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Scientifically speaking, shouldn't we model humanity after the noble Anglerfish?

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The anglerhumans will be more energy efficient and have healthier social dynamics

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Even the most hypergamous human female is not a parasite. Women don't have to work, its a feature. Your wife and kids are not tools to economically enrich yourself

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>Your wife and kids are not tools to economically enrich yourself
thanks for the opinion.
fuck you is what I think.
>Even the most hypergamous human female is not a parasite
you're right. parasites are passive. the most hypergamous woman would be an apex predator. a housewife is a parasite. a divorcee getting alimony and wasting child support on her clothes is a parasite.
holy shit what I wouldn't do to be like this with Hitomi.

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Women give you children, no parasite would give you children. Im amazed at divorcee males complaining about alimony and child support payments as if married men dont also spend money raising families.

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Hey OP I think you'll enjoy this. I did.
just post em already. fucking tease.

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Is this an accurate representation (I know it's not to scale) of how masks can catch some but not all virus particles even if the pores on the filter are much larger than the virus?

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the analysis is that the layers are staggered so it blocks a bit of the small particles via the matrix.

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The recent discovery of room-temperature superconductivity was cool but required impractical pressures.

What is the future of superconductivity?

Apparently superconductivity arises from a desirable interaction of electrons and phonons... Would it be possible to nanostructure or influence a material so that phonons and electrons interact in such a way that superconductivity is achieved?

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For superconductivity, Ashcroft & Mermin or Kittell Solid State Physics. For papers, just use google scholar.

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Not really. All the material that exists in the field is very technical. The HTS wikipedia page is probably a good place to start. It will have lots of links off that.

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I think the indian claims of aberrant magnetic behavior deserves a stern but careful look. https://arxiv.org/abs/1807.08572

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I know you said 1atm pressure, but the recent paper:
>Room-temperature superconductivity in a carbonaceous sulfur hydride
induced superconductivity at high pressure and noted
>"strong electron–phonon coupling to high-frequency hydrogen phonon modes".
Did the high pressure cause this strong coupling? Why can't it be engineered somehow to be even stronger?

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Because the high pressure compresses the lattice making the coupling stronger. iirc theorists actually worked it out in computer simulations first before experimentalists then proved it. This is no known method to distort the lattice in such a way without extreme pressures.

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what exactly is the point of knot theory? If I started making strange knots, braids or links out of wires and then ran enough current through them that the wires were moving each other would anything interesting happen or would it just be a waste of time

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>If I started making strange knots, braids or links out of wires and then ran enough current through them that the wires were moving each other would anything interesting happen or would it just be a waste of time
how is this supposed to relate to knot theory

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imagine seething so hard over synonyms

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I don't know. I'm literally throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.

for the most part when I look at knot theory I see a form of topology that's less abstract that most other topology. You can easily make a knot or a link out of any kind of string. the question is: would it make a difference if something (for example a circuit) was a knot instead of a simple loop? wires just seemed like a place where knots might matter

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>pick one dude
>lots of times the applications of these developments aren't realized for tens or hundreds of years
When will this meme stop?

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I was going to make a furry joke, but I don't want to get banned again.

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If the theory that says that men are on average more interested in things and systems and women in people and emotions is true, then why do some fields like chemistry and biology have a near 50/50 split?

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Physicists write like schizos, but mathematicians write precisely and clearly.

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yes math is very precise and clear when you are part of the club. but to a normal person it looks like wizard runes.

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females are smarter than males on average

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No one cares, you will never be a woman.

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Why do men dominate the world then?

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Is physics today a science?

Look at string theory, no testable prediction and doesn't use the scientific method anywhere. Dark matter and dark energy, place holders for GR and einsteins blunders. Wormholes, scientific method can't be applied nor falsified. Placing mathematics on a pedestal and leaving empirical science and the scientific method in the trash bin

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I wouldn't exactly call atoms boring

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The last time you faggots dared to challenge the abrahamic narrative they had to stall you with two world wars. Prease don't be this straight forward this time.

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fo real

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I'm sorry if I offended you.

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this is literally a google search away. I'm not doing your work for you. just look up "ADMX experiment" for an example dark matter experiment

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N,N-dimethyltryptamine compound found in the hallucinogenic tea ayahuasca, regulates adult neurogenesis in vitro and in vivo


N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a component of the ayahuasca brew traditionally used for ritual and therapeutic purposes across several South American countries. Here, we have examined, in vitro and vivo, the potential neurogenic effect of DMT. Our results demonstrate that DMT administration activates the main adult neurogenic niche, the subgranular zone of the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus, promoting newly generated neurons in the granular zone. Moreover, these mice performed better, compared to control non-treated animals, in memory tests, which suggest a functional relevance for the DMT-induced new production of neurons in the hippocampus. Interestingly, the neurogenic effect of DMT appears to involve signaling via sigma-1 receptor (S1R) activation since S1R antagonist blocked the neurogenic effect. Taken together, our results demonstrate that DMT treatment activates the subgranular neurogenic niche regulating the proliferation of neural stem cells, the migration of neuroblasts, and promoting the generation of new neurons in the hippocampus, therefore enhancing adult neurogenesis and improving spatial learning and memory tasks.

>yfw Joe Rogan was right all along

(If you want the link just google the article title because the faggot website thinks my post is spam if I include it.)

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Why do we have the receptors for it?

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The same reason we have receptors for canabinoids

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We don't have specialized DMT receptors. We have receptors for serotonin, which DMT potently binds to.

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Does anyone know where anandamite is produced off the top of their heads?

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I had a look at this study and it's surprisingly of better quality than a lot of other papers on the same topic often posted here.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when drawing firm conclusions. Most importantly, I don't find the demonstration of behavioral relevance particularly convincing. The effect size of the between group differences in escape latency are quite small, and the authors seem to treat trend level effects as significant. Critically, co-administration of an antagonist does not block the behavioral effect, at least not when taking escape latency as the measure of interest. So this means that either the behavioral outcome measure is flawed, or the molecular pathway that underlies the behavioral effect is different from the pathway that is linked to neurogenesis.

I know it's tempting to conclude here that if neurogenesis is ramped up by DMT, it results in beter memory performance. But the subtleties in the data here indicate that any changes in memory performance may not be the direct consequence of the pharmacological effects of DMT.

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You speak fair words about science, but! I see behind your toleration of science! In a comer of your heart you believe, all this notwithstanding, that you do not need it, that you are being magnanimous in according it recognition, in being indeed its advocate, especially since science does not exhibit the same magnanimity in regard to your views on life. Do you realise that you have no right whatever to this exercise of toleration? that this gracious demeanour is a cruder insult to science than the open mockery of it which some arrogant priest or artist permits himself?. You lack the strict conscience for what is true and actual, it does not torment you to find science in conflict with your feelings, you do not know a greedy longing for knowledge as a law ruling over you, you do not feel it as a duty to desire to be present as a witness wherever knowledge is present and to let nothing already known escape again. You do not know that which you treat so tolerantly! And it is only because you do not know it that you are able to adopt so gracious a demeanour! You, precisely you would glare in bitter and.fanatical hostility if science should ever look you straight in the face with its eyes! What do we care, then, if you practise toleration towards a phantom! and not even towards us! And what do we matter!

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I don't. Read what you need when you need it. And still, skip all the bullshit, those textbooks sell the more intimidating they look so you can brag about how you "read" a "difficult" book.

You should 100% the exercises though, as most of the time they teach a particular mistake.

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What are you even talking about

>> No.12401695

don't just skim first and read in detail what's interesting or important

>> No.12401696

a textbook isn't a novel.

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My drive is that the more I understand the natural world, the closer I get to god.

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If you look at the way back machine for departments before 9/11 and after, for some reason an abnormal amount of people leave and the people hired used to work for the government.

9/11 worked, not only did we become Hella racist, but we hired the first retard to chant "America". The stupidest and most problematic professors in my department were hired in late 2001 and early 2002.

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Quoted By: >>12401510

Please elaborate further, I'm struggling to fully understand your words.

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Quoted By: >>12401525

After 9/11 academia became incredibly suspicious of those who weren't racist and then good people left, only to be replaced by under qualified racists. The professors in my department who were hired ended up being the ones that consider themselves to be managers that force their names as last authors to avoid doing actual work.

In other words we were set back both academically and socially by the events of 9/11. We really fucked that one up.

>> No.12401525

Furthermore, you can look at your schools faculty pages before and after 9/11 and see that an abnormal amount of activity happens in terms of firings, leaving, and hirings

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What programming language do you prefer to use for making hundreds/millions of dollar and scientific discoveries?

Top Programming languages according to /sci/
1: Python
2: C#/C++
3: R
4: .Net
5: Ruby
6: Matlab
7: Julia
8: Java
9: Excel VBA
10: Swift

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got shit in your teeth, brown nose.

>> No.12402410

>1: Python
lmao what

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Why the homophobia?

>> No.12402421

I'm a gayfag and there's nothing homophobic about the word fag around here, it just means person, newfag.

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replace R with Julia

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Is time travel real?? Is it possible? If it is, do we have no free will or are there an infinite amount of timelines that we shift between depending on the choices we make?

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Maybe from my perspective, but for everyone else, time keeps running
I think you understand what I mean

Which is it retard?

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This is the most overrated argument against time travel. First, time travel might be possible but difficult enough that any society who can do it wouldn't be interested in visiting our society in this point of history, or at least so costly/difficult that it wouldn't be worth it. Second, time travel might be possible only to a time where the "time machine" had been made - indeed the most plausible theoretical construct (wormhole) that would allow time travel would work like this.

>> No.12401558

>If it is, do we have no free will or are there an infinite amount of timelines that we shift between depending on the choices we make?
With the "no free will" option you are probably referring single universe, unaltered timeline type of time travel. But it's better to not bring free will into it, since either it's libertarian free will which is simply self-contradictory and makes no sense with or without time travel, or compatibilist free will which is totally compatible with this kind of time travel.

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It is, you just need to ask admin for rollback but I don't know how.

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My prediction for "time travel" is that it will only really be achievable through cryogenics (for future travel) and some sort of alternate reality portal (for past travel) so as to not mess with the fabric of time
Traveling to the past will inherently spawn a new timeline so you can never return to the original future, only the alternative one you've created

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What is your opinion of the variability hypothesis?

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Does it equal 2.365?

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Do you expect them to in the future?

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of life

>> No.12401738

And you will see the tree of life truncate once more with the emergence of "recycling vats" as all carbon based matter is repurposed into tailor made biomass.

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Now that the dust has finally settled, did New Math succeed in boosting the sciences or was it a complete failure that turned generations of Westerners away from mathematics?

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Simone was the Yoko of Bourbaki.

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Quoted By: >>12401561 >>12401573

Normal People: 1 Billion= 10^12
Niggers: 1 Billion= 10^9
>Daily remember that 'mericunts are NIGGERS

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Except month is seldom the most relevant part of a date... Next week's plan? Posts on a forum? Expiration date for foods? Day is almost always the relevant part.
YMD is the best standard because it is easier to expect the last bits of information to change more rapidly, just like when counting: 10, 11, ...

Some merrymutt legislator probably saw some market value in pissing off the logical people and it just stuck.

>> No.12401550

>Daily remember that Amerigods have been to the moon.


>> No.12401561

Even the am/pm time is retarded

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Reminder thanks to retarded americans you have to buy two sets of allen wrenches.

>> No.12401579

Thank the jews for extreme inflation and the stupidity of that godforsaken people, if we could call that those scooting masses of lard.

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If I started to flip a coin, then continued forever, is it possible for me to only get "heads" for an infinite span of time? Or only any finitely large amount of time?

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meant to say infinite, not finite here.

>> No.12401643

I will rewrite this so it makes sense

>is it possible to toss a coin and have it land heads EVERY time?

>> No.12401660

probability of 0 doesn't mean it's impossible.

>> No.12401667

>you literally said such a thing isn't possible due to the presence of infinity. This is directly saying the probability is 0 in mathematics
wrong, and you literally contradicted your previous post. are you doing okay?

>> No.12401932

brainlet here, i'm glad >>12401441 said it that way so you can go neck yurself instead :^)

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If Democrats had commited no fraud (or didn't know about it on a local level but were confident that no fraud was commited), there would be absolutely no reason to wipe these computers. In fact, their integrity should be a top Democrat priority as it solidyfies their victory claims and tampering with them for the sake of an "update" would be absurdly reckless. If they truly are wiping the voting machine computers this means three things:

>1) They have committed fraud and are aware of it.

>2) As Democrats destroy the evidence, Trump's prospects for victory diminish rapidly.

>3) Since the judiciary and other "checks-and-balances" entities have not intervened to prevent Democrats from destroying evidence, they have already accepted the Biden victory - therefore Trump lacks the support required to oppose Biden.

Trump will lose and in 20-30 years historians will point out the the Fraud with cool matter-of-fact rhetoric based on the abundant discrepancies and red flags, similarly to how the CIAs endeavours to overthrow governments in SA (for instance) used to be a crazy conspiracy theory and is now accepted fact, even though the available evidence then and now is virtually identical.
It will only be "obvious" decades after the fact, even though we know it's true even as it unfolds. There's too much inertia in the political system to reckoncile such events, the same happened after 9/11 and during the Iraq "WMD" war campaign.

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holy checked o/

>> No.12402448
Quoted By: >>12402463

Why does ben shapiro live and operate a business in California if he shit talks it constantly.
Because he is a partisan hack

>> No.12402463

Ben Shapiro is a pseudointellectual hypocrite, now stop evading the question you coward.

>> No.12402535
Quoted By: >>12402546

So the narrative is now that there is no evidence because they destroyed it. Convenient.

>> No.12402546

What is the strategic advantage of destroying that which proves your victory? Regardless of what you think about the election it makes NO SENSE for Democrats to wipe the computers. It would be like ripping up your winning lottery tickets the instance another player claims, actually, he has the winning ticket. It's truly bizarre.

Explain it to me like the idiot you bleieve I am.

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How does pollution affect the economy? I am looking into the topic (want citable proof for any arguments for or against)

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Quoted By: >>12401804 >>12401852

>/sci/ is incredibly low hanging fruit. It’s where idiots go to discuss quantum immortality
Is this true?

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Quoted By: >>12401843 >>12402268

It is.

>> No.12401804

Yes. Because Quantum Immortality is really telling, the people who want it to be true want to kill themselves. They cannot handle this world and they hope and they dream that there is a life after death, that is like ours but where they didn't end up in the same place. But the causal chain ensures that they'll end up at the same place. So one death is all deaths for them and they simply enter the void, incapable of thinking.

>> No.12401843

ironically quit my lab scientist job for the life of a trade.

>> No.12401852

while I do see the normal 1=0.999... and quantum immortality threads EVERY FUCKING DAY.... I still find people who can talk about gauge theory and higher up physics maths so, pretty worth it

>> No.12402268

nothing wrong with trades

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Quoted By: >>12401449

How does someone calculate the odds in this story? (see pic) Which relevant factors should be considered?

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Quoted By: >>12401322 >>12401449

>maybe the hundreds of other missing persons cases

This is a cluster where each case shares a relationship with the other.

>you post this every other day
I improved the image and provided some context. Very bizarre circumstances.

>surely this is more than just a coincidence
Just admit it, you failed statistics.

>> No.12401322
Quoted By: >>12401332

I'm pointing out the flaw in your logic, retard. and statistics is a part of my phd. you're just chasing some nonsense and throwing out any information that would imply you're doing anything other than that

>> No.12401332
Quoted By: >>12401335

Here is a simple question: Same geographical area, decades apart,... positions of planets should appear random under normal circumances but they don't. Why is that?

>> No.12401335

>positions of planets should appear random under normal circumances
what the fuck does this mean? planets have orbits. their motion is predictable and results in repeating patterns.

>> No.12401449

Venus is closest planet to Earth about 35% of the time.
If you pick three random moments in time, the probability that the closest planet is Venus at all three moments is 4%.

>This is a cluster where each case shares a relationship with the other.
The relationship is that they disappeared at the same approximate area at different times. So every place that has three recorded disappearance events, which is a lot of places, is another attempt at that 4% probability. If we assume there are only 20 places in the entire world which fit this description, you should expect a 56% chance that you'll find a cluster like this somewhere.

In short, it's not anomalous, it's literally nothing, take your meds.

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stuff like this is really going to set back public trust and support of the soiences, not that it will make any difference.

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