> No.76081868
Quoted By: >>76082823

Numenor has waited for a fleshed out line for about the entire existence of the game. How the fuck are they still neglected?

>> No.76081917

Ouroboris sounds like a Russian who can suck his own dick.

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Quoted By: >>76081964

Fuck off, no one is lusting after Sauron. However I firmly believe that if modern geedubs attempts to do a plastic kit of warriors for literally any faction it is going to end up looking stocky, out of place, off-scale and just fucking awful.Comparing Lotr and hobbit dwarves who already look mismatched is nothing compared to the new plastic heroes, and a full kit will inevitably look like ass. However, they just managed to prove that they can make a damn good looking model that fits in, as long as it isn't a strictly human one.
If there is a faction that is wholly neglected it's Arnor, which might very well be a sign that we might actually get a plastic warrior kit for them along an Angmar war supplement somewhere down the line. They've had literally none of their models on the store for what, seven months now? At least Angmar is only missing the spoopy spirits of genericness and the winged terror of not fitting in the lore.

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Quoted By: >>76082005 >>76082823

How about you stop being a faggot and actually use your brain? A large kit is plastic such as Treebeard actually shows good signs for the health of the game. That they're willing to invest in a piece like that. The problem with you, dipshit, is you don't think. Because the second they start redoing troops, they have to redo every army, because all the core troops are old It has to be proven that the investment is worth it and kits like Treebeard will prove it in the long run.

>> No.76081964

The thing with Arnor is that similar to Numenor they need an expanded army list. Its way too narrow to compare to real armies. So it wouldnt be enough to just have their existing stuff available.
Angmar meanwhile is a great army, they would just need to be available. (Obviously anyone with half a brain just uses 3rd party miniatures but sadly most consoomers need to get GW and nothing else)

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Quoted By: >>76082037 >>76082047

I do hope you're right but its getting real tiring that they cant be arsed to support the core factions. Its just Rohan, Gondor and meme tier models like the treebeard and fucking Bree stuff.

Honestly wouldnt be surprised if the next release was another goddamn Fellowship. Because THATS what the game really needs at this junction

>> No.76082037

They've already stealth released most of the fellowship already. Stuff like the Bree characters are usually stuff the sculptors do in their off time. It's a good filler for between core releases. Besides, stuff like the Bree characters and the joy of the Middle-Earth range. Characterful pieces that just look good

>> No.76082047
Quoted By: >>76082075

Ah, but you fail to see: they almost have the entire new fellowship ready! With the Treebeard model done, they have a new plastic Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli in the Three hunters and a new Merry and Pippin with Treebeard. I wouldn't discount a new set of Frodo-Sam-Gollum to go with the Ringbearer supplement. Then all you need is Boromir and Gandalf the grey and voila, repackage them all into a box for only $130.

>> No.76082075
Quoted By: >>76082084

I have no objection to them getting extra characters in boxes than having them released seperately. And you forgot armoured merry and pippin with Eowyn and Gandalf.

>> No.76082084
Quoted By: >>76082097

I guess, but they aren't really fellowship characters, but Gondor and Rohan heroes.

>> No.76082097
Quoted By: >>76082106

it's still Merry and Pippin, don't be pendantic. And they also can be used in the Shire list.

>> No.76082106
Quoted By: >>76082145

I guess you're right, they haven't had the old dismounts for the two for a long time.

>> No.76082145

Indeed. If they can double or even triple box characters going forwards, then they should.

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anons, what historicals would pass as dale infantry? I'm thinking some mongols/ tatars maybe

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Question for mordheimbros: i want to get this witch hunter model and im wandering if anyone has some expirience with recasts of it. I found that blackmarket minis and black legion market have it so im wandering which one should i buy it from.

>> No.76082755
Quoted By: >>76082810

BMM cast quality is immaculate. That's why they charge so much. Better than Forgeworld.

>> No.76082810
Quoted By: >>76085361

Awesome, do you know how long it will take the minis to arrive to central europe

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File: 1MiB, 920x950, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Honestly the two factions I could say need a troops update are probably Numanor/ Rivendell, to get them out of a combo box in case you dont play both, and Easterlings, because look at this shit.

8 warriors with sword/ 8 warriors with bow and 4 with pike, both giving you an illegal bow distribution and short changing you on bikes, which the army heavily encourages you too run.

>> No.76082850

If you're looking to learn, the vidya version is top notch for it. In fact, watch the tutorial from it on YouTube and you should be good to go.

But if you're trying to get gud at it, don't worry about what is "good" or not, build some decks with what you have and play. You'll quickly figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you like.

In terms of actual advice:
>never build a deck bigger than minimum size
>focus your deck, either on killing the enemy, on taking and holding objectives, or on passive glory gain
>cards that score immediately are way better than those that score end of round
>healing is less good than it looks
>movement gambits are almost always good
>draw card gambits are good because they shrink your deck
>if you don't have objectives you can score that round, throw them away unless you're 100% sure you can score the next
>if you want to kill something, stack the odds as hard as you can, the game will often snowball so usually better to use 3 gambits to make an enemy guy die in one hit, than to use 1-2 and save the others for "next time"

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Me and my friends were thinking of getting into Necromunda, and while looking through the gangs on GW's webstore the Slave Ogryns caught my eye. How are they to play?

>> No.76083018

I could also see byzantine or russians work
FF also has monogols, but the minis might look a little basic next to the GW fantasy stuff

>> No.76083093

Am I reading this wrong or does Misthavn not having any battalions and spell lore?

>> No.76083244
Quoted By: >>76083573

Few bodies and hit like a truck, largest negative is low shooting and small action economy. Goonhammer has excellent articles on Necromunda if your looking for more stuff on Necromunda.

>> No.76083573
Quoted By: >>76085435 >>76101074

A bunch of retards who pretend like Necromunda is a competitive game.

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File: 831KiB, 1486x1114, mmmetal.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76084139

What would this guy best represent in a game of Mordheim?

>> No.76083885
Quoted By: >>76083985 >>76127062

If youre new to necromunda I wouldnt do ogryns, theyre more of a meme pick gang that add in as ur 2nd gang to liven things up. Theyre relatively hard to play, have very little variety, and dont really get access to the trading post which is pretty much the meaty part of munda's fun.

>> No.76083919

Still a thing, as >>76077589 said an update was mentioned. They're doing the smart thing and not overhauling the entire game for 9th, but said they'll mostly just be adding so that every datasheet can take all of its options from new model kits. IIRC Assault Intercessors were mentioned specifically.

>> No.76083985
Quoted By: >>76084563

How about House Cawdor? I like their look too

>> No.76084092
Quoted By: >>76084133

where is that model from?

>> No.76084133
Quoted By: >>76084205

New Underworlds chaos warband.

>> No.76084139
Quoted By: >>76084524

Pit fighter hired sword

>> No.76084205

Looks fiiiiine!
Thank you!

>> No.76084213

Do you guys have battlemaps that you use for online games?

What are some good sizes?

>> No.76084216

Any release date yet?

>> No.76084312

>Is /gwsg/ always this mouthbreathingly retarded?
pretty much, yeah

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File: 503KiB, 1136x1600, Heroes for Dungeonquest Eavy Metal.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Oh yeah, that might work. I don't know if he was originally supposed to be a human..

>> No.76084563
Quoted By: >>76127104

All the base gangs are good, Cawdor will be getting their book after Van saar so itd be a good pick. ogryns, venators, and CGC are crap for newbies.

>> No.76084641
Quoted By: >>76085259

I have, like a dozen of the Thargim-guy.

>> No.76085205
Quoted By: >>76085524

Could you stop linking to other threads in your OP for absolutely no reason? I don't want to see your ugly thread every time I search for something, thanks.

>> No.76085259

Man, I wish I had even one

>> No.76085262

I would get a massive boner from a generic dragon or drake.

>> No.76085361

3 weeks it took for me to deliver to Spain. I dont reccomend BlackLegion. BlackMarket is excellent

>> No.76085435

You right, Newcromunda is incompetent game.

>> No.76085510
Quoted By: >>76085606 >>76085682

Lothlorien vs Rangers of the North

>> No.76085524

fuck off moron

>> No.76085577

Gunvor is pretty tall for a dwarf. I wonder if he's related to Phyll?

>> No.76085606

Just ally in Treebro then

>> No.76085682
Quoted By: >>76088045

That seems heavily stacked in favor of Lothlorien?

>> No.76085806

Behemoth is cute

>> No.76086480
Quoted By: >>76086702

>we have smashed together a thread including a bunch of OOP game systems.
while technically, a lot of these games require you reaching out to make your own shit. for my epic collection i tend to keep an eye out for shit that works well or could be kitbashed into something and generally i think it's nicer than just receiving the prepacked stuff in modern GW both in rules and models which.

>> No.76086702
Quoted By: >>76087005

>MESBG, Nucromunda, Warcry, Killteam, Aeronautica, underworlds

>> No.76086780
Quoted By: >>76086879

What is and isn't usable in kill team?

>> No.76086879
Quoted By: >>76086894

Everything in the core book, Elites and Commanders is usable. There's roster apps/battlescribe if you want more info without downloading those.

>> No.76086894

Thanks. I'll look into it.

>> No.76087005

>OH HEY, i remembered some games that aren't OOP
thanks anon.
also you forget that despite that you're going to have regulars from the OOP days too. you get people with a particular mentality when your game is unsupported for a couple decades.

>> No.76087021

You should read the Battlefleet Gothic: Invasion publication. It has lots of rules for boarding.

Also, as >>76077484 mentioned, the scales are dramatically different. Look at the note on the Planetary Assault mission in the BGF rulebook, where the writers translate "assault points," which ships can disgorge an unlimited amount of in the timeframe of a BFG battle, into 40k points values for fighting initial planetfall engagements.

>> No.76088045
Quoted By: >>76088263

Aragorn and Gandalf killed all my knights who are already not good cavalry.

>> No.76088263

Aragorn and Gandalf on rangers means their numbers must have been minimal. And the rangers die like flies. You should have no problem killing them while your heroes can keep Aragorn and Gandalf busy for a long time if not kill them.

>> No.76088553
Quoted By: >>76098895

the trick with lorien is to use your special tools (sentinels, galadriel, and guard) as ways to deny the enemy heavy hitters, then use your own cavalry and combat heroes as the hammer to the anvil of the rest of your troops. elven damage is very different from most, in that you rely on superior F5 to compensate for lower S and the potential -1 from two-handing. use bows and BL to force your opponent in, then just chip away and use your cav/heroes to smash through the troops.

>> No.76088769
File: 157KiB, 1461x1266, 1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Khagra the Despoiler
>Move3 Shield1 Wounds4
>Range1 Smash2 Damage3 Knockback1
>Inspires when three Desecration tokens are on the field.
>Ability: When this fighter sits on an objective and kills someone, Desecrate that objective.

Pretty interesting, but that ability is hideously unwieldy and getting three of those off is going to require some finagling.

>> No.76088854

Some are, some aren't

>> No.76089266
Quoted By: >>76089279 >>76089549

Just got the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Editon, what am I in for?

>> No.76089279
Quoted By: >>76089469

The models and content advertised within the box, I imagine.

>> No.76089469

I- you're not wrong, thank you I think.

>> No.76089549
Quoted By: >>76091127

Great game but sadly you have to get more amazing models. You pretty much have to buy the 2-player Starter Set. The 2-player Starter Set gives you ~1250pts alone. With two Warlords you can easily play 2k games but I don't think running two of these fuckers is recommended. In general buying the Grand Master set is not the worst idea ever but it was widely recognized as an awful starting point.
Also remember to magnetize every-fucking-thing. No joke - if a bits has a name and rules you want it to be magnetized.

>> No.76089601
File: 895KiB, 829x665, 2020-battle-forces.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is anybody gonna buy the battle forces?

>> No.76089717
Quoted By: >>76089989

I kinda wish the tzeentch box was 100% birds, or maybe demons instead of the acolytes. I like tzeentch but I hate kairics.

>> No.76089771


>> No.76089818

I'm considering the GSG one, but honestly might just get their Warcry box and some nettas off ebay.

>> No.76089881

remember that in GC, each ship was just a representation of a fleet, not a single ship.

>> No.76089951

Not really. Half of them feels too meh to get for jumping into Kill Team/Warcry/Necromunda/Shadow War.
The Ogor one might be okay for Warcry with the Gargant to play some PvE.
The CSM box might be good if you get yourself a handful of Cultists tho.
Tau set is quite sexy but for Kill Team you might buy a Start Collecting box and a box of Pathfinders as well.
Nids box makes me mad as fuck. I would rather get 'gaunts over Genestealers and Warriors over Guards.
Tzeentch box turns me into I sleep mode. Two Start Collecting boxes with a Greater Daemon slapped on the top of that would make it instant-buy for me.

>> No.76089989

This, Muscle bound clones is not my idea of tzeentchian grunts.

>> No.76089992

No they're all gay. Necron box is alright but only for 40k.

>> No.76089994

There used to be /wcg/ too, we're just too small in the COVID era to sustain on our own. We must all huddle together for warmth. Come closer, anon.

>> No.76090388
Quoted By: >>76091282

how are venators in necromunda?
was thinking about playing some venators as guard vets, that dumb?

>> No.76090407

For kill team, do I need both a commander and a leader?

>> No.76090588
Quoted By: >>76091057

you need a coommander and a breeder

>> No.76090960

commanders are only used in specific commander missions, and they're oddly balanced so a lot of people forgo them. Most kill team games will be 125 points and use just the core book and elites, and maybe arena (which just adds mission types and a few board-specific stratagems)

>> No.76091033

You only need a commander if you intend to play commander games, much like you only need arena terrain if you plan to play on arena.
You need a leader to have a legal kill team.

>> No.76091057
Quoted By: >>76091272

>coommander and a breeder
I recognize that tripcode

>> No.76091063

Commanders do not take the slot of a leader in a team, no. You'll still need a leader to have a legal team unless the mission says so (i.e. Army of One). Commanders are also only usable on specific missions that explicitly allow them, it's basically a sub-gamemode.

>> No.76091085
Quoted By: >>76091560 >>76092318

Wow that inspire gimmick is awful, unless there are gambits that straight up give you desecration tokens for free, and even then it's not very good. Disappointing, though the base stats might be good enough to not matter.

Guess we'll see, but that deflated my enthusiasm for the warband. At least the models are great.

>> No.76091127

Thanks for the advice, I also managed to get two Warhound Titans when I bought the GM set. So dunno if that's enough to start. Honestly got such a great deal I don't even mind dropping a little more cash to get into this game.

>> No.76091272
Quoted By: >>76091627 >>76091689

whhat tripcode?

>> No.76091282
Quoted By: >>76091971

It's what everybody without an ounce of creativity does, i.e. most Venator players.

>> No.76091555
Quoted By: >>76091579

I'm pissed off I missed that flash release of old models this weekend, anyone else feel shafted? Waited almost a year just to end up missing it.

>> No.76091560

Underworlds is the one GW game where it's a total gamble if new releases will be any good or not.

>> No.76091579
Quoted By: >>76091720

I really wanted that Gimli sitting on a dead uruk, would've been nice to make a little diorama out of it. Tried looking for recasts and came up with nothing.

>> No.76091627

Oh sweet summer child.

Anyway, how elite is too elite for Warcry? I want to start a Tzeentch Daemon band but I'm worried 7 bodies might be not enough even with 3 Pink Horrors with splitting ability. Is it common to lose because your opponent is playing a horde band?

>> No.76091689 [SPOILER]
File: 1MiB, 875x1000, 1552595915966.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76091971

Of course I forgot the pic >>76091627.

>> No.76091720

3 of the models there would have finished my rohan and isegard collection I've been building since back in 02'. I'm livid they didn't even give us a week like that Dwarf Kings/Kings of Men release.

>> No.76091762
Quoted By: >>76092108

7 models is on the lower end of average, but still within the average. Most warbands bring about 7-10 fighters.

>> No.76091971
Quoted By: >>76092403 >>76092802

sumwun explain plox
but do they fare well in the game?
how do they play?

>> No.76092108
File: 185KiB, 295x295, 15612315456.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76092336 >>76092533

My "elite" Skaven warband has 11 fighters. On the other hand the swarm variant has 16. Should I be worried? Had no chance to play with them yet.

>> No.76092318
Quoted By: >>76092899

For what it's worth, Morgok's lads also have a shitty inspire mechanic mostly buffeted by Gambits. When their stats were at first revealed, people were really disappointed, too, but look how that turned out.
I mean, yes, the Crushers are mostly autopilot and almost play themselves, but they are pretty good nevertheless.

>> No.76092336
File: 54KiB, 600x633, 1580629566553.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76103735

Skavens fighters are for the most part very well optimized for their given roles and generally undercosted for what they bring to the table, easily one of the games true S-tier warbands. I'm not really surprised you were able to squeeze so many fighters even into an "elite" Skaven warband. The only thing you might need to be worried about is accidentally pubstomping; when people talk about Warcry's factions having balance issues, Skaven are among the top culprits.

Also you're going to want to revise your swarm list, the maximum number of fighters you can field is 15.

>> No.76092349

5 guys is too few. Vanguard can make 6 work, but in general the more, the better.

>> No.76092403

They spam plasma.

>> No.76092533
Quoted By: >>76092610 >>76092694

I have a Crow band that runs only seven models. It has good kill potential, and can still muscle on objectives. Most of the 8.8 are gonna be 7-9 models so they're a good baseline to consider. Running more usually just involves chaff units. I would stress about doing poorly though. What's your current list?

>> No.76092610

Shit, wouldn't stress*

>> No.76092694
File: 110KiB, 815x1264, 1409812831861.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76092821

Elite Rats is:
>Monk Harbringer
>Monk with blades
>Monk with a stave
>Ogre with a gun
>5 Giant Rats

The swarm one is:
>Stormvermin with a shield
>4 Clanrats with Blades
>3 Clanrats with Spears
>6 Giant Rats

Now I'm considering to start a Tzeentch Daemons list:
>Pink Horror Leader
>3 Pink Horrors
>Exalted Flamer
Want to make use of as many Start Collecting models as possible.

>> No.76092802
Quoted By: >>76093107 >>76093214

>sumwun explain plox
faggot tranny tripcoder.

>> No.76092821
Quoted By: >>76093214

That first list doesn't really resemble an "elite" warband in any capacity IMO. 2-3 powerful bruisers backed up by chaff is a pretty common "average" warband composition, Skaven just get to squeeze a few more models in than most because giant rats are dirt cheap.

>> No.76092899
Quoted By: >>76093334 >>76093503

True, they may yet be saved. But even their gimmick was better at face value than this one - against some enemies warbands, you literally cannot inspire until the game is over with this one, barring gambit desecration.

Still, I will withhold judgment for now. And I'm gonna buy those models regardless, they're the best Chaos aligned humans they've put out in years

>> No.76093107


>> No.76093214
File: 120KiB, 512x512, 1530488528866.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76096048

By "elite" I meant elite comapred with the swarm list - that's why I used quotation marks.
Tbf she wasn't a tranny. Won't risk a ban tho.

>> No.76093334

Desecrate being a keyword in the ability rather than having its effects spelled out could also be a sign that it's a new core mechanic in Direchasm, if cards that previously removed or flipped objectives are now desecration that could be something significant

>> No.76093503

You don't like the push-fit Chaos Warriors in the StD start collecting? Basically the same design.

>> No.76093556

I hope they add an alternate head so she can at least wear a helmet. I really don't like how even in the new StD box set, the non helmet heads look too human. Her head is crafted fine but it looks so odd having a regular, non scarred, messed up face being on the body of a Chaos Warrior.

>> No.76095819

KO should have had an Ironclad instead of the Frigate

>> No.76096048
Quoted By: >>76096485

>Tbf she wasn't a tranny. Won't risk a ban tho.
>flat as shit, rectangular thing.
>not a tranny
bad news anon, you should destroy those pics you got because that's likely illegal

>> No.76096232
Quoted By: >>76096867

Is anyone running a TTS necromunda campaign? I live in a red zone and I will not get games in for a while

>> No.76096485
Quoted By: >>76096988

Not that poster but sometimes girls are just flatties anon. My gf is older than I am and can still get kids tickets to movies and shit because she's short and flat as a board.

>> No.76096867
File: 9KiB, 295x337, Cc_kane_shot.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>I live in a red zone and I will not get games in for a while
why not play with your local nod insurgent anon.
or better yet why don't you join the brotherhood, we do host local tournaments for the games GDI has left behind. I play delaque personally.

>> No.76096988
Quoted By: >>76097152

you wait right here anon im calling the cops

>> No.76097152
File: 28KiB, 480x360, 1492134896145.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76097188

Shit, how much time are we looking at for deceiving theaters and museums and shit into giving her discounted tickets?

>> No.76097188

Most likely a reimbursement to every place that can prove you scammed them followed by a good "We saw her ID but we're gonna watch you around schools" Sideways Look

>> No.76098895
Quoted By: >>76103581

When do I use two handed? I always want to, but I'm always afraid of losing the fight and losing models.

>> No.76098902

What do I do about models GW doesn't sell anymore? They keep taking away models for my army from the webstore.

>> No.76098994
Quoted By: >>76104058

Maybe try recasters?

>> No.76098999

Play an actual army.

>> No.76099146
Quoted By: >>76104058

Pick someone better supported.

>> No.76099615

which IG subfaction rules are thematic for Krieg? Valhallans?

>> No.76099847
Quoted By: >>76104058

Which army?

>> No.76100716
File: 61KiB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Picking these guys up soon, this will be my first dive into Necromunda. What am I in for?

>> No.76100729
Quoted By: >>76100783

a terrible game with some interesting models that nonetheless shits on everything necromunda was in order to push some shit devs new great dart board idea like hoverboards or jetpack men

>> No.76100783
Quoted By: >>76100815

That's right, I for one love the true essence of Necromunda™, Heavy Stubbers overwatching everything endlessly and no alternate activation! And only the finest Citadel miniatures from 1995 for me, Spyrers and everything from 1997 was what ruined the game with their 'wings' and 'powerfists'.

>> No.76100815
Quoted By: >>76101033

you obviously never played necromunda but that's ok
also spyers were pretty fine since you only had 3 or so of them, the orrus and "wings" guy as you put it weren't even the stronger variants lmao

and most people didn't bring stubbers in the first place, and rarely would you just sit them on overwatch because he would just get grenaded from behind cover.
I don't know if you didn't play with terrain, but you clearly have no idea and I would assume you're underage.

>> No.76101033
Quoted By: >>76101146

I'm not, though I certainly was back when we played. I'm just taking the piss, but I don't see a reason to be so hostile against everything about the newer system. Sure it has flaws, but the upside of playing necromunda is that you don't need to play Cunty von Faggotlord at the store, and you should just make rulecalls in a way that makes the game fun. Our group still plays with the new Rulebook + GotU, and we've now started to add a few of the elements from the new house books to mix things up, but there's no reason to always go full throttle into every new shiny add-on no matter what and follow all rules there to a T. And I'm not going to defend the jetpacks or hoverboards (though I think the hoverboards would have been fun way to do Spyrers), but you don't *have* to use them.
And if someone else in your group does find them fun, it's a two-sided relationship, maybe let the guy have a laugh with his jetpacks only gang. It is literally pushing around toy soldiers after all. If it's unbalanced to all fuck, or doesn't work with your terrain, or otherwise detracts from the experience, you can probably come to a conclusion that the new models should just be excluded from the game.

>> No.76101055
File: 673KiB, 1271x727, direchasm.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'll just leave this here.

Move4 Shield1 Wounds4
Spear (Range2 Fury3 Damage2 Combo)
Shield (Range1 Fury2 Damage1 Knockback1)
Inspires when taking or dealing a crit that does NOT take the target out of action.
Gains 'reroll one die for attacks', Damage3 (spear) and Damage2 (shield) on Inspire.

Move4 Dodge1 Wounds5
Sabre (Range1 Fury2 Damage2 Combo)
Claw (Range1 Fury2 Damage2)
Inspires when taking or dealing a crit that does NOT take the target out of action.
Gains Move5, Dodge2, Cleave (sabre) and Ensnare (claw) on Inspire.

>Attendant #1
Move4 Dodge1 Wounds3
Halberd (Range2 Fury2 Damage2)
Inspires when taking or dealing a crit that does NOT take the target out of action.
Gains Scything and Fury3 on Inspire.

>Attendant #2
Move4 Dodge1 Wounds3
Bow (Range4 Fury2 Damage1 Knockback1)
Inspires when taking or dealing a crit that does NOT take the target out of action.
Gains Knockback2 and Fury3 on Inspire.

>> No.76101074
File: 934KiB, 500x215, Bill.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The fuck are you on about? Their articles about Mini-Munda is one of the best way to start getting into Necromunda and advices on which scenarios are interesting to play and which ones are shoot-out trash are solid. They approach GW rules with criticism and point out trap options, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.76101081
Quoted By: >>76101651

Bolters. Mostly just bolters. Enforcers fucking suck at everything that does not involve spamming their cheap bolters.

>> No.76101133

Realisation that all that harsh training gave your captain BS4+ while van saar gangers shoot you on BS3+

>> No.76101146

Mind posting your house rules? I'm gonna probably start organizing something soon

>> No.76101535
Quoted By: >>76101802


Thanks Annon, is there a chance for Lumineth?

>> No.76101546
Quoted By: >>76101835 >>76113606

>starting stats equal to stormcast
>but have 4 characters in the warband instead of 3
lmao that power creep

>> No.76101651
Quoted By: >>76101869

Nah, due to their awful BS you gotta use concussion carbines and grenade launchers.
Combat shotguns are alright too.
Obviously you need some bolters for hitting power but spamming them relies way too much on hitting with awful accuracy.

>> No.76101802

Didn't see those, sorry.

>> No.76101805
Quoted By: >>76102042

I still want to know what kind of helmets those are.

>> No.76101835
Quoted By: >>76107580

Yeah, sure, but their Inspire mechanic is fucking garbage and almost impossible against certain warbands, so it might balance out.

>> No.76101869
Quoted By: >>76102158

Combat shotguns are what I pack on rookies, otherwise I strongly prefer bolters. Concussion carbines and grenade launchers are alright, but more than one or two cuts too much into the bolter presence for my tastes.

>> No.76102042
File: 556KiB, 2100x891, Kievan_rus.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76102280

Like a lot of stuff Weta does, it seems to be a bit of a mix and match of different things. I'd say that it's a mix of the helmets and hats used by Russians in the Middle Ages, with the coif slightly cut back.

>> No.76102158

They have siesmic so theyre gonna fuck up high armour more and the constant auto pinning (even with nerves of steel) will keep stuff down long enough for you to actually hit with the boltguns.

>> No.76102280

Kievan no 2 seems to have had a hand failure

>> No.76102465

buy used, buy 3rd party, kitbash, or 3d print your own
basically the same stuff you do with every other oop gw thing

>> No.76102502
Quoted By: >>76102621

>all Move 4
Wow, it's garbage.

>> No.76102515
Quoted By: >>76102577

So uh, you're never inspiring the attendants right?

>> No.76102519

And the Grand Prince is wearing a carpet.

>> No.76102577

>Range4 Damage1 archer
Easy-peasy. Polearm girl is trickier, but she can stick to the bossman or the Slaangor and get some jabs in, I guess.

>> No.76102621
Quoted By: >>76102865

Maybe the game has changed more than I thought since I last played at the end of Nightvault but move 4 range 2+ on everyone but the gor seems at worst pretty solid.

>> No.76102865

It is. Move4 is average, but the Range2+ weapons compensate for that. The Slaangor is kinda in a weird place, but with Combo he could deal a boatload of damage.

>> No.76103581

don't overuse it, it's best saved for when you've mobbed up a monster or have enough spear support that you can afford a few guys to go down. elves do well in big, prolonged fights since the higher F just piles up, with a spear and banner you can carry a lot of duels and afford to have some guys two-hand when needed.

>> No.76103735

>easily one of the games true S-tier warbands
What other Warcry factions are s-tier? How are tiers in Warcry in general?

>> No.76103747
Quoted By: >>76106718

Well within S you've got: SS-tier, Ultra-S tier, S tier and *S tier. Most of the other tiers have more subdivisions.

>> No.76104058
Quoted By: >>76104288 >>76115446

Where can I buy recast MESBG

>> No.76104215
Quoted By: >>76106718

Your tiers basically work out as:

1) Play the core warbands against each other

2) Keep all the other warbands away from the core bands.

>> No.76104271

he's just letting his ax hang around his wrist

>> No.76104288

ebay/check some resellers. Chaosorc likely has some
if you can find better stores look out for it.

>> No.76104890
File: 991KiB, 2485x1918, orange bug bad.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76105166

done did
my nid

>> No.76105166
File: 182KiB, 1984x1488, vroom.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

That's an awesome color scheme.

>> No.76105294
Quoted By: >>76105328

I was unironically going to make a Genestealer Brood Kill Team, but the fucking box only comes with 8.

>> No.76105328

every nid player has oodles of genestealers lying around, just ask on normiebook for locals

>> No.76106718
Quoted By: >>76106772

Hardly helpful lads.

>> No.76106772

If you stick to the 8.8 then Splintered Fang with snake spam are the S-tier. Other than Skaven you see Lizardmemes high up because they're pretty much identical to Skaven in terms of mix of large elites and fast chaff for objectives.

>> No.76107071
Quoted By: >>76107244

Anyone know where i can get a pdf or the sort for Warcry fighter cards?

>> No.76107244

The OP has a link for the mega

>> No.76107580

thats fine there are cards that can inspire you

it might not even matter if you inspire or not with base stats like that

>> No.76107778
File: 7MiB, 2993x1353, warcry warbands.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>What other Warcry factions are s-tier?
Arguably SCE vanguard and maybe like one other that escapes me at the moment.
>How are tiers in Warcry in general?
I'll re-write my comprehensive tier list for you later today, I seem to have lost the file.
I'll give you the TL;DR of it now though, the games balance is better than some people seem to give it credit for - it's not perfect and not as good as some other games like Kill Team, but still better than a lot of people claim. The majority of teams fall solidly into B-tier (yes, even a decent chunk of the 8.8 warbands).
Most complaints about the AoS teams as a whole being imbalanced come from a small handful of top-tier teams skewing peoples perception of the AoS warbands overall, and people trying to take their terribly optimized starter kit warbands against AoS warbands that naturally tend to have some degree of optimization put into them because you actually had to look at the cards and build a list before going out and getting the minis because they're not all bundled in a convenient box (at least prior to the relatively recent introduction of some AoS faction boxes).

>> No.76107907
Quoted By: >>76108459

This. Once you start optimizing the original warbands and not just playing them out of the box, they can stand up against most of the AoS ones. The tomes might rectify even more of that.

>> No.76108459
Quoted By: >>76108530 >>76109436

Yeah, well, if you start optimizing the AoS warbands the 8.8 just melt.

>> No.76108530
Quoted By: >>76108559

Name one 8.8 warband that wouldn't completely table Nurgle Mortals.

>> No.76108559
Quoted By: >>76108682 >>76109436

Counterpoint: Name one 8.8 warband that can do shit to optimized kharadron.

>> No.76108682

Kharadon, just like Skaven are horrifically imbalanced against all the factions. They just create fire lanes, and melt everything turn 2. Of course, of you just use the same amount of terrain you'd see in like Necromunda, it starts to balance a little better.

>> No.76108781
File: 4MiB, 4128x3096, 20201123_214629.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76108889

Finished the team
still have to do the black orcs ;_;

>> No.76108889

They look nice

>> No.76109436

We're already discussing from a point of optimization for the AoS warbands because that's just how much people naturally tend to build them. There isn't some secret further optimization for most of these bands to try and one-up someone bringing their optimized 8.8 warband to the table.
You're falling for the same trap mentioned here >>76107778 already, were you're letting one of a handful of actually OP warbands color your perception of all the AoS warbands as a whole, which are for the most part perfectly fine.

>> No.76109778

Man, I come to this thread to discuss OOP dead games and avoid GW's marketing. It's hard enough with all the NuCro/BB/MESBG/AT2018/WarCry/KT talk, but did you have to rub my face in it?
Maybe we need a GW Deadgames general for Epic, BFG, MH, etc etc

>> No.76109840
Quoted By: >>76115536

You can't slice this general any slimmer than it already is or it'll be page 10 in an hour. We're a big tent here and we all have to get along to survive.

>> No.76110602
Quoted By: >>76111507 >>76117663

What are this thread thoughts on the new Grand Avatar mode for Underworlds? I got some models from past warbands for Warcry/AoS and I could try looking out from the cards in eBay. Would it be worth it? Has anyone already played it?

>> No.76110675
Quoted By: >>76123463

I mean, feel free, but I have some doubt a dead GW games general will sustain itself for too long.

>> No.76111227
Quoted By: >>76111306

What are the requirements for a kill team Board?
Is it just size?

>> No.76111306
Quoted By: >>76111402

I actually don't think the rules explicitly mention a mandatory board size anywhere, but standard KT boards are 30x22 inches. There isn't a rules-mandated amount of terrain either but generally KT boards play best when they're fairly dense, but not too packed. This dudes unified terrain theory is what I'd consider the standard:

>> No.76111402

Thanks, I'm looking to make my own and so far this looks great for info and ideas.

>> No.76111507

I've looked it over once and recoiled in terror.

>> No.76113213
File: 188KiB, 1080x1204, 108425578_993135751126014_16909905735767516_n.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.76113250


>> No.76113447
Quoted By: >>76113504 >>76113627

why is his knife thingy so small and is that a bolt pistol?

>> No.76113504
Quoted By: >>76113771

1. perspective, my guy. That thing is a machete.
2. Looks like a few kits stuck together, boltgun mag. From the parts, I'd guess it's supposed to be a sort of Obrez'd lasgun

>> No.76113600

are his tallies actual kills or just contextless detailing

>> No.76113606

Magores fiends start at stormcast stats but the also get a doggo.

>> No.76113627
Quoted By: >>76113771

>why is his knife thingy so small
Dude the perspective is kinda wonky but it's clearly longer than his arm.

>> No.76113721


>> No.76113771
File: 181KiB, 238x320, knifethingy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76114714 >>76114874

talking about this, though maybe that's still perspective

>> No.76114714

thats a pistol holster no?

>> No.76114874

That's a pretty sizeable knife still, it's what, 2/3rds the length of his chest?

>> No.76115446

What has Lothlorian besides the songcaller and Rumil?

>> No.76115456

I was gonna get the GSG and go full Trogg, but I have too many projects and made the decision to stop buying GW shit for awhile.

>> No.76115536

The Epic general comes and goes and is *almost* (but not quite) big enough to survive. I'd like to think that adding MH, Oldcro, and BFG would be enough to make it work, but you're probably correct in saying it wouldn't.

>> No.76115960
File: 140KiB, 466x466, 1598553321331.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76115967

As promised, here's my tier list. Splitting this into 2 posts because I think it's important to provide some context for the rankings so they're clearer and the information is hopefully more useful.
Tiers are based on the assumption that the warband in question is running a reasonably optimized list composition (if you want to know the tiers for the out of the box 8.8 warbands, shifting them down a tier is mostly accurate) and that you're playing with the standard 4 card decks for mission generation (this is important to the success of certain factions, i.e. Kharadron are as high as they are because default terrain layouts are favorable to their ranged arsenal). Generally factions will be able to play reasonably well against factions one tier higher or lower, though matches within the same bracket will typically be the closest - not all factions in the same bracket are exactly equal, but I'm too lazy to divide it into further sub-categories like B+ or B-. Allies/Thralls/Monsters are not included here, this is just looking at the base warbands; though I will note that generally, the lower the tier the more benefit they'll see from their inclusion - Legions of Nagash taking a Knight of Shrouds for a speedy, tanky heavy-hitter will have a more appreciable impact on the warbands performance than Flesh-Eater Courts taking the same ally, who already have access to fast tanky heavy-hitters. As such, if you're keen on playing one of the lower tier factions, I'd highly recommend looking at those options. Also keep in mind that things might get shaken up by the upcoming Grand Alliance books.

>> No.76115967
Quoted By: >>76119111 >>76123290

And now the list itself:
>S (Superb. Have all the tools in their arsenal to perform well, no significant weaknesses [or weaknesses easily made up for in some capacity], and can be expected to perform exceptionally on any given mission)
Skaven, SCE Vanguard, Kharadrons
>A (Powerful. Strong players that similarly tend to perform well on any given mission, but are either lacking in some capacity or just aren't as efficient as their S tier counterparts)
Gloomspite Gitz, Flesh-Eater Courts, Mawtribes, Seraphon, Tzeentch Mortals, Khorne Daemons, Deepkin
>B (Good. Will perform respectably on most missions but typically aren't as efficient as the higher tier factions. May have notable weaknesses that they compensate for somewhat)
Splintered Fang, Untamed Beasts, Cypher Lords, Corvus Cabal, Daughters of Khaine, Sylvaneth, Beasts of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness, Tzeentch Daemons, Nurgle Daemons, Slaanesh, Khorne Mortals, Bonereapers, Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz
>C (Mediocre. Can still perform well on specific types of missions, but tend to have some glaring issue which prevents them from being generally good)
Iron Golems, Spire Tyrants, Unmade, SCE Warriors, SCE Sacrosanct, Fyreslayers, Nurgle Mortals, Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt

Notably I haven't included Lumineth, Hammerhal, Scions, or the Shadowstalkers; I just haven't had the opportunity to play with them or go into a deep dive on them yet. My tenative placement for them would probably be B, C, B and B respectively, though.
If I missed any faction let me know, this game has a fuckton of them.

>> No.76116867
Quoted By: >>76117877 >>76118432

Is 12 euro plus 9 postage a good deal for 8 metal Goliaths and 4 van saar?

>> No.76117464
File: 101KiB, 1920x1080, received_705337223723144.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76118976

Just got a 3d printer of the simpler sort. Working on my Mordheim terrain with great result so far.

>> No.76117641
Quoted By: >>76117705

whyd they make the slaangor so sexy

>> No.76117663

The point balance is all over the place. Stormcasts are 3 points each, which make sense for melee ones... but not for things like Averon which has 2 caster levels on top. Meanwhile, warbands like Thorn of the Briar Queen or Sepulchre Guardians sum up to 12-13 points, with things like the useless Prince of Dust being 2 points, the Briar Queen being 4 (the only caster in death...) or the named ghouls being 2 points each.

>> No.76117705
Quoted By: >>76117765

Because it's a Slaangor.

>> No.76117765

oh yeah

>> No.76117877


>> No.76118432

If OOP models, especially those from specialist games, are affordable at all, they're a good deal

>> No.76118672
Quoted By: >>76118794 >>76118881

WHY can't warcry have more modelling and wargear flexibility, I want cool customizable equipment like kill team has with all the different guns

>> No.76118780
Quoted By: >>76118899 >>76118991

God help me i feel the call of the shire again. Digging through a closet i found my old middle earth magazines that came with some orcs and stuff. All i have left is a orc drummer, drum, frodo, gimli, aragorn and gandalf on shadowfax.

Where the fuck do you even start with middle earth anymore?

>> No.76118794
Quoted By: >>76118881

because its a boring as fuck beer and pretzels game for brainlets. Play Necromunda like a real man instead.

>> No.76118881
Quoted By: >>76118946 >>76118966

Go be a tard somewhere else.

Because then you get dipshits like this >>76118794 who want to break the game.

>> No.76118899

With the main rulebook and then either the armies of the Lord of the Rings or the armies of the Hobbit depending on your army choice. Or if you want an army of Rohan, Mordor or Dunharrow, you get the starter set.

>> No.76118946
Quoted By: >>76118966 >>76118979

>No actual rebuttal because it IS brainless basic bitch kitchen counter gameplay
>y-your a tard!
You sure showed me with such scathing, well thought out rebuke! I can't wait for the pulse pounding sequel of "Y-yeah? you were just so stupid i'm not going to waste my time typing a specific response, just any response that takes the same amount of time!"

>> No.76118964
Quoted By: >>76119313

>Book of Peril STILL out of stock everywhere
>Has been since June

So this book is getting squatted and its unique stuff folded into something new isn't it?

>> No.76118966
Quoted By: >>76118981

i just wanted fun fluffy customizations like IG can have flamerspam and plasmaspam in kill team as well as a variety of utility special weapons for other factions as well.

>> No.76118976

Stuff like this makes me want to get one myself. I'll look forward to your updates.

>> No.76118979
Quoted By: >>76119023

I didn't give a rebuttal, because i don't debate with idiots. Prove me wrong and take your own advice and lets have a critical breakdown of the game, point by point and then discuss the criticisms. Or are you just going to continue being a tard?

>> No.76118981
Quoted By: >>76119017

fuckin faggot

>> No.76118991

As stated, main rule book and an armies book. If you want to do the shire, they have a supplement book with more profiles and scenarios. Because they dont have any plastic models, the shire can be a bit more expensive, but you can lie to yourself and say that's helping you pace your painting log.

>> No.76119017

whats wrong with liking the modeling and yourdudes aspect of miniature wargames?

>> No.76119023
Quoted By: >>76119055 >>76119338

>The game was already simple with fixed terrain and cards that defined how they were set up, a deck creating an illusion of randomness but the games ultimately are decided by warband and if there is a diagonal line of terrain or not
>Characters are all fixed, very unbalanced on a per warband basis and in 99% of games play the same way everytime
>GW with catacombs is now basically removing the vertical element so your movement phase is just moving a model to an objective or attack range and thats it
>Core warbands famously outclassed by aos models which were grossly overpowered
>Not treated like a skirmish game but a seasonal card game where every rotation there is a big box to buy and large monsters but the iron golems will always be the iron golems and as such alway lose.
>Its a kitchen counter beer and pretzels game where unbalanced numbers means "your dudes" is never a viable choice. There are clear waacfag leanings that break the game and you should not have to 'gentleman's agreement' a game from the day it released if a game came out after 1998
>It does not know if it wants to be one and done competitive focus like Underworlds or Campaign based like Necromunda so flounders trying to support both without the dedication and thought put in by either

I get it. You put money in and the consoomer must defend his purchase but its not deep, its not clever. Its more shallow than some of the 3rd party warhammer board games.

>> No.76119025
Quoted By: >>76119040

Nothing, model them as you want. But you don't need special rules coming out your ass to do that.

>> No.76119036
Quoted By: >>76119063

Nta, but "spam" is not indicative of
/yourdudes/ and modeling

>> No.76119040

I suppose you're right

>> No.76119051
Quoted By: >>76119182

To be fair there really isn't a /yourdudes/ aspect to warcry outside of a paintjob really. In necromunda your Escher can get infected by the genestealers, commit themselves to Nurgle or just become outlaws and yeah theres paintjobs and kitbashes to be had but theres also rules and narrative to support it instead of "this is my irongolem standard bearer. He is functionally identically to every standard bearer, but heres the canon in my head that in no way is reflected on the tabletop"

>> No.76119055
Quoted By: >>76119079 >>76119152


Oh i see, you've never actually played it, you're just parroting what you've seen here. That's about what i thought your answer would be. Pity, i had hope.

But yeah, my group and i have it and we enjoy it. Tis fun and all that. I don't need to defend anything, especially to someone who can't even form their own arguments.

Thanks for supporting that you are a tard. You should get that seen too.

>> No.76119063

yeah maybe deathwatch and space marines would have made a better example my bad

>> No.76119079
Quoted By: >>76119097

So yeah you are a brainlet that has no rebuttals. Boy did you show us all you are the big man with such unquestionable facts. Truly i worry if i can ever recover.

>> No.76119097
Quoted By: >>76119152

Well you're still replying, so you obviously have something to prove. Too insecure to not have the last word as i work on my Splintered Fang right now?

>> No.76119111
Quoted By: >>76126054

God dang it, why is it I always end up building the lower-tier bands? (Nighthaunt, DoK).

>> No.76119113

I like how the one guy is holding his sword by the blade instead of the handle.

>> No.76119152
File: 10KiB, 195x258, yep thats cringe.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76119166

>Pity, i had hope.
>Tis fun and all that
>Thanks for supporting that you are a tard
>Too insecure to not have the last word
*tips respectfully in your direction*

>> No.76119166

>Can't do anything but meme

yep, still a tard

>> No.76119182
Quoted By: >>76119203

You're forgetting campaign, which allows for assigning minor artefacts and other buffs to your fighters. I'd say the only real /yourdudes/ game at the moment is Necromunda. Warcry coming at a second because of the WAY better campaign system and lastly Kill Team which is just for WAACfags unless you have a group really interested in Narrative play and coming up with weird missions and non-symmetrical stuff.

>> No.76119203
Quoted By: >>76119221 >>76119250

what do you call someone who wants to try and make non meta unit and wargear options work and win?

>> No.76119221

a tard.

>> No.76119250
Quoted By: >>76119264

A dreamer, and a future WAACfag. In KT it's either optimized or lose. I'm not saying KT can't be fun, recently we've decided to be more flexible and I've actually been an arbitrator, coming up with janky missions and adding randomness and different twists to them (IG and Orkz are excellent NPCs). Hell, the most fun I've had with KT is when I'm not playing (and I have a fully optimized IG team by now).

>> No.76119264
Quoted By: >>76119300

sad, its not like mtg where you can come up with dumb rogue combos that catch people off guard

>> No.76119300

You can, but you need to tinker with the game. As EDH, it was a format that was built up from the game's core mechanics and took then in a different direction. Have you tried Shadow War: Armageddon? It's not supported but I've found it is a really good source of inspiration for narrative tweaks.

>> No.76119313

Definitely, the opportune time to redo venators is with Delaques, so expect it in the fifth 'House of' book.

>> No.76119338

>random deployment is optional in RAW and you're forgetting the twists/victory conditions.
>false. But the same could be said of all GW games.
>False. There are new options for every warband available only to catacombs and you're forgetting how the placement of terrain is now a competitive game in itself.
>This only applies to people that buy a single box of the Warcry band, if you buy the StD boxes that come with double the models you can begin to optimize as you do with the AoS warbands.
>There's only been one major expansion. And the same could be said of KT and even Necromunda with their "Book of" series.
>Fair. But it still has better campaign support than KT.

>> No.76119573
Quoted By: >>76120266

Durin's Folk or Balin's expedition for battle companies? I'd go for Balin's expedition in a heartbeat, but I don't know how quickly you get experience and advancements on your dudes, and I only have 4 iron guard. Will I just immediately run out of models?

>> No.76120266

Dont play battle companies. Its awful

>> No.76120377

fuck yeah Phyll. That motherfucker means business

>> No.76123290
Quoted By: >>76123345 >>76126054

What makes Khorne Daemons better than their retarded Daemons brothers?

>> No.76123345

Their abilities

>> No.76123463
Quoted By: >>76123978

nah, that's not true necessarily, it'd just be unfocused. we occasionally have a pretty good epic general. not a year round thing, but it goes for a few weeks here and there.

>> No.76123957
Quoted By: >>76126054

Can tzeentch units cast magic in warcry or is it limited to the ability dice pool

>> No.76123978
Quoted By: >>76125596

funnily enough i started putting elbow grease into getting this general going, putting together all the rule books and fan documents, etc specifically as a vehicle to get people into the old classics. Hasn’t quite worked out that way and I gave up on it for a bit when it seemed to be just warcry/kt posting. but it does seem to have expanded people’s interest in AT, Necromunda, MESBG, and some other specialist games. It’s also probably the least autistic/baiting/consoomer GW thread out there too so that’s nice. Epic never really gets posted about here though, i suspect most of the epicfags are sitting in the printer general.
The KT fags can be intolerable though.

>> No.76125596

>The KT fags can be intolerable though
I would say the same about Siggy Piggies but unfortunately we just gotta accept and endure each other

>> No.76126054
File: 3MiB, 404x412, Khornes Chosen.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Daughters of Khaine are in B tier which is pretty much the ideal place to be, as it gives them the widest birth of relatively even matchups which make for better games. B tier is the most flexible tier to be in.
Like I said in the first part, the low-tier warbands tend to benefit more from the inclusion of allies. For Nighthaunt I'd probably suggest a Knight of Shrouds to bring some consistent killing power to your warband, which should let them perform admirably against the B tier warbands.

>What makes Khorne Daemons better than their retarded Daemons brothers?
I'm going to assume you mean what makes them better than their retarded mortal brothers, and the answer basically comes down to speed. Both warbands have a good mix of infantry and elite fighters, both have good killing power, but Flesh Hounds having 8" movement gives Daemons a higher degree of flexibility, allowing them to quickly get to exactly were they need to be in order to contribute the most to a battle. If you'll notice, access to particularly speedy units (8" movement and above, typically) is something that all of the A tier teams possess save for Mawtribes, who compensate for that with overwhelming ranged power. Speed is something of a bottleneck for many of the B and C tier teams.

All the Tzeentch units that can normally cast magic (so, most of them) have access to a basic magic attack as an attack option on their datacard.

>> No.76126162
Quoted By: >>76126283

How to get the mega link?

>> No.76126283

I dont think its finished

>> No.76126394

Ah Ok, trying to compleat my library.

It s getting harder every day.

>> No.76127062

Different anon here, I agree with this.
Literally picked them for a second gang due to them being limited in scope, ie less work. Also for the lulz.

>> No.76127104
Quoted By: >>76127250

Wait, Cawdor are up next?
I thought Delaque followed Van Saar in the release order of the gangs. Could be wrong though, happy to be up next.

All I want is giant rats and expendable (explodeable) juves.

>> No.76127175

Take the concussion carbine, buy extras off ebay, recast if you can. That thing is dope.

>> No.76127250
File: 532KiB, 1280x1976, Redemption.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76127272 >>76127359

I will forgive them for the retarded jetpack/hoverbike shit if they give us Klovis.

>> No.76127272
Quoted By: >>76127359

i want rat cavalry

>> No.76127359
Quoted By: >>76127786

Theres so much great shit you could tack onto Cawdor, such a wealth of silly opertunities. Hope they dont piss it up the wall, feels like the books are getting weaker as they go.

I want something like the storm welder, some jury rigged melta gun to dole out to hotheaded prospects. Melta stats, cheap, but mega unstable. The "lol your man probs explode" doesnt fit the expensive goliath and ogryn boys, but it sure as shit fits the Cawdor!

>> No.76127786

>feels like the books are getting weaker as they go.
yeah, forreal. went from blades being interesting in fluff with cool juves and champs, chains with some interesting fluff and rules with cool champions and boring juves, to orlocks mess of a rules (house of jetpack juves more like) and models, and easily the most boring GW fluff i’ve read. And now van saar is, well...

>> No.76127942




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