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Am I the only man who hates the sound of the voices of female newscasters and narrators?

The best is a british male voice.

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Never noticed it, though David Attenborough is the man when it comes to narrating nature documentaries.

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Sorry bub, but you posted this on the wrong board. You can say "scientifically speaking" or "scientific reason" all you want, but at the end of the day, your low effort thread will be pruned. So why don't you take this time to reflect on your actions? Maybe while you read this, you can sit down with a warm glass of tea and think to yourself. Just imagine right now: what if you had posted this on a board more receptive to these topics? You would probably be famous. But no, instead you chose to post here, and now you are nothing. Tragic, really.

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just don't watch news

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>>Never noticed it,

most men are brainwashed to see women as wonderful


Women-are-wonderful effect
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The women-are-wonderful effect is the phenomenon found in psychological and sociological research which suggests that people associate more positive attributes with women compared to men. This bias reflects an emotional bias toward women as a general case. The phrase was coined by Alice Eagly and Antonio Mladinic in 1994 after finding that both male and female participants tend to assign positive traits to women, with female participants showing a far more pronounced bias. Positive traits were assigned to men by participants of both genders, but to a lesser degree.

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