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Arms & Armour thread 5

Arms & Armour Party Van

Last one >>76192462

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>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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>Best combo.
Prefer mommies, aunties and onee-sans. But you do you

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What about bara daddies and their adorable trap daughterus?

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careful what you wish for, least it comes true

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Oyakodon is pretty good, yeah.

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>Big tiddy front and center

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Imagine that you are a intergalactic farmer. That are many alien races and all that stuff. What are some real life troubles that a intergalactic farmer can face? I need ideas.

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But what about alien plants that make alien drugs? Or...feeding an evil army with food?

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Then you've got to deal with alien police and alien drug addicts. You ever try and stop a gorak from stripping your tractor for scrap? The latter applies to literally any farmer. How's Joe Peasant feel when his crops are used to fuel the dark lord's orc army? Probably pretty similar.

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A bunch of dickbags show up looking for your slacker nephew, but he's out in the desert talking to some hobo or something, so they get pissed and burn down your farm.

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Space bank threatening to space foreclose on your space farm if you don't pay back the last few months of space loans that you're behind on.

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Bumpfag needs to be rangebanned and his 7+ days old threads should be pruned

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>Implying theyre separate people.

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no one projects themselves onto pepe. ribbontranny projects themselves onto their shitty characters. you're not very intelligent, are you?

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All those soiface shitposts are fine for you? Fuck off.

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Ribbon's reputation has been smeared by a low effort thread spamming chimp. Don't play dumb, you know the one that makes those garbage, GARBAGE threads.

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>Ribbon's reputation has been smeared by a low effort thread spamming chimp. Don't play dumb, you know the one that makes those garbage, GARBAGE threads.
You mean the woyafag falseflags?

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This is actually sincerely cute

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Fathomless Edition

>UA: Subclasses, Part 5

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>76260871

Which warlock patron is the most frightening?

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Can a genie warlock with voice of the chain master communicate with their familiar from inside vessel or does being inside it count as a different plane? If it doesn't count as one, could the warlock then just rest their body inside the vessel and assume direct control of the familiar for the rest period?

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>Having an extra dimensional mobile home to carry all the party's expensive heavy loot
>Having said mobile home inside an inconspicuous oil lamp or ring
>Giving the entire party a 10min short rest
>Not helpful

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Tempest Cleric 2/Dragon Monk 8

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The vessel isn't another plane so yes you can do all that. Genie has amazing synergy with chain pact.

I'm sorry you're not creative enough to come up with ideas for powers that don't add a couple numbers to a stat. I bet you think Pact of Tome is a stronger choice than Chain Pact too.

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>>spellcaster sidekicks get eldritch blast and cha to damage
Could you stack Potent Cantrips with Agonizing Blast?

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• Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
• If you have a WIP quote the Anchor Post, and attach the WIP so your Drawfag can find you.
• Do not reply to other deliveries with a request that the artist fill your request next, this is called 'piggybacking'.
• Do not make multiple requests in the same thread and do not serially request multiple characters after a delivery. Suggesting several concepts for artists to choose from counts as making multiple requests.
• If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait at least one week before you re-request. If someone follows this rule, don't waste posts by complaining about it.
• Don't critique others' requests. If you don't like it, don't draw it.
• Ignore the bait for they don't deserve (You)'s
• Stay on topic

>Drawfags and Drawfags-to-be:
• Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but if you're dropping your commission info, please consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising.

Drawfags open for commissions:

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art Guide:

Previous Thread: >>76227277

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Requesting a tower shield based on the red mirror from the Blind Guardian album

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Since anons have been complaining about how reference pictures just pigeon hole and shackle creativity and what not here's a request with no reference pictures

Requesting a High Elf Armorer Artificer. Like his subclass entails his scale maille armor is practically his second skin especially as it acts as prosthesis for his missing left arm and covers up the many scars he got from fighting. Classic High Elf features; Tall, blonde, fair skinned, brown eyes, regal and vain looking. His weapons of choice are two handaxes

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Requesting a Warforged Arcane Soldier. He's fits that stereotypical 'Give me something to kill, a mission for the King, or leave me alone' type of solider boy. His weapon of choice being this Poleaxe who's blade is full on magical lighting. He wears a necklace with his nation's symbol a winged sword and he does don a white cape.
I have a pose at the bottom if that helps.

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Requesting a male Tiefling (Graz'zt descent) Paladin. He has dark purple skin, black claw-like nails, golden eyes, deep black hair, short beard, pearly white teeth/fangs, and tail. He wears heavy armor with some furs, priest vestments, gold necklace and wields a greatsword. Has a black book of secrets. The book has the title "Book of Marriage Tips" in Infernal and has a fiend friend whispering to him while he dreams though those are not needed if it's too much.

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Whose and anchor and a half? This!

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Which 40K books should I get for Christmas?

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I quite liked The First Heretic and Daemon World.

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My players want me to run a game set in the late Middle Ages, in the midst of a tourney and with lots of political intrigue.

But fuck me, I've got absolutely nothing. Got any plot hooks or ideas I could use?

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That's ASoIaF book one, right? Might check it out again for ideas.

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>Got any plot hooks or ideas I could use?
The king has organized a grand tourney in order to introduce his son to his vassals as their next liege, considering he's planning to retire in a few years. The tourney would be a safe way for the crown prince to earn the respect of his future vassals by proving that he's just as good a warrior as his father was in his prime. The Local Lord (ugh), who will be your BBEG (UGH!) for tonight, resents the crown prince and wants him dead, sending the kingdom into chaos with a king who's about to retire and no clear heir. Also the unknown challenger who's surprisingly good is also a woman in disguise for some reason. No idea what her relevance is, maybe she wants to best the crown prince and ask his hand in marriage as her reward or something. Basically the crown prince is a Gigachad: men want to be him, women want to be with him and virgin Local Lords (UGHs!) resent him.

I guess if you want to avoid an assassination plotline, maybe the Local Lord (UUUUUUUUGH!!!!) simply wants to discredit the crown prince by ensuring he gets his ass whooped (if necessary through unfair means) and humiliates himself in front of his future vassals, maybe even to the point where they won't accept him as their future liege because they fear his incompetence will harm the realm.

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That's the /tg/ I love. Thank you, mate.

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woild be a good idea to lay out goals and whats going to happen. the setting is a vehicle, not a destination. Maybe they are nobodied (in this region at least) and they are trying to get the attention of one of the high nobles or king. they try to compete in some of the tournement events so as to get a private audience with them for some reason (along with prize money too, of course). and with an intrigue angle you could easily go on a whodunit? given them a fewstarter clues, like an informalent left a note in nobles tent, or under a specific rock, and using both social skills and sharp whit one interaction or puzzle leads to another. there could be multiple paths for different playswhichthey can embark across, weving in the events, the social aspects in between (romurs about participants), and highlight all the modes of interaction. the feasts might be a good oprotunity to see everyone, maybe the king declairs a suprise contest in an odd skill, like stealing something from him master spy, music, cooking, textile fashion, religious knoledge and retoric, fighting in many mundane and byzare ways, and between each event the party can reconvene and put together what they found, all the way to the end of the multi day turny where they have to act on their combined intel for something (indicting a noble, uncovering a plot, impressing the king, finding someone or something, etc)

>> No.76264027

Also you might want to check out dunk & egg's third tale The Mystery Knight

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Previous Thread: >>76222315

/tg/booru https://grognard.booru.org/index.php
Art of magic the gathering http://www.artofmtg.com/
Huge character art repository https://imgur.com/t/gaming/ageiv

Orc/Half-Orc edition. Let's get our rightful crusade against the filthy elves goin', boys

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>not attractive
>not a snowflake race
>not mechanically powerful
>not different enough from other races to be superior (though I've been rather interested in playing an eldritch knight hobgoblin or potentially shadow monk/sorcerer)
>not memeable like goblins or kobolds

Some mixture of those I imagine

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This could work well if you're not shy for a bit of photo shopping

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yeah, probably on the money with that, im just trying to have a decent stable of art to use for NPCs for my Goblinoid notByzantines

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1) nice art, I like it
2) tell me 'bout the not!Byzantines

Also, funnily enough, looking for hobgob art led me down the rabbit hole of a lot of bugbear art - another race that I had considerable issues finding anything good for

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>Party goes off the rails
>Improvise a plausible scene
>Hacker PC jacks into a terminal I described
>Asks about what kind of data he can find if he pokes around

I don't know what it is about hacking scenes, but I can't improvise them for shit.

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This pretty much. If they're "just browsing while doing leg work they deserve to find nothing but pointlessly pseudo related bullshit, or nothing important at all. Thats how I usually handle my internet usage. As soon as I know what I want to research I've got hours of info and content on that one specific topic

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Where's the terminal at? If it's in a lab, research data. If it's in a military base, shit like troop movements, important people visiting, etc. Think about why someone would set up a computer there.

>> No.76263776

You find the manager's porn folder.

>> No.76263789

All computers have sone stashed porn. The amount and content vary based on situation. When in doubt they find porn

>> No.76264095

Just prepare a list of relevant information, either for the current session or foreshadow the next one, but don't attach it to anything. They could get it from a terminal, an NPC or any action that would get them those info. Like that, you'll always have something to give them.

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Why don't we get stories like this anymore?
Despite the cover it wasn't bolter porn and the universe felt so much more lively and rich when this and the Eye of Terror series were written.

So much more Warhammer Fantasy meets Dune rather than Hammer's Slammers But Angrier And With Magic.

>> No.76263960


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Because, let me point out, people WANT bolter porn. The iconic vision of Warhammer is Abnett's work, with Chris Wraight, ADB and the other halfway decent writers. No one wants the weirder, more gonzo shit. It should be Space Marines, some Gaunt's Ghosts, the Inquisition, Space Marines, and angry men with scowling helmets.

>> No.76264140

Storm Constantine is that one faggot who wrote that story about hermaphrodite freaks with flower penises who spread an STD, by the way. I'm glad he never wrote another story for 40K again.

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/tg/ I've been thinking about trapping my players in a groundhog day puzzle. But I'm not sure how I should go about laying the clues for how to solve it.
The general idea I have is that once the time loop is activated, you need to find a certain person in the village and have them hold a certain object in a certain location. I figure that if this time loop event is an accident I could have them stumble into a wizard's study and find notes on experiments relating to parts of the key, but that seems kinda too easy. But if the time loop is a malicious trap targeting the party specifically, it wouldn't make sense for the enemy to leave any evidence behind.
Advice would be appreciated.

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Per current lore - do Elves still die, their souls transcend into Arvandor, to be reborn after a time? (FR setting)

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Quoted By: >>76262691

does your game include its fair share of cute / handsome princes and noble sons that are in dire need of saving from nasty witches and terrifying dragonesses?

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>high class people in need of saving
They have people for that anon. Our party can barely handle investigating a village well.

>> No.76264216

If your game is anyway influenced by anime and kawaii ugu~ shit you've already failed by Session 0.

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Quoted By: >>76264430


>> No.76264430

Nvm its not a doujin

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>My liege, your only son and heir is being held ransom by the enemy! They demand ten thousand gold pieces for his safe rel-
>Eh, if he deserves the throne he'll fight his own way out.
>My liege, he's only seven years old!
>Better to learn early, then!

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Quoted By: >>76263674

>alright, so here's my druid and his animal companion

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Quoted By: >>76263706 >>76263714

>If a human druid wildshapes into a bear, is it a human-sized bear?

>> No.76263706

Depends on the DM.

>> No.76263714
Quoted By: >>76263741

Many bears are about human-sized. So it's quite likely.

>> No.76263741

If a Goliath or a Firbolg, is the human-sozed as anon said above or is it bigger?

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Quoted By: >>76264512 >>76264524

How do you deal with the player who wants to spare the villain just because she's sexy?

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> Did the other guy end up with somebody else, at least? Somebody who gets trumped that hard usually gets pity pussy from the DM.
No. The DM was super-happy she ended up with the new guy, and cheered them on. I think it'd have stung less if the DM wasn't a woman, and so clearly upbeat about it.
What absolutely killed him was how she was all for it, and was talking about how it derailed her plans for later, but was a super-dramatic moment.

>> No.76264429

>First dude did jack shit for her. He wished for a MAGIC SHIELD.

I mean, I've lost any sympathy for the guy. If he didn't have anything else that his character would wish for that makes sense in the context of his character, other than better numbers for fighting with, then he's just boring.

>> No.76264512

Well, she instantly betrayed the party and escaped, almost getting killed in the process. Later, I made her into my next PC. Most fun character I've played in a long time.

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Quoted By: >>76264573

After defeating the Red Dragon (or rather, its surrender at 10% remaining hit points) the dragon polymorphed into her incredibly attractive half-elf form. The flame-obsessed sorceress in the party immediately asked the dragon to join them. The dragon agreed, assuming she'd be treated like a vassal, plotting to slaughter the party once she had recovered her strength. Instead the sorceress explained to the dragon that she wanted to overthrow the government of her native land and set herself up as Empress - and she wanted the dragon to rule at her side as an equal. The campaign ended with the two of them married and the co-rulers of a small country - with the other PCs also gaining positions of high station and power across the land.

Mechanically, I dealt with the dragon by making her an NPC party member. I let all my groups know that they can have up to one NPC assist them during battle and I make sure to have several interesting and competent NPCs show up during the adventure. I let them know that I'd be somewhat nerfing the dragon's stats, and that since it wasn't in its lair anymore and didn't have Legendary Actions or Legendary Resistance.

Story-wise, I immediately realized that my player had fallen HARD for the villain and I decided that I cared more about making my players happy than I did following my notes. I ended up having a lot a fun RPing as a malevolent dragon who kept trying to eat people and slept on a literal bed of money.

>> No.76264573

I mean, sometimes you establish from the start that you're planning heroic adventures, and somehow down the line the party is a soulless lich who sold his soul to a lesser demon, a giant tarantula, a half-dragon abomination who was made by stealing half the soul of one the greatest ally the kingdom had, and a prophet of a spider god of the depths, storming the palace with an army of demons at their back, and you're left not quite knowing where everything went wrong.

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[redacted] edition

Previous thread: >>76253660

A thread for discussing the 'Star Wars' franchise's various gaming adaptations.

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Latest FFG News:

Thread Question: How have you served the Empire today?

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I hate this thing more than FractalSponges armada of Tirangles

It's just so slammed together. Mother base in both incarnations looked so much more structured and uniform. Hell the republic already has Haven-class medical stations, string some of those together and add on a R1 gate station or BF2 shipyard as the big dock area and you're set.

>> No.76264537

There is no difference. That's annihilation.

>> No.76264539

I think he's implying that because it was very one sided it wasn't one. I argue it make it all the more a duel, not only physical, but also of philosophy and choice of life. Obi-Wan Jedi way that led him to exile himself to Tatooine for selfless reason collide with Maul Sith and hatefull life, who only led him to suffering and self-destruction, culminating in his selfish quest for revenge as he attack Obi-Wan one last time, before beint cut down and dying in the arms of his "worst ennemy" who only hold pity for him.

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File: 51KiB, 876x711, multirole.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Reminds me of this for some reason.

>> No.76264583

>You are still "you" but also everyone and everything else at the same time.
Right, but I still prefer that the individuality is gone forever when you become one completely. You are no longer one thing you or even a part of everything, you are simply everything. Back to the source.

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Because there's really no laws forbidding atrocities in war in Faerun as far i know meaning that players are free to do as they wish

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>> No.76263096

>atrocities in war
what is permissible and encouraged; genocide of all monsters and of evil races and evil religions and so on

what is a war crime; rape and murder of non-evil humans, elves, and the such.

>> No.76263129

>Because there's really no laws forbidding atrocities
So there are no warcrimes. If the gods and archmagi are imposing rules, then there are laws forbidding atrocities, but the question becomes if said warcrimes are within their authority.

>> No.76263142

>Because there's really no laws forbidding atrocities in war in Faerun as far i know meaning that players are free to do as they wish
I don't believe you're a DM if you say this shit with a straight face.
1) Even if there are no "laws" that hardly means players cannot be impeded
2) There almost certainly are laws from some group, somewhere, that are anti-warcrime in Faerun. Have them hunt down your players.

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It's yet another "dude wants to discuss /pol/ or /his/ on /tg/ so he makes a shitty bait thread" thread.

>> No.76263470

Just because a region is too primitive to have a written, formal law regulating warfare does not mean there is no customary law regulating it.

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76262214 No.76262214 [Reply] [Original]

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>> No.76263383

Honor is for people who don't risk dying in battle

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>> No.76263903

My current character? Fair game, he's a member of a crime organization so he has no qualms about "low blows" or "cheap shots" but rather he encourages them

>> No.76263964

Like 5e's Flaking rule,, I would prefer these attacks not to exist. They are either so weak as to be pointless, or so overwhelmingly potent that everyone will gravitate toward them and prompt an arms race

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Is there any reason to use a different system from 5e when DMing genres other than fantasy when your players are used to 5e? As long as you make new races and classes 5e seems like a fairly versatile system. What would drawbacks of using 5e mechanics in a sci-fi or modern setting be?

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>> No.76262044

Retarded as in obvious? The obvious answer being sticking with 5e?

>> No.76262761

There's honestly no point playing anything other than 5e. It can run literally any game or genre perfectly.

People who play games that aren't 5e are either contrarian edgelord hipsters who hate fun or boomers who are too old and decrepid to understand the best ever rpg rules set ever made.

>> No.76262880
Quoted By: >>76263488

5e Is very bland and you'd have to invent all the rules yourselves. How do you make space dogfights between spaceships interesting with a 5e ruleset without having to homebrew your own system for it?
How do you make a fun fantasy game about killing orcs and trolls, while exploring dungeons and finding treasure with a system as barren as 5e?

>> No.76262903
Quoted By: >>76263488

Seriously? 5e would be complete shit for anything outside fantasy.

Cyberpunk? No rules for hacking, cybernetics or drones
CoC/Dark Heresy style investigation? No rules for insanity, skill system is poorly designed for investigation and intrigue, and think it'd be hard to get the power level right for combat.
Space opera? No rules for spaceships or space combat
Modern war story? Ranged combat would be repetitive af

Sure, it could be done but it seems like you'd need to do a massive amount of work to house rule it into anything decent. And at the same time you'd be stripping out a lot of the core classes which seems wasteful in of itself.

>> No.76263488

Im not mad you'd fall for obvious bait, just disappointed.

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Why do people think matchlocks and muskets should be better than bows in the hands of expert archers?

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>> No.76263500

>Less fps than a pistol
>"Check out this manstopper"

>> No.76263503
Quoted By: >>76263583 >>76263637

In terms of projectile energy, my understanding is that a longbow might be around 100 Joules, while an arquebus could be well over 1,000. It's not hard to see how that kind of 10-to-1 advantage could prove pivotal, even if the arquebus was comparatively slow and cumbersome to operate.

>> No.76263583

If we talk about the cheap, mass produced not rifled muskets given to line Infantry, the bow is straight up more accurate.
But thats not what these where made for.

This is actually a really interesting thing that only really happened this noticeable in Japan.
In europe, Bows, Armor and Guns existed together for a long time.
Whilst the japanese army went straight from Medival Warfare to the "Modern" Warfare.

A 170lbs Warbow has around 130 Joules point blank, so your guess is pretty accurate.

>> No.76263589

There is no 'the gun'. Are we taking about 1350s handgones? 1450s arquebus? 1700 muskets? 1800 muskets? 1850 lever action rifles? 2000s Assault Rifles?

The advantage of 'the bow' (a still very broad category, but narrower than 'the gun') against weapons changes drastically depending on which. It also changes drastically depending oh what the other side is wearing.

If you gave me the choice of 100 experienced archers with longbows and 100 experienced riflemen with 1800s rifled barrel muskets, to face a group of 1700s musket armed men, also experienced, I'd take the longbow everytime.

If I was going to face armored men at arms from 1350, I'd take the riflemen.

And if assault rifle is an option it trumps bow everytime. So like, define your shit before making claims.

>> No.76263637

There is such a thing such as 'wasted' energy. If 130 joules are killing someone and you are using a 4k to 5k joules weapon (actual muzzle energy of a brown bess musket), you are basically putting way more energy into it than needed.

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Quoted By: >>76264247

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Quoted By: >>76264134

dont remind me

>> No.76264134

anon if you come do my accounting for me and wear those cute socks you can live in my house

>> No.76264247
Quoted By: >>76264294

Magic is not something you "use" to enhance your combat capabilities. That's idiotic.
Nowadays any rogue can learn to cast a fireball but do they understand the complicated process of gathering the energy around you and transforming it? The meaning of the words of power they babble with that horrible barbaric accent, thus butchering a language from a civilization that was old before theirs was even born? The subtle ways of materialization and transformation that will eventually allow them to understand the forces of the universe and beyond, thus allowing them to bend reality to their will? NO. Of course they don't. They are idiots. Meatheads who only covet gold and gems solely because they're pretty and can be exchanged for debauchery and comfort. Who cares if a diamond can contain your very essence or can preserve the purity of one's soul? I'm sure any town harlot will give you a good shag for that! Perhaps even trap you in marriage, which is enough of a curse if you're unwise enough, which they often are. Obsidian? Let's make a knife with it instead of a powerful artifact to absorb curses and use them to empower you! These "people" who use magic only repeat what they've either been taugh by dropout wizards or "invent" a most inefficient form based on an ancient method they never bothered to actually study. They wear charms and trinkets and objects meant to be worn by learned wizards. Not your grandma the herbalist or your dad who mates with wolves. REAL wizards. And what do they get? Bigger fireballs! More destructive power which eventually tends to swing back at them in full force! The fools then go: "Oh but those are the ways of magic. Magic is mysterious!" NONSENSE. Magic is a SCIENCE and these people are no different than people using a toaster to keep their feet warm. They don't understand it, they can barely operate it and they surely didn't invent it. Keep magic away from unlearned hylics and make the world a better place. Thank you very much.

>> No.76264294

>these people are no different than people using a toaster to keep their feet warm
Arguably a better use for a toaster than making toast.

>> No.76264477

>conan kills every armed man sent at him
>a single wizard puts him to sleep effortlessly

File: 57KiB, 742x412, mercury-retrograde-Hermes-god-travel-underworld-Adolf_Hiremy-Hirschl_Die_Seelen_des_Acheron-pagan-greek-roman-god-deity-2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
76261411 No.76261411 [Reply] [Original]

Your resurrection spells require katabasis, right anon?
/meme, tell me about your resurrection spells

>> No.76262783

They existed a long time ago in mythological times, untilbtoday there are religions and legends related to these events, however, in the current scenario it is impossible to return to life after death.

>> No.76264150

Death can be reverted, whether through fairly simple spells or cheap bargains. The only real constraint is the time you spent dead: your body starts to degenerate pretty instantly, so a great deal of magic is needed to restore the deceased to something more than a vegetable.

Death doesn't care. You'll come back eventually. Take your time.

>> No.76264314

Depends on a few things. If the body is freshly dead (a few minutes tops, usually) and mostly intact, and there's no complications, it's just a quick infusion of magic to bring them back. The mystical equivalent of a defibrillator. Otherwise, absolutely. They have to find out where the soul is, put it in a specially prepared vessel, reunite it with a part of the body or a suitable alternative, then cast the spell.
In some cases the soul needs to be convinced - persuading a warrior to leave the eternal feast/fuck/fight paradise and go back is a hard sell. Suitable alternatives include binding souls to golems, or to sanctified weapons, or in rare cases other objects. The throne of one of the major kingdoms, for example, contains the souls of every monarch who ruled from there so they serve as advisors in death.

>> No.76264523

One idea I was working on is that the resurrection spell is a multi stage spell, with each part being handled by a different god. This obviously stops working when the various gods needed to pull it off stop getting along.

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