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When you realize the Infinite Monkey Theorem is actually just a metaphor for evolution

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No it's having an infinite line of monkie and making them type shakes spear and killing the ones that don't type the right characters. by blowing off thier fucking heads with a space shot gun.

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In my metaphor the creation/being is the text not the monkey.
I'm commenting on OP.
If the monkey scene were a metaphor for evolution, the evolved being would be the text. Get with it.

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Mine involves fucking killing monkies with a shotgun.
it's funner.
get with it.

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Well start your own thread, maybe in /b/ or /k/. This thread was started by OP and I'm just trying to contribute.

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And my contribution was better. you anti-science incel.

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Everything came back fine but they got my height wrong by 4 inches and my weight wrong by 10 pounds, how reliable are the results?
>pic unrel but attention grabbing and rule abiding

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Mathfags utterly BTFO

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t. more Jewish transfinite analysis.

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As opposed to how great it is that more than half of academia is ultimately a circular term language?

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any proof dependent on the order of adding is bs

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The only person that is allowed to use tripcodes in this board is tooker. Please go back to /lgbt/.

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Really? That's a shame. I literally wouldn't have a fucking clue what to do with alphabet people. They literally just seem to want to have a 'hate straight people' club and that's fine with me.

Every other kind of hate group exists, so why not one that just hates on straight people exclusively? Or straight white men? I'll even be the spokesperson/poster boy for hating straight white guys.

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>answers to selected questions

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Lets say you had a vector k(1,1,1) in R^3

Lets say x',y',z' represent a orthonormal basis by rotating cartesian coordinates (i,j,k) by theta and phi with z' = k[1,1,1], k =1/(sqrt(3))

Find a vector with length sqrt(3) by rotating 120 degrees from x'+ to y'+

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How do you find out weather this converges or diverges and if possible the row value

i know the thing in the middle converges but how do i find out the whole thing converges or diverges

i tried to google i, look on youtube etc but i found nothing about this

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This is why you can't solve it. You want a dumb ready method, as you don't have interest in seeing how it develops and do some experimenting in the approaches to solve it formally.

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Just learn roman numerals, retard. They gave you the answer in parentheses right next to the question.

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This is trivial and I think you should just quit your studies because you are a braindead moron and better off learning a trade.
Anyhow, the second summands always converge, so simply take out the constant 2^-n. What's left is \sum_n 2*2^-n =4.

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Sadly, this

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get good mad cuz bad

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pic related

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>we already have a mammoth genome

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Quite some time ago.

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Are stellar mass black holes evenly distributed around a galaxy?

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There are more objects closer to the center than the edge so it stands to reason that they are not evenly distributed.

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I'm more interested in why that should be a very important post.

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I think that nobody knows actually... never seen a publication talking about distribution of black holes around the galaxy... we can see only like 60% of the galaxy to begin with.

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There are better things to spend taughts on for most people.

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There could be around 100 million of them in the milky way.

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Captcha has become very difficult to solve. I can think of two reasons for this:

one: similar to banning someone, increase the difficulty rating of their captchas to they spend enormous amounts of time trying to comolete the captcha and commenting becomes very difficult, so difficult that they might abandon their task.

two: captchas are just more difficult

lately the captchas have become more and more grainy: I have to zoom in to make out the blurry outline of what might be a car. The captchas alternate between different solving types, and some are far more difficult than others, or require far greater patience(e.g. the captcha frames that, once selected, slowly fissolve over the course of 5 seconds. when you have to select 10 correct images that's 5 seconds of refreshing apiece, plus zooming in to be able to even try to make out the blurry images. Then you must have missed one [?!?] because it wants you to do it again.

Now escuse me while I go spend more time solving the captcha than I did typing this out and selecting an image.

So...the math/science bit: captcha difficulty vs. time is up

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Everyone's posts will be in a blockchain account only they have the password to, you will have to tongue zuck's taint for verification.

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You actually got me thinking about how a 4chan could possibly exist in a world with only irl verification for internet spaces, and I don't really think it could, my first guess would be that you show up in person at some kind of internet verification center, in disguise if anonymity was important to you, and you pick up a verification key to make posts, but someone could just get one and give it to their bot obviously. Exclusive discord chats is probably the closest we'll have to this.

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It can work. You post dick with timestamp and the professional dick-identifier mods verify that the penis belongs to a real human by analyzing the vein patterns. The trick is to keep them from acting on their homosexual desires by interacting further with the owner of the dick.

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We better hope they don't develop full scale cock simulations any time soon, the jannies wouldn't even have time to come here anymore.

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voice emulation is the "next step" I guess. I tried doing the captchas for the blind and...OMG...they're impossible. I had to identify phrases from the IT world like "purchase more toner" or "connect internet television" I forget the exact words, but they were phrases, and I had to type out one after the other to complete a captcha verbally. In the end I gave up and was unable to complete a verbal captcha.

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Is a masters in engineering really needed because I don't really want to waste anymore of my youthful years for a yearly increase of 5000$.

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You don't seem to be any passionate about engineering. You'd be better off without your Master's.

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>waste anymore of my youthful years
yeah sure anon get a desk job at some engineering firm instead to fulfill your life

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I cant afford a printer, I tried buying one with money that i draw by hand, but I ended up getting fined for that, so now i need a knew plan to pay off the old plan before i can even think about buying a printer

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I think you are overly optimistic about how fulfilling an engineering job will be.

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If you want to do anything other than grunt work, yeah.

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Posting this here because /biz/ is just shitcoin crap and it does involve math.

The main question is, why doesn't this exist? By "this" I mean the following: corporations that voluntarily retain their worker's salaries so they (the workers) can pay less income tax. What I mean by this is:

Suppose you got a worker that earns $1000 per month. His expenses are $100 for rent, $50 for groceries and $300 for other various stuff. After he gets paid, though, he needs to give away 10% of his monthly salary in income tax, thus another $100 go away and his total month expenses are $550. He saves the rest ($450.) Finally, after 12 months he will have $5400 saved up, tax-free money.

Now imagine if corporations could act like some sort of bank, where workers could have money associated to them, and they could buy anything through the corporation thus the money never becomes an income to the worker until he decides to pull out. Following the past example the worker's monthly expenses would only be $450 because he is not paying income tax, and thus he saves up $550. After 12 months he will have $6600 associated to him, and when he decides to pull out that money (assuming that the yearly tax properly scales with the monthly tax) he will pay 10% income tax on that, leaving him with $5940 tax-free money.

Meanwhile corporations could invest their employees' money on low risk investments, generating more revenue for the corporation. I don't know if this has been tried before, but with the Internet and online stores I don't see how it could not work (leaving the gov sperging out and people acting irrationally out of the equation.)

Pic unrelated

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Laws probably

>> No.12418406

It would give too much monetary power to the corporations so the balance of the state-companies relation would shift towards the company. Having any corporation own people more than they already own would mark our doom.

>> No.12418432

Based yuri poster

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What are some good books to start learning chemistry?

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My first was Zumdahl & Decoste's Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation. I'm only in general chem now but I had never taken chem in HS and that book I found really well-written and clear.

>> No.12418271

bleach and ammonia: a beginners guide to making colorful crystals

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Thanks and kys

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Atkins's physical chemistry and Wiley's practical laboratory one, plus do some experiments.
There's like the 70% of what you need to start learning chemistry in these two books. To learn specific subjects there are hundreds of books.

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>Thanks and kys

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For one of my online CS classes, I was accused of plagiarism on a homework assignment.

The course policy is that we can use information from any internet article on the homework as long as we cite the source.

I got a 0 on the homework because the TA claimed my solution "wasn't cited or was too similar to the cited source" (pre-automated response they selected on Gradescope)

I then pointed out that I cited the source. The TA said that they didn't see I had cited it before but would still need to "check with the professor". They then gave the assignment to the professor to look at, and he determined that there was 1 sentence that was "too similar" in wording to the source and maintained I had plagiarized.

I ran my response and the article through a plagiarism checker/text comparison tool which found 0 instances of similar wording. In other words, I paraphrased everything and added my own information.

Is this worth fighting or will they try to take it up to the Academic review board, fuck me out of due process, and hit me with something that will actually be on my record?

No, I don't go to a third world university.

>> No.12418242

this is something you'd easily fight and win because zero professors in the world want to risk their job for something as retarded as this, especially if you have the effort to fight them.
if you have even a remotely plausible case you'll be fine

just stop using online solutions, I know you probably jacked one. what's so hard about coming up with your own answers in undergrad?

>> No.12418251

The professor explicitly allows us to use anything in an online source as long as we cite it which I did. I quoted that line in the syllabus in an email to him.

The prof is an ESL guy who can't teach for shit and it's a grad algos class with a bullshit question on an actual structure he didn't cover. It required research. Otherwise I agree with you that I should be coming up with my own shit.

What's more is he's a visiting prof who's leaving next semester so he has nothing to lose

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>will they try to take it up to the Academic review board, fuck me out of due process, and hit me with something that will actually be on my record?
In my experience as a TA, professors hate to deal with cheating formally. It's a huge pain in the ass as far as documentation is concerned. I've seen two professors and one lecturor refuse to take action in the face of obvious cheating.

Take the zero on the one assignment, and do the best you can going forward.
>pre-automated response they selected on Gradescope
IDK what pre-automated means, but as of 4 years ago, all reponses in gradescope were created by the professor, or delegated to be created by the TA. The people responsible for administering the course create the responses thereby turning them into buttons that can be clicked. It's not a fake or necessarily ill-considered response.

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Are the myths true? What drives away good looking women from the STEM fields?

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>What drives away good looking women from the STEM fields?
Have you ever been to a hospital? There are a fuckload of hot nurses.

>> No.12419671

My first thoughts also.

>> No.12419691

Building on this, for whatever fucking reason a lot of good-looking girls go into biology/biochemistry/medicine to become doctors/nurses/etc. Thankfully some spill over to my field (Chemistry), but I still find it pretty peculiar.

>> No.12419739

different sensibilities

women first and foremost respond to things emotionally, and there isn't much emotional stimuli in stem. the best analogy i can think of is that men are to women, what aspies are to men - compulsively obsessing over some useless barren stuff. men inherently have built in tolerance for boring tedious tasks, and due to their deficit in feeling they don't even see that as grind.

>> No.12419767

Why not? Spatial intelligence & verbal written intelligence are literally measured independently. Seems totally plausible to me that women in the aggregate have less aptitude for spatial problems, but comparable aptitude in language / rhetoric.

I would argue someone fluent in 10 languages and a professor in physics are of comparable, but distinct intelligence.

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If MWI is true, then quantum immortality is true as well. (Although most MWI proponents deny this for whatever reason.)

That'll mean I'll ultimately end up in a universe where I'm billions of years old, have all kinds of ridiculous diseases, am miserable, and literally nothing exists except for me. Humankind (except for me) will go extinct, the earth will get destroyed, the sun and other stars will run out of energy-I'll be the one and only thing in the entire universe that exists.

Therefore, please disprove MWI.

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Quoted By: >>12420675

Sounds like a great way to lose all your money and also incur massive hospital bills from somehow surviving a bullet through your brain and also become retarded because you put a bullet through your brain.

>> No.12420675

That's true, there would be a lot of worlds where you survive by winning and a lot of worlds where you survive the bullet wound instead

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>> No.12421292


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Quoted By: >>12418281 >>12418320


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Sorry for blog. Just wanted to vent out
>not a genuis but most intelligent of my peers
>started at equal ground but they all resigned to playing videogames after job
>while I am learning new fields and planning to write my third book
>our relationships drifted

I remember when we were still equal and wrote our first book together and got it published. Today, they resigned to mediocrity like what the fuck.

No such thing as intelligent person. Only people who abandoned their potential

>> No.12418270 [DELETED]

So you agree that it presents problems.

>> No.12418281

I had this problem, and solved it by accepting it. Do try to find better people, but be your own friend in the meantime.

>> No.12418313

Threads over boys >>12418079 was spot on

>> No.12418320

As someone far more intelligent than you,

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someone posted this on /his/ but this is retarded, make fun of them please.>>9958809. Post reactions or comments here before.

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Quoted By: >>12418144

wtf you can't link to other boards

>> No.12418144

reddit probably more to your liking mate.

>> No.12419637

you need 3 >>> to link to another board

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If a Photon takes 8 minutes to get to us and for the photon its an instant travel. how long would it take to get to the end of the universe, for the photon?

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The fuck is this bs

So what you mean is just you refer to the 4D object of the photon instead of any 3D slice of it in time?

>> No.12420180

the photon would experience infinity in Plank time

>> No.12420185

> for the photon its an instant travel
nope. it takes 8 minutes for the photon but if you were an observer traveling with the photon it would seem like the entire universe was frozen in time.

>> No.12420505

Photon will never reach the end of observable universe and it will dissapear in cluster of primotrial plasma, and actually universe was bigger in beginning.

>> No.12420821

I don't know I think it's a clever.
The love of God I don't know I feel like shit in my heart but I guess Hearts aren't real....

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Now that we're getting more information about the mRNA based vaccines, is there any evidence that long term side effects could theoretically be worse than the long term side effects of a standard viral infection? Have long term side effects even been a problem with vaccines under any circumstances?
From my understanding the mRNA just tells your ribosomes to make an antigen. Then the nucleotides are degraded, and the body learns how to kill that antigen in the future by killing the ones that were made.
Am I missing something? How could this possibly create long term side effects? It's a less harmful version of what a normal virus does in your body on a near constant basis, what are people afraid of here?

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Do you think that the mRNA which has been decomposed for a decade will suddenly snap back together like Majin Buu and kill you instantly

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why the fuck are you on this board if you aren't going to talk about science, kid

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Quoted By: >>12419623

even multivitamins can cause health problems. imagine what a vaccine could do

>> No.12419567

See https://boards.4channel.org/sci/thread/12418658#top

>> No.12419623

How very scientific of you

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gentleman i have solved 0/0.
assume f(x) = x/x
take the lim x->0+
what do you get ?
now take the limx->0-
what do you get?
thus 0/0 = 1
where is my phd?

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>> No.12418063

Does that mean that when I have a indeterminate form, instead of using L'Hopital's rule I just put the answer equals 1?

>> No.12418091
Quoted By: >>12418093 >>12418189

0/0 = 1
1=2 and you are retarded

>> No.12418093


>> No.12418189

Proof via hitomi's number.
0/0 = 0 * 1/0 = 0 * h = 1.
0*h = 1
0*h*2 = 0*h = 1
2*0*h = 1.

>> No.12418197

Both of them

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Quoted By: >>12418799

any recommendations for good organic chemistry textbooks/resources other than anons? sci guide gives A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry (Sykes) and Organic Chemistry (Clayden), are these good enough for self-learning?

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>> No.12418213

I do practice problems every few weeks to refresh my memory. Orgo was the most interesting class I've ever taken.

>> No.12418799
File: 22KiB, 279x400, arrow pushing.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

learn about nucleophiles and electrophiles.
Basically everything can happen in many reactions from an H+ / OH- point of view (umprotonierung etc.). Learn mechanisms with a small book like this one...

>> No.12418802
File: 37KiB, 474x596, omech.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

or a bigger and serious one like this.

>> No.12418809

oh and learn about leaving groups and resonance effects too

>> No.12419264

I think the faster we learn things, the less likely they are to stick. I took a five week differential equations course over the summer, and already forgot most of it.

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I finished reading picrel a while ago and it was pretty eye-opening. I have The Extended Phenotype on my reading list, but I wanna know what's good as far as similar literature goes.

I only ask because the last time I randomly picked out an evolution-related book, it was The Edge of Evolution and the guy who wrote it wound up making tons of leaps in logic.

>> No.12418024

Genome: The Autobiography of a Species In 23 Chapters was alright for a pop-sci book

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File: 173KiB, 759x1167, A7DECD28-3E01-4C9D-8FB1-D8E2E0394B78.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Only the most /lit/ oriented /sci/lets need apply

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if you are looking for something similar to selfish gene then professor steve jones is probably the next most well known author in the field
he's not quite as eloquent as dawkins is but his books are pretty sound. pic related for example

>> No.12418886

read garieppy's "extended phenotype"

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Quoted By: >>12420586 >>12420819

Ight guys, I did a fucking stupid thing while drinking. I put a good amount of lithium foil in a small cup of water while in my garage and it promptly combusted, then exploded violently throwing molten lithium everywhere. Is there any health concern considering I breathed some of the massive smoke plume it made after starting on fire? Or am I probably fine?


Video related, the explosion itself.

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>> No.12420006
Quoted By: >>12421012

I accidentally made chlorine gas while cleaning the shitter once bottom line is you would know if there was damage

>> No.12420586

Google lithium posioning, it can be very damaging and cause you to be psychopath after it's gone.

>> No.12420810
File: 287KiB, 1280x720, FIRE.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ha hahhahhahaha, thanks for the laugh dumbass. Glad you weren't hurt though

>> No.12420819

sick YouTube channel self promotion

>> No.12421012

That fucking sucked.

I recall I was a roommate cleaning the
bathroom floor of a grad student apartment using bleach. The hard floor started to smell like
piss and some other fuck, so I figured I'd be
responsible and clean up.

The moment I had some water and bleach touch
the floor, the noxious fumes caught me off guard
and I had to shut the shitter door and ran
outside for air.

Those fumes became strong very fast as it kept
reacting to that floor. I thought:
"Surely we're not that savage to piss on the
floor, right!?..." Hold that thought.

I had no mop handy so I used plenty of paper
towel. Even worse, there were no (fast-working)
vents in that small Auschwitzkammer I made.

So, I had to basically wipe the floor up of the
remaining bleach and fan the fumes out the
door with my large towel, taking hits of fumes
and air breaks for over two hours.

Feel free to tell me what the hell was that gas
or how I was dumb for even trying to cleanup,
but the important thing was I saved my
roommates from being gassed while having a
piss in a clean bathroom.

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