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Kinda fucking cringe, who do I bully

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I use the product rule with a negative exponent.

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That form is shit for memorization purposes.

f'g - fg' as the numerator is better because the function names are in simple alphabetical order and you can think of the numerator being "quoted" (new word "quotiented") -- i.e., derivative ticks on the outside of the expression.

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math fags
> but it's not rigorous !
physics fags
> your mom is not rigorous

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It is rigorous though

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God, actually.

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Just did a paper about pokerstar and how their software is rigged. Ive analyzed more than 300,000 hands and the amounts of Flushs and Straights that happenned is basically impossible. I concluded that there is a 99.5% that their software is rigged with really high confidence.

Just sent the paper to pokerstaes, how much they will pay me to not tell any1?

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>recorded the values from an RNG then ran some simple permutation functions with a calculator on the outcomes vs what should randomly occur
>thinks he is some kind of special genius for doing this simple shit
You know literally every computer scientist right out of college can do this right asshat? Apparently not

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How did you gather the 300k hands? Expect a scare letter about illegally using their data.

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op thinks he is a god for being able to punch a formula into excel. Top lel

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There's a difference between being able to do something and figuring out what to do in the first place.

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Lol youneed to do a paper to find that out
Just play 3 games with aas little money and you'll realize there are pokerbots teaming up on you getting royal flushes left and right.

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Any Americans here studying in Germany? Can you really get bachelor degrees in English? What's the experience like? I'm American and broke and I want to go back to school but I dont want to go into the military and I dont want to pay a lot. I know some German as it is but not a whole lot I did some Rosetta stone in middle school and a couple classes when I was in college

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Karlsruhe has a bachelor's program in English I believe. Some other school does too, but the name eludes me. Last time I looked into it there were only 2 in the country.

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It CAN be cheaper, if you can at least afford the baseline living costs and plane ticket which are more than you'd think. Getting tuition scholarships is a very high bar though, especially in Germany. Best of luck.

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Go to South Africa, Cape Town. You can live like a king in a beachfront house for practically nothing. UCT has an incredible campus and good programs depending on your area. The woman are all beautiful and drink heavily. Pic related- 100 yards from my back door for 3 years.

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Your options will be restricted if you do not speak German and that is especially true at the bachelor's level.

Also, keep in mind that universities of applied sciences are not going to prepare you for scientific pursuits but for vocational ones so filter them out if you want a research-based education.

The eastern German states have a lower cost of living while affluent areas are more pricy

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You only pay domestic tuition at public universities in Germany regardless of your citizenship except for the state of Baden-Wurttemberg where they introduced a tuition fee of 1500 euros per semester for all non-EU citizens

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Is this system always inconsistent? That's what it looks like after all the work I've done on it. Did I do a good job? How would you rate my work?

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This problem isn't about det(A) or invertability at all. This system is only consistent if the bottom row is a multiple of the first. Yes this does imply that A isn't invertible, but it also implies a million other things. >>12416561
Is right

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Inconsistent has nothing to do with invertible. Inconsistent mean's there is no solution.

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I just found out the solution to the problem.
-3h = k
0 = k + 3h
If k + 3h were nonzero, the system would have no solution. Since k + 3h = 0, the system has an infinite number of solutions. The system is consistent for any values of h and k that make k + 3h = 0.

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Wtf is this "consistency" retardations?
Just find the null space you fucking fuckwit

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brainlet spotted
learn your vocab or learn to use google

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>99.8% survival rate

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yes "a cope" you fucking donkey as in a coping mechanism. You know what cope actually means? Of course you don't because it is just a word to say to you because you that you idea what it actually meant because you are fucking idiot.

You trannies are so fucking stupid it is genuinely mind boggling. You are literal NPC just spewing reactions to stimulus mindlessly

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I want to take a dump in your mouth tranny post your bulge pics

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Watch your blood pressure. Maybe you should have a wank "researching" tranny porn?

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How could we know if the covid vaccine causes any long term effects such as infertility?

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Not true. Vaccine trials don't run for long enough to detect that kind of effects. Any problems that are obvious in the short term stopped them being released but that is it.

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>How could we know if the covid vaccine causes any long term effects such as infertility?
The same we know if COVID-19 has any long term effects on health. >>12415982

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I shook his hand and it got aired on national television.


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Why do you think you'd get mandatory unbreedable? With brain shrinking as effect?

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Does trips still count as dubs? Or is trips just trips and no longer dubs?

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Yes we could, but it would be retarded.

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Trips = 1.5(Dubs)

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A If and only if B means B implies A and A implies B.
In this case, A is "A number is dubs" and B is "The last two digits are the same"
You are mistakenly thinking that "A number is dubs iff the last two digits are the same" means the same thing as "A number is dubs if the last two digits match and only the last two digits match."
This is not how "if and only if" is defined at all.
Are you trolling?

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Top iq is using a cateter to not waste time on toilet

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Bro, look, it also implies "if and if only" the way I formulated it. It's really logic 55 (that's 101 for halfwits).

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retardanon here and this is a stupid question;
on the idea of tethered subatomic particles..
what if you were to theoretically gather a planetoid amount of these tethered particles and their opposites? What kind of power source or benefits could one gain? Would the link between them be more tangible due to the collected amount (such as adding more power to a lightbulb) or would it be the same as an individual tethered couple? Would you be able to spin one using some artificial means causing the other to spin in the same regard and thus be able to power two places with only one input?
Any thoughts fellow sciencefags?

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do you mean entangled?

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Incels always whine about looks or economic problems for why they can't get sex, but one thing I never see mentioned is how the natural human sex ratio is biased towards males at birth.

This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, as boys are more susceptible to disease then girls due to the Y chromosome, and since childhood mortality was so high, the population that survived to adulthood probably had a nearly 1:1 sex ratio (see Fisher's principle, if you want to understand why natural selection favors an equal ratio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher%27s_principle ). But now with contemporary medicine, childhood mortality is much lower, so more males are surviving to adulthood, and the sex ratio for young adults is skewed in favor of men.

But how skewed is it? According to Wikipedia, estimates are that the ratio is about 1.05 or 1.06 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sex_ratio . That does not sound like a lot, but those numbers do not give you an intuitive understanding of just how many 'extra males' there really are. If we take the lower estimate, a more intuitive ratio is 21 / 20, meaning that for every 21 males that are born there are only 20 females https://www.google.com/search?q=21+%2F+20 .

We can actually see this ratio showing up in national census data. Looking at the demographics of the United States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States , you can see that the sex ratio for the population aged 0 to 14 and 15 to 24 is almost 1.05 . This gap narrows with age, as the male mortality rate is higher overall, with the national sex ratio even biased towards females, but the fact remains that a large amount of incels are within the 15 to 24 age bracket or are a decade or so older, and within that range there are more males than females, and that this imbalance could be a major contributing factor as to why there are so many incels: there are not enough women to go around.

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What if instead of improoving you just break through and kill? Imagine the social effects. Go forth into the world and kill.

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It's a very small gap and it can vary from country to country. China has significantly more men due to one child policy, while Russia has more women as a legacy of WWII (yes, the USSR lost THAT many men that they're still recovering).

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>This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, as boys are more susceptible to disease then girls due to the Y chromosome

Before modern medicine, males had a higher life expectancy despite still being the ones that died the most in wars.

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take a look at a map of the world by gender ratio
africa/middle east/asia are all male dominant and it's a violent desertified shithole

i read a study that says if the male/female ratio goes above 1.2 you get a civil war

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when will cyberpunk transhumanism gonna happen? and what does it looks like in real life?

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Connection to the brain is the key. I imagine it won't be long before someone connects their Neuralink to their PC and starts modeling 3D objects only with their thoughts. They already have monkeys moving cursors around with wires in their brains.

Prosthetics are also going to get a buff once they're connected to the brain (more accurate movements etc).

And once we figure out how to encode more complex thoughts, holy shit. Imagine Wolfram Alpha literally a thought away, giving everyone +70 IQ. Imagine bombing oil-rich countries like a video game inside your mind, while you're buying ice-cream. Imagine downloading an orgasm from the internet.

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In real life it looks like people depending on the computer in their pocket for a variety of things, from map-reading, phone number memory, schedule management, basic math, to nagging to-do lists. This external brain is equivalent to living with cybernetic enhancements. The feedback part of cybernetics is rate-limited by thumbing stuff in and looking at a display, but it's good enough and simple and cheap.

That might seem boring. But the more you depend on technology the less you develop those skills yourself. The more dependent you become, the more you are merged with technology.

Cyberpunk is now. The sci-fi predictions were only a little off.

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Never gonna happen
The Brain calculates at 10^24 per second constructed via biochemical molecules at the precision of picometers (10^-12). Some species have been known to calculate even quantum spin of the electrons (10^-15 femtometer) just to figure out north without relying on the magnetic fields

Computers are bound to platue at 10^18 because it is constructed using transistors that would peak at 1nm (10^-9). Once it reach that level, it cannot go any further because its entire construction relies on electricity that heats up circuitries because of resistance. Any lower than 1nm and it becomes too fragile

The future of mankind would not be about computers. No, instead it would be about trying to immitate the brain and trying to create artificial neurons that can be used in computers that resembles brain in a jar.

The future is not metal.
The future is flesh

Transhumanism is a fucking joke.
You can do so much more by using exoskeleton suits without any need to cut you up.

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Oh shit you again ...

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I just got rejected from a Mathematics and computer science undergrad at Oxford, how retarded am I?

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Rejected by a bunch of hoff hoff yoss yoss yess yess people.

Awh I'm sorry to hear that.

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Are you trying to get insulted on 4chan as some kind self-flagellation?

You're going to get rejected and fail at stuff throughout your entire life, and there will always be someone more gifted than you at whatever you care about. It doesn't mean you're retarded, and it doesn't mean you can't achieve the things that you want to achieve. No one gets what they want 100% of the time. Focus on what you can control, and if you want to achieve advances in academia, focus on being creative and playing with the concepts that you know from an early age –I wish I had more. Grinding is not everything.

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>applying to Oxford
Pretty retarded

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self pity gets you nowhere, OP

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ITT: We post ways we've been robbed of our fundamental right to evolve in a way that optimizes our capacity to thrive independently


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I'd give it all up for the sake of money and shit.

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This furry shit?

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Dude just let me fight or die trying, this cucked existence I'm living now is worse than any hell

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Well, science just confirmed God is real.

wtf bros.

>> No.12415814

That is not a proof of God.

>> No.12415855

Well you proofed that synchronicities are real.

>> No.12415920

>University of bologna
Sounds like a bunch of bologna to me

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Has anyone taken a look at this? The age group ratios are pretty flat through the worst weeks of all cause death. Shouldn't all these excess corona chan deaths have a bigger signal there? Looks like an increase from about 30% to 32% of total deaths for 85+, no visible increase for 75-84 in weeks 12 & 13. This needs to cover nearly 40,000 excess deaths during that period. Original is here https://web.archive.org/web/20201126163323/https://www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19

Would have been nice if she included the totals as well as percentages, the data is here- https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/AH-Excess-Deaths-by-Sex-Age-and-Race/m74n-4hbs

Don't feel like digging through it now but probably will later unless everyone says this makes perfect sense because xyz

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What quote should i put in My PhD thesis? The cringier the better.

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that's kinda cute actually

>> No.12423370

Good shit

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I have always found this one absolutely amazing. Still unmatched in my opinion.

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"..The Devil is in the details , but so is salvation"

Admiral Hyman G Rickover

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replay within 10 seconds and your iq will be 10 points higher for the rest of your life

>> No.12415696
Quoted By: >>12415699


>> No.12415699

pedos get the rope

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The show Steven Universe is claiming Lewis Latimer was the inventor of the lightbulb. How truthful are these claims?

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How many niggers does it take to invent a lightbulb? None, because they didn't.

>> No.12417745

we wuz filaments n sheit

>> No.12417769

Actually it was the Parthians b/c they were the first to control electricity.
ACSHULLY it was fucking zues because he invented lightning.
The line of reasoning they use is retarded.
it was unironcally this guy though
Why are Americans like this?
This video is literally racist, it infantilizes black people.
fucking sad.

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Quoted By: >>12417809

>Latimer received a patent on January 17, 1882 for the "Process of Manufacturing Carbons", an IMPROVED METHOD for the production of carbon filaments for lightbulbs.

Latimer would probably find this revisionism embarrassing since he knew better than any of these cultural subversionists what his contribution was. It's actually insulting to try to reframe black history in this directly falsifiable way which requires perpetual total control of the media in order to maintain their lies.

>> No.12417809

he was probably more intelligent than all of these arts degree drop out in debt faggots and would probably be working a coding job is he was resurrected.
But yeah, who the fuck wouldn't be embarrassed to be tokenized, infantilized, and only held with regard for your race in a time that was against the idea of racial categorization.

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Cringe? Based? Hack? Enlightened?

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Nobody cares about arguments. They only cares about my money, your money.

If his argument is based on assuming that all people are rational, it is moot.

If his argument depends on elites of society manipulating the stupid public for their own good, well ok, what's the point of that endeavor. Unless people are pets. But they clearly don't like people.

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Quoted By: >>12421043

found the nazi

>> No.12421027
Quoted By: >>12421043


found the nazi

>> No.12421040

A hack who saw truth for a moment and has been describing it in increasingly poor rationality ever since.

>> No.12421043

Kike*2= oy vey

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Quoted By: >>12416720 >>12416758

What’s their endgame?

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>> No.12415787

death to phoneposters
t. phoneposter

>> No.12415883

Forcing you to clean your room

>> No.12416696

survive breed what else is there

>> No.12416720

To infest your brain and feed off your dreams

>> No.12416758

Do they work for the CIA?

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Can one get a caffeine addiction? Currently theres a lockdown in my country and all cafés and bars have been closed, due to them being the places where most people spend time around.
I noticed a shitton of people just go to the gas station (I work there) just to get coffee. But our café is closed as well and we cant make coffee at all. So a lot people just go and buy ice coffees we have in the shop.
My question is this: are people asking for coffee cause theyre addicted or maybe they just like coffee a lot?

If anyone has any info on that or research that would be very helpful.

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>> No.12418536

For me caffeine just enables my sleep deprivation. If I don't have any work to do I will gladly sleep in or vegetate in a non-productive activity instead of taking caffeine (tea or a pill depending on dose I want)

>> No.12419260
Quoted By: >>12420677

>drinking gas station coffee
why don't they make their own coffee lmao

>> No.12420677

I guess theyre too lazy for that

>> No.12422526

Personally I define addiction as a substance to which one may suffer serious bodily harm or death if they abruptly stop taking after developing tolerance.
This narrows it down to very few substances, notably alcohol and barbituates and benzodiazepines (due to the risk of seizuring)

One may become heavily dependent on caffeine though, even physically.
I worked at Starbucks during college and when I left I had blinding headaches for a week since I was not consuming the equivalent of nearly two dozen cups of coffee daily.

>> No.12422613

People who have a hard time quitting coffee are pussies. Try quitting a real mans addiction like darts or booze.

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why isn't in this whole climate debade no one talking about the fact that banks are making billions with emission trade

the emission trade is run and controlled by pic related
mordan stanley, j.p morgan also make money with this and some other banks i forgot about

>> No.12415912

Not just emission trade. Dig into the reality behind "renewables" where you cut forests down to burn for power. They're all neck deep in it, see the Planet of the Humans doc everyones panties were in a twist over

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Quoted By: >>12415640

Do I just add the two weights together?

>> No.12415640
File: 353KiB, 685x783, B5CE97F1-9A10-404E-8391-37F4D7F5BCC1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>12420984


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>> No.12420984
Quoted By: >>12421028

>the american astronauts are niggers
The chinks are just laughing at us now

>> No.12421028
Quoted By: >>12421235

Create separation between the thruster and the lander probably.

2 women and a nigger.

>> No.12421036

>americans drawn as niggers and women

utterly based

>> No.12421235
Quoted By: >>12421349

If that were the case you would have the legs stay attached to the descent stage. Carrying them all the way back to orbit is full retard.

>> No.12421349

I'm not seeing any legs there

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Quoted By: >>12422313 >>12422322

Does anyone else here have an actual degree?

For me I have a masters in genetics.

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>> No.12422305

in freemasonry you earn your first degree upon enrolling

>> No.12422312

are you sexist?
is your hair pink?
do you own a chastity cage?

>> No.12422313


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Are you more racist or less than when you started college?

>> No.12422714

Post it fag
I have a associates in machining

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