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look for graph theory books and combinatorics groups

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How doable is this Computer Engineering schedule? Assuming I'm not a dumbass will I have a good shot of maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA with 45-60 hours put in on class time, studying, homework, labs, etc?

-Spring 2021-(17)
CIS 252 - Introduction to Computer Science
CSE 283 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Design
CIS 375 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
WRT 205 - Studio 2: Critical Research and Writing
CSE 261 - Digital Logic Design

-Fall 2021-(16)
ELE 251 - Fundamentals of Linear Systems
CIS 351 - Data Structures
CSE 389 - Web System Architecture and Programming
CSE 381 - Computer Architecture
CSE 397 - FPGA and Microcontroller Design Laboratory

-Spring 2022-(16)
CSE 384 - Systems and Network Programming
CSE 398 - Embedded and Mobile Systems Laboratory
CIS 321 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
CSE 483 - C# and Windows Programming (Upper)
(CSE Upper Elective)

-Fall 2022-(15)
CSE 491 - Senior Design Project I
CSE 464 - Introduction to VLSI Design
CSE 484 - Introduction to Computer and Network Security
CIS 477 - Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms (Upper)
CIS 453 - Software Specification and Design (Upper)

-Spring 2023-(15)
CSE 492 - Senior Design Project II
CSE 486 - Design of Operating Systems
CIS 454 - Software Implementation (Upper)
ECS 392 - Ethical Aspects of ECS
(CSE Upper Elective)

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Its not really about when I enter the workforce but I just want to get the ball rolling with my career, quickly pay the 10k debt I'll have and ultimately start a family hopefully by 35. Like I said if I was finishing school at 24 I wouldn't give a flying fuck but the pressure to get married and have kids before I'm fucking 40 is very present in my mind to be quite honest.

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I have a computer engineering degree. Shouldn't you have more electrical engineering courses? In my junior year I took electronic circuits and circuit analysis II. Also I took 12 credit hours each semester and was kept pretty busy.

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Wouldn't say "piss" but it's definitely not the hardest college experience in the world. Mine was pretty breezy but still took a lot of work.

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I’m in the same boat as you Op but I’m working full time so I’m paying it smart and just doing 1 or 2 classes per semester.

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I think computer engineering is widely different at different schools. I like that it seems half and half since I'm most likely just going for a dev job.

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Got the second edition, is there cool stuff in the first edition like revelations 2:9 I should know about?

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Please post photos with cuties with a math book
pic not related

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28 year old anon here. ive been on ssris for around 9 years and have for the past year or so been forgetting some simple words or like names of characters in tv shows i regularly watch. are the ssris killing my brain? i can’t function without them

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My favorite word is nigger sometimes I forget it so I use rape ape instead

I suggest you have multiple words for the same things

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Yes SSRI's are literally turning you into a fucking houseplant.

Serontonin is crucial for learning.

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SSRIs inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, not serotonin itself. They actually increase serotonin levels.

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I'm 31 and a straight edge and this happens to me, my memory is just shit and I know I'm dumber than my 20s and teens

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are you female?

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Is destiny/fate real or is there no way to trace a clear path to follow because of the nature of the (bounded) random events we encounter on a daily basis?

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logic maps poorly onto reality.
red pill: we are more mechanical than the universe it.
we treat it like a simple machine, but who made who?
logic does not hold strong.
it's literally pointless to think existentially.
be content with that knowledge.
Socrates was the smartest man to ever exist. plato ruined all his ideas for personal gain and attention.
“I examined the poets, and I look on them as people whose talent overawes both themselves and others, people who present themselves as wise men and are taken as such, when they are nothing of the sort.

From poets, I moved to artists. No one was more ignorant about the arts than I; no one was more convinced that artists possessed really beautiful secrets. However, I noticed that their condition was no better than that of the poets and that both of them have the same misconceptions. Because the most skillful among them excel in their specialty, they look upon themselves as the wisest of men. In my eyes, this presumption completely tarnished their knowledge. As a result, putting myself in the place of the oracle and asking myself what I would prefer to be — what I was or what they were, to know what they have learned or to know that I know nothing — I replied to myself and to the god: I wish to remain who I am.

We do not know — neither the sophists, nor the orators, nor the artists, nor I— what the True, the Good, and the Beautiful are. But there is this difference between us: although these people know nothing, they all believe they know something; whereas, I, if I know nothing, at least have no doubts about it. As a result, all this superiority in wisdom which the oracle has attributed to me reduces itself to the single point that I am strongly convinced that I am ignorant of what I do not know.”
? Socrates

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Moon rabbits edition. Hop/flight soon(?).

Previous thread: >>12413375

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you see, /sfg/ doesn't actually care about things that fly through space

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Pics like this would've been the stuff of scifi in the early space age. Nobody cares though nowadays.

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migrate >>12421371

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What does /sfg/ think of using Dragon to service it? A Falcon launches something akin to the ISS Quest airlock, which then docks with a Dragon and proceeds to the HST.

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Or you could have the colder fluid on the outer layer and the warmer fluid on the inner layer, to take advantage of the thermal gradient that would occur anyway.

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How did he do it?

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share GOOD art (unlike mine) featuring the glory and majesty of science/math or artful science, sauces, etc

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Turn 360 degrees and go back to pleddit.

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The Soviets were pretty good with the propaganda art in support of the sciences, especially the space program.

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I was going to say the exact same thing.

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Math town fractal videos.

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Is there any scientific evidence of a biological clock in relation to having children? I'm not just referring to women but humans/mammals. Do we have a biological/psychological need to breed?

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Why would they try to scientifically prove this ?

Looking at how families are created over the world and over the ages, you could say that the society where the kid is to be born shapes the reproductive behaviour and timing, rather than an universal biological timer everyone has to abide to.

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It's called puberty. U get testosterone then all of a sudden want to impregnate female just as she hits puberty and releases eggs wow how crazy isn't science fucking awesome and wild

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Idk but that person claiming to be a Rothschild said 18 for women and early 30s for men is optimal child rearing years

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Infinity is bounded at hitomi's number.
R is thus finite.
N is thus finite.
hitomi's number is the best

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properties of h:
limiting count number.
No real or sub reals exceed it.
Finality is based.
Some basic properties:
h + q = h
qh = h
h^2 = h
h * 0 = 1 (major theme)
1/h = 0
h/0 = h
h = 1/0
N = {1, 2, ..., h}
also because of h + q = h I was thinking that there is such a number that h - c = 1.
I call this the crux or horizon. Asuka's horizon/crux.
also it's lead me to hypothesis that because c is a very large number it probably has similar properties to h so then there might be many different cruxes such that h - c_2 = h but c_1 - c_2 = 1.
where c_h is the smallest crux.
also the series of 1/n approaches h.

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Somehow I can take 50mg Vyvanse at 8pm, after already taking 100mg earlier in the day, and be in bed asleep by 2am no problem. How is this even possible? Even for a person with ADHD that should be a stretch. It's like the wombo combo of rumination from OCD + ADHD tires me out to no ends.

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I only take it like 2-3 times a week

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Definitely could build tolerance just taking it a few times a week. Thats how it was with adderall for me though so not entirely the same

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The past 2 years I took it 5 days a week and never developed tolerance. Now during quarantine I just take it twice on Monday, Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday and I really don't think tolerance is the main issue here, I think that my ability to tire myself out is just unparalleled.

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OH SHIT WHAT DO I DO GUYS????? (seriously...)

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Good job!

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It's so hard to find info online that isn't vague af, but from what I gather the real value is in the onsite workshop. The people who get into that get internship offers and networking opportunities and stuff.

>> No.12417288

cool. that'll probably look good on your resume.

>> No.12417291

Thank you, things are looking up.

>> No.12417298

Let me clarify -> How do I look smart and impress the higher ups I meet during this?

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A in calculus = C in Stats

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ioun care nigga

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Thats cause you flip burgers

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Come back to me after you can tell me the relation between Lie Groups and the integrability of a differential equation.

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does quantum immortality assume consciousness is physical?
and is the fact that consciousness is uniform a problem for the infinite physical view? It can't be replicated right?

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Is this a dumb questions

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If I have to sit through one more presentation about supernovae I am going to kill myself

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>broke: stellar evolution
>woke: God created starlight in transit
>bespoke: God created the stars via Rapid Maturation: http://bylogos.blogspot.com/2017/05/is-mature-creation-deceptive_18.html

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>implying general relativity doesn't play a role in stellar evolution
>implying quantum interactions á la degenerate matter don't play a role in stellar evolution
>implying particles and nuclear physics don't play a role in detection at every level
>implying advanced optics don't play a role in detection
>implying condensed matter isn't stellar inner structures

I think you just wanted to make a list of things you were surprised to find in astrophysics.

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astrophysics is literally meme, probably on par with gender studies. it offers nothing to society other than stories that can't be replicated or observed. i guess this is why china is gonna surpass the west in stem

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I wish you merry christmass. Santa sometimes overdelivers things you didn't wanted, but that's because you aren't unique enought.

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>Be me
>American high schooler
>Bill Nye integrated into my AP chemistry class’s curriculum
>40 years later
>Drive my car into a tree after my overnight shift at Wage-Mart

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>be me
>want to do computer science
>have to pay 900 dollars for the first semester covering calculus 1
>already know most of calculus 2

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you're never gonna get that though, you'll spend your life grinding a 9-5 until you're no longer useful

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The game of life isn't just black and white, mcdonald's and college. There's so much more you can do that doesn't require either of those paths. What do you think people did 500 years ago when there was no mcdonald's? They worked at Ye Olde Burger.

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America is a wasteland. White Americans never achieved iq parity with european whites. It’s only going to get even dumber as it gets browner. The only people who crossed the Atlantic with high iqs (good european genetic stock) were the wasps who got here early and were violently filtered by the early colonial process until only the fittest remained. After the gilded age began, the only intelligent people crossing the Atlantic were Jews which is why they do everyone’s thinking for them in that country.

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Every college teaches calculus in its cs curriculum

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Assuming we stabilize humanity's genetic code and prevent further modification (whether by direct manipulation or eugenics) and further assume we do not intentionally deviate from the "human template" we can do some neat math,
The earth probably can't house more than a trillion in even the most generous estimations without extreme advances and some think we're already nearing a max of 10 billion. lets assume a generation of 20 years. The solar system has a few places we can potentially manipulate into being habitable: mars, venus, the asteroid belt, and europa. Let's be generous and assume they can all support another trillion each. This balances with the 20 year generation for 1 trillion people born in the solar system every 20 years. Now, lowball estimates say there's about 10^24 stars, lets be generous and say 10^30 and that they all are capable of fitting similar amounts of people as the solar system. We're about 10^100 years from the heat death and assuming (incorrectly) that as stars die off we'll find replacements and we'd be able to keep this many people alive until the heat death.
This is people in total. Compared with the possible people this means (assuming, unrealistically a random
selection of people at birth from all possibilities) that the genetic description of a person would occur on average
times.Even swapping out for low ball stuff, 10 billion people per earth, one earth for every quadrillion suns etc, we get of you.
The time to conquer space is miniscule in the face of 10^100 years, so it is ignored.

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Humans aren't even homogeneous genetically. Now if you mean that no more genes or base pairs can be born then that's a bit peculiar but I get your point.

>> No.12419577

yee, no new mutations and shit that'd easily fuck this model

>> No.12419585

>You think humans will be able to reverse the direction of entropy?
we do all the time, it just takes energy external to the system to do so.
reversing heat death everywhere would require an energy source external to the universe, but keeping a small part of the universe alive a bit longer than the rest would be relatively easy. The scale would be unimaginable, but we have a fuckton of time

>> No.12419597

if I went back to 1020 and told people that by 2020 metal tubes would be flying faster and higher than any bird ever will, people use lighting captured in metal to instantly communicate across the entire world. We use Naptha to fuel self propelled carriages that go faster and further than any horse can ever gallop and we made it to the moon by shooting people up there with tubes full of explosives that burn so fiercely that simply mixing them causes them to self immolate id be either the greatest storyteller of the age or an absolute nutter. The only thing I think we can be sure of with 100% certainty is that we don't know shit and probably never will.

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You are virus. Stop reproducing or kill yourself.

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How does someone think of an equation that can't be proved with the math that exists at the time, but people know that there is a proof

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It's the same with the Riemann hypothesis, all of the non trivial zeros found so far have a real part of one half, so it seems to be true, just unproven

>> No.12418109

I've taken to calling it the Ream Mann hypothesis as of recently. It's fitting, because many autists have gotten their assholes and livelihoods reamed by this waste of time monstrosity.

>> No.12418244

Easy, z=(x^n+y^n)^(1/n), it's a function in complex numbers

>> No.12418292

Ok, tell me now one application for your number thingy.

There isn't one, because it's trivial. In the neighborhood of infinity, triples that share the same power are irrelevant.

>> No.12418751

Homie wrote that on the margins of one of his personal books my dude

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>done with 3rd semester in 3 days
>finally done with every math course
>one semester until I can choose literally whatever I want instead of the mandatory stuff
feels good men

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Quoted By: >>12417168 >>12417226

how's remote crap been going for you? I personally have a hard time focusing on online lectures.

>> No.12417168
Quoted By: >>12417285

I've skipped every lecture since covid and just read for myself, online lectures are garbage

>> No.12417226

ADHD go brrrrrrr

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One of my professors actually helps set the policies for distance learning and covid at my university.
Apparently the school hasn't actually confirmed anything yet but she told me not to expect any in person classes until the 2021-2022 school year, which will be after I graduate.
Basically my last 1.5 years of undergrad will all be online.

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There are too many numbers and I don't have time to remember all of them. So which one is the best?

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This, but I prefer 1.

>> No.12417047

I like 6 alot because of all of its factors. Counting by base-12 would be cool.

>> No.12417051

It's the only number I use on passwords if it needs me to use numbers

>> No.12417255

only when q isn't zero retard.
also the real number as a coefficient needs to be reduced first.
there is some rules I haven't fully fleshed out.
but feel free to help me and talk about it in the general. I didn't post one for a bit cause I was on a three day vacation.

>> No.12417316

3 because it is divine

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Quoted By: >>12417785

> they don't care about my thread

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Do you mean soul in the cartesian sense?

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Quoted By: >>12417327

>Using the Roadrunner computer to calibrate (~$100million) would give a current conversion factor of 1.026 petaflops/$100million, increasing with a decade time of 3.7 years.
So we should have reached 1.026 exaflops/$100 million in 2019, but in 2020 we're at .415 exaflops/$1213 million, which is off by a factor of about 30
Chart is incorrectly labeled as per million usd, I'll assume they meant per 100 million usd.
Not directly related to the eventual possibility of WBE, but the timeline will be significantly longer than that proposed in the paper.

>> No.12417327

revised decade time of 7.88 years based on the 2008 and 2020 data points

>> No.12417352

OP doesn't get (You)s you mong

>> No.12417785

Scientifically speaking which thread is this?

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Quoted By: >>12418249 >>12420493

How do you guys learn?
I'm currently working on my Masters in Physics and I feel like I never efficiently learned for any exams or assignments. I want to score some good grades now so I have a better chance at getting accepted for a potential PhD.
Any tips?

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>> No.12418249

No cramming. Study early. Study most days a reasonable amount of time. Review older material. You have to have a note system that lets you can review without it just being a restudy....
You basically need something like this where you actually test yourself in some manner and note down what you got wrong and review it.

>> No.12418326

Read. And think about what I'm reading.

Nothing special.

3.9 chem E BA. Now I'm headed to law school 177 lsat.

>> No.12418791

this is what a super smart dude does in my uni. Self-punishment works but it destroys you on the long run. There was this guy who did it too and ended un in a psycho ward

>> No.12420261


>> No.12420493

Do a self sufficient thermal engine. Model it as side project and give it to profs. They like you then.

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