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Which is the next most likely millenium prize problem to be solved?

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navier stokes

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Reiman hypothesis

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The number theory one because autism

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Probably not P vs NP

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Mobody serious is even trying on most of the other ones right now. Stuff like RH and P/NP are so far out of reach that you can't really even work on them yet. Even if nobody has the balls to say "I'm directly attempting to solve it" there's lots of ongoing research directly related to Navier-Stokes.

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What the chance that any of them can't be solved due to Gödel's incompleteness theorems?

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there is a chance, but proving that it's undecidable is as good as a proof.

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Extremely unlikely. Gödel is an interesting mental exercise but almost certainly has no effect on any theories we want to prove in the real world.

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The one I eventually decide to set my mind to.

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Proving that would be solving it.

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Ok then can you tell me which one you're going to do because I don't want to end up doing the same one?
All of them interest me expect RH and YM.

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Why you guys posting RH? RH has already been solved.

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If godel gets in the way we can just invent new axioms

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my boy motizuki is going to drop something hot soon

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i want to see her get cummed on and slapped around a bit

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Why no one talks about yang-mills?

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>What is Independent of ZFC

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from your pic, i think poincare is most likely to be solved first :) hope this helps

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Because it's not interesting.

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>RH has already been solved.

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Already solved

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>Gödel is an interesting mental exercise but almost certainly has no effect on any theories we want to prove in the real world.
Do you have any reason for believing so?

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you are supposed to take em every day tooker.

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You gotta be memeing

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It is, it is clear it needs basically a new field of math

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Yeah, no.

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P vs. NP will require an extremely creative proof just as Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and Turing's solution to the decision problem were ridiculously creative. Those solutions were so novel that I think that, even if someone finds an answer for P vs NP, it will probably not see the light of day with the current system of peer-review.

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watch me

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Typical sci thread - RH, P/NP, Navier Stokes and YM - because they are the only ones where fagots vaguely understand the question. Poor Birch Swinnerton-Dyer and Hodge never get a look in.

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Uh, itll just get posted on he arxiv like everything else.

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Honestly, BSD and NS are probably next.
Both have a number of people slowly getting closer.
PvNP is hard to gauge because complexity theory still feels like its in its infancy.
Hodge and RH are so far out of reach its kinda amazing that we can state them and theyre likely true.
YM feels like its gonna end up a dead problem because its too vague to admit a definitive solution. Look at hilberts problems, lots of them are just “too vague”.

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P/NP, currently working on a solution using linear bounded automata and number theory. >>12374871 is right, my approach is definitely novel, and pulls a lot from formal language theory. I'm very busy rn with school, but I will be devoting my whole 5 ish weeks of winter break to the problem. I should have something well written and researched beginning of next year.

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This shits hillarious

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