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There are 3 possible scenarios:
1. There are 2 heads coins
2. There is a heads coin and a tails coin
3. There are 2 tails coins
Next we eliminate those which dont fit the criteria of having "at least one coin is heads" and we are left with:
1. There are 2 heads coins
2. There is a heads coin and a tails coin
The question does not give any information regarding order of the coins, therefore there is no "first" or "second" coin, there are only the sets which contain either 2 heads or a heads and a tails.
Probability= favourable outcomes/possible outcomes
Without the criteria of "at least one is heads" there would be 3 possible outcomes, and a 1/3 chance of both being heads, but after applying that criteria, it becomes impossible to land two tails coins. Thus we are left with one favourable outcome (both coins are heads) and two possible outcomes (both are heads OR one heads and one tails)
The probability of both coins being heads is 1/2

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Yes, I agree with you that the answer to OP is unambiguously 1/3.

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I can never be fucked on all the variations, but this problem is part of a family that, if you're struggling with them, all have one secret to understanding the right answer.
>You need to select one thing to be your choices, and another to be your probabilities. Invert your problem setup, plug in the probabilities, and watch the orthodox answer appear.

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if you consider coin 1:heads+coin 2:tails and coin1:tails+coin 2:heads as scenarios that are necessarily different (i.e. coins being indexed)
then it's 1/3
if you consider them as effectively same scenarios, it's 1/2.

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>TH may as well = HT as they are both not HH
it's not just that they aren't HH.
Maybe instead of thinking about order think of it as flipping one coin in each hand (again, just for labeling purposes).
HT: Left hand coin is heads, right hand coin is tails
TH: Left hand coin is tails, right hand coin is heads
Two different events, each have a probability of 1/4.
HH: Both hands have coins. No two separate scenarios to this. Probability of 1/4.
Table on >>12420422 has all the information.
Also proven empirically on >>12419385 , look at the results down.
TT comes up 25% of the time, the combination of HT/TH comes up 50% of the time (1/4 + 1/4) and HH comes up 25% of the time.

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very good on correcting yourself there anon

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This triggers /sci/
The arecibo telescope was destroyed because is a fake, Earth is flat, deal with it.

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Its like a physics simulation haha

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this thing is closer to an animal

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He is also likely to be doped up to his ears.
There's a handful of runners that have had times similar to his, every single one busted for doping.

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You must also consider how the difference in technology (tracks, shoes, starting pedals, etc) and regulations of the sport affected the increase speed on that century. The actual increase by natural means is lower than 10%.

It makes sense.

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that would probably cause some psychological problems
he'd probably end up shooting his girlfriend in their bathroom or something

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how do i get more motivation and faszination for math?

what motivates you, makes you interessed in math?
can you make me interessed in math?

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This post and the one with the cat image I tagged are my only ones on this thread, just in case you've confused me for someone else.
I'm similar to you though, thought long and hard about becoming a quant but ended up going actuarial route because the steps to becoming an actuary is much more straight forward and clearly defined, quant is more of a throwaway term rather than a specific job from what I've seen.
Currently a second year actuarial and financial studies student, the course basically guarantees you walk into a job after uni (as long as you can make it through the material).

I think you should keep pushing to be a quant because you'll have long term satisfaction from achieving a long term goal, but be prepared to move onto something else greater if you still aren't satisfied. I was basically plagued by insecurity for two years before I managed to get an employable course I like but now that I know I'll be able to get a good job I'm also just enjoying myself until I stumble into any life-changing opportunity.

Basically just keep pushing and setting high goals, that is guaranteed to give you fulfillment and happiness, you'll be guaranteed to find a passion you share with others. I wish I could give more than pseudo-sage advice but an optimistic perspective makes a real difference.

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teach me how to do this but for literally anything else

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pretty much just try to do something math related everyday. A good place to start would be looking at the topics you've learned from school and play around with it. I ended up learning vector calculus because I wanted to rotate arrows around in 3d space

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how did you manage to consume minimally? i'm trying but i'm addicted to this shit so i cannot break free.

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From the UK guidance on the Pfizer vaccine. I ain't a doctor, is there any scientific reason I should be worried about fertility?
>inb4 hurr durr u won't sex anyway har har

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Still beats the alternative of people continuing to breed as they are.

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look up Gardasil

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>As of April 2014, more than 170 million doses of Gardasil had been distributed worldwide.[55] The vaccine was tested in thousands of females (ages 9 to 26).[56] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider the vaccine to be safe. It does not contain mercury, thiomersal, live viruses or dead viruses, but virus-like particles, which cannot reproduce in the human body.[56]


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If you're concerned, don't ask on 4chan because this place is disinformation central. Ask your doctor.

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why dont protons spin slow down over time

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> Spin is not angular momentum.
Not true. It's the intrinsic angular momentum from the rotation symmetry of the SU(2) group. Classical angular momentum is exactly symmetry same but from rotations in 3D space.

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>grab electron
>start drill-gets-stuck-gag spinning

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quantum something or other

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It's how many symmetries they have in one dimension, but physics are retarded to call it with useful world.

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Is there some drug that causes narcolepsy or whose withdrawal causes narcolepsy?

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I mean permanent narcolepsy as a nasty side effect, not sleeping pills

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why would you want that?

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Meth. Try meth. Do 5 day crank and viola, you need to sleep.

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If I don't feel like talking to someone, I can just fall asleep mid conversation and loudly snore until they leave.
What's not to like about narcolepsy?

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>If you can’t see it, you can’t be it
What do you think of the war cry of the women / diversity in stem movement /sci/? Do you think you need to see something to be something? Did you need to see some figure in order to aspire to be an engineer, mathematician or scientist? What of the first engineers, mathematicians and scientists, how did they come across their theories and manage to change paradigms without seeing someone first?

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Just because I see a serial rapist on the news doesn't mean I can just go and be one.
this is retarded.
also go back
not math or science.

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>you can't be what you can't see
Well i don't see a XX aged male named XXXX with XXXXXX XXXX XXXXX hair, XXXX eyes, who studied XXXXXXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXXXX university who is into XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX and XX XXXXXX, so i guess i can't fucking be that person either.

I hope you're wrong, because you might only think in systems but you're part of them as well, and if the west falls china takes over and that will be the end of human society as we know it.

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As a kid I was always just into science. Wasn't interested in who invented what. Thought it was stupid to call them Maxwell's equations and not EM equations.

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The targets are wrong. Women don’t burn out in academia, they are quite good at that. They burn out in industry.

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enforced diversity is a weapon of warfare designed to destroy our societies
only china and the bankers benefit from our self destruction, and guess who funds it?

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Reading Hobbes now, doesn't his work predate Newtons?
Is Newton only regaled due to the mathematical proofs?

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Big scientific breakthroughs are just a consequence of small incremental steps.

>> No.12418752

Redpill me on Hobbes

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So I hear a lot of people saying that they're nervous about mRNA vaccines because they're new. Moreover, people rather frequently claim that one year is not enough to demonstrate safety of the technique of mRNA vaccination. However, some of these concerns are based on incomplete knowledge of the history of mRNA vaccination. While these types of vaccines are relatively novel, they are not nearly as novel as people tend to think.

The first demonstration of an expression response following mRNA injection dates back to 1990 [1], and a numerous clinical trials have been done since that time. Some examples can be found here: [2-4]. These studies include monitoring participants for adverse events for extended periods of time, far longer than the claims I often see here. See [5] for a good overview of safety assessments of vaccination using mRNA platforms.

Aside from that, people often forget that the field of mRNA therapeutics as a whole is even older [6; pic related]. This field has been concerned with any potential adverse events that it could produce. Nevertheless, the predominant reason for why mRNA based therapeutics haven't yet taken off full scale aren't safety concerns, but methodological issues stemming from the instability of mRNA in vivo. It tends to be broken down quickly, and requires some degree of stabilization for it to be able to reach its therapeutic potential. With recent advances, these obstacles have now been overcome. The point here is that the intrinsic instability of mRNA is something that strongly acts *against* the potential for long-term adverse effects.

So we know that the technique is safe, and now that we know it works, it's time to start rolling it out.

1: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/247/4949/1465
2: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18481387/
3: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28754494/
4: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28457665/
5: https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd.2017.243
6: https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd4278

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>>No results from the trial have yet been published in a peer reviewed journal.
>Should we be concerned?
I wouldn't expect these results to be published on the near term, but that alone shouldn't be a cause for concern. The phase I and II trials have already been published, and their aim is to establish safety and dose tolerance. Aside from that, regulatory agencies who are responsible for approval must assess the data from phase III trials, and that is in essence a peer review process. They will also publish a full report of contraindications for usage, so that health care professionals and the public knows what is known and what is unknown about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

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That proves his point though right

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It's difficult to say, it depends on various factors and not all are predictable. For one, it depends on how quickly the vaccine will be distributed in large quantities. For two, it remains to be seen what proportion of the population is willing to take it. The initial wave of vaccinations in risk groups will most likely substantially bring down the number of fatalities, but won't suffice to curb the pandemic entirely. So depending on public sentiment and political decisions, until we approach some semblance of herd immunity, additional non pharmaceutical interventions (masks, distancing, etc) will probably remain in place. When exactly we reach that point will vary per country; probably some time mid- until late next year in Western Europe and the US. But again, it depends on how things will play out in practice.

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Good thread, have a bump

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>there's no point in trying to explain vaccine functions to commonpeople
>proceeds to do exactly that

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>performs self-lobotomy with meme

aaaahhh, science! The art of resource-reducing certain neuron clusters and cycles for personal choice pursuit maximization!

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Hi /sci/
I'm looking to try and line up an apprenticeship in carpentry about mid next year. I have an intermediate knowledge of maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square measurements). I know geometry and trigonometry are two that would be important to know and I'm confident its not to late to learn these things properly, so could any of you please recommend some good textbook or references?

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you can google 'high school geometry free pdf'
or go ask >>>/diy/

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well there you go, I just learned something

>> No.12418778

geometry + trig an absolute must. How do you even do calculations with angles?
A step further would be multivariable calculus to study volumes. A think mech eng or civil eng programme would be best for you anon.

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food for thought

>> No.12419215

Study what they call "college algebra" and trigonometry. I recommend the book Algebra and Trigonometry by Swokowski and Cole. Older editions are great and can be gotten for $15 or so. This is what I used to get back into math at the age of 21. And I now have an MS in mechanical engineering.


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I've got some spare time now to read more and im looking for books that you think change the way you think. specifically books that give good frameworks to understanding maths and science. im not sure if that makes sense, but if you can think of a book you've read that matches that (or really any science and math related book) then id love to hear about them

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Platos republic

>> No.12422788

seems pretty based and Dr Dutton style

>> No.12422798

reading this too

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bump, ive been thinking about the same thing.

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same here anon

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Scientifically speaking, what is the explanation for the Ed McMahon Mandela effect? It doesn't seem plausible that it could be explained by bad memory.


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Stop being a brainlet.

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I have an explanation but I have to explain reality first. consider if you will, that all quantum particles, at any point in time, are just cross sections of 4d waves. any particular slice is a specific point in time, going to the beginning of the wave, or to the end of the wave, being every single point in time that the particle experiences from our perspective. since the wave is constantly propagating, the location of the particle at a particular point in time is in a superposition: all of those potential positions are existing simultaneously, and all are valid in their own context. essentially, any slice of time for a wave is x number of alternate timelines oscillating in and out of existence. bring it up to the atomic level, those waves are interacting in such a way that specific sections of the wave form are always occupied; that a particle timeline (or multiple timelines) of the combined waves have become stable and realized, have become physical matter, and the other potential timelines are sidelined and non-realized.

now, let's say some sort of unknown event happens in the 4D space, such that our combined particle wave current is modified. say, a different particle wave current travelling perpendicular to ours connects with us at whatever point represents the early 1900's. let's say this fucks with the amplitudes and frequencies of the particle waves to such an extent, that it causes reality to de-stabilize, and then restabilize, but as something just very slightly different. mandela didn't die in prison. mcmahon didn't give out giant cheques. fruit of the loom branding is only the fruit. maybe our consciousness, and how our brains store memories, those particle waves survive the event, and we remember the original timeline. maybe the people who were changed by the event think we're crazy. maybe these events happen all the time.

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Are designer babies going to be the future of Mankind?

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Also this

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>Designer babies I'm sceptical of. There's a lot of complicated epigenetics in development you lose if you manipulate embryos in a lab before rearing them.
There's nothing to be skeptical of, science might not have the answer currently, but it will in time.
The entirety of mankind will propagate through artificial wombs.
Women will become obsolete.

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Quoted By: >>12422143 >>12422875


top kek, humanity is about to lose full control before this century is up. none of you have a clue.

>> No.12422143

>None of you have a clue
Neither do you anon. You might think you know how bad it's gonna get, but it'll be way worse than your most pessimistic predictions.

>> No.12422875

The problem with utopic, dystopic and apocyalyptic world views is that they all fail to get the possibilties and complexities right. It gives on the illusion of certainity but in the end nobody can tell how the future will be.

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Why hypothesis testing is a statistical but not scientific?

>> No.12418612

significance levels are arbitrary

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Why does the (((vaccine))) need to be stored at -70 degrees until injection? Some people are saying it is because it has nanobots in it that activate when the heat changes from your body temp. No vaccine ever had these specification before this one. Is this true nerds?


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Quoted By: >>12418604

it's a new technology, mRNA virus and mRNA is fragile and won't remain intact long at high temps

>> No.12418604


mRNA vaccine*

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What is the evolutionary explanation for polygamy?

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That men like to boink as many women as possible?

>> No.12421900


>> No.12421911

In a world with less humans and more distance between all of them some women could not get married (widowed, too old, disabled, divorced, stuff like that)

>> No.12422482

Hope she reads this, bro

>> No.12423007

allowed for men not for women

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Help anons HELP!!

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it attacks both. there are like 3-4 equilibria going on here

>> No.12418686

Thank you kind anons for your precious time !!

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Quoted By: >>12418932

lmao you could literally have 4-5 different products and reactions.

>> No.12418932
Quoted By: >>12420631

doesnt matter now it was a quiz and it got over

>> No.12420631

What are you guys studying in the class right now? Like what topics are you guys focusing on, that’ll help us narrow down potential products. Even if the quiz is done, I’m still curious

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Quoted By: >>12419053 >>12420010

Why do they do it?

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Quoted By: >>12419094

you know... posts like this one will cause you cancer 10-15 years from now... karma always gets rebalanced

>> No.12419015

>Ok then how come I can't see the qt waving at me anymore?
Did you use an adblocker?

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everyone deserves free access to education. cry about it faggot

>> No.12419094

>telling the truth gets you cancer because of karmic principle
Highly unscientific.

>> No.12420010

to own the western capitalists (who are gay)

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>Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5?
>China: Is this a Joke?
>Japan: Impossible!
>America: The question's wrong!!
>UK: Rubbish !!
>India: F(IV)E This is the reason you find Indians everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts... anything to do with optimising your brain!!
>British: Can u Swim?
>Indian: No
>British: Then a Dog is Better den u because It Swims. Indian: Can u Swim?
>British: Yes!
>Indian: Then What's the Difference between u & Dog… British Shocked,Faints!! Indian Rocks!
>European : Y do U indians come in all colors, look at us,we R all white..?
>Abdul Kalam: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys R all the same..!!!
>Einstein & a Indian sitting next to each other on a long flight...
>Einstein says:
>"Let's play a game...
>I will ask you a question,
>if you don't know the answer,
>you pay me only $5
>if I don't know the answer,
>I will pay you $500..."
>Einstein asks the first question:
>What's the distance from the Earth to the Moon...?
>Indian doesn't say a word,
>Reaches his pocket,
>Pulls out a $5...
>It's the indian turn...
>He asks Einstein:
>What goes up a hill with 3 legs
>comes down on 4 legs..?
>Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends...
>After an hour he gives Indian $500...
>Einstein going nuts and asks:
>so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four..?
>Indian reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5...
>Einstein fainted.....
>Send to all Indians all over the globe!

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>> No.12420123

Poos are not people. Take it to the loo.

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Quoted By: >>12420280

You're defending your dissertation and this guy comes and asks unfair questions at you, what do you do?

>> No.12420280

buy him a toilet for his effort

>> No.12420301

Incredibly based

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Quoted By: >>12418581 >>12418635

Do you think we will ever be able to rewind entropy? Allow infinite energy to emerge from 'somewhere' and power a future digitalized civilization for eons?

I highly doubt it.

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>> No.12418567
Quoted By: >>12418572

You're just ignoring the problem and spiraling into infinity.

>> No.12418572
Quoted By: >>12418601

I don’t understand. Just sell stuff. Boom. Numbers go up. You’re being productive. Can’t explain that.

>> No.12418581


A universe without entropy would be a universe without gravity or electricity. It's an innate property that gives rise to everything we see and experience.

Either we have what we have WITH entropy, or we have nothing at all.

Also the universe would probably exist for over vigintillion years, human society could very well give rise to every possible genetic combination of any human lifeform or otherwise possible, each living out lives of a billion years well before the universe even begins to fully decay.

>> No.12418601


>> No.12418635

How about we all deposit cum into OPs rectum in hopes that infinite energy appears there.

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Quoted By: >>12418636 >>12418659

If mathematical convergence was a true thing then everyone would simply go to University in order to study mathematics and be done with everything else.

>I vote we just merge the mathematics class and the sex ed class into one super class.

>> No.12418636
Quoted By: >>12418637

Wtf is mathematical convergence?

>> No.12418637
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>> No.12418659
Quoted By: >>12418675

Convergence is a philosophical stance that has zero bearing on the life experience of the vast majority of people. They're unironically more concerned with things like having sex, hence sex ed is a discreet component of mainstream education.

>> No.12418675
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Despite being a primary driver of population, which is literally the only thing that could ever inform education?

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>> No.12422505

/pol/ is that way chud.

>> No.12422508

based. fortunate of us to have one of the top grads in the US gracing us with their presence

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You start by discussing that shit at the equivalent of a Synagogue for your own people, not on an anonymous board. Oh right, I forgot Christianity left no places like that for non-Jews.
You are fucked. Judaism survived Christianity and got its reward.

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Well low end 4chan tier I guess?

>> No.12422658

thanks for the webm

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