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>had a dream that my pen nib was broken
Does anyone else have dreams like this? Will I dream one day that the forms and shapes are attacking me?

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no but I have dreams where I post my art and people laugh at me

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Mion is a slut

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No she isn't you stupid faggot.

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When i got really into rendering I started dreaming in geometry and tesselations

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Seethe more fag, your waifu getting fucked by Ooishi

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Stop reading NTR doujins you fat retard.

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a welcome change from the nightmare of being ignored i imagine.

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>use hashtags
>be THE artist for a small community
>comment on other small artist's posts

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i have dreams where mion sits on my face and murder-rapes me

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I dreamt I was drawing a really cute scene and I could see it from different angles....

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