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What do you think about my theory that the eyes may have the ability to detect sound waves?

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youre a little schizo arent ya but its a fun video nonetheless

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A little schizo sure, but what do you reckon about the theory?

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My one thing against this theory is that the speed at which the refraction light directional changes would occur may be to fast for the retinal cells to turn on and off, like when you look at a light you get a light "shadow" for a while in your vision.

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Is that a Fourier transform?
What does it look like? I don't know how to do the math.
Thanks. Pic unrelated.

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Look 3blue1brown youtube vid, it's easy there.

Also it's just amount of how much there is certain frequency compared to other frequncies turned from just value in time.

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K ty.

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Redpill me on the Mandelbrot Set. What is this thing? What's the point of it? Why does it look like that?

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Mandelbrot programmed a computer to display an equation visually, the program takes the equation and graphs the values where the equation does not equal infinity.

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It's just the graph of with the number of iterations before it diverges given a color value.

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What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

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China now can brute-force America's nuclear codes and glownigger servers.

>Photon-based quantum computer does a calculation that ordinary computers might never be able to do.
>While Jiuzhang achieved Gaussian boson sampling in just 200 seconds, the researchers estimated that the same calculation would take the world's fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, 600 million years to complete.
>Quantum supremacy has only been claimed once before. Last year, Google's researchers showed off a 54-qubit processor that they said could run a test computation in 200 seconds – a calculation that, according to the research, would take the world's biggest supercomputers 10,000 years to complete.

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Can you explain to me how something that isn't invented yet and is a new technological paradigm can already have a work around?

Because to me this seems fundamentally impossible. There are not even developed quantum applications yet.

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good point.

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Because genetic distance of a population determines certain cognitive biases that directly aid the success of cooperative measure.

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>he thinks people that are no longer capable of having kids matter for the future demographic
full redditard

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Is this just a really dumb question or does no one know how it would work in a practical world?

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Is this the most soulless major?

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How's that different from going to the arcade? Shits rigged against the players to suck revenues out of their pockets doesn't mean the player has no agency.

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All that autism just for (You)

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it's about manipulation, not removing agency

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Yes marketing has to do with /sci/ retard

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me on the left

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Intelligence is genetic so why don't we just selectively breed all the smart people together? Checkmate.

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>There is no proof that intelligence is genetic.
LMAO where'd you get that idea? Your ethnic studies teacher?

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There is overwhelming evidence that intelligence is mostly genetic you moron.

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It was literally a population wide study on a large number of highly intelligent people.

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>ntelligence is genetic so why don't we just selectively breed all the smart people together? Checkmate.
Intelligence is not the only important trait in a human. Hence more research must be done before commiting to some extreme form of eugenics that would damage the genetic pool.
I for one would prefer to be happier and healthier than smart.

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When you're dreaming, the experience feels real to you. But you wake up and it turns out that it was just random neuronal activity creating a seemingly real experience for you. But what does that imply about our awake state? Are we just passengers along for the ride?

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Dreams have less neuron activity than being awake does. That is why you are more "awake" and "aware" when you are awake. If your prefrontal cortex is having low activity in your sleep, your dreams will not be self-aware that much and you will simply watch the ride rather than be lucid. If more of your brain is active during a particular night then you will be lucid in the dream.

As far as I know, there is no known explanation for where the images and audio of dreams comes from actually. Memories are activated during dreams but strangely the part of the brain that is used for "imagination" and imagining imagery in your head is turned off during sleep, so people still have no idea where the images in dreams come from. Maybe it is just a byproduct of memories being activated? Nobody is sure.

People have "claims" about what dreams are for, but there is no concrete evidence for any theory of dreams right now, it is still just a mystery. The most credible theory is that it is just a byproduct of the brain being active during sleep and because it does not cause harm to the species there was no reason to remove dreaming evolutionarily speaking.

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When somebody is asked to imagine something in their head, a particular area in the brain lights up under a scan, but when you are dreaming, that area of the brain is dark, so nobody knows where the dream comes from yet.

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You cannot teleport, summon guides and friends in this daily nightmare.

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How big of a risk is contamination anyways?

>be me
>working with grad students
>developing bioreactor
>my partner insists on using peristaltic pumps to extract and replenish media
>inefficient as shit
>we could literally rinse pic related with ethanol and use it to pump at 150x the speed
>muh sterility

I feel like if you're not being excessively reckless contamination isn't even a problem. Am I retarded?

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>peristaltic pumps
never heard of these till now
once tried to fill a balloon like that by hand for fun. after an hour the balloon went from empty to the size of a cherry and I gave up. good luck OP

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On a small scale like pipetting things yeah as long as you're not a dumbass you won't contaminate your media etc. but when you're pumping a large volume the chances of contamination go up exponentially, and once you've got some yeast or whatever in your media that's it you have to start over.

I'd say the time savings from using a cheaper/quicker pump that is more prone to introducing contamination is significantly less than the time youd have to invest starting over after you find bacteria goop in your precious bioreactor

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There's basically no reason not to use a peristaltic pump for bioreactors. You have greater chance of avoiding biological and chemical contaminants (pump oil from mechanical pump will always leak for instance even if you don't get fungus or bacterial outbreaks). Considering you have the time to shitpost I doubt you are on such a strict time schedule that you can't use a proper pump.

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OZONE is your friend.

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>Am I retarded?
Absolutely yes. Those shitty fish tank pumps will inevitably leak or have mechanical parts that will get all gunked up and fail. Peristaltic pumps don't have any of those problems and all you need to do is change tubing. Use the fucking proper pumps.

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Do you ever know concepts in your mind but you can't find the words to formulate them? I feel like it happens to me a lot, and it can go years and I finally find the sentence that describes what I have been thinking/feeling.
Is there some scientific explanation for this phenomenon?

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human language is very limited and describing certain concepts can be challenging just try not to over think about it

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I think its Aphasia but I am not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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We understand the concept of God (or immortality, or soul, or infinity) but we can't describe it.

That's a proof, for Descartes, that God exists:

>In some measure, the reliability of our ideas may depend on the source from which they are derived. Descartes held that there are only three possibilities: all of our ideas are either adventitious (entering the mind from the outside world) or factitious (manufactured by the mind itself) or innate (inscribed on the mind by god).

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Aphasia is an inability to comprehend or formulate language because of damage to specific brain regions
I see, well I don't think I have the inability to understand language, I think it's just that I haven't discovered the words that properly describes the idea
interesting, so innate ideas can't be described is that what he's saying?

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Open random page in dictionary and walk trough random words, they won't encapsualte your mind so much then.

Also try to use multiple sentances, stories with similarities, anything that goes.

Remember, neurons that fire too wire too.

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>be 25 soon to be 26
>feel like I'm getting smarter at a faster rate than ever before
>No brakes on the learning and problem solving competency train

Is the "your brain stops growing at 25" a meme?

I feel as if I'm still gaining momentum. I feel as if it is very likely that in 25 more years my knowledge and problem solving will be higher than it is now.

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Depends on how much you compound the memory

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averages don't reflect the whole
an anecdote on ones possibility is reflective of the nature of human possibility itself

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how do you mean?

>> No.12420768

Memory has diminishing returns each time you remember it, and there are also variances with how accurately you remember in the first place. In general cases, 99% correct can be expected for the first time remembering something in non-chaotic or stressful conditions.

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No, your brain generally does plateau at 25 for males, but you remain at that peak until your mid 30s at least, and then only slowly decline until about 50ish. So you most likely will feel the smartest you've ever been around your mid 20s to your mid 30s.

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Based on neuroscience and evolutionary biology, would we all be happier and more adapted to post-industrial society if we smoked tobacco instead of guzzling caffeine?
I think we would be more relaxed instead of being in a flight-or-flight state, but the karens took this from us.

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I smoked for 20 years until covid, but never a retarded amount like 2 packs a day because I have asthma so half a pack at most. Its a stimulant just as coffee is and the two have godly synergy. I pretty much only smoked because of how good it feels with coffee or alcohol it makes them twice as good.

But it gives you FOF just the same

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in my experience, caffeine doesn't kill anxiety like tobacco, and lasts longer so insomnia is more of an issue
but i suppose it could affect other people in different ways

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Please help with Game Theory final next Tuesday. I only took this class because I didn't wanna take any leftist class my uni was requiring me to take and I never pay attention.

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No way lmao.

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>Theory Game
You Lost

>> No.12421253

Anon, game theory is an easy course. I'm taking it asynchronously this semester, and I've been coasting without studying or even trying.
Outside of Nash Equilibria, the only mental activity in basic game theory is just comparing expected results based on specific variables.

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Hear me out, bros.

I don’t mean that niggers will build doomsday machine or grey goo. They are obviously incapable of that, although they could steal or purchase the technology.

More likely though, on any planet with an intelligent species, a faster breeding but less intelligent subspecies takes over and eventually crowds them out. I think with all this Fermi Paradox stuff we take for granted that any human-like intelligence should evolve to be space faring. But I don’t think that’s the case. Although niggers are human-like, I could see them running the planet for tens of thousands of years of stagnation before decline, all the while never leaving earths gravity.

What do you think? Are niggers or nigger-like species the true Great Filter?

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>Identity politics

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Quoted By: >>12419887


This is not a politics thread.

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No. Human beings only need to be intelligent enough to use technology to make it to space. You don't need to know how your smartphone works to use it. As technology, AI etc. become more advanced eventually we won't need to think at all e.g. young people can't read maps because of satnavs.

>> No.12419887

It is identity politics. You are attempting to make judgements on people by their identity rather than their individual merits. Identity politics belongs on reddit.

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>pic related
This is correct. They will most likely be the Achilles Heel of Western Civilization, although it is unclear whether they will pollute East Asian potential as well.

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Does its numerous occurrence in nature actually mean anything or is it just a meme?

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It must mean something, I saw it in a Disney cartoon.

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Tits or GTFO.

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What is even the message here?

>> No.12422830

>most irrational number
what? how can one irrational number be "more irrational" than another?

>> No.12422833

Yea it means math is flexible and you can expand or retract it to fit what you want it to.

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How the fuck does it retain an atmosphere? Are volcanoes just replenishing it despite the extreme solar wind & lack of magnetosphere?

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That and the atmosphere is relatively young, having been generated by a planet-wide resurfacing event not too long ago in solar system time scales

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Most of the molecules are too heavy to be significantly blown away like CO2.

>> No.12419849

The atmosphere erosion is just slow on Venus - it has much more gravity than Mars or Mercury.

>> No.12419852
Quoted By: >>12421413

It only recently lost its magnetic field. Give it a decade and the atmosphere will be gone without it.

>> No.12421413


until we turn it back on

inb4.... Thats Imposssi

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How do you find the x intersects with this function again?
Obviously you gotta set the equation at 0 but i don't know how to solve it.

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Its +2 and -2, because the denominator cant be 0, so the fraction is 0 when the numerator is 0, you can factor the numerator since its equal to (×+2)(x-2).

>> No.12421591

>(x^2 - 6x) != 0
(x^2 - 6x) ?0?!

>> No.12421595

Well it's equal to zero when the top is zero. So work that out.

>> No.12421637

-> inf == *inf?

>> No.12421648

x intercepts the y axis when y = 0.
f(x) = y = 0
x^2 = 4

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Can someone give me a tl'dr on "everything happeing all at once at the same ttime" theory?

So we are indeed already dead? Not born yet? Alive and the big bang is happeing right now, too?

>> No.12419901

Yea but the same way that everything is in space all at once really, like, the big bang and all of history is just in rooms "behind you" and youre in a new room so you cant see whats in other rooms because no shit you cant see thru walls.

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Quoted By: >>12419795

So what the fuck is actually happening on the 21st?

>> No.12419795
Quoted By: >>12421175

The portal to n-space will be opened and Kaenthoz will escape into our manifold

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>> No.12421175

Don't say his name are you crazy

>> No.12421651

Lord of the CUBE
Long Live THE CUBE!


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I miss him bros

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Quoted By: >>12423074 >>12423102

>Fertility, mortality, migration, and population scenarios for 195 countries and territories from 2017 to 2100

tl;dr: the world's population might go into decline from now until 2100. Can't tell if that's a good or bad thing, though.
Understanding potential patterns in future population levels is crucial for anticipating and planning for changing age structures, resource and health-care needs, and environmental and economic landscapes. Future fertility patterns are a key input to estimation of future population size, but they are surrounded by substantial uncertainty and diverging methodologies of estimation and forecasting, leading to important differences in global population projections. Changing population size and age structure might have profound economic, social, and geopolitical impacts in many countries. In this study, we developed novel methods for forecasting mortality, fertility, migration, and population. We also assessed potential economic and geopolitical effects of future demographic shifts.

Can't tell if this is a good or bad, though.

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It's a 2 second google search. Don't be a dumbo max jr.

>> No.12423074

>no bulge
in the trash you go

>> No.12423082

Nice red herring.

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I’d really like to cum in her pussy

>> No.12423301

This. Sad but true. We can only wish for a massive pandemic that gets rid of billions of nogs one day

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A guy walks into a bar. The bartender says, "If you solve RH then you get tenure anywhere you want."

Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis

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Quoted By: >>12419842 >>12419885

>looking for answer to a niche question online
>someone on quora has the exact same question
>only answer is from some indian dude with a Ph.D who just spews out several paragraphs about context and shit without ever getting to the point

Are high IQ people actually like this?

>> No.12419784

no that's just them swarming quora because they think they can put it on a resume or something

>> No.12419842

Smart, or well educated, people tend to come in two varieties. Those like how you described, who will go into tedious detail about the topic as a whole, missing the point, and those who speak so tersely that it appears they've said nothing at all. Only after some thought do you realize that they completely answered your question.
Very smart people integrate both into the way they speak, varying it depending on their audience.

>> No.12419867

Or you are a retard who doesn't know what the word nuance even means and expects not only to be spoonfed, but to be spoonfed in a single sentence

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File: 642KiB, 1117x1433, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn_by_saisoku_no_yukkuri__159279ec2590af94a90d6fff76ef3e2b.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The question asker is the source of one upboat, but random passerby are the source of many upboats.
Hence, to maximize internet points, there's no need to adjust the answer's level to the original asker, rather, you might as well dumb it down into the ground so your grandmother can later message you about this cool math thing she read about on quora.

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which one is bigger betelgeuse or antares

i remember that i saw an image some months ago showing comparisons of planets and betelgeuse was a lot more bigger than antares

but now searching in the web i find many contradicting pictures one showing antares as bigger and others showing betelgeuse as the bigger one

why is there so much contradicting data ? and which one is actually bigger ?

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File: 53KiB, 599x579, betelgeuse antares.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.12419756
File: 45KiB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

another pic showing betelgeuse as the bigger one

>> No.12419762
File: 128KiB, 755x528, pic2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

and heres another contradicting pic that shows antares as bigger

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Quoted By: >>12419815

Why does drinking and sleep deprivation kind of make me feel better and almost like a different person, freer and truer, despite it also feeling awful? I'm a much more original thinker when I haven't slept while also being irritable as hell.

Am I too anxious? Am I depressed? Does this break through it? I often feel I'm in a permanent state of alertness and fear, it cloys my mind and stops me from doing much but distracting myself, escapism, and 'waiting' endlessly.


>> No.12419815

>There is a fundamental problem in my life which I cannot affect. I shall just push through and deal with it.
is more comforting than
>I can change my ways and try to become my best possible self.

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Is this board as smart as it says it is?

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>> No.12422054

Why the homophobia?

>> No.12422062
Quoted By: >>12422072


>> No.12422072
Quoted By: >>12422079

He outplayed me for most of the game. He just lost on one blunder.

>> No.12422079
Quoted By: >>12422084

>He just lost on one blunder
I know.
Therefore you're smarter than him.
Congrats anon.

>> No.12422084

lmao, I'll take it.

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