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>create a concept called "life" based off things we see on earth
>wonder why no other planet seems to has this earthly concept

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Thats like saying no other planet can have fire, it's silly. Life is probably everywhere with multicellular life being the abnormal offshoot

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Give us a non retarded definition of life that makes other places that have life OP.

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Earth is unique, objectively.

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We'd love to look for life-not-as-we-know-it, anon.
But the nice thing about life-as-we-know-it is that we know how to look for it.
LNAWKI, we don't have a single fucking clue how to search for it. So we'll go with what we know.

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>look out into the universe
>see no minds
>despite being invisible mind, somehow still not understand that minds cannot be seen, even and including an all-encompassing cosmic mind, that our minds might be enveloped in

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ive literally never seen another person say this i thought i was alone lool

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