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have we learned anything? like anything at all in the last almost a year about the coronavirus? feels like we still have no idea what this is or how it works and the governments are just winging it and we have no idea what to do except tell people to go be sad at home

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We learned it was all a hoax by the mask jew

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How much time should you spend doing the math?

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My mechanical timer broke. I tried open the casing but the faggot producer used tri-wing screws. Is it worth the money buying a tri-wing bit or should I just buy a new timer? It’s a mechanical timer so I figure it shouldn’t be too difficult to repair if I only get the casing open? But when will I ever use a tri-wing bit again?

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If you're abything like me, you'd know that there's nothing more comfortable and blissful than the thought of being tucked up snug in your warm bed with your head under the blankets, lights turned off, listening to the sound of a thunderstorm or blizzard outside rocking your bedroom window.

As it turns out, most people love the thought of this, as evident by all those "rain sounds for sleeping" videos on Youtube. Why is that? What is it about this scene that relaxes us so much? Does it provide a sense of security for us to settle down to?

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You are doing good service to the code, s o it releases inbuilt drugs to reward its vessel. We are all slaves in a dick contest between literal sequences of numbers, who don't even care about the result because they don't need to.

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What's the science of huge difference between internet bonding vs IRL bonding?

in the most extreme example I can laugh my ass off and reply to a stranger making a StarCraft quote on a porn video but if a stranger did that in real life I would most likely be horrified.

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Can I get uhh.. airless water?

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Have a drink anon. You're thirsty aren't you?

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What kind of toilet is that?

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>goes great with a smoke

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>liquid hydrogen
you mean liquid nitrogen, right?
that doesn't seem a dewar that would withstand 0K

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scientifically speaking, how can mirrors be real if our consciousness isn't real?

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>go on /sci/
>scientifically speaking, (stupid question)
>historically, (stupid question)
What is the scientific reason behind this phenomenon?

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low racial iq aka niggers

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What if science discovers some new weapon that can blow up the whole planet, and it's really easy to make one in your garage for example, and some lone nut could blow up the whole planet needing only very few resources, should that discovery be published?? Would its publication become inevitable?? FUCK

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>already exists essentially
Which kind?

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a big H bomb I guess

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Doubt that is capable of blowing the entire planet
And even if the planet got blown away won't the pieces clump together again after some time?

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>won't the pieces clump together again after some time?
yes... with the uranium of the core floating around your house and irradiating everybody. Plus it would take millions of years for the planet to become compact again I guess

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>Doubt that is capable of blowing the entire planet
During the cold war the USSR had 10 times the amount of atomic bombs needed to blow up the whole planet

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What's going on here?

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Eh, either do it in front of CSICOP or it's just a magic trick.

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This dude actually completed No nut November

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he watched haruhi in every order possible

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Mathematically speaking, how would you desribe the following the relationships:

A volume of 1 m3 containing 10 molecules
1 metre containing 100 cm

while 0.1m3 can contain any number of molecules as long as the total sum of the molecules in all 0.1m3 is 10, 1/10 of a metre must contain 10 cm.

Why is that?

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because length and volume are different

think of what a cubic meter would have to look like in terms of cubic centimeters
if you were to take 100 cubic centimeters of matter (literally 100 little cubes), they would form a line of 100 little cubes, the dimensions of that formation would be 100 cubic centimeter long, 1 cubic centimeter high, 1 cubic centimeters deep (or 100x1x1 cm3)
to make it into a meter-long and meter-high plane of little cubic centimeters, you would have to stack 100 of these lines on top of each other, resulting in a formation with dimensions 100x100x1 cm3
similarly, in order to make a cube a meter high, a meter long, and a meter deep, you'd have to stack 100 of these planes, which would result in a cube with dimensions 100x100x100 cm3
if you multiply the original cubic centimeter by these dimensions, you get 1'000'000 cubic centimeters

also, this is fucking 3rd grade material and you are fucking retarded

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Mathematically speaking, how would you desribe the following the relationships:

A volume of 1 m3 containing 10 molecules
1 metre containing 100 meters

while 0.1m3 can contain any number of molecules as long as the total sum of the molecules in all 0.1m3 is 10, 1/10 of a metre must contain 10 cm.

Why is that?

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What if they decide we're lunch

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better cover ourselves in some Round up'

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Does anyone know any good learning resources for electronics? I'm at uni doing compsci but have an electronics module that makes me go REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Maybe I'm just retarded?

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code monkey can't handle real science shocker

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youtube exists for brainlets like you

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The Art of Electronics is a good resource.
You can get it on library genesis.
EEVBlogs on youtube is good as well.
What is the content of the course?

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>electronics is science

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Thanks for the recommendations, EEVBlogs seems to cover the content I need, but I'll look into the other ones too

Currently working on designing a transmitter and reciever to send an audio signal across a metal bar. I've printed the receiver PCB just stuck on the soldering and breadboarding the transmitter. Missed a bunch of laboratory classes this year cause I had the china flu and it's been hard to catch up on the practical side.

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in the maths exam i just took, you only needed 14% to pass (45% for an A). what makes maths disproportionately hard compared to other subjects? is it badly taught?

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me basicly
how can it be that i did ALL the training qustions from the calaoge twice and still sit in the exam like an idiot.

how am i supposed to know if nobody told me that i had to know?

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instead of victimizing yourself, actually learn from your mistakes or drop while you can. Nobody in the real world is gonna tell you what you need to know. If you're asked to do something, you do it or they find someone else who can.

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i work a confy part time job.
i have no intresst in a career anyway.
i'm in universty cuz it's confy and i like the people.

yet, i thing they sould tell me, learn to handle this types of excersises, and if you can solve all of the above we let you pass.

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just give me the D allready

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sounds like you go to a piss easy uni

must be a dumbass american who's used to easy exams. if a student can get 70% on a test, the test is clearly not difficult enough

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Why do we allow inconsistent notation to defile mathematics?

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That is nst aniie Ehing tssay. Please Show me my deductisnal error

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Should be defined at the start. It's a way to group vaguely related syntax to have fewer syntactic structures to remember. Many such cases. Sometimes it causes more harm than good, especially when people refuse to define and bulli if you can't understand from context.

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sin^2(x) should be sin(sin(x)) and sin(x)^2 should be sin(x)sin(x)

I hate people who write sin^2(x) to mean sin(x)sin(x) when they use sin^-1(x) to mean arcsin(x)

Inconsistent fucking retards.

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Second notation is composition not multiplication

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it's not inconsistent you dumb retard
sin^2(x) is sin(x) * sin(x) as per the definition of taking something to the power of 2

in line 2 you assert that taking sin^2(x) is the same as taking the sin of sin(x), which runs contrary to the definition because that's not what it is

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How do I stop sub-vocalizing my thoughts? I'm referring here to thinking in general, not only when solving a problem.

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why do you care
there's 0 evidence that visual/non-visual and auditory/non-auditory thinking influences your cognitive performance on any task

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it's faster

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No it isn't.

OP sounds like a coper who doesn't understand how internal vocalization works.

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Ai copy desu!


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Based Panetes poster.
>estimated to cost well over $100 million — making its long-term value questionable.
Anyway, we are long fucked with Starlink, Oneweb, Project Kuiper, and whoever comes from China and probably India too, eventually.
It will be a mess littered to the brim with junk, just like what happened with the oceans.

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>america shits up space
>europe has to clean up

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No taxpayer money should be wasted on useless """research""". If you think otherwise you should be gassed.
I'm not gonna change my mind.

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i agree

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i can tell by the colors of that fat smug frog that this is a politics thread

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t. chinese manipulator

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You are proclaiming a controversial and contested opinion, while also confirming that this isn't a discussion and you are only here to spread your views.
This is propaganda actively making the board worse.
Where are the jannies?

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You don't own your money. Nothing is private.

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>Why yes, I do teach physics at the local community college. How on earth were you able to discern that?

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My CC physics prof was jacked, like seriously fit. Honestly, what is it with these threads that never describe actual real world situations? People need to respect professors more, too. It takes at least a master's degree, which is several years of torture and living in basic poverty, only to be belittled by students when they finally get the job. Not only that, but physics is already a seriously difficult subject, and I daresay the coursework is leagues above all others.

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>several years of torture and living in basic poverty
lol I got mine for free in one year and got paid for it. Never even wrote a thesis before

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KEK seething physics prof

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Neurons are said to predict future.
Neurons are said to oscillate by action potential.
How can oscillation predict future?

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OPs are said to suck massive amounts of dicks.

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provide a source.

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This theory about brain is based on prediction.

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Hey /sci/. Can you help me with this?
I have two angles: APO = alpha and BPO = theta. These two angles are contained in perpendicular planes. The question is: knowing the values of alpha and theta, what's the way of knowing the value of the angle APB? Pic related.
Thanks in advance

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nvm, figured it out.
I used the properties of the scalar product and it turned out the cosine of APB is equal to the product of the cosines of alpha and theta.

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What are some impressive things one could make in your typical highschool science lab? I'm a substitute teacher and I've been given a bit of creative freedom tomorrow with the kids I'm teaching.

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Literally just want one trick, but thanks.

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in depth breakdown of electoral vote manipulation techniques?

>> No.12411232

Then pick one. Subs, man.

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get a stick, broom handle, ruler, etc, etc
tell the kids they get a reward if the can balance it
when they fail, supportr the stick with two fingers and slowly move them towards he centre, this will find the balance point

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