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He's probably stoned right now and got nothing done.

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Edited Rosanon.

Work needed is as follows:

Languid Cicada

>Almost complete
Apotheosis (description)
nxtub (first cyoa description is a bit sparse, would be nice to have one more boon/bug/bane)
Plywooddavid (need two boons)
Savestate (three boons, two banes)
Scottishanon (two boons, a bug, and a bane)
Sockminster (a boon and a bug)
unDEFINED (description, more boon/bug/bane)

>Might need a rewrite
Acheld (claim it is too mean)
Aromage (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Eternal Anon (glowing eyes and halo?)
Gil (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Highlander (claim it is too mean)
Lone Observer (is the Protocol Pod section okay?)
Sandnigger (claim it is too mean)
Wyrm (hates cotton eye joe)

>Haven't even started
Anduin, clockworkGhost, DSA, EDG, Fox, GenieAnon, GiftedAnon, Hexalby, JRPG, Liminal, MaskAnon, Mithradates Excelsior, New Observer, Overlord, Pallas, Quiet, RavenKing, SDA, Spadsey, Strife, TextAnon, Thoth, Thrallherd, and Tunebuggy (possibly more)

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Someone post the mushoku tensei cyoa

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alright boys, sorry but the rwby shitlords are taking over.

Post builds or don't fuck it

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>posting the old version

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then post the new version retard

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what the fuck is this cg trash

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alright never mind I looked at the new version and it's dramatically better, sorry for calling you a retard retard

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why did you start a new thread when the old one isn't dead yet?

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He's a readlet. He doesn't want to risk anyone making a longer OP.
That's literally it.

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How does the Blank Slate semblance work? All it says is that it'll give you something more to your liking, but it also implies a degree of randomness. Do I just explain what I specifically want and get something similar to it?

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Funny how the ip count stayed at 7 for both these posts.

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proably is just seething createfag, annoyed that he can't use his shitty shitpost op

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Business as usual

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pretty much, weekends are always kinda sloppy and unfun anyways, i expect a shitstorm of some kind to spawn within the next 30 or so posts

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i remember trying to make a build for this once, but found myself completely and absolutely unable to make it pass the companion section, i am a fucking failure

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Sylen a cute

A Cute!

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explain why should we care

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You wouldn't just chug a random potion would you?

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Just trade in companions for more credits. I personally like making friends through my own efforts, so it's not much of a loss to me.

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I don't know what's funnier, that you keep track of the IP count for each post, that you believe everyone who disagrees with you can't have been any of the previous posters (which would make sense if they were all you), or that you expect anyone to buy your claims and samefaggery.

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You shouldn't

The less people that care about him the better

And then when he sees that I'm the only one that cares about him

He will have to be my qt gf (male)

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The companion section is a collection of the most popular builds made for the cyoa, according to an online poll.

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>he thinks one guy uses 6 entirely devices just to show off
the schizophrenia is real on this one

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then stop posting about that /trash/, if i see you posting about some low quality bullshit cyoa again i'll bend your spine so hard it'll come out sideways through your skull and your ass

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I've been accused of worse.

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Summon Cheese is a pretty amazing option. Not only does it create from nothing, but you can fetch good coin with the right cheese.

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you must be kidding me, if this claim is retarded enough i can't even begin to grasp what you've been accused of

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i absolutely would, even if i don't get the extra points or if i had to forfeit all my choices, i would chug down the mystery potion anyway

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Okay anon

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sure thing, anon

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so you have chosen death

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this is pretty bad ngl

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it's litereally from a place called /trash/, what did you expected?

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Another update to the Mage the Awakening CYOA. Mostly tweaking the points a bit- you now get slightly less, and archmage+ now cost slightly more. One day, I might be happy with the point ratio- I'm not sure if today is that day, though.

Also, swapped the artifact merit for mystic eyes, because every good CYOA needs eyehax. Also, it maybe wasn't clear in the previous version, but you could use the artifact/eye power more than once.

Ooh, I like. Good themey build.

If you want tentacles + immortality, you might be better off picking up Form Change Plus Ultra rather than just Form Change plus rather than trying to get there via life. That way, you can go full shoggoth complete with all the powers. Since you can't make matter at initiate 1, and you won't need life 2, maybe you cold shift those points into paying for form change plus ultra?

Otherwise, I dig it. Tentacle waifus are besticle waifus although personally I like the betentacled plant waifus better

Oh hey, less got changed this time. I guess that means I'm doing better.

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Quoted By: >>76077841 >>76078021

Seeing it was at 7 before and after I came back to the thread is keeping track?
>that you believe everyone who disagrees with you can't have been any of the previous posters
Are you literally retarded? I mean, you must be to cope post that hard, but read what I wrote. It stayed at 7 for BOTH those posts, which means it WAS someone who previously posted. It wasn't 7 at that first post, it was already at 7. Furthermore I wasn't accusing you of anything or being anyone, I was making a simple observation.

But hey, the lady doth protest too much and kvetches in the same way each time when the shoe fits. Go ahead and reply using another ifunny tier reaction image and hiding your seethe with baseless self righteous smug like usual.

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just stop for a minute, and think, is this shit really worth the effort? or should you be focusing on a bigger, better project?

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>possible samefag gaslighting pointed out
>response is damage control, damage control, and then "no u, you're the samefag"
lol stay mad

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I'd love to work on a bunch of bigger projects. I've got a less shitposty nsfw CYOA in the works, I want to do DLC for Mandrake CYOA, I've got some manga I bought and still need to translate, and I want to start prepping for an OCYOA event sometime.

Unfortunately, I'm really busy with work stuff at the moment, atleast till the end of the month. This Mage cyoa is just low effort enough for me to keep tweaking in my off time, especially since it doesn't really have any art I need to worry about editing. So I can just jam at it for 10 minutes at a time every couple of hours, and then upload it to CYOA the next day. Plus, it take me all of a minute to upload, unlike Mandrake which takes me like 15 minutes because of my bad connection.

Essentially, I'm working on this project right now because it is small.

Also, I kind of dig Mage CYOA. It was born a shitpost and still kinda is a shitpost, but it's been getting some good engagement. It's also funny how there are people who take my CYOA way more seriously than I do who keep getting riled up about it.

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Why? The newer version is garbage.

>> No.76077085

I actually like it, simple, but not stupid.
Good update this time, too, fewer points, but a better grounding in being an actual mage.

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I still don't get this new autism. This kind of schizoposting never used to be remotely this common. Stop spending all your time on /x/, this is a cyoa thread. People here shitpost. This isn't 11D alien CIA mind games trying to psyop you for... some reason?

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Wod doesn't get enough love

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Quoted By: >>76077224

Of being responsible for 15+ IPs.

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>> No.76077195

Wod is shit though

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Quoted By: >>76081121


Bah, I keep linking the wrong post.

Tentacle build praise was for here >>76068697, not for OP.

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Quoted By: >>76077334

dear fucking god, link?

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Next you'll be telling me to seethe.
You'll tell me to dilate.
Cri shit and cum.

>> No.76077319

the retardation of this general is incredible

>> No.76077334

It was during one of the split threads. Don't have it saved rn.

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Quoted By: >>76077808

i don't think "yurr the 6 posters already on thread lul" counts as a counter-argument

>> No.76077359

Give me the run down.

>> No.76077375

Meh, you can achieve basically anything related to fallen world in MtAw with just Spirit archmastery. Spirit is conceptual bullshit the arcana

>> No.76077383

Even with them digits, I don't trust Italics enough at this point to believe he's even working on it. He talks about it too often without providing anything tangible.

But I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

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Quoted By: >>76077808

Argument? Counter argument? What arguments, lol? There was the initial post followed by you going NO NO NO REE, then I laughed at you and you reply with your asshurt overflowing once more for everyone to see.
Wanna continue by relying on your buzzwords again to make it seem like I'm the mad one here?

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Quoted By: >>76077431 >>76081212

I got some work done on a CYOA yesterday anons. I hope you're having a productive weekend as well

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Quoted By: >>76077432

these cyoas are dogshit. try harder. or kill yourself. up to you.

>> No.76077414

Pointing out the IP counter isn't an argument.
Autistic screeching isn't an argument either. Try again.

>> No.76077431

I'm 8 pages into a pdf cyoa I started last thread.
I hope slimeposter is happy.

>> No.76077432

lead by example desu

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Quoted By: >>76077482

He literally posted a page.

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Quoted By: >>76077624 >>76079033

Okay Italics

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So I'm making a demon core build and I have a question. Is there any benefit to screwing over other demon lords? Do I get any power for taking them out and killing them myself? Haven't seen anything so far.

By the way you get 2 stat points for every 1 point you use. You only spent 10 points but you have 10 more unused. Reread the stat section.

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seems like a lot to go to for a troll, even tok didn't go that far with his creepy waifus troll.

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He literally posted a page.

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Quoted By: >>76077732

I don't think Italics is a troll. I just think he likes talking about his cyoa more than he likes working on it.

>> No.76077651

> Is there any benefit to screwing over other demon lords?
Only on Maya, where there's a bounty on your rival demon lords. On a world like Scar or Harmonia, you're either implicitly (Scar) or explicitly (Harmonia) expected to cooperate.

>> No.76077673

>So I'm making a demon core build and I have a question. Is there any benefit to screwing over other demon lords? Do I get any power for taking them out and killing them myself? Haven't seen anything so far.
Nope, just on Maya. I actually wish there was some more reason for conflict with other Lords, even if it was more them interfering with you than actively going for the throat.

>> No.76077684

Resources and control probably. I read somewhere the last version gave you a reason or something, both absorbing the same energy needed for moving to different worlds and ascending, but that could be wrong, I don't remember that, and even if it was true, the new version seems to do away with that. Outside of that world that rewards you for killing demon lords, it's mostly up to you weather you trust them, I guess.

>> No.76077714
Quoted By: >>76077734 >>76078600

A single page after all this time. A single page that tells me that I get to choose what clothes I want to wear, which is entirely superfluous. Wow.

>> No.76077732

Probably a fair accusation. I think he enjoys worldbuilding a lot. Just look how far in depth some of his most recent cyoa's have been. I'm confident he's working on it, but it's probably less enjoyable then brainstorming up the plot in the first place.

>> No.76077734
Quoted By: >>76077754

We also got lore.

>> No.76077754
Quoted By: >>76077830

He's been talking about the lore for months.

>> No.76077763

>2 stat points per point
i didn't realize that, thanks anon
AP 6
SP 12
CS 9
MS 6
HP 12
TG 8
RS 9

>> No.76077808
Quoted By: >>76077822 >>76077841

Happy you decided to concentrate on the aside musing instead of every other part of the argument. Goes to show how solid your foundation is.

>> No.76077822

>you didn't refuted each and every part of that post therefore you must be clearly wrong

>> No.76077830
Quoted By: >>76077877

I was talking about from the page.

>> No.76077841
Quoted By: >>76078021

>said the person who ignored >>76076822

>> No.76077865

As a spacebattlesfag, this cyoa reeks of them.
If I had to show an example of the spacebattles community, I could just point to this and it'd be a pretty good approximation.
The only thing that's lacking is military tech autism, really.

>> No.76077877
Quoted By: >>76077908

And? Why would some lore being included on that one page make me think the cyoa is actually coming anytime in the next six months? With as much as Italics has talked about the cyoa he could have finished that page in a day. If he'd just focus on actually getting the cyoa part of the cyoa down instead of literally everything else then he'd probably be done by now.

>> No.76077908
Quoted By: >>76078032

Watch Magi Case end up being three pages long because Italics spent all his time posting it's lore on the chans.

>> No.76077995
Quoted By: >>76078010 >>76078013

What would the level of interest be in a CYOA with a core gameplay loop similar to Abyss Diver, but without the /trash/ content?

>> No.76078010

the novelty would wear off once everyone had made atleast one build and looked past the other pages

>> No.76078013

I'd be pretty interested, depending on if it's good or not.

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Quoted By: >>76078033 >>76078288

Hm? Okay.
>it was at 7 before and after I came back to the thread is keeping track?
Who the heck keeps track of that?
>hurr durr focusing on the aside again
>I didn't accuse I was just making an observation
And I was proposing a counter hypothesis for such an implication-laden observation.
>the lady doth protest too much
And every container with its contents overflows.


>> No.76078032
Quoted By: >>76078043

41 pages.

>> No.76078033
Quoted By: >>76078059

>he is unable to look at the bottom right corner of his screen more than once

>> No.76078043
Quoted By: >>76078054

Are you saying it'll end up 41 pages, or that it's already 41 pages?

>> No.76078054
Quoted By: >>76078060

It will end up 41 pages.

>> No.76078059
Quoted By: >>76078072 >>76078288

>he obsessively checks the bottom right of his screen everytime he opens the thread

>> No.76078060
Quoted By: >>76078125 >>76078179

how many pages is it at now?

>> No.76078072
Quoted By: >>76078099

> he thinks having basic peripheral vision is being "obsessive"

>> No.76078099
Quoted By: >>76078144

>he thinks memorizing the number of posters anytime he opens the thread to keep track of who might be shittalking him is being "normal"

>> No.76078125


>> No.76078130

So when will we finally get a 150 page cyoa?

>> No.76078144
Quoted By: >>76078173 >>76078198

>he can't keep track of a single digit number

>> No.76078146 [SPOILER]
File: 391KiB, 1777x2075, the final boss.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

pic related

>> No.76078148

Anime High School 2 or MGI v8

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File: 1MiB, 1x1, Order CYOA Vers 1.2.pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078637

Best I can do is 300-ish.

>> No.76078166
Quoted By: >>76078637

The only cyoas that hit over 100 pages are pdf documents and ones that are so badly formatted you could squeeze it into ten.
A legitimate 150 page cyoa would be longer than most books, by a pretty significant margin.

>> No.76078173
Quoted By: >>76078189

>he keeps track of an inconsequential number so hard he's confident enough to use it as an argument

>> No.76078179
Quoted By: >>76078214 >>76078221

6. There is so much stuff to put in.

>> No.76078189
Quoted By: >>76078252 >>76078262

> he doesn't

>> No.76078198
Quoted By: >>76078217

Dude if there were six people other than yourself in a thread, why would you assume that the same anon replied to his own post instead of assuming it was one of the other six? What reason is there, other than "I don't like what was being discussed and wouldn't have replied to it, so nobody else would have"?

>> No.76078214
Quoted By: >>76078352

Hey italics, not to piss on your parade or anything, but are clothes really the best choice to put on the first page?
I mean, they don't even do anything. Wouldn't front-loading the cyoa be better?

>> No.76078217
Quoted By: >>76078273

it isn't about that anon thinking that the other anon was samefagging, it's about the latter explicitely believing that the other anon was the other 6 ips

>> No.76078221
File: 274KiB, 1448x1080, 1507146818933.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>6 out of 41

>> No.76078252
Quoted By: >>76078255

>he thinks anyone who doesn't subscribe to his numbers game is the enemy

>> No.76078255
Quoted By: >>76078262

where did i say that?

>> No.76078262
Quoted By: >>76078278


>> No.76078273
Quoted By: >>76078290 >>76078299

He didn't say "anon MUST BE these other six IPs", though. He never made that argument. He only said "there's no reason to assume that it's the same dude replying to himself unless you, as the one claiming that he's replying to himself, know that those other IPs did not reply to him, and the only logical reason you would know for a fact that they did not reply to him would be if you were those other IPs".

But see, you could also have simply been projecting your distaste for what was being discussed onto the other IPs, and were simply making a stupid claim of "samefagging" because you didn't want to believe that two different anons would be discussing something that you didn't like.

>> No.76078277

Are there CyoA's that make me feel like I'm trapped in the empty void of space and only the most perfect of decision making is going to save my life from utter doom? Where the only true danger is the cold, unforgiving vacuum of space?

>> No.76078278
Quoted By: >>76078287

it seems that, in your delusion, you are starting to think i said thing i didn't actually said

>> No.76078287
Quoted By: >>76078300

And it seems you realized how insane you've been sounding, and are trying... what's that term you love using?
Oh yes, "damage control".

>> No.76078288

You didn't even answer the question. How is noticing a number in plain sight over a long period of time since thread was dead obsessive? You keep repeating yourself like you're right in your own baseless assumptions, since your entire shitpost of an "argument" falls through without you getting to dictate what is what in your eyes.
>>hurr durr
Still deflecting with no real response.
>counter hypothesis
Crying that someone else is the samefag and repeating common phrases used in shitposts here such as "everyone who disagrees with you blah blah" out of nowhere is a hypothesis? That's where the obsession is if anything, who do you think I am? Who do you think you are saying nothing at all with that many characters in your post box? You're like a retarded game of scrabble bro.
>And every container with its contents overflows.
And you're overflowing with easy to blow the fuck out bullshit, get out of here and don't @ me.

>> No.76078289

derelict station, maybe?

>> No.76078290
Quoted By: >>76078307 >>76078329

>He didn't say "anon MUST BE these other six IPs"
except he did
>everyone who disagrees with you can't have been any of the previous posters (which would make sense if they were all you)

>> No.76078297
Quoted By: >>76078339

Dunno specifically about space, but there's the Last Star. Takes place during the heat death, and everyone is trying to find a way to not die.

>> No.76078299

He can defend himself, mr knight, but I'm sure you know that. You being he and all.

>> No.76078300
Quoted By: >>76078368

i never actually said that tho, are you sure you are talking to the right person?

>> No.76078303
File: 1MiB, 1652x1620, The Weaver.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078312


>> No.76078307
Quoted By: >>76078322 >>76078326

Saying something would make sense isn't the same as saying "I explicitly believe this". It is just pointing out a possibility.

>> No.76078312
File: 676KiB, 1300x2200, The ugly wizard's ugly CYOA ver. 1.1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080903

make me

>> No.76078322

It's a hell of a lot more accusatory than pointing at a number and going "huh, look at that"

>> No.76078326

>Saying something would make sense
except that it doesn't, if you he is even able to grasp the possibility that one anon is posting from 6 different devices just to spite him and him alone, then he has to have some deep psychoogical issues

>> No.76078329
Quoted By: >>76078351

So wait... You DO believe that NONE of the other posters could have possibly been a different anon? It HAS to have been the same dude? But why, though? There are six other people it could have been, right? Why would your first assumption be that it's the same dude?

>> No.76078339
File: 1MiB, 1800x6300, Last Star 1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>> No.76078347
File: 2MiB, 1800x6300, Last Star 2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078361


>> No.76078351
Quoted By: >>76078373

>So wait... You DO believe that NONE of the other posters could have possibly been a different anon?
stop putting words in my mouth you sand eating mongoloid, i said that this specific anon thinks that another anon is 6 different ips and and of a sudden i am the retarded one, fucking illiterate

>> No.76078352 [SPOILER]
File: 1MiB, 1200x1077, Drac.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Hey italics, not to piss on your parade or anything, but are clothes really the best choice to put on the first page?
>are clothes really the best choice to put on the first page?

>I mean, they don't even do anything.

>Wouldn't front-loading the cyoa be better?
The next several pages after the first is nothing, but pic related.

>> No.76078361
File: 1MiB, 2000x4700, Last Star 3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078371


>> No.76078368

>How is noticing a number in plain sight over a long period of time since thread was dead obsessive?
Page number after a hundred+ threads? Sure.
Image number after you couldn't post an image? Understandable.
Poster number after the same argument's been going on for several threads? Obviously.
Poster number at the start of the thread, as soon as someone talks shit about the thread (and a little before that)? Suspicious.
>Still deflecting with no real response
I had already responded beforehand. I wasn't about to repeat myself.
>Crying that someone else is the samefag
When someone accuses you of being a samefag, it's usually projection.
The best counter to projection is projection. Doesn't deserve any better.
>Who do you think you are saying nothing at all with that many characters in your post box? You're like a retarded game of scrabble bro
That's a fancy way of saying "use smol wrds bruh ur scring me T_T".
>get out of here and don't @ me
As you wish, bitch.
Don't bother writing a reply.

I wouldn't know, I'm assuming the guy who replies to me is the same guy, and not just several random people picking up an unrelated conversation.

>> No.76078371
File: 2MiB, 1800x6300, Last Star 4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76078373
Quoted By: >>76078387

So you were NOT implying that any anons were the same person in this post >>76076391 ?

Cause if that's not what you were implying you could have shut down that other anon in a heartbeat simply by saying "that's not what I was implying".

>> No.76078387
Quoted By: >>76078410

your first mistake was implying i am both of those posts, which i am not

>> No.76078391

Well, you do you I guess.

>> No.76078397

the latter actually

>> No.76078403
File: 2MiB, 1280x7166, 1600425562447.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078421

Bitch please, watch the poster numbers soar

>> No.76078410
Quoted By: >>76078451

That's what the original argument was about, right? One guy implied that the post count staying the same is a sign that somebody is samefagging, a second anon says the guy implying it couldn't know that for certain unless he was samefagging himself.

I'm just trying to understand what's happening here.

>> No.76078421
File: 2MiB, 1280x6441, 1600425626589.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Different guy coming through

>> No.76078451
Quoted By: >>76078503

okay so basically one anon said that one clearly bait post, followed after several minutes by a bait asnwer, must have been a samefag, then that anon said that he couldn't possibly know that unless that anon was the other 6 ips while giving no reason to think why would this random guy just happen to post from 6 different devices and have two conversations with himself

>> No.76078456
File: 7MiB, 1400x10000, 1544103949374.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Other different guy, coming three

>> No.76078457
Quoted By: >>76078506

>start of thread
>as soon as someone talks shit
If it was at 7 before >>76075914 with the prior post being near 10min ago >>76075589 and the next post also keeping the thread at 7 almost 15min after the former mentioned post >>76076146 and the next reply AFTER THAT being 10 MORE minutes >>76076286 after with the "accusation" of samefag being a few minutes after, that is a very large time frame to casually glance into the thread open in one tab while I'm watching shit in another tab, not obsessively looking at it like.
Try. Again. You lying, slimy retard.

>> No.76078467
Quoted By: >>76078489

Different dudeo, lazy version>>76078456

>> No.76078479

Post the updated yugioh cyoa

>> No.76078486

Name three CYOA to combine

>> No.76078489

IP counter didn't go up, you failed anon.

>> No.76078503
Quoted By: >>76078532

Isn't the reason to think that he was the six other guys because of the implication of knowing that the baitposts were a samefag, for no reason other than that the IP count stayed the same?

The only way to know that it's the same person replying to themselves would be if you know that the other people DID NOT reply to it. The only ways to know that they did not would be to either have access to their computers, or to be all six other IPs (which would assure you that none of the replies were from any other those IPs).

>> No.76078506
Quoted By: >>76078539

I honored your wishes by not @ing you.
You didn't honor mine, and bothered replying.
Quite the bitchy bitchfit you're throwing there, bitchmade bitch.

>> No.76078512

i dunno, maybe a cyoa. i mean it literally has only ONE choice to make, and nothing about what that choice means or does.

>> No.76078513

Overlord, Naruto, Fate/Another Pretender.

>> No.76078514

>The best counter to projection is projection
So what you're saying is you did accuse him of being a samefag, because you're a samefag trying to not look like a samefag? I thought as much, thank you for clarifying,

>> No.76078532
Quoted By: >>76078567 >>76078640

but why, in the actual fuck, would anyone post from 6 different devices instead of just one, while also holding two different, coherent conversation with oneself, that claim alone makes no fucking sense

>> No.76078539
Quoted By: >>76078559

>noooo, you can't reply to me with facts and logic
>b-b-bitch, you're a bitch, whaaaa
Wow, you've just broken down utterly this time, never seen you like this before. The look suits you.

>> No.76078559
Quoted By: >>76078597

>I-I didn't ignore your demands and break the rules of chivalry
>waah waah continue this discussion with me even though I don't want you to @ me!
En guarde, Sir Whiny Bitch of Bitchia!

>> No.76078567
Quoted By: >>76078586

Because anon, the shitposter has indeed cycled his ip while posting, even while dumping the same many page cyoa, to keep his threads bumped. He always throws around whatever it is he himself does trying to shift attention. So in his head, it actually does make sense if someone were to do that.
Now stop taking obvious bait.

>> No.76078570

only thing i could coe up wih was combining blessings of the cosmic person with stand user for the roundabout choice and devil trigger for satan of satans

>> No.76078575
Quoted By: >>76078662 >>76078700

Does anyone else's eyes glaze over during shitpost arguments because they have no idea what it's about and don't want to know

>> No.76078578
Quoted By: >>76078596

Cloud Forest, Catacombs, Cosmic Horror.

>> No.76078586
Quoted By: >>76078617

that is insane, like, literally fucking insane

>> No.76078594
File: 333KiB, 1200x1026, eyes.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Spoken like someone who wants to know but is too tsundere to ask.

>> No.76078596

exceedingly based

>> No.76078597

>crying bitch
>while falling back on chivalry and jokes/memes to act aloof after getting btfo
Simply inconsolable, you are.

>> No.76078600
Quoted By: >>76078747

at least we know people halfway through their life are "old".

>> No.76078611
File: 3MiB, 1000x4656, CriminalWaifu.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078618

Night Ride by Scottish
Road Trip by LO
Pic Related

>> No.76078617
Quoted By: >>76078627


>> No.76078618 [SPOILER]
File: 192KiB, 447x911, CriminalWaifuBox.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76078624

Ramen Cyoa
Fortune Cookie Cyoa
Cakeshop Cyoa

>> No.76078627
Quoted By: >>76078676

how the fuck did you managed to arrive at this conclusion

>> No.76078637

see >>76078166

>> No.76078640
Quoted By: >>76078657

I'm not saying it makes any logical sense for somebody to do that, I'm just saying it's a logically sound argument.

There are two possibilities, either the anon who implied that the baitposters were a samefag simply could not BELIEVE that anyone other than the baitposter would reply to the bait, or the anon who implied that the baitposters were a samefag KNOWS for a fact that nobody else replied to the bait.

If the anon KNOWS for certain that nobody else replied to the bait, there aren't many ways he could know that. So, the most logical explanation is that the anon who implied that the baitposters was a samefag was just making a guess, because he simply could not believe that anyone other than the baitposter would reply to the bait, but had now way of knowing that, and was simply using the number of IPs as justification for this belief, even though the number of IPs was high enough that would be entirely possible for a different anon to have replied to the baitpost.

Then that begs the question, WHY would the anon who made the implication think that the number of IPs had anything to do with whether the baitposter was a samefag or not?

>> No.76078653

Nuke the thread and start over

>> No.76078657
Quoted By: >>76078673 >>76078686

dude, we both know that argument makes no fucking sense, and the more you flesh it out, the more holes one can find, can we just finish this back and forth for once?

>> No.76078662


>> No.76078673
Quoted By: >>76078693

I'm not making the argument that the anon was a samefag. I'm not making the argument that the anon was using multiple devices. I'm not making any of the arguments already made.

The only argument I'm making is "it makes no sense that anyone would correlate the number of IPs to somebody being a samefag or not".

>> No.76078676

Actually seeing it happen? It's weird when only in threads freshly made with a shitpost op that sometimes a many page cyoa would be dumped and the ip counter would go up with only that cyoa being posted to completion. Happened in dead hours when new threads can fall to lower pages and usually when there were dupe threads.

>> No.76078680
Quoted By: >>76078727 >>76078759

>I dread the day anons get bored of discussing it
shit went south FAST

>> No.76078686
Quoted By: >>76078709

>stop poking holes in my counter-arguments yo

>> No.76078693
Quoted By: >>76078719

you do realize we are both making the same fucking argument, and none of this discussion has made any fucking sense, right?

>> No.76078700

I refuse to believe that. It's one idiot who sincerely doesn't get it and can't drop it and another trying to drag it out as long as possible.

>> No.76078709
Quoted By: >>76078733

i already told you, stop putting words on my fucking mouth, i'm fucking tired of this bullshit

>> No.76078717
File: 728KiB, 1197x1200, 1563443525829.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76078718

>4 hours later
>They're still going at it

>> No.76078718
Quoted By: >>76078726

So you're the guy above?

>> No.76078719
Quoted By: >>76078744

If we are making the same argument then that means you are NOT the anon who implied that the number of IPs means that the baitposter was a samefag, and are thus not the one that my posts have been directed at.

>> No.76078726


>> No.76078727

it's almost as if when we don't discuss cyoas we shitpost

>> No.76078733
Quoted By: >>76078767

Then stop replying

>> No.76078744
Quoted By: >>76078814

>then that means you are NOT the anon who implied that the number of IPs means that the baitposter was a samefag
i have been telling you that for half an hour already, how do you still not fucking get it

>> No.76078747

Most people die at/around 65.

>> No.76078759
Quoted By: >>76078779

Why 4pleb no work for me?

>> No.76078767
Quoted By: >>76078788

i already got into this, and i'm seeing it to the very fucking end

>> No.76078779
Quoted By: >>76078804

If you're getting hit with an access denied, use a proxy site or something.

>> No.76078788
Quoted By: >>76078794

You're just giving him what he wants then.

>> No.76078794
Quoted By: >>76078798 >>76078822

and i couldn't care less

>> No.76078798
Quoted By: >>76078809

Give me your money then.

>> No.76078804
Quoted By: >>76078890

Never did it before, I even used it yesterday. Twitter post says a different error code than I'm getting in relation to being denied access due to ban/abuse, so that can't be it. Can it?

>> No.76078809
Quoted By: >>76078830

you'll have to pull it out of my cold, dead hands

>> No.76078813
File: 378KiB, 1244x2815, kniggas.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

water knight checkin in

>> No.76078814
Quoted By: >>76078842

So then why were you defending that anon's position?

I'll be perfectly clear, this poster >>76076391 is retarded for assuming IP count has anything to do with samefagging. YOU are retarded for thinking that the "anon could be using multiple devices and talking to himself" is a crazy idea.

>> No.76078822

Then you better be ready

>> No.76078830
Quoted By: >>76078853

So you're broke?

>> No.76078842
Quoted By: >>76078866

>So then why were you defending that anon's position?
because, even if it's retarded as fuck and is full of plotholes, is less retarded than thinking one guy would just change between the 6 devices he has while having a full blown discussion with himself

>> No.76078853
Quoted By: >>76078961

no, just very stoic

>> No.76078866
Quoted By: >>76078930

No it isn't, that's what I'm saying.

>> No.76078881

ice knight best knight

>> No.76078890
Quoted By: >>76078926

It could just be a range ban that you got caught in.

>> No.76078926

I hate how that keeps happening.

>> No.76078930
Quoted By: >>76078996

please tell me which one of the following is more plausible
>these two posts where posted 7 minutes appart, they must clearly be a samefag baitposter
>this anon thinks i'm a samefag baitposter, and the only way he can know that is because he is eery poster on this thread that isn't me, even going as far as to have a conversation with himself
both are clearly retarded, but one is clearly more retarded than the other

>> No.76078961
Quoted By: >>76078972

Stoic people are often broke.

>> No.76078972

yeah, that makes a lot of sense

>> No.76078989

cyoas with a single color as background are often the best cyoas imho

>> No.76078996
Quoted By: >>76079049 >>76079055

That isn't what happened, though. It's something more like this.

The first anon's point
>these two posts must be the same poster, my evidence is that there are 7 IPs in the thread
The second anon's point
>as IP count is 7, and first anon being one of them, first anon could not use the 7 IPs as evidence for those two posts being the same person unless he has additional information. The only additional information that would grant him knowledge that those two posters are the same person is the knowledge of whether the other anons replied to him, which he could not have unless he has access to the devices they used

The first is simply a wild guess, the second is a step of logical assumptions.

>> No.76078997
File: 2MiB, 1336x4680, bullyTime.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

pick a cyoa character to bully.

>> No.76079033

I guess both me and Italics have functioning eyes. You should try getting some too.

>> No.76079049
Quoted By: >>76079159

>my evidence is that there are 7 IPs in the thread
That's not at all what he was saying, it was "Neither of these two posts raised the IP counter, one of which being a reply to the OP as if it was their first post itt" that plus the fact the first post seemed to be a set up for the reply would then imply samefag.

>> No.76079055
Quoted By: >>76079159

anon, this may be shocking to hear, but sometimes data and evidence that you deem as logical can make no actual sense to an outsider, i can't actually understand your point because no sane person would actually make that assumption, someone must have a severe case of paranoia to think that every poster on a thread until they came a long was the same person having a converstaion with themselves, each with their own opinions on different topics like celt not delivering the update he promised or the what version of a cyoa is the best, do you understand me now?

>> No.76079074

>1st clan
>founded in 1445

>> No.76079115
File: 7MiB, 1400x10000, imouto.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm going to bully anon's imouto Naruko, her lewd friend Haruka, and artsy-fartsy Oeri.

I'll give them wedgies, grope them on the train, and play pranks with my wind magic.

>> No.76079119
Quoted By: >>76079128 >>76079151

>Catgirl Slave
>Magic Powers x 4
I'm going to use my magic powers to protect my feisty catgirl slave

>> No.76079128

Dude, that honestly sickening.

>> No.76079139
Quoted By: >>76079176

seeing people using their magical powers for one specific purpose instead of being versatile and turning a very specific power into something that could be of use in any situation makes me cry tears of blood

>> No.76079151
File: 85KiB, 850x1190, sample_e1a1c2226fbd5403b92b66e3d8eba7f2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76079541

you're required to pick exactly one special technique.

>> No.76079159
Quoted By: >>76079177

You misunderstand the argument. There is no assumption being made that the anon is ACTUALLY using six devices. The argument is that UNLESS he was using six devices, which he most likely isn't, he would have no way of knowing, and no reason to assume, that a reply to a post in the thread was actually the same person.

The argument being made is specifically that he DOESN'T KNOW that the anon was samefagging, and is just making that assumption based on nothing, because he IS NOT the six other devices.

No, he said only "Funny how the ip count stayed the same for both these posts." That only means that both posts were one of the seven already in the thread. Taking the next step to assuming that they're the same individual is almost entirely baseless. The argument that "it seemed like a setup for the reply" is baseless. If it was just a baitpost, why wouldn't another anon reply with a bait reply? What reason would there be to assume that it's the same person, other than the wild guess that "the posts go together"?

>> No.76079176
Quoted By: >>76079187

There are a variety of ways to use magic for bullying, though. You could use wind magic to make people around her think she smells, while protecting her from the smell herself. She'll think everyone is bullying her, not just you!

>> No.76079177

oh i understand now, welp seems like i was wrong all along

>> No.76079182
Quoted By: >>76079238

>No steal power available
I've been scammed, bamboozled.

>> No.76079187
Quoted By: >>76079238

okay that is sligthly better but too tame for my tastes

>> No.76079215
Quoted By: >>76079844

I choose to bully you.

>> No.76079238

I don't like depressing stuff, so I want to stick to relatively tame stuff.
You could use wind magic to muffle sound, making her think people ignore her while others think she's snotty and ignores them.

it wasn't designed to bully cyoa characters. There's probably a bully cyoa to be made here, but I don't think anything existing fits perfectly.

>> No.76079297

I'd have been cool with a reskin but what the hey.
A librarian milf suits me nicely. I'll make some amber spectacles from my own heartsblood as a wedding gift.
>Minor Mutual everything
We'll be together for a long time, no reason not to make things pleasant without going crazy.
>"Horns", "Antlers", "Antennae", Large, Plant Life
A crown of wood sprouts from my brow giving me oaken strength and stature. The leaves on the bower are covered in a veiny scrawl which are carried away by playful winds that carry missives to my subjects.
>Spicy Wind, Bloom, Seasons
The air is alive with the scents of the forest and in rustling leaves there is the conversation of an enlivened kingdom. Inspiration can't help but thrive in such an environment and an army of sylvan scribes will always be on hand to archive such literary fruits.

>> No.76079351
File: 438KiB, 1238x2048, IMG_1665.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080005

Mind some constructive feedback, Italics? You've got a lot of repetition going, particularly at the beginning with the word, "Bloodline". There aren't non-bloodline auctors, for example, are there?

My suggestion would be to put the clan/bloodline name in a larger font, rather than use "Bloodline Name", and drop "bloodline" from all the other lines. You also might want to drop "Bloodline History", as it's redundant.

I'd also try to avoid reusing the same nouns as much as possible. It'll help improve the flow of the text. For example, the first line would be better as:

Founded by Drac Empedocles Zarathustra, who pioneered the first working form of Magic in the days after the Great Contracting, when most practitioners were content to dabble in cruder and far more primitive techniques [. . .]

>> No.76079470
Quoted By: >>76079480 >>76079489

Expert Name Calling + Ryona + Magic (Fire) to set them on fire and have them cry and scream and roll around trying to put it out before I offer to put it out by pissing on them while I laugh, burn down the school, incinerate their hair and call them Cancer Patient, etc.

>> No.76079480
Quoted By: >>76079496

Hey there gil.

>> No.76079489

You win.

>> No.76079496
Quoted By: >>76079512

nah I'm not but they're LITERALLY asking for it they deserve to suffer

>> No.76079512
Quoted By: >>76079517

yep, definitely gil.

>> No.76079517

i bet it's tok

>> No.76079541
Quoted By: >>76079844

>you're required to pick exactly one special technique.
Expert Name Calling
I'll call her cute

>> No.76079594

>Magic Powers (Water)
>Train Conductor
>Secret Lair

>> No.76079596
Quoted By: >>76079613 >>76079622

>make oc
>cyoa studio only exports the header
the fuck?

>> No.76079613

>cyoa studio
Found your problem

>> No.76079622
Quoted By: >>76079635

Post header then.

>> No.76079635
File: 49KiB, 1280x229, Hottest Pockets1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76079646

hottest cyoa of 2020 comin in

>> No.76079646

I use the hot pocket like a dildo

>> No.76079702
File: 2MiB, 1266x1236, monke fighters.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Pick one monke to be your friend and ally and pick one monke to leave you alone. The other two monkes will try to kill you.

>> No.76079713

>Convinced Felon

>> No.76079716

didn't even post the good version baka

>> No.76079720

Friend: Cum Beast
Alone: Convinced Felon

>> No.76079752

best post in the thread so far, thanks anon
ceo of swag
convinced felon

>> No.76079768
Quoted By: >>76079795

Ally: CEO of Swag
Left Alone: Maurice
He doesn't deserve to be caught up in this fight.

>> No.76079795

>He doesn't deserve to be caught up in this fight.
Maurice may be a good and kindly soul, but he is the weakest by far. Would yourisk your safety so much for his sake?

>> No.76079818
Quoted By: >>76079826 >>76079973

Ya'll don't even know what Maurice did to that family

>> No.76079826

...what did he do?

>> No.76079832

You don't want to know

>> No.76079836

he raped a kid and got sent to jail

>> No.76079844
Quoted By: >>76079920

that's not an option and I'm not a cyoa character.

you want the entire school calling your waifu cute? What a cuck.

>> No.76079848


>> No.76079889
File: 574KiB, 700x802, IMG_1652.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Anyone have that Florida cyoa?

>> No.76079918

no it doesnt exist

>> No.76079920

>you want the entire school calling your waifu cute?
they're just calling it like it is

>> No.76079973

Maurice's past is behind him, despite the things he may have done, he's a changed man now

>> No.76080005

Valid criticisms. Pages involving clan selection are already done though.

>> No.76080267

If you summon Maggot Cheese with the cheese potion, will the maggots still be in it?

>> No.76080281

maurice is more than meets the eye, he will protect me
>leave me the fuck alone
convinced felon
>kill me?
ceo of swag cannot risk business ventures to personally attack me, maurice will easily dispatch his assassins
cum beast on the other hand will want to kill me but instead lock himself in a basement with a computer so he can coom
i have cracked this code and your mom

>> No.76080296

But why would you do this?

>> No.76080356

I really didn't need to remember that exists.

>> No.76080383
File: 7MiB, 1200x10000, Trouble in Florida Pg1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080391


>> No.76080391
File: 5MiB, 1200x10000, Trouble in Florida Pg2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080404


>> No.76080404
File: 5MiB, 1200x10000, Trouble in Florida Pg3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080414


>> No.76080414
File: 4MiB, 1200x6143, Trouble in Florida Pg4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76080458
Quoted By: >>76080952

Does anyone have the one that's like this, but with actual drawings and a less irreverent tone? You had this whole roster of knights in a sort of chibi style, like Towergirls but less horny. I've looked for it, but I can't remember the name or who made it so I'm having trouble finding it on the Allsynch.

>> No.76080542
Quoted By: >>76080643

>"Daddy needs new shoes" or "I don't know what I am doing" build.
Combo, Jank
Heroic, Mechanical, Friends and Allies
>Special Abilities
Heart of the Cards, Duelists Intuition
Arch Rival, Small Pond, Debts, Aggro Magnet
P: 1
L: 7
D: 1
R: 2

Jesus christ that was a stingy CYOA.

>> No.76080643
Quoted By: >>76080813

You should play the most recent update for it then.

>> No.76080813
Quoted By: >>76080937 >>76080974

Does anyone have it?

>> No.76080886
File: 6MiB, 1600x8000, Worm 1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080896 >>76081093

>> No.76080896
File: 6MiB, 1600x8000, Worm 2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76080930


>> No.76080903

With the compulsion option, is the listed number the maximum you can have at a time or a number of slaves granted to you immediatelly that won't be replaced after their inevitable demises.

>> No.76080930
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>> No.76080937
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The knight cyoa? I'm sorry - it doesn't ring a bell. Try asking again . . .oh, I'm about 12 hours, when we tend to have a lot of people in the thread.

Sorry I couldn't help more.

>> No.76080938
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>> No.76080947
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Nah, I meant the Yugioh one.
But it's fine regardless. This is just a burmese hand puppet forum.

>> No.76080952

>Does anyone have the one that's like this, but with actual drawings and a less irreverent tone? You had this whole roster of knights in a sort of chibi style, like Towergirls but less horny. I've looked for it, but I can't remember the name or who made it so I'm having trouble finding it on the Allsynch.
I think I know the one, you had a chrono knight and crystal knight and stuff. And they all had power bars and abilities

>> No.76080957

In. In about 12 hours.

>> No.76080961
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Duelist Type: Noble (+2 P)
Deck Type: Tribal (+1 R) – 10
Deck Character: Mechanical (+1P, +1L, -1D) – 10
Deck Character: Friends and Allies (+1L) – 10
Special Abilitiy: Soulmate – 10
Special Ability: Legendary Beast (Sky Striker Ace Zeke I guess) (+1P, +1D) – 15
Special Ability: Heart of the Cards (+1L) – 10
Special Ability: High Quality Cards (+1P) – 10
Archrival +10
Aggro Magnet +10
Dark Side +15
Wrote 600 Words: +20: https://pastebin.com/CMLmuwtv

Power 6
Resilience 2
Luck 4
Destiny 1

OK so like the other guy said the CYOA is a little stingy on the stats, but I actually like that. I also think I managed a kind of fitting spread for a Sky Striker deck: Very strong and decently consistent, but suffers from being reliant on having one 1500 Attack monster on field at a time (barring Zeke plays). And writing prompt CYOAs are generally pretty fun.

>> No.76080974

No, sorry

>> No.76080982
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I smell it... the stench of a newfag.

>> No.76081004

That's your upper lip

>> No.76081008

Also I guess you could consider Sky Strikers more of a control deck than a tribal deck since it's got all the spells and goes highlander on the monsters, but that changes literally nothing.

>> No.76081084

Did you try the allsynch or archive? It had its own separate thread for a short while.

>> No.76081093

Still the best worm cyoa.

>> No.76081105

CEO of swag is the best connection you can have, the Cum Beast you would never want as an enemy.

>> No.76081107

Green Knight. With future sight I will control the trade routes.

>> No.76081117
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How many of these images do you have? Make your own belly dancer cyoa.

>> No.76081121
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>wake up to praise
Anon are you trying to turn me on?

>> No.76081127
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>wake up
GTFO eurofag

>> No.76081130

I refuse to bully. Make fren instead.

>> No.76081138

You're a horrible person.

>> No.76081155

Can't just be someone with a fucked sleeping schedule?

>> No.76081164
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Good morning anon, I hope you slept well

>> No.76081195
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Ok, this is another version of the YGO cyoa. I ain't sure wether it is newer or older.

>> No.76081210
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It's even stingier! With the stats anyway.

>> No.76081212

Good work friend!

>> No.76081235

This doesn't feel like /cyoag/. Something changed.

>> No.76081242

New Thread;

>> No.76081248

Yeah, literally the only change to my build would end up being -2 Power, +1 Resilience from taking Intuition after getting High quality cards for free. Also I swear the "updated" image is lower quality.

>> No.76081263

Still not the one I remember as being final. There were a lot more options iirc, possibly two pages.

>> No.76081371
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>Tsun (11)
Because bullying the tsun who refuses to be honest about her feelings is (in my opinion) the best way to force her to confess!
>expert name calling (10)
I'm gonna call her a virgin so she responds by claiming she's a professional semen demon and I challenge her on her claims, forcing her to prove her "skills" like in that one doujin https://nhentai.net/g/267270/
>Wedgies (8)
Except it's pantsu flashing and insulting headpatting because she's so short instead.
>Be the anime girl (4)
I am nothing but a vain whore. Also it's way more erotic to sexually harass her in the locker rooms and have her blush with steamy breath, while saying she's not a lesbian and not turned on in the slightest. not boutta finna lie, this is kinda hot. Is "a lesbian bullying a straight girl to becoming gay" a thing?

>> No.76081417
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I did not unfortunately. I woke up like it was a weekday.
Thank you for asking friend.
Seconded. Girls with nice tummies are a blessing on this wonderful world.

>> No.76082181

This is starting to get so shitty I won't even bother correcting it.

>> No.76082307

Yea, I didnt make the cyoa very giving with the points. The again, youre in the YGO universe, the decks youre up against are pretty shitty.

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