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What is the best online educational platform to learn Data Science?

I am planning to become a Data Scientist, and i hope that your recommendations and answers will work out for my future achievements.

Please refrain from:
> Hate Speech racism
> Associating data scientist to Indians that are expert in Microsoft

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>nigger faggot
>transsexualism is a mental illness
now that we got that out of the way, definitely check out R and/or python.

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why racism?

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why this thread is not on top

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Don't learn data science unless you are already a graduate in another (real) science

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Could specify more ? Like why should learn another science beforehand ?

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Why do people in their 20s attempt to brag about their scientific or professional skills/achievements?

Son, you are literally a beginner. Just focus on learning and being humble. The earlier you realize how little you know, and how much more your superiors know, the better position you are in.

Just had this guy in a work interview for me claim that he has basically mastered mathematics. Btw, for an engineering position. I tried to hide my pity for him.

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(Not him)
That is correct but the Valley of Despair comes right after the Peak of Mt.Stupid. It is at this valley where enlightenment happens

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I'm pretty sure I'm retarded anons.
Would you consider bringing that up at a job interview to be a good idea?

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Fuck you, people like you ruined science.

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Should have tested and humiliated him, ojii-san

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You're right, the best thing college prepares you for is how to better learn a particular subject in its applications. But there is still an awful lot to be proud of when you earn a degree.

Also sometimes it's the other way around. I've worked jobs where I knew more about what we were doing than the boomers (contract work with new technology) or my boss has a business degree something trying to work with the engineers.

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How long do you think it'll be till we start using Virophages to kill bacteria instead of anti-biotics?

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What are virophages? How are they made?

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depends on funding. frankly, if we had some sense, we'd throw money at this as if it were a possible 'cure' for antibiotic resistence.

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Ok, I am so sick of this shit. Is quantum bayesianism just sophistry?
What the actual fuck are they endorsing? I've been reading all sorts of descriptions and I still cannot tell what any of it means, and I've been really charitable in my readings. Nothing seems clear at all in any of the relevant literature.
(And yes, I deserve a medal for being brave enough posting an anonymous posting board.)

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Just from the name, it sounds like their theory predicts that their own consciousness is entangled with random text generators from the internet.

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What would be the most scientific term to describe mental gymnastics? It's essentially making series of ridiculous conjectures to make it impossible to prove any emotionally-harmful statement of concrete reality that is easily observable as long as you have an open mind and a decent amount of exposure to a large variety of people.

For example, anybody who hasn't lived in a protective bubble will know that certain races of people are less intelligent and more prone to exhibiting violent behavior. You do not need science to observe these patterns through daily life, but there exist plenty of science and statistics to prove it. It's as if leftists want you to give impossibly detailed proofs to make the statement that certain races are inherently different on a genetic level.

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non non non, french press is bon!

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>imagine this pic is the instant you froze time for everything but yourself haha and she's right next to you haha

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I remember watching a movie years ago when I was 11 back in 2011 or 2012 about a man who gained the ability to freeze time, and he would have sex with random women. I believe the first time he did it, he had sex with a woman in a grocery store.

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the most accurate scientific term is complete bollocks

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Based Wildberger lays the foundation for Calculus and Analysis without gay real numbers


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Very cool video.

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11:39 triggered

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>don't get why are you faggots so butthurt about people wanting to work in different axiomatic systems.
You should tell this to Wildberger

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non-standard analysis already exists tho

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Riddle me this, nerds

Why doesn't our muscle flesh cook on our bones, given that our body temperature is like 97-99 fahrenheit?

Surely the meat should be falling off the bone after a few days of being alive, like a slow cooker

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You should totally slow cook some chicken at body temperature and eat it anon.
Do it

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Are you sure didn't confuse Fahrenheit with Celcius? The low setting on a slow cooker is around 97-99 C

Definitely a mistake I could see an American making.

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This is the type of schizo posting I don't get. Flat earthers at least make sense on the very surface level because observing that land seems flat and then concluding that it must be flat makes sense. Here the situation is the opposite. OP observes his entire life that meat doesn't cook at body temperatures and then proceeds to think meat must cook at those temperatures, it's simply baffling to me. Anyone else experience this type of mind hurt?

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Every day. The average humans I encounter are barely more sapient than fauna. The NPC meme is real.

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You can easily get crispy skin or die from hypothermia in Nevada. Are you retarded?

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Does anyone know of a good place to find Dubnium?

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Shhh, only trips now.

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>Does anyone know of a good place to find Dubnium?
Do it yourself and prepare to use it quickly

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damn I was almost getting quints

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this post!

>> No.12422237

here it is
check'em fellas
kek likes EEVblog's thick videos

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Can someone explain the gist of Markov chain monte carlo in complete layman terms? What exactly are the prior and posterior? I keep reading priors are what I expect the parameters prior to data, but I'm struggling to comprehend they actually are.

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Some people, even smart people are more like input-output calculators or trained apes than people. I would know because I'm the former.

There's not one thing I do that an AI couldn't. I'm mechanical and without creativity. I wasn't like this as a kid. It started around adolescence and got worse in college

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autists are soulless and need actual creative people to drive them. You can have an IQ of 130 and be an office drone all your life without what used to be called the spark of God.

And you would have known by now if you had it.

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thanks for writing this up

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Find a hobby that combines technical thought with spirituality and creativity. For example, learning a musical instrument.

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: (

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What is it with non math/physics people LARPing that they took all this math/physics, or that it was required for them, and somehow did better at it than math/physics people?

>I did CS and we had to take graduate algebra bro it has tons of applications to coding, I use dat shit everyday on the job haha even code monkeys know about noetherian rings it's basic shit brah xD
>yeah in EE for our bachelors we had to do an EM course out of Jackson and took complex analysis lol it was ez
>dude my ME degree made me take Hamiltonian mechanics and all the physics brainlets were failing it, and all the MEs got A's!

No, you didn't. No university on the planet requires any of that for even a PhD in these subjects let alone your shitty undergrad degree. Then when you call them out they say;


It's obvious you retards didn't even go to A COLLEGE. No CS program on the entire planet requires abstract algebra, none. Yes including MIT and Harvard. No EE program requires a course in complex analysis. Then when you call them out and ask them basic questions on math or physics they scatter like rats. Just stop lying. You fucking idiots clearly want to do math and physics which is why you looked up the names of different fields in these subjects on wikipedia but you're clearly too stupid to do any of it. So you all make up elaborate LARPs that never happened about how you had to take grad level math and physics to get your undergrad CS/Engineering degree at an Ivy League when in real life you are a retarded loser. Grow up.

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You should know why people larp, it's to make themselves feel and look better. They're insecure and want to be seen as better than the trash they really are. Standard ape behavior.

>> No.12422017

My uni required every EE sophomore to take a math elective, and a vector calc + watered down complex analysis course was reccomend. We stopped right before residuals.

We had mandatory free electives, where I could take any STEM course I wanted.

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Quoted By: >>12422672

People get math minors you know that right? And at a PhD level people take elective courses all the time. You just sound insecure as he

>> No.12422431

This is definitely true

>> No.12422672

>PhD level

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I sleep under two big blankets during the winter. I don't like heating my room so it is usually 10C (50F) degrees.
How can I keep the space under my blanket at a comfortable temperature? Every night I wake up from it overheating or from not being warm enough.
I was thinking of just having a simple tube (say a short garden hose) going from under the blanket to outside the blanket. That way, cool air will keep flowing in at a steady rate, with hot air slowly escaping from all directions.

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Quoted By: >>12421581

>Every night I wake up from it overheating or from not being warm enough.
Why does it wary so much? Different temperatures in the room?

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set it up so that you're just slightly too cold then harden the fuck up and deal with until your body adapts

or start having cold showers

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Stick one foot out from under the blanket

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If I tuck myself really good then it is too hot as my body just keeps heating the space under the blanket with nowhere for thr heat to escape. Any other option is just too cold as ALL the heat gets to escape.
Too cold.

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How much does COVID-19 behave like an artificial virus?
Emphasis on the "behave like" part; completely ignoring politics or any evidence, does the virus behave more like something that scientists would create, or that nature would create?

>> No.12421606

In favour of it being artificial, the success of it is unprecedented.
It's been given the absolute worst conditions for spreading that any disease has ever been given:
>due to being very modern, sanitation is excellent and thanks to heavy reliance on the internet people can socialise, shop, and often even work with zero risk
>people took it seriously even before a significant number of people died, doing a lot to slow down spread both within and between countries even at a huge economic cost
And despite this, it has become one of the deadliest diseases in history, only being beaten in death toll by HIV (which has decades worth of deaths), diseases from before germ theory was accepted, and Spanish Flu.
Spanish Flu is the only comparable disease, being highly successful despite a proper understanding of disease. It still had significantly better conditions for spreading and killing than COVID-19, but was much more successful.

In favour of it being natural:
>viruses that start pandemics are rare, there can be decades between major killers and the nature of those diseases will vary a lot. So of course whenever a seriously dangerous disease appears it likely would have been over a century since the last time a similar disease appeared, meaning it'll probably seem unprecedented; so this undermines the value of "unprecedented" as an argument for it being artificial.
>it's not a totally alien disease, similar viruses exist

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"Artificial" viruses behave just like biogenic ones in most cases. You know it came from a lab as the host vector was never found and all that came out of it were fraudulent papers on baseless pangolin conjecture with zero proof. Just speculation based on spike segment analysis. The absence of an original host during the onset makes it undeniable it came from a lab.

>> No.12421779

Listen buddy: I myself have spun the theory that the Chinese government/military either created this pandemic in a lab, or at least opportunistically leveraged a naturally-occurring outbreak from some fool eating an undercooked bat (who DOES that!?), but there's no proof of it actually happening, and even if it's true it'll probably be historians 50 to 100 years from now piecing it all together after everyone involved in it is dead.
But right now, natural or not, we have to fucking deal with it, can't put the genie back in the bottle, and all that shit.

>> No.12421797

It's an organism. It has an actual cell membrane. You just don't like how it occupies its natural habitat.

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How can /sci/ refute this open letter by a ton of Belgian docs with 51 different sauces attached?


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Quoted By: >>12421703

>CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season. This burden was similar to estimated burden during the 2012–2013 influenza season
meanwhile there have been many times that many deaths in the U.S. due to the pandemic, about 8 times as many.
Still want to believe that it's """just the flu"""?

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Its hard to get peer review when the media buries your content, and it conflicts with the scientific community because the CDC is corrupt as they point out
The difference is that Covid only kills old people on deaths door anyways or people with shit immune systems, healthy non elderly people have nothing to be afraid of
Riddle me this: Its said covid can cause pneumonia, this implies that pneumonia is worse than covid. They wouldnt say it could cause something equally bad or less bad, this means its worse. Why is it that I as a healthy early 20s guy had pnuemonia one time and thought it was a sinus infection, and while getting shitty sleep and getting fucked up drunk constantly over a month I had developed pneumonia, thought it was a sinus infection that wouldnt go away, so I went to the doc and was told I had it and they gave me antibiotics and it went away in 2 days

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Quoted By: >>12421820

well, thanks for the response, you more or less did precisely what I thought you'd do: spout conspiracy theories worthy of right wing nutjobs on /pol/. Saved me the trouble of reading the rest of your /x/ level nonsense. Buh-bye now, be sure to get some professional help and medication for that bad case of Biden Derangement Syndrome you probably have.

>> No.12421820

Yeah remember to keep trusting CNN with your host, Lester Holt

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Why Are We Using Black Box Models in AI When We Don’t Need To? A Lesson From An Explainable AI Competition ?



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>> No.12422802


>> No.12422840

There's seriously no reason why AI can't simulataneously create interpretable models of its algorithms while it's creating them. It might slow the learning process down a bit, but it would be valuable knowledge for researchers to make progress in the field.

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previous >>12417305

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>the boring company
Oh shit.

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Quoted By: >>12423455

Post link or screenshot or you have the big gay

>> No.12423454

Duck Dodgers is great.

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Quoted By: >>12421520 >>12422626

What is the mechanism for heterosexual attraction towards transgender individuals? Is it a battle between the frontal cortex and the brain stem or is there more to it?

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Quoted By: >>12422657

i would kys myself

>> No.12421520
Quoted By: >>12422600

why do right wing faggots pretend to into science
back to pol u turd

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>> No.12422626

she looks like an attractive woman so pee pee hard
most trannies dont pass though
next question

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The phrase "kys myself" actually implies homicide and not suicide.

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do you believe the scientific consensus that a bug based diet is optimal?

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i'm assuming it's better to eat living things most similar to us because they will have the same composition. probably a bug-based diet will have problems.

>> No.12421707

Forced onions diet and vitamin pills is probably optimal but I don't give a shit what is im eating what tastes good

>> No.12421736

complete shit in pretty much every way compared to just plant based diets.

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You vill live vin ze pod
You vill eat ze bogz
You vill have no privacy
You vill not eat meat
You vill own nozzing
You vill be Happy

>> No.12422392

No animal can create protein. Any protein in any animal came from plants. A plate of rice and beans will always be cheaper than a plate of bugs of equal nutritional value.
Also, it appears humans cannot digest chitin (like we can't digest cellulose) and thats most of the bug's dry weight and they have a horrible taste except for grasshoppers. No, you wont get used to the taste.
Bug farms have to feed the bugs anyway, with waste plant products. Too bad so many users are competing for that waste: Vegetable protein extractors, ethanol producers, biomass power plants, etc. Looks like we are gonna need to clear more rainforest to feed our growing bug industry.

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Quoted By: >>12421783 >>12421972

are machine elves sentient beings that exist within the electromagnetic spectrum? is the conscious mind facilitated by the electromagnetic spectrum's interactions with the physical spectrum? are we machine elves stuck in fleshy prisons?

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Explain how photons can become particle and antiparticles, and vice versa, without the electromagnetic spectrum itself being a physical dimension that views ours as the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Who is Kalki?

>> No.12421783


>> No.12421972

they told me that humans don't have the current facilities to undestand the truth of it.

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Wish I could try DMT

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Quoted By: >>12423058

Am I supposed to feel safe about this? Is there a risk the vaccine may cause future illness?

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Quoted By: >>12423010

I’m more inclined to believe that the devil you know is much better than the devil you don’t know. Most (not all) Young healthy adults survive, so I’ll pry take that route honestly. I don’t even think that this vaccine will be dangerous honestly, it’ll pry be fine. But I’m paranoid so better sage than sorry.

>> No.12423010


>> No.12423058

See >>12418658

>> No.12423103

This shit is so fucking retarded. Syncytin-1 is not the spike protein that the vaccine elicits an immune response against. Even if it were, an infection with SARS-CoV2, would produce the same immune response. So you cannot on the one hand claim that the vaccine will make woman sterile and at the same time ignore that the virus would do exactly the same. But as we know that people with past infections remain fertile, we know with a high degree of certainty that the vaccine won't have effects on fertility.

>> No.12423184

>Christians for truth.com
you can't be serious
>see Gallaher, B., “Response to nCoV2019 Against Backdrop of Endogenous Retroviruses”
I did have a look, and besides the fact that it's some blog, it does not in any way imply that antibodies for the coronavirus spike protein will dock with Syncytin-1. All this blog shows is that here is a minor degree of homology between a sub domain of Syncytin-1 and the coronavirus spike protein. But that is completely irrelevant since the two are entirely different proteins with an entire central helix structe present in Syncytin-1 that is not there in the spike protein. So antibodies will accordingly not show affinity.

This whole thing is just some retard looking for an excuse to be antivaxx. But what do you expect from a website with a name like that. Don't buy into this Facebook tier garbage.

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is gravity simply the result of particles averaging their position relative to other particles? that already seems to be the case with atoms and their constituent subatomic parts, and I don't really see why that has to stop at the atomic scale.

>> No.12421559



>> No.12421624

>is gravity simply the result of particles averaging their position relative to other particles? that already seems to be the case with atoms and their constituent subatomic parts, and I don't really see why that has to stop at the atomic scale.

I am curious where you learned this about atoms and where you got this idea? This averaging concept is the premise of a computer program that simulates the 4 forces of physics from one equation.

>> No.12422046


>> No.12422055

gravity is magnets that we just dont know about yet

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Quoted By: >>12421320

I'm currently a Computer Science student, studying at a pretty well known (not top tier but decent) university in California. Frankly, the caliber of student/professor here is shockingly low. Many of my upper division courses are being taught by grad students or lecturers, students cry about 'unfair exams' because the questions aren't just cut and paste from practicee midterms, high level courses are filled with students who barely understand OOP, etc.
My question is, has it always been this bad? And what can be done to fix this?

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Quoted By: >>12421305

This is what you get for attending >>12421296

>> No.12421305
Quoted By: >>12421308 >>12421311

I don't go to Cal Poly, but even if I did that school is better than, what, 80-90% of all colleges in the US, right? Isn't it alarming that a school which by all accounts is 'decent' has such shit academics?

>> No.12421308

That’s what they think, but it’s just a cal state for nerds and farmfags.

>> No.12421311

Yes, most colleges are a meme. If you ever take a class taught by a grad student or with more than 50 people in it, you went to the wrong place.

>> No.12421320

I'm studying at nearly best place in my country, and many student here are just 'cooder'
> shit bro they teach u java? amazing

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Quoted By: >>12422485

Scientifically speaking, what is a jazz laugh?

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>> No.12422485

1 + 1 can be deduced analytically though. No need for induction.

>> No.12422497
Quoted By: >>12422518

Isn't XOR notated with an x in a little circle?

>> No.12422518

It's a plus sign, but same thing. Addition is logically equivalent to the XOR, and that's how it's implemented in the real world. See: adder circuit.

>> No.12423061

You mean *

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Cringe thread. Anyone would say 2.

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I think that space (mathematically speaking) / geometry is the purest form of math. I want into. Please help me. I took linear algebra and differential equations in college

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