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can someone explain to me what is Gödel's incompleteness theorems?

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the incompleteness theorems aren't concerned with whether axioms are "provable" (the dogmatic argument from the munchhausen trilemma). they show that regardless of what axioms you choose (provided that they satisfy a few things important for arithmetic) that there are true statements (true *given the dogmatically assumed axioms*) that cannot be proved from those axioms

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I see. Interesting, thanks.

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For any interesting map, there are places that exist even though you can't get there via legal roads.

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He started some theorems but left them incomplete and that's really profound or something.

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All his theorem shows is that given a set of axioms there are some statements that can't be proved. Even if you create a new axion to prove that statement you can then create a new statement that is unprovable given that new set of axioms. That's it. It doesn't say which statements can't be proved give a set of axioms. It's more a thought exercise that has no has application to the real world.

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Jiuzhang achieves quantum supremacy


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jiuzhang more like jizz wang am i rite

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Sell that crypto before the gooks rob you

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Not impressed until it can run MINIX.

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What they have done is actually a strong achievement, arguably stronger than what Google put forth last year.

Big difference though is that the Jiuzhang is not programmable, it can only do one thing. However it demonstrates that boson sampling at a large scale can work. I imagine Xanadu is jumping with delight about this news, they recently just put out a small-scale Gaussian boson sampling chip.

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What are the arguments against eugenics? Are they sound? What are your opinions on the concept?

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People are going to fuck that up and create an entire generation of spergs.

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It gives a massive amount of power to those running it, making it dangerous should it be abused.
That said, genetic engineering of humans is inevitable, so it is better to pour resources into it to make it available to everyone rather than just letting it happen in some fiscal paradise that only the uber rich can afford.

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>I'll be first in line.
I don't think you understand how this works.

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I just want someone to put me out of my misery.
Make it fucking work.

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Eugenics is more likely to achieve that or nothing at all. With genetic engineering you can simply skip the part in which you have to roll dices and take the prize straigth ahead.

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What is your major and do you regret taking it? Lol

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Yeah, to subvert Mathematics major plan.

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No clue because that's not a job that's a major.

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CS. i'm mediocre so this is the best i can do. i want to go back to school and do a phd but i'm afraid to do ML because you need to be top 1% to make it in ml research

some schools do group eecs

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Lol you are lacking education.

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>take stats as an undergrad
>required course for a few majors at my college, brainlet filter for nursing and business programs
>prof is an overworked Indian man who clearly hates having to teach students who don't care at all about the material
>lots of people get caught cheating every year
>I work hard and do well, me and prof get along great
>he asks me to tutor the class the next semester
>I'll get paid for it, so I agree
>hot black girl also taking the class
>she gets caught cheating, fails, and the prof refuses to allow her back
>the next semester, I'm tutoring stats, she's taking it online through a different school
>she knows I'm the tutor, so she asks for help one day when she sees me in the library
>tell her that I can't do on the clock tutoring for her because she's taking the class at a different school, but I wouldn't mind helping her study
>ask her what she needs help with
>she asks me to help her when she takes one of her online exams
>sperg out and tell her I'm not going to help her cheat
>she gets embarrassed and walks away
I should have just helped her cheat. I probably could have got my dick sucked, and what's the worst that could have happened?

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It's quite simple, a degree is not automatically related to any form of employment. To integrate employability qualities into something purely academic changes the entire purpose of a degree.

Employability traits should not be embedded within degrees or you reduce the meaning of academia into just a machine for economic performance.

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I suppose I agree with you on a philosophical level, but I think you're conflating what you'd like with what is. Diplomas and degrees will always be tied into employability for as long as academia is entangled with capitalism and the commodity form.

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There are concessions made for the sake of a functioning world. I just wish people would stop having such a difficult time admitting that we are not getting the literal forms of things.

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She could've been something as your doctor in future failing because you helped her cheat.

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>what's the worst that could have happened?
>gets dick sucked
>gets STD
>she gets caught because she someone passed the test but failed everything else
>you get caught
>lose position

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Is the quality of the imagination proportional to IQ? Why do people with high IQ have more realistic and detailed imaginations? It is as if the brain of the person with a high IQ is more "connected" to reality.

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Yes. IQ is real; it is not imaginary. On the other hand, the imagination is not real.

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the duality of /sci

Imagination and intuition are infinite and therefore where all revolutions stem. IQ is a dime a dozen.

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Mother Fucker what the Fuck is I.Q.? Don't you know that it is corrected for age? When you hit your 30s you will feel DEPRESSED thinking about how easy everything is. If ONLY you cared enough to hone/develop an actual interest in any of this SHIT you wouldn't have to work so hard to push the limits of your creativity. The Ideas then become intertwined and you could respawn any of it within your own imagination.
maybe work won't be such a DRAG then

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Not no and not yes. IQ is not real and not not real; it is not imaginary and not not imaginary. On the other hand, the imagination is not real and not not real.

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'''High IQ and Imagination'''

Is the quality of the imagination proportional to IQ? Why do people with high IQ have more realistic and detailed imaginations? It is as if the brain of the person with a high IQ is more "connected" to reality.

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>professor describes math concept as "beautiful"

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retard engiee
math is as much as an art as painting is, it's essentially the same concept of creativity.
retard I said language of the universe.
shit retard sciencucks say.
>professor mentions imaginary numbers

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>not understanding the geometry that goes into a masterful use of perspective in a painting
>not realizing that what our ears interpret as chords or scales are ratios of vibrational frequency
There's math in art, and there's art in math.

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look at differential equations and tell me that shit isn't beautiful

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No one cares

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>prof describes math concept as neat

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The man that took Americans to the space and to the Moon was German.
The man that is taking Americans again to the Space Station and to the Moon is South African.

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He's an african american you bigot

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how can you be such a retard and still be alive?

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And Goddard coppied ideas from Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
Check mate

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This is correct.

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I always wondered how high the probability of being born as a conscious lifeform actually is. And the answer is always: it goes towards zero. The old saying that you only have one shot at life and you actually hit the jackpot and are born as a conscious one, even an INTELLIGENT one able to understand your place in the world and the universe is so fucking slim considering what actually has to happen for it to emerge. Its just mind-boggling impossible.

Imagine all the possible lives, or better consciousnesses, NEVER being born. All the things that actually have to happen for you, as of now, existing. You cant trace it back just to your parents meeting and fucking, you have to trace it back to literally life existing at all. And even in between, theres major random events that altered evolution on this planet massively (Dinosaurs going extinct as the dominant species on this planet for example) Now how frequent might life in the universe even be? If you all add up all this randomness, the chances of you, right now, reading this text as a human being are so small, they might not even exist at all.

So...im slowly getting used to the thought that this is infact a simulation just for ME!

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Probability of 1 when God is involved.

>> No.12420424

>Probability of 1 when God is involved.
Total probability = (probability god exists * 1) + (probability god doesn't exist * probability life forms by chance)

So the total probability is equal to the chance life forms by chance :^)

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It isn't. Maybe you aren't even concius, as you said probability of doing that for you was small, so maybe it never happened.

Maybe you should deal with fact that you cannot change bricks and you change only your own interpretation because you don't have premission to change data in tree, stack, or even your root of a graph.

You're somewhere on level of ants on cognitive tree like this.

No, ants are higly cognitive beings compared to you, because they aren't such selfish pricks who things it's only thing there.

Despite that your're also just conscious algorythm which cannot even properly communicate with other of kind on level of mind abstraction therefore agreeing whole simulation is just one packet in communication and it isn't you but for group to change or interact with to establish end of communication where everybody's guaranteed a non-bullshit vision of world for reality that is follow by this simulation of it.

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you just looked at the first sentence on wikipedia and not how it resulted in the creation of the fake universe principle, multiverse principle, or even how the strong form essentially argues that the observable universe is restricted to conditions that allow for the presence of human life
in fact if you just pressed ctrl f on the wikipedia and search for simulation it states the same thing. i tell op it has already been discussed because you only need to look at the very few conferences on the topic that discuss exactly what has been said by op, it seems very obvious to me how this relates to the topic. in fact i even think the anthropic principle also states the probability of life is close to 0, i dont think i should have to spoonfeed the very few conferences surrounding the anthropic principle for op to find easily and gain more knowledge on the topic

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the probability is actually 100%

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Hey /sci bros,

I am interested to hear your opinion on the Coof Vacc that will rolled out in UK (ChAdOx1).

It appears that these type of vaccines' have been used in the past and they seems safe. Also the short-term effect seem amazing since the protection of the subject against it appears to improve, even though the tests were done on healthy individuals.

Additionally, people who had it appear to develop immunity and people who has experienced other vaccines or viral diseases have been a certain immunity/ protection to it. So a widespread vaccination might not be needed.

But my question would be what are the chances you think of it developing long term side effects that we might not consider?

Also sources please!

>> No.12419303

>Immunological considerations for COVID-19 vaccine strategies
>Safety and immunogenicity of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2: a preliminary report of a phase 1/2, single-blind, randomised controlled trial
>Prospects for a safe COVID-19 vaccine
>Robust T Cell Immunity in Convalescent Individuals with Asymptomatic or Mild COVID-19
>[Comment] COVID?19 vaccine safety

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Does sleeping next to an android phone causes brain cancer?

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Just don't do it. Turn data and wifi off for starters. Any emergency would come via SMS or call anyway.

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>Yes. Everything causes brain cancer.
No, anything that causes cellular mutations can cause cancer. But it does not mean it will, A healthy adult in their prime can develop cancer out of nowhere just as much as a 60 a day smoker can go their entire lives without ever developing cancer. it's a matter of blind statistics, some can luck it out and others will be unlucky

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Put away the phone an hour before going to bed and NOT look at it untill you've slept the night. Better quality of sleep AND you will have a proper night's rest. Looking at 4chan in the middle of the night and not being able to go to sleep afterwards is more damaging than the radiation the phone is radiating.

>> No.12419657

thats right goy just give yourself cancer and trust that we'll cure it. who cares if all your devices and foods are carcinogenic.

>> No.12419690

I literally turn airplane mode on every time I go to sleep because phone is right next to my head.
Even if the signal is harmless, you still get pros like people won't disturb you in sleep

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who don't know category theory. there are people who don't even know what a ring or a group is

How is this possible? If you don't know basic AA you can't even understand linear algebra properly. Am I the only one shocked (and somewhat fritghtened) by this? Whats preventing them from just attacking and murdering random people? They clearly don't have ToM or even basic self-consciousness. They're literally just bags of blood walking around prevented from exploding because of their limited unconscious osmosis of social customs and so on.

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>How is this possible?
I'm not really into science anon.

>> No.12422543

Yes, group theory, rings and all that I've learned in first semester linear algebra.
But category theory looks like an abstraction of that.

>> No.12422710

Can Iearn it with my linear algebra and calculus knowledge? I don't know how to proof tho

>> No.12422836

>what’s the benefit for a pure analyst
More than you’d think. One neat example is understanding results related to interpolation space. A lot of the results due to Reisz have a natural category theoretic questions which admit both more generality to interpolation and well as giving precise succinct formulations. You’ll find category theory show up pretty often when you want to do analysis on weird spaces that you need the power of structure to comment on a priori.

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Asians are only attractive after europizing surgery.

>> No.12420404

Citation needed for the claim that asians are more attractive because of the social pressure, not that the social pressure exists.

>> No.12420461

Mix of asians and europeans is more sexy than sole, and then there's korean singers... That's like special class.

>> No.12420612

Cope with your fragile white superiority

>> No.12420620

you're conditioned to think of asian women as petite and submissive (assuming you're a westerner) and you've fetishized this.

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where can i buy chimp adenovirus?

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try ebay.

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why won't they just fucking DIE already?

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>>mfw ayylien trannies get butthurt by glorious HUMAN engineering

You mean huMAN.

>> No.12419916

Well to be fair the thicc african females that were sucking the engineers off under the table helped contribute too.

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>they had to overbuild the shit out of them

This is going to confuse the hell out of any aliens that find voyager.
>look at the craftsmanship of this probe. Every detail is perfect down to the micron level
>but the technology and design of it, it's like it was designed by a species of babies

>> No.12419944

We should fly to them to replace the batteries so they can do this for another 40 years

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Quoted By: >>12422303

I need a good chemistry modeling app, preferably for an Ipad but if there's one for android that'd be ok too. Thanks.

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Good taste.

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Based, KingDraw Bros Unite!

>> No.12422245

very good since my uni chemdraw licence is going to expire soon

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your kind is not welcome in this sacred place

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Alright, so realistically, and scientifically, how would she ever get to a normal weight? Could she even recover from malnourishment like this? What would be the long-lasting effects? How long would recovery from her current state take? What would she look like afterwards? I've tried looking up shit pertaining to being this...skinny? Starved? But I've really found nothing about that and I just found out who this person is and I really want to know if anyone ever reached a point this low could they recover, and if so, would they be able to?

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She has gained weight, but I have heard she lost it again. She has already damaged her skeletal structure and organs.

>> No.12422558


Evidence discarded due to obvious falsity.

>> No.12422560

She got that fat pussy doh

>> No.12422596

I call her fat every now and then

>> No.12422614

Oh boy, you just opened a pandora's box for trolls. Just be glad it wasn't me to start it.

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Quoted By: >>12419979 >>12420032

>Once upon a time the whole universe was condensed in a space smaller than a proton
>It suddenly exploded and became what we know today
>This is valid and scientific, trust me Richard Dawkins said so

Science can be

The Big Bang is none of those things and it in fact breaks observable, testable, and repeatable laws of actual science. The Bible calls this, "science falsely so called"

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Quoted By: >>12419750

>You’re brain on atheism
>You’re brain on science falsely so called

>> No.12419750

it's a rapid expansion of space, which is different from the usual conception of am explosion. it's the difference between a bomb exploding in a room, and a room growing bigger in size. people think of the big bang as the former, when it's more akin to the latter

>> No.12419979

The big bang is a hypothesis. In that, there is some observed data that point in the direction that it might be true (CMB, redshifts, observed expansion) but there are other hypothesis out there. It just so happens that the big bang is vox populi and the media likes to cover it a lot.
Also, it does certainly sound a lot conveniently like an analogy to religious beliefs (and it must be pointed out that Georges LeMaitre coined the term while being simultaneously a priest and a theoretical phycisit). So yeah, it might also be a way to insert god into physics.
But that doesn't refute that observational data confirms part of what the hypothesis states. Just because an event can't be observed doesn't mean it doesn't leave traces behind that can be meassured (take for instance seismical monitoring).

>> No.12420032

>exploring the wilderness
>find an oddly shaped mountain surrounded by ash and igneous rocks
>"I believe that long ago, this mountain was a volcano that erupted."
>"Actually, you're being very unscientific because you can't observe, test, or repeat the volcano's eruption"

>> No.12420155

>obvious troll/slide thread
>54 replies
>20 posters

oh how /sci/ has fallen. Possible immense samefaggotry
>all fields

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Quoted By: >>12419057

anyone else remember reading this book as a kid?

>> No.12419057
Quoted By: >>12419062

No, I partied and fucked bitches when I was a kid.

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File: 111KiB, 619x927, 7f69644ef2afa2968921e3a75b4ca733.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I got like 5 million and 12 hundred thousand hoes
They drippin' all over my motherfuckin' clothes

>> No.12419194

i have literally never read a book that isn't a textbook

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Quoted By: >>12423087

Can the stock market be solved by math and science?'
I assume you would need statistical math and behaviour science to fall back on.

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>> No.12423060

Big oof

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No, technical analysis is a meme. You can't beat hft algos that can trade the same shares on multiple exchanges tens-of-thousands of times a second in the long run either so just put money in index funds, fixed-income assets, rental properties, etc, like the rest of us fucking boomers.

>> No.12423087

Not usefully. If you ever try to invest based on your predictions, or publish them, you will precipitate a change in the rules you so carefully analyzed, and will find that the information advantage you created has collapsed in the new rules framework.

>> No.12423161

>speak of science and math
>cant even solve practical things with math and science and math
>cant even get rich to fund your research
why live

>> No.12423202

heh not only that but look at the arms, also he's trying to cover his hands.

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ITT: Share your cheating experience in college.

What were the consequences?
Are you happy that you cheated?
Would you do it again?
What is your opinion on cheating?

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>> No.12423000

Never cheated.
cheaters are cancer

>> No.12423008

I only "cheated" for assignments and lab reports because I didn't want to do them myself.
Still aced all tests though, without cheating.

>> No.12423097

>What were the consequences?
>Are you happy that you cheated?
not even the material I actually did pay attention to in college is useful, so yes.
>Would you do it again?
you bet.
>What is your opinion on cheating?
rules are meant to be broken. it's an order vs chaos type of thing. Be yourself. Anyone in this board who tells you otherwise wasted too much time in their degrees and certs, and alot of them come lurk here who still believe in the establishment. Most of them will never admit it. People are afraid of the unknown.
Even the math stuff could leave you off worse. Glad I dropped those courses and later found NJ Wildberger. Based Aussie.

>> No.12423105

You good goys can complain all you want about cheaters; Tom Brady still has 6 super bowls and rich people don't pay their taxes.
Information retention is just one aspect of college, navigating institutional bureaucracy is arguably the greater IQ test.

>> No.12423298

I’m in math. Cheating on exams has long since been impractical since upper division math exams are generally the professor’s modifications to problems that would take a long time to look up, and those problems probably wouldn’t give me insight into solving the entire thing anyway. To that end, most math exams I’ve had we’re open book, or if I forgot a theorem, the professor would write it on the board for use later.
As for looking answers up, usually I’ll get *parts* of the reasoning I need online, understand it completely, and incorporate it into my solution. If it’s super specific, I’ll cite it, but if it’s something you can convince yourself of within a day, I don’t.

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What scientific fact has he heard?

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Intelligence is 100% genetic.

>> No.12420113

It's actually 80%

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According to all known laws of aviation....

>> No.12420588

He kindof is.
Economy is a science.

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Low IQ spotted

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the problem of the regression to infinity of causal chains in motion? in other words: what's the
stationary motor of Aristotle?
>inb4 gravitational fields
isn't it a deus ex machina argument? where does the energy that activates these fields come from?

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>The causal chain cannot be infinite

Why not? If one would accept God to be timeless, why not the universe itself?

Even if we suppose there exists an unmoved mover, it is another matter entirely to furnish that thing with all the attributes of God.

This argument, to me, seems to stem from a discomfort with the notion of infinity. Or with a desire to have the universe conform to the human experience, where things are finite and local.

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Why can’t the chain just loop around like a snake biting its own tail? :D

Though this doesn’t really answer the core of the question, since you just could ask “why does the chain exist”.

Nobody knows. Whether you believe in a god or not you’re assuming that something always has existed. In the end, the best answer anybody has is “because it just is that way” or “I don’t know”.

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Isn't that just planet spinning?

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gravity is just the positional probability of mass particles averaging out with each other. more mass = more weight in the average. the particles calculate their locations, and then the average of all mass particles in the universe is applied, weighted on distance, and then they move to the new spot. it gives the illusion of movement, but no force is actually being applied.

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All motion, mass, and energy in the universe is ultimately derived from the indescribably large amount of energy that constituted the entire universe in the first moments of its existence.
No one knows why or how that energy existed and the notion of an "efficient cause" can't be applied to it (without making additional assumptions) since that's the earliest moment in time to begin with.
If that idea makes you uncomfortable then feel free to substitute your own explanation.

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