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only fox gods knows

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Knows what?

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yes, only fox gods knows what

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yes correct only fox god knows what.

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yes only fox gods knows what

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Education is designed to teach you as little as possible. The overwhelming deluge of information is intended to drown anyone who stops to smell the roses. There is not enough time to understand all the content and process it into knowledge. Not having time to think forces you to download your ideas from others. And this is deliberate. You’re not meant to comprehend any of it. You’re mean to rote learn and regurgitate torrents of incoherent rubbish on command under a stopwatch. This is the object of schooling.

This is an exercise in compliance, repeated and conditioned until you lose the ability for independent thinking. Schooling punishes enthusiasm and rewards obedience. Education is about showing up and motioning through the movements without question or resistance until you are domesticated with a low-resolution mind.

This is little to do with learning. Leaning is about questions and answers, not propagating someone else’s ideas. Repeating what you’re told is not intelligence. It’s nothing to be proud of.

There are people who believe that memorizing formulas and repeating algorithms constitutes actual thinking. These people really believe they are engaging in thinking when they do this. Imagine spending 4 years listening to the inane gibberish or a university and actually believing you learned something.

If you are willing to play these silly games, you can climb the ladder. For the NPCs who excel at these dog tricks is the reward of writing their egos a blank cheque as titles and accolades are piled on and they graduate into a world of management and system maintenance. And these people do function. Many of them as high-functioning. But that’s all they do; function. They do not think.

> tl;dr you dropped $150,000 on a fah-king education you could have gotten for $1.50 in late charges at the public library.

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>work at chemical factory
>do good, well liked
>want to move up to R&D, do some QC work
>do good
>they tell me in order to go into R&D I need at least a BS in chemistry
>R&D guy's son who works in factory gets hired on to R&D a month after I leave
I'm starting to think it's not what you know, but who you know, yknow?

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yup, all the while the world is facing threats that need innovative multidisciplinary approaches. the institutions are continuing the plutocratic ivory-tower drivel that worked during the industrial revolution but no longer bears fruit to the extent required for meeting the challenges to be faced by our species. Through a thousand small cuts in the form of nepotism, privledge, myopia, and cognitive inflexibility these institutions will fail to meet the needs of our societies. The wealthy will brush shoulders with the wealthy and claim their so called meritocracy while the world begs for innovation and does not find it. Our society is at a precipice and it cannot afford the structures of old that we're just good enough to give us alternating current, the hadron collider etc. To have levels of innovation required to meet our needs we must look at the ways in which we currently exclude those whose talents are wasted, address the glaring inequities in education etc,

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He's right you know. Colleges are designed to output work horses, with blinders on. Overly specialized individuals without well rounded generalist qualities. Compartmentalized organizations where everyone's denied the big picture, fed shit, and kept in the dark. Guess you can't have a civilization if everyone is too capable, gotta have the cogs in the machine to have one.

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>There is not enough time to understand all the content and process it into knowledge.
This is true, but I think there is value in getting the general idea of a wide range of subjects. For example, I'll probably never need to use the techniques taught in differential equations again. But if I needed to for some reason, I'm confident that I could learn them fairly easily because I have that foundation.
It's impossible for educators to predict every intellectual tool you're going to use in the course of your career, so the best they can do is expose you to a wide range of subjects, so if you need to you can fill in the gaps later.

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Lads, what do we think of this?

>On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

>The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.



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Deboonk it please. I'm not /pol/, but I'm scared!

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>Literarily who pushing contrarian views
>Hasn't been in pfizer for over 9 years
>Nothint but bullshit claims
>Antivaxx schizo pick it up and spam
>Avatarfags with fucking alex jones

Why is it always the lowest of the low post in /sci/?

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Whole lot of people attacking this guy on a bunch baseless shit but haven't argued what he put forward

You skills make it too obvious

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I somehow doubt that the national center for biotechnology information is affiliated with /pol/.

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>but haven't argued what he put forward
Maybe you need to learn to read.

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Is cum fire-proof?
I finished beating off earlier and I nutted on a napkin. I tend to have a habit of burning things, and so I took my lighter to the napkin. I held the flame basically against where the cum was all clumped up, and nothing was burning. Not even the soaked parts of the napkin that spread outwards. Funny enough, even the mass of the cum began to liquify and run down the napkin. But despite that, it didn't evaporate or dissolve or burn or anything.

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So it's an attention thread

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I suppose so, but in theory keeping the cum under a source of heat long enough would either dry it out or burn right?

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>We really didn't need to know any of this

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What actually causes Schizophrenia? A dysfunctional pancreas or excessive dopamine production?

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you do realize if we knew what exactly caused any disease then the cure would be easy, right?
the problem is not curing things, it's knowing how exactly they happen and what we need to target

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Excessive dopamine

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Machine learning thread. Come post questions here.

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I just want to study AI but don't really care about data science bullshit. My end goal is to devolve conversational machines. Are neural nets the best path to accomplish this?

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Despite the hype around neural networks they are limited in the things they can do. Neural networks are function approximaters and can only do tasks where you transform where you transform one kind of data to another.

Chat bots aren't a data transformation problem so they can't be solved be neural networks.

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what would you suggest then

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I know the AI singularity thing will eventually, probably be a reality.
But right now it feels like a huge meme.
>Look, this super computer can play space invaders at an incredible level
>It learned to play on its own
That's a fucking long way from artificial conciousness you fucking sleazy tech cunts.

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If I knew I wouldn't be posting on a Timorese straw weaving board

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>dinosaurs used to live on the other side of the galaxy from us

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Will humanity (and the species derived from us, obviously) survive one revolution?

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Half a year ago I lived on the other side of the solar system from me

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Big if true

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>dinos were around for 100 million goddamn years
>didn't evolve intelligent life at any point
Or could they have but all evidence has since eroded away?

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Are dolphins intelligent?

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Why not steak? Or even pork?
Chicken is both the cheapest and the least environmentally damaging of the mainstream meats. So why bother with artificial chicken? What scientific reason is there for not making a ribeye steak or a pork chop instead?

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People are more familiar with chicken in most of the world and products like frozen nuggets. Beef is only common in South America, or used to be before pozzification.

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texture wise, yes. this will basically be mashed chicken (like a chicken nugget), not a juicy piece of breast meat (like a chicken strip). the lab grown beef is basically just ground beef. we cant make steaks yet (anybody doing research on this, try to grow a tenderloin, thats filet minion, and should be the easiest steak to grow)

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>Beef is only common in South America
quit being so ethnocentric... you literally have no idea what youre talking about.

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Can't you talk like a normal person you faggot?

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chicken were a model organism, they know more about their development

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You brainlet cucks will never comprehend the genius of this man. He's changed EVERYTHING

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who the fuck is that brainlet?

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I just checked his wiki. He has no early life section but if you go to his collaborators webpages they do have an early life.

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wow! did this guy just magic out of nowhere?! is he an alium???!!!! XDXDXXD

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He did not appear, its us that appeared

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Could there be a parallel universe or reality where the laws of Physics are different? Could these different laws then create technology that makes typically impossible things in our universe possible?

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could there? yes. what does it matter though, we would never know.

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hits the prostate

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Cumbrain retard.

Sexual stimuli = intellectual poison.

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This thread was moved to >>>/trash/34508602

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I have some questions. How do people memorize formulas and does visualizing them help? In what ways do you visualize formulas? Also it seems like my teacher just picks and chooses which decimal place to continue the formula from and I am having trouble determining if I calculate to the 3rd or 7th or 8th decimal at given points.

I just never know what to do and when. I google the concepts and its like the calculators for "annuities and investments" are totally different than the formulas Im given because I get different answers. I watch videos and people just go from A to Z and I'm like wtf why are you suddenly dealing with Z what about B..
and C.... Etc

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Sounds like a case of chronic retardosis

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you don't memorize formulas, you understand concepts. then you derive the formulas whenever you need them

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Okay so you need to memorize stuff and everyone itt is trying to be a physics chad without comprehension.

The first real thing is:
1. Sleep
2. Exercise (cardio)
3. Water
A good rule of thumb is every 45 min if studying take a 15 min walk/jog and ruminate on what you learned. Ensure you get a full night's rest, sleep deprivation can last 3 days. A neat trick is to study and think about something right before taking asleep, things right before bed encode into long term memory well.

Encoding this information into long term is hard, that's where I have my most struggles personally. There are a variety of techniques around this that settle into a couple broad categories
1. Association
2. Effort
3. Repetition

For association you can use something like a memory palace, there's a nifty ted talk to get you started on it. It shifts your normal memory into spatial memory. Then there are the more abstract, like chewing a flavor of him while studying a specific subject or wearing a specific outfit for it or even a song. Something unique that won't be associated with other things.

Effort, always effort. So I got dysgraphia and it was a real curse growing up. But as an adult I realized it can be quite useful for remembering things. As we attempt to learn something, the more effort we put into learning it the better it turns out. People remember textbooks written in comic sans better because it's more difficult to read. When I take notes by hand I remember better because of how hard it is for me and how much effort I put in. Write out questions based around the problem and solve them. Try to explain it to a child

Repetition, this is just the act of copying it to yourself. There are a couple different methods but I liked the flash cards that were sorted day week two week month. If I remembered it I would put it in the next pile, if I forgot it came earlier. Don't stop there, find ways to repeat to yourself as you walk by relating the information to three world around you.

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it can, just not without restrictions

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go on...

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Look into Godel's theorems. Provided your logical system is recursive and strong enough to encode arithmetic, then you can forms statements about its own sentences, provability etc.

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>you can forms statements about its own sentences

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Why /sci/entists are obsessed with sex robots?

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>>uncanny valley = It's Ugly, i dont like it cause it's ugly.
Wrong. The uncanny valley has nothing to do with ugly. Ugly people aren't uncanny. It has to do with an inability to mimic the subtleties of human interaction. This is why people with mental illness are uncanny and is likely the reason for the feeling. If someone looks uncanny they might be crazy or have rabies or something.

>> No.12414106

>ugly people aren't uncanny
I have to disagree with you there

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False premise. The more sexual urges are indulged, the more control they have over a man and the more easily a woman will be able to put him under her spell. Reduce sexual frequency and you'll find a paradoxical decrease in sex drive provided you take your mind off sexual matters and do not deliberately expose yourself to sexual materials.

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You will have virtual reality indistinguishable from reality before you get a half decent human robot. Why waste time with a limited nuts and bolts experience when you can simply plug yourself into a fantasy world with all the senses? Imagine any fantasy you want and it will be there for you, as real as reality. Or as surreal as you want. An underwater threesome with mermaids? Sure. Hot sex with latex wearing Martian monsters? Done. Got a thing for furry orgies on top of Mount Everest? No problem. Or are you just some vanilla Joe who just wants to bang a different ethnic broad every night? Easy. Just sign up here...

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Literally the only use for science.

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Newly digitized and released video of Professor Arthur Jensen discussing IQ on the Phil Donahue Show (1980).

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to further clarify i got 107 for verbal for your internet test, but 130 for the verbal portion of the WAIS

>> No.12414969

Well I guess my story kinda fits in
>Be me third grade new school
>School thinks I might be retarded and puts me through testing
>Fucking IQ is upper 130s
>Teachers tell me I'm a "genius" and the world is gunna learn so much from me
>Basically do nothing the rest of school till graduation with an arrogant ass attitude
>Can't do college because fear that any brain that was there is definitely gone now
>Work factory job

I guess it's not the worst but not living up to what all the teachers and shit said

>> No.12415008

>"the earth is flat"

>> No.12415014

EQ is a hoax

>> No.12415060

>Points out averages
>Q&A starts

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how long does it take to learn multivariable calculus? I started studying about 3 weeks ago and am ~1/4 through pic, but am starting to struggle and feel as though I cannot progress any further.

>> No.12415010

How are you struggling in a plug-and-chug engineering book?Just use the formulae and look at the worked examples.

>> No.12415076

like 1-2 weeks of focused time max. depends on how much you're awake and how much sleep you get to consolidate learning.

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If the chances of something are 1 in 8 million, and the chance of having something in that 1 in 8 million is 10%, what is the chance of having that?

And don't say 10%, what I mean is what would the "1 in X million" be?

>> No.12413587

bout three fiddy

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Quoted By: >>12413608

are you asking if 1/8 million people have brown hair, and 10% of those brown hair people have curly hair, what's the odds of having brown, curly hair?
it's just 1/80 million. use the stupid question thread next time

>> No.12413608

thanks, sorry for being so dumb.

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I just got hired as a highschool science teacher. What is /sci/'s opinion on the current education system and how it could be improved?

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Be more experimental
More sensory driven and art incorporating
More existential overall
Make good use of video as that's how kids process info these days

Fuck the education system, but at least u can try to make it less dog shit

Teach kids how to learn as well as enquire themselves
Not to just recite bullshit that doesn't actually swim around inside them

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read focault

you can't teach anything complex in a large classroom. You will always be alienating a certain percentage of students and for that you will be fired.
your brain is on retard juice

school courses have to serve the lowest common denominator of students. If a certain percentage of students cant pass because they are retarded (15 percent of all students)
then they are useless and dont spend any money and dont work any jobs. The economy would collapse if you raised this percentage

implying it isnt already heavily privatized.

work is assigned in school to keep the students busy and weed out distractable hyperactive children like brad see >>12413573
. You can't stop progressing in elementary school you are only there because of your age.

>> No.12418808

This. Refund the tax paid into the state system so parents have the money to pay for private education. Within just one generation the overall quality of education would rise dramatically. Let a form of social Darwinism take its course with education. Successful pragmatic private schools will succeed and be replicated across the country, while those which fail in meeting the needs of their students will vanish.

Finally teachers will once more be able to go into a classroom and teach without spending half their time coaching retards, managing disruptive students, attending "professional development" courses, and having their time dimed away in pointless meetings, writing special snowflake reports and attending to trivial bureaucratic tasks.

>> No.12419613

Read Dewey or at least an abbreviated version. The man wrote in 1912 everything we know about effective teaching and we still can't do it today. I work under some big name sin science education and you need good methods courses unfortunately. Did you get to take a course on how people learn? If not, study and use the learning cycle to the best of your abilities. Conceptual change is one of the most challenging things in science teaching but for meaningful and authentic learning, its fundamental.

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>Bill Gates is gonna put AIDS and undetectable microchips in my body via 60+ vaccines, all of which he has complete control over
I'm a schizo retard so I believe it :^)

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>My non-existing knowledge about what schizoaffective disorders actually are led to this post.
>I support the new normal
>If you resist, you're bad

>> No.12414545

1 term

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>the man who spent decades building a controlling monopoly on the way people interface with computers and enjoys the total protection of the international media has completely benign intentions, only a schizo retard would even question any aspect of anything he does

>> No.12414690

>My non-existing knowledge about what schizoaffective disorders actually are led to this post.

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Quoted By: >>12413981

Are humans capable of truly denying evolutionary psychology?

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It makes more sense to look at biological correlations instead of assuming whatever bullshit about ancestors mating and raising offspring.

>> No.12413964

on the plus side, if any girl ever calls you cute or a 6/10 just know she thinks you're in the top 20% of males

>> No.12413981

Yes, take the free will pill

>> No.12413982
Quoted By: >>12414003

I'd love to see the data behind this, because it's so ridiculously non-normal that I have to imagine it's made up for threads like these

>> No.12414003

it follows the 80/20 rule, so Pareto Distribution. There's no reason it should follow a normal distribution

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I don't know where to start with programming and it's making me nervous

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Guys i'm serious help me, the only thing standing between me and my dream of owning a farm in Bavaria is learning how to program and do advanced statistics and stuff

>> No.12413488

I know the feels, like drilling a bunch of holes in an unknown board size, when the goal is too turn the wood to sawdust

the path I landed up taking


now you can make websites and figure oneself out from there. I could recommend online assisted learning sites, google will give a bunch

>> No.12413500

It's fun. Come on anon. Just do it. You know it'll be great.

>> No.12413503

>a farm in Bavaria
Sounds beautiful, thanks!

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Quoted By: >>12414469

Why aren't Alaska natives white if they lived in the same latitude for at least 10,000 years?

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Quoted By: >>12414473

>A mutation simply failed to manifest
Extremely retarded take. Maybe there was no selection for it because selection for white skin is sexual.

>> No.12414469

Apart of the white adaptation is to synthesis vitamin D. People with agriculture had very limited diets so they would not receive vitamin d through their diet of just potatoes or whatever, so they became more fair to get it from the sun. Inuits and Alaskan natives already get vitamin D from their diverse diets of tasty fish guts and so forth, that way they aren't vitamin D deficient that would warrant the adaptation for light skin.

>> No.12414473

The mutation first need to appear. This is random. Only once the mutation has appeared it starts being subjected to selection pressure.

>> No.12414478

this, and albedo

>> No.12415307

Believe it or not 10,000 years in a region is a relatively short time. The inuits and eskimos didnt come to the Americas the same time as the native americans. They are rather new arrivals. Because of that they are still brown like their asian steppe ancestors.

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Quoted By: >>12418416

What do you think /sci/, about the possibility that sexual intercourse might pass make women absorb dna of the man?
It's confirmed in fruit flies and fruit flies are high quality human models that consistently predict correct inferences of human biology.
Male DNA is observed in females but we don't have clear evidence that supports the source is sexual intercourse for humans.
But in fruit flies, it is confirmed

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Don’t know. What people don’t understand is how forbidden it is to research topics like this. There are a ton of little mysteries concerning human physiological differences between races that abruptly fell out of mention after WWII, such as racial differences in hymen’s for instance. These topics are as unexplored in our current day as brain surgery was in the 1600s. Our knowledge is nonexistent because we aren’t allowed to explore it. It’s been a rule in animal husbandry though to account for telegony. That’s where the idea first came from. It’s possibly true but we just don’t know.

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Where I live also cattle breeders know of this alleged phenomenon

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Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, we are aware. However this is a phenomena that had not insignificant research dedicated to it, there was no cases found that had anything verifiable by any metric. The best that is found is a case in a single species of fly. There is another species of fly that is obligate incestuous and has a unique genome that allows it not to result in insane levels of inbreeding damage. Does that mean we should hold our breaths that humans are the same? I mean we haven't proved that humans truly can't have perfectly fine brother sister children all the time if we simply repeatedly breed them.

Telegony was overtaken by mendel genetics. It, in of itself as a concept, does not include race. Yet for some reason you feel the need to include it as a reason no one would study it, which is untrue as they studied it in flies. The animal husbandry idea was determined to be a result of recessive alleles appearing. If it were so easily identified it would be an easy nature paper to publish on animal breeding. Hell get the data from those breeders and get some blood samples and you could get a great paper with some piss easy sequencing work.

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>There is another species of fly that is obligate incestuous and has a unique genome that allows it not to result in insane levels of inbreeding damage.

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Yeah, this sounds interesting. But when I googled it all that came up was the wiki page for incest and r*ddit.

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what if we let the animals alone and stop consuming to give them chance to evolve and think for their own scientific discoveries?

We are horrible human beings like middle eastern who fucks goat at their backyard.

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yeah let the niggers alone

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I wish Klaus would drop the mystic act and just present a clear world map with the biosphere zones (70% of land area) and the free human zones (30% of land area) so we can plan and live normal lives.

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