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What does it mean when your work gets published on Nature? is it a big deal? I work in biotech and one of our scientists just had his paper published on there and now management is trying to raise money based on the publicity.

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This, and unironically, since irony is a lie, and lying is a mortal Sin.

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OK but what about Biochem?

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I think probability theory is mathematics but statistics isn't. Statistics is a closely related stem field. I think of the relationship between physics and mathematics and analogous to the relationship between statistics and mathematics.

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means you've got some good dick sucking lips son

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>and maths
imagine getting a phd in writing numbers lmao. why do mathers keep trying to piggyback off of physics? because they are goofy weirdos who can't do anything in the real world. biology, geology, or any empirical is certainly more difficult than a "science" that doesn't even require you to interface with your surroundings. even computer science is harder than math because as theoretical as computer science is, you generally have to know how to program a device of some kind.

virtually all of the famous scientists were physicists, chemists, or biologists. (They may also have done some math, like newton, but if they are remembered for their physics). The only street-famous mathematicians are like, who? Euclid? Go back to your containment department, mathy.

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>study one day before for calculus final exam
>pray to God and tell him I'll believe if he helps me pass
>pass with a 7/10
what do I do now? I promised.

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Doesn't matter, final grade will be circa 9 probably since final exam is only like 50% of grade.

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Think that will do

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based /xsci/

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>what do
pray before every exam obviously.

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become orthodox christian

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If earth was 1m closer to the sun we would burn to death.
if it was 1m further we would freeze to death.
How is it possible to explain with science? there has to be a God who did this.

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you are here to observe only such places where the conditions are suitable

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that's wrong retard the earth regularly moves closer to and further from the sun as the year passes by and your brainlet ass nigger self is still here

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That means when I live in a skyscraper and stand in top of the roof, I'll burn to death?

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We breathe air we can not see. Drink water we do not taste. Live in a zone which allows for a close average between solid and liquid water, the latter of which becomes a gas so it may cirle the globe and deposit it's liquidy manna to all the life that requires it. Coincidence?

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Can I read (and understand) this now since I passed my calculus course?

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Yes, go read it

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Yes. It is easier than Tao, and actually provides proof strategies. I started with Tao and haven't even taken Calculus.

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70% of your first analysis class is intuitive . If you can't tell within a few seconds of hearing an intro analysis statement whether it's true or not or whether a sequence converges or not then you'll never have mathematical maturity.

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I think this is one of the meme books for analysis that gets shilled around quite often.

In order of difficulty it'd be Baby Rudin > Tao > Abbot. That being said if you finish abbot and find yourself wanting more definitely pick up Rudin.

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Definitely the best choice for self-study. You'll be fine. Don't do Rudin/Johnsonbaugh/etc. on your own – it's really inefficient.

This is good advice.


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What's scientifically, the most accurate model of economic growth humanity has? According to such model, what does a country need to have a high GDP growth?

(please not the Solow growth model)

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The math behind Solow isn't invalidated just because you don't like it for some reason.
I suspect that you will not be able to find an answer that you like without stepping outside of the scopecof economics.

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who /dropout/ in here?

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why do you wanna study medicine?

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I'm a dropout. I studied economics. It sucked. So I started an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Just have to create my journeyman's piece and then I'm a journeyman. One of the best decisions in my life, ever. The job is great. A large part of the job is decision making and problem solving. I love it. The times of garbage pay and cunt gaffers and foremen is over as well. The boomers with their small and medium sized trade businesses who treat their apprentices like shit are finished soon. They find no successors and those businesses die out, in large numbers. At the same time, zoomers and millenials don't like to do a trade job. This means that, in a few years, there are only a few trade businesses left and those who are left will be able to make some juicy price increases.
When I'm done with my apprenticeship, I hope I can start an engineering degree for wood engineering or something like that.

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I'm forced to drop out of engineering because of constant seizures. Apparently it runs in the family. Still studying at my own pace though.

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>dropped out from compsci in 2011
>dropped out from math in 2016
>NEETed for 3 years
>currently dragging math on an online university
>didn't take any courses this semester
>I am 30 years old virgin as well btw
My head is so fried I can't study anything anymore. I am trying to develop mobile apps while also tutoring students (mostly middle and high school), maybe I'll get into IT without a degree.

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>maybe I'll get into IT without a degree.
not likely

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What is the evolutionary purpose of having white strand hair alone?

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it's a mutation

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There is no purpose it means you have cancer

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There is a secret message in this image

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You'll notice in the notepad screenshot I had coords for every letter/colour, you could use those to order them or draw them

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It's a pixilated picture of a cat.

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thanks doc?

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Oh wow. This cat

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kek I can't unsee it.

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What does /sci/ think of it? How does it compare to Cambridge and American unis for mathematics and/or computer science?

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At least Cambridge doesn't completely pre-dissect its cadavers for students.

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Oxford is the only remaining top university that isn't 'woke'. Selecting students solely on merit.

Cambridge only takes students based on their skin color and 'diversity points' particularly in STEM. In 10 years time Cambridge STEM degrees will be worth as much as gender studies degree.

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>t. Oxtard
They all select based on diversityshit - at least Cambridge can stand behind some semblance of academic rigor in its selection criteria rather than making up some bullshit discretionary assessment to slip more diversity hires in.

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the only elite university in the world that is remotely close to what you're describing is Caltech. Oxford is not "not woke"

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what was his problem?

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how does wildberger define pi or e or any transcendental number? yeah that's right looks like you need infinite series afterall finitist cucks.

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Midwits forever destroyed

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he defines it as an infinite task that you cannot complete and yet you just write a fucking letter and pretend it is complete, but you didn't you are either a liar or delluded

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>for any reasonable number line, we must have the intermediate value theorem
The rationals are a dense linear order, it's not a priori unreasonable to consider a "line".
And depending on your formulation of IVT (or more precisely, your definition of "continuous function") you may still need to resort to those "dodgy" uncomputables to get it to hold.

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New Wilderberg video, I'm excited to watch.

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I extracted some key points from a paper on the feasibility of mind uploading by one of the leading neuro-engineers whose research objective is the implementation of whole brain emulation (WBE). I have an amateur interest in the subject and I am thinking of popularizing some of the work, arguments, and counter-arguments in this field and its goals.
Any anons interested in this?

The objective is to make individual human minds independent of a single (biological) substrate (Koene 2011).

> Iterative improvements in four main areas to achieve WBE
structural scanning (connectomics) - high-res microscopy carried out by taking electron microscope images of successive ultrathin layers of brain tissue.
functional recording
a.biological tools that employ DNA amplification to write events onto a molecular “ticker-tape” (Kording 2011).
b.establishing the equivalent of an electronic synaptic network based on micron-scale wireless neural interfaces. (Seo et al. 2013)
c. a probe the size of a red blood cell can include operational circuitry, infrared power delivery and communications, and an antenna for passive communications

>Is a computer too deterministic to house a mind?
If we say that neurons and other parts of the physiology are not deterministic and therefore not like computer programs then that is true for anything built in the real world, such as transistors, which also do not operate in a totally deterministic and predictable manner. (subject to the whims of variability in material and effects from surrounding environmental noise)

Emulation is a concrete approach to the transition from a biological brain to implementation in another substrate and it is reasonable to assume that the result will be a functioning mind with general intelligence.

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>>Any anons interested in this?
Thanks for the Info. The as there been any good new papers that look into how the technology has evolved in to the direction of it progressing towards possibility?
That sounds awesome anon. But how would that interact with you. Does the possibility of posterior (or external) control change the way you dream? Would dreams turn more lucid because you had more of a motivation towards it? I felt that one big problem of lucid dreaming is the inability to continue where you left the last time, but I see rewatching your dreams as a factor, that could likely help to stimulate something like a campaign mode dream season. What would happen if you exchange your dream clips and end up in a DnD like scenario, where you know about other players dream and build them into your own dream world?
I see a lot of possibilities and a lot of potential fallout in you dream. Still, it's awesome.

Real Question. If I wanted take part in or to help the research with the scanning development what would be the best thing to get into that field. I fell for the cs+bio meme degree. Guess I'm trying to select a master or graduate school atm, but not really sure what to use to select/find them.
I just want to kms desu, but I've promised to help that research develop in whatever insignificant role before that. After all the worlds that could create were always the only dream I had. Maybe that feeling is along the lines of >>12417488

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>Real Question
carboncopies.org is a non-profit that is doing state-of-the-art research in this domain. I think any paper by any of their associated researchers is a good place to start. If they interest you further you could try contacting them.

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This article is pure disinformation. It's riddled with factual errors and flat out lies. I'd go through it point by point, but you're not interested in a fruitful discussion, so I won't be bumping this trash thread.

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Establish your point first before you judge our willingness to engage with you.

Also fuck captcha. I now have to do five of them and they expire in 30 seconds.

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Quoted By: >>12414691

>why on earth won't you engage me in civilized discourse

>> No.12414691

Not a point. It's just average 4chan babble made by people who are angry or cynical for whatever reason.

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I'll be monitoring this thread because i need to wake up and nothing makes my blood boil more than propaganda misconstrued as scientific interest

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>Remember guys, Head to tail, always. Head to tail.

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How deep is your love?

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So if I memorize all of these concepts then I am king of math?

>> No.12420057

>never academically studied past high school algebra
>have some minimal but notable knowledge or basically every topic on there
>literally just browse sci for like 5 hours a day


>> No.12420070

terrible image
feel bad about yourself

>> No.12420428

That's not the point.

>> No.12420530

are you an ee

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What are some blogs, news sites etc that focus on the recent advances in aging research?
I wanna know how close we are getting to the great elixir.

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The thing everyone hates about me is that they don't know when I begin anything or when anything would ever end with me.

How do I solve this?

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You are in an island. There are coconuts way up on a tree, too far from reach. How do you take them?

Primitive question. Gimmie your BEST answer. You should be able to solve it.

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>look for something to throw at them
>if that fails try climbing
>if that fails pile sand
No matter what I'm going to be shitting water within a couple of hours.

>> No.12419676

Climb it. what are you fucking lazy?
this is a really good answer though.

>> No.12420472

Great job cutting down your water and food source genius. Hope you have a plan to get off the island, cause you just made staying there so much harder.

>> No.12420492

Inflate myself just like a balloon then stretch my arms out.

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>You are in an island.
No I am not.

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Quoted By: >>12414638 >>12414666

Brainlet here, please help. Are the Csikszentmihaly' studies on the ''Flow state'' legit or not? I can't recall experiencing anything like that in my life, i suffered from treatment-resistant MDD for almost all my life and I'm pretty familiar with mindfullness and other kinds of meditation too, sponsored by frustrated therapists (even neurologists push that shit when meds and elctro funko pops don't seem to work) but no flow shit. Ever.

Can i achieve it? Or is it some made-up bullshit to mythologize athletes and silicon valley millionaires? Or maybe just genetic-dependent (procedural memory)?

>> No.12414638

Absolutely real, learn an instrument or do something that takes concentration and coordination, you'll get to a point where you stop "thinking" and you and your body "just know what to do next". Feels amazing and time flies

>> No.12414666

No idea who Csikszentmihaly is, but the flow state is just long periods of solid focus.
Generally, if you're learning or practicing something you find interesting but not overwhelming, you'll periodically end up forgetting time.
Personally, I've mostly experienced it with math, programming, writing and playing music.
Arguably, playing sports or games could get you in the same state if you're serious about it.

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Quoted By: >>12414597

How do I determine whether I understand quantum mechanics?

I did all the exercises in the textbook but I still don't feel like I understand any of it.

>> No.12414597

By the time you're done understanding it, it has changed enough to be considered a totally new subject.

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Quoted By: >>12416452 >>12416757

I'm a brainlet so please explain

Which scenario would be more expensive?
>1. Basically shut down the economy in the emergence of an airborne virus, close down borders, close down businesses, rob people of their freedoms, hurry up to develop vaccines and cures
>2. Develop plastic helmets in the emergence of an airborne virus and make everyone wear them, first for risk-groups, then, with time, for everyone, until virus goes away, like pic related

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Quoted By: >>12416217

Funny thing about coverups- you can be talking to someone and they'll say you could never cover that up, someone would be talking...Ya- WE'RE TALKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW and I just told you how guys x, y, & z, said a, b, and c about it but nobody believes them because of the COVERUP

I don't buy the alien stuff but I always chuckle when people say you couldn't cover it up cause people would spill the beans. It's like do you have any idea how many people are running around claiming to have witness alien whatever while working at Area 51/Antarctica/Etc- there are thousands of these guys running around.

>> No.12416217
Quoted By: >>12416271

No the alien stuff is just stupid that's why no one believes it. Everyday life in china where billions of people live and even come here to shitpost is a completely different thing

>> No.12416271

>alien stuff is just stupid that's why no one believes it
Sweet summer child. At this very moment /x is hot on the heels of the monolith mystery, as well as that piece of orbital debris flying past us, and the flower shaped cloud lightening spacecraft that keeps showing up on publically available weather radar feeds

>> No.12416452

We Quarians now.

>> No.12416757

The least expensive option was and still is to do absolutely nothing about it
Millions of people are now in poverty because of "just some airlines bro"
China's numbers are not to be trusted obviously

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Generation vs Accusation

The thing everyone hates about me is that they don't know when I begin anything or when anything would ever end with me.

How do I solve this?

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How dangerous is it really to not remove an infected tooth that has no pain and no abscess? I took my son to the dentist to have 2 teeth removed yesterday and it was an actual nightmare. He was screaming and crying and I almost stopped the doctor. Now they say he needs more baby teeth extracted but they are not hurting him and they have no abscesses. If I choose to just wait until the teeth fall out naturally in a few years is it very dangerous and risking sepsis? The main problem is I cannot afford the dentist who puts my child to sleep. I can only afford the cheapest dentist with no laughing gas. But I cannot put him through that again. It was torture. It fucked me up. I seriously feel ptsd symptoms from watching them torture my son.

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>> No.12414541

Probably not very dangerous except in the long term. They will absess eventually.

>> No.12414556

How high? He weighs 43lbs. Is 250mg a day good?

>> No.12414927

>If I choose to just wait until the teeth fall out naturally in a few years is it very dangerous and risking sepsis?
Yes, it is dangerous and you are taking a risk. You might be fine and the infection doesn't progress to becoming an abscess or developing sepsis, and then the teeth fall out naturally.

Or at any point in the next few years the infection might reach the point of becoming an abscess. Once that happens, the tooth falling out won't make the problem go away and you're looking at a potentially even more expensive course of medical treatment to fix it.

And worst case scenario, it becomes septic. You'll initially think he's got a bad cold or the flu, but by time you realise it's something worse it'll be too late as he goes into septic shock. The fact that you're poor means you probably wouldn't want to risk the expense of seeing a doctor for any sort of illness until it becomes severe, which is something you can't risk with sepsis. You want some depressing reading, go look up the survival rates for sepsis.

So yeah. You can take that risk with your son's life if you want. Put him through a bit of suffering now for peace of mind in the long term, or just take a chance knowing you could potentially kill him. Your call, I just hope you can live with it.

>> No.12415381

One or two kids died a year from abscesses, plus it’s your fucking kid.

Shots are a part of life dude and your kid has to learn to take them like a man. And he has to learn to brush his teeth.

>> No.12415451

Go on the dark web and get some ketamine and Xanax and put him out yourself (figure out dosing first by testing them on yourself and extrapolating accordingly for weight)

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What is a fulfilling and prospective field/carrer?

I thought being compsci major and being a programmer making nice money is the end goal, but lately now that I'm living the dream and made enough money from markets, I'm really feeling a huge void. The things I'm working on aren't going to change anyone's life, most jobs are equally meaningless anyway and I want to start studying again and go somewhere where I can make a difference now that I have the money to live freely for next 30 years.

Any ideas? I feel like medicine is something that would make me happy, helping people, but it also has to do with programming/math that will capture my mind and make me work hard for next 15 years at least with a good goal and purpose in life.

Also it doesn't have to do with medicine, just give me some tips.

>> No.12414572

Work for others, not just for yourself. Doesn't necessarily have to be in your career, just do something. Maybe wife someone up, maybe do some charity work, maybe pursue medicine if you're completely determined to do that.

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God goes back to school and asks, "Why are you still here? Why do you still exist? What counter-argument could you possibly have and why would you advertise or broadcast it to the rest of the fucking world at the drop of a hat?"

What's 4chan's reply?

As a teacher I'd probably defend against God with, "I call my students the firewall of rejection." And then let my students defeat God instantly, and then gang-bang! Yaaaay!

>> No.12414812

take your meds

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