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Is buddy-cop possible to try and run as a tabletop game? It's a genre I really love, but there's some issues I could see coming about like needing good characters with even better chemistry, or how I'm not sure how'd I try to run it outside of a one-shot scenario since I've only ever seen movies do it

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Suddenly I am planning a buddy cop AD&D 1e campaign where the players are city watchmen akin to Guards! Guards!

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I'm pretty sure any game with only two players will inevitable devolve into a buddy-cop game, no matter the original intent

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Well, the rub is I was hoping to run it for like 3 or 4 people, but yeah that's a good point, I've played in some games with just one other person as a player and it did indeed instantly become buddy cop. Such a great dynamic

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Ah that could be tricky. Orthodox Buddy-Cop is definitely off the table with 3 or more people.
I think >>76075173 might be on the right track. Vimes, Nobby, Colon, and Carrot are a great archetype for a buddy-cop-esque dynamic with 3-4 people, shifting the role of Straight Man from Carrot to Vimes if you've only got 3.
Maybe look into police procedural tv shows as well, I suppose they're the closest long-form ensemble media you'll get to Buddy Cop films
Are you looking to run a cop game, or just a game with a buddy-cop-esque tone?

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Yeah. Look at Feng Shui.

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What's some good buddycore, aside from lethal weapon?

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I miss the Double K Comic.

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tango and cash
the good guys(tv series)
good vs evil(tv series)
rush hour
shanghai knights - not a cop movie but think it is within the spirit
48 hrs
red heat

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Well, the idea I was pretty much a comedy cop/detective game, which I automatically added buddy cop to just cause I love those movies. I've never heard of Guards! Guards, but I might have to look into it. Procedural might be better inspiration, too, but cop and comedy don't often share the same space in shows.
I've heard a little about this one, I'll check it out. I usually use a system I made with a friend of mine, but if it's got good systems I'm sure there's something I could do with it
I like what all that first reply had, but I'll add to it
21 Jump Street
Hot Fuzz
Point break
The Other Guys
Bad Boys

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play the game divinity original sin 1. It's just buddy cop rpg shit and just copy paste that.

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I actually did quite enjoy D:OS. I really love the two-person dynamic in games, I wish they were more common as opposed to 4 or 6 in Wasteland's case

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>play with buddy
>game expects you to butt heads with eachother
>we're fucking carbon copies and just immediately pick the same answer

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Yeah lmao, luckily my playthrough was the same way so we didn't have to use the weird RPS thing much outside of npc diplomacy

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I honestly like the character interaction in 1 a lot more than how 2 handled it.

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I couldn't really get into 2, honestly. I dropped it right after you escape fort hope or whatever it was called. How did 2 handle it?

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you just pick a dialogue choice and majority wins.

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For, like, five years, my group was just me and two players. Every single game was a buddy adventure of some kind. You just have to be really close friends with the people involved.

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