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Hey /tg/ I lost my best friend to kidney failure today, I was wondering if we could have a funny silly thread to cheer me up?

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You really shouldn't bring your problems and personal tragedies here. We all have problems, including one's to the level that you have. But, we don't make threads just for sympathy, because if everyone did that, we would have a board of nothing but people posting their personal tragedies.

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We should have a board for that desu. It could be called /feels/.

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We do have a board for that. It's /adv/.

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Did he drop any noteworthy loot?

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A talisman of companionship +14.

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My silly/stupid-choices-from-my-last-game hall of fame:

My paladin came across a weird tree. An item thrown into this tree would transform into a similar-but-different item. He threw his dagger into the tree. It came back as a javelin. He threw the javelin-dagger back into the tree under the assumption that he'd get the dagger back. Repeating this a few times, it just wouldn't come back as a dagger. He ended up with a scimitar. He later lost this scimitar by lending it to someone who turned out to be a hag in disguise. This is only one part of a long series of instances of this character losing or breaking daggers.

This same paladin once fought a living stump monster. He (I) had the brilliant idea of walking around the creature to the side of its body opposite its mouth, under the assumption that it was rooted to the ground and wouldn't be able to turn around and attack him. He (I) was swiftly and toothily proven wrong.

Jumped over the town wall, alone, into a horde of enemies while the town was under attack. Ended up unconscious and making death saving throws underneath the burning corpse of an elephant. Survived.

Opened an obviously-trapped trapped chest that ended up containing the top half of a robot snake monster. It took a few rounds for us to figure out that we could just close the box or walk a few steps away and completely circumvent the issue. Our DM later told us that she included this as a test. I think we failed.

The monk once tried to fight a bear that was made of snow. He ended up buried in a pile of snow.

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In fairness, the title is technically incorrect, because the last one wasn't me. Oh well.

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Sorry dude stay strong

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I agree with above posts, but my heart goes out to ya brother


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Why can't we have 1 thread (<0.7% of /tg/'s thread capacity) for funny silly things to cheer anons up?

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because some people are curmudgeonly twats

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