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You don't use offensive terms like "s*nity" when playing tabletop games...right?

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>that video
>those comments
fucking why

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I use humanity, for regular humans

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These are the people you should be gatekeeping.

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this is an insult to my culture you dog cunt

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>I love that there is a character in a wheelchair who suffers no penalties for it
What? What kind of game is this? Who makes something like this? To appeal to people like this? Why?

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>trauma and mental illness don't make people act out violently, that's a harmful stereotype!
>if someone acts violent, that's because they made a choice to do so!

It really feels like the woke position on mental illness has wrapped around to the conservative position

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>literal basedjack avatar

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>These are the people you should be gatekeeping.
This. I'm sick to death of these self righteous moral do gooders finger wagging and droning on about 'inclusion' and associated insipid trivialities. The most obnoxious, useless people I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

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I don't need to, my buddy has my back

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God I fucking hate these people, especially since they don't even offer alternatives to so-called "problematic" terms.

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Why should avoid these terms? What's wrong with portraying the inhabitants of the fictional worlds, even more so if they are medieval, as backwards, superstitious and crude?

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On the one hand, stop bait posting and shitting up a board because you don’t want to leave a comment and get people who disagree with you.

On the other hand, Kek.

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>denying representation to those who have suffered psychological trauma
I fucking hate the pc "woke" crowd, but watching them squirm when you turn their shit back on them too easy.

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Reminder that people thought that insanity was contagious. In fact, one village avoided a visit by the taxmen by pretending to be mad.

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I prefer to double down by showing medieval settings to be worth it of being scorned as backwards and evil.

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>avoiding responsibility by faking a mental illness
Yup, sounds like the modern left alright.

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You can say niggerman here, anon.
It won't hurt you.

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It's not a person's responsibility to pay taxes just like it isn't a person's responsibility to let a thief take whatever they please.

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Stop posting such shitty threads.

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Is it driving you... crazy?

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No, it's just shitting up the board and giving attention to deranged faggots better left ignored.

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I'm rather fond of this thread actually.

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Teach me how. I want to learn.

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>less than 700 views
OP is the guy in the video and he’s trying to shill his channel by generating outrage clicks. Do not give this thread any more attention.

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Protip, they don't dominate society because a few internet nerds poked fun at them. They're pushing at open doors and we have no way to do anything about it. We can at least laugh at them while they turn our world into hell.

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That doesn’t even remotely look like h.p lovecraft

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It's not Lovecraft, it's Aldo Sax, who is meant to be a bit of a Lovecraft stand in but as a 21st century rogue CIA agent.

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the guy has 21k subscribers and up till now only does videos on teaching games I don't think he needs to shill his channel

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Stop using 4chan as the youtube comments section

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Can't be fucked to watch the video, but he's on the right track. Sanity as a single number which is your "mental HP" isn't particularly offensive but it's gay
It's literally the OH A FISHPERSON, I'M GOING INSAAANE meme
Even if you are going to use a single number as your mental HP call it strain or stress or stability or some shit

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That's Gman after he looked into the fully modeled vagina

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I actually have seen a pretty cool idea for handling sanity. Instead make san-loss a measure of how damaged your soul becomes.

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My gf is disabled and diagnostically mentally ill so I get a free pass on all this stuff. It's like the N-word.

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>not mentally ill yourself
Why are you here?

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I can, I will, and I'm going to do so more often to spite you

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Sanity isn't offensive, mental illness is. It implies that not fitting societies mold means you're sick and need curing. Objectively, only that which harms fitness is an illness, and insane people do not necessarily have trouble surviving to old age.

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