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I'm stuck. I'll post some of my most recent things, and I need people to tell me how I can improve. Not "just practice" but specific things. Tear me apart.

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I'm interested in colored paintings, but I've been sticking strictly to values.

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Don't ask about this ones filename.

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imo seems like you dont have a very good idea of the forms of the things yr trying to depict, and as a result the shapes become muddy and all your edges get blurred into one another and it doesn't really communicate what is actually there. I'd focus on any resource about construction, and once you're comfortable with that, anatomy. also be more patient a big part of the mess feels like laziness

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So would I do volume and shading studies of 3d renders and of photographed models?

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Do lots of 5-10 minute figure drawings. Go with Vilppu's way of studying by drawing the figure first with only spherical forms, then with box forms, then with cylinders. Constantly draw-through your forms and run cross contours over your forms. Yes, these drawing cues help, just like lifting cues for bodybuilding helps.

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Like this?

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Yeah, but make an effort to be more precise with it.

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Aight. I hope this thread stays up so other stuff gets picked apart too.

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>I want very specific critique, but I will say nothing specific about my generic art

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How can I improve on the genericism of my art? Personally I think I focused too hard on anatomy and lost a lot in terms of gesture and "life", but this board has people who know better than me.

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Where's da color
Where's da clean line art
>Thbbt i dont wanna color
Go out of your comfort zone

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>How can I improve on the genericism of my art?
Let me just finish recharging my crystal ball where I keep all information about your likes and dislikes, art goals and whatnot.

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Fair enough. What gets me going is visceral stuff. Horror, rage, combat, you get the picture. How do I incorporate it better?

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>I'm interested in colored paintings, but I've been sticking strictly to values.
There's really no reason to do greyscale only once you have the basic bearings of it down.
The problems with your work are all pretty straightforward and fundamental. To take >>5013890 for example, it's clealy unfinished for one. The perspective is also confusing. The eyes on the girl's face are crooked, her neck is short, and the fingers are oddly short, lack joints, and are holding the cards in an unnatural way. The rendering is overall very muddy. I'd do a paintover but that would frankly entail redrawing the whole piece, which wouldn't be great help to you imo.
If you can I'd reccomending find a non-anonymous community of artists you respect with skills of your level/above (the las discord is pretty good if you can get into it) and make a habit of asking them for critiques for every piece you do. That will help give you a comprehensive idea of what you should be working on over time, moreso than me just spewing "study fundies" at you in this post, since that's honestly what you need.

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Just drew this up in 20-odd minutes, a pretty standard dude and pose. Took the advice of using the figure drawing, actually cleaning up the lineart and using colors.

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Lacks proper line weight variety and any kind of form rendering.

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Type 1 or 2?

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How 2 line weight

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Google it. No wonder you think you plateaud. You're just lazy.

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Not bad for a beglet

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Googled it.

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Draw supernatural war. With soldiers and monsters on all sides of the conflict, bombs falling on everyone, tanks and giants turning people into paste, ghosts and demons bursting out of their victims, holy knights cutting through swathes of the enemies. Let the rivers run red.

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Yeah, better, but now you need to practice it and find what style you actually want to use.

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Use darker values and more hard edges
Now go make art you want to make instead of looking for headpats

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This is actually my first time using a public forum for critique. A bit more harsh than I'd have liked it to been, but it's 4chan so what did I expect. It's been helpful overall.

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4chan is best place to start
Completely anon and everyone is shitposting anyway so don't take it too seriously other than what is actually helpful
When you start getting good, move to deviant art and then when you're ready for the big leagues, make a reddit account
Good luck on your journey

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Using the advice given, I redrew >>5013885

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why does my anatomy feel like pieces of meat with no connection? should i go back to bone structure? or just have fun with back poses and apply until it sticks, answer most likely is both

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You know the fundamentals, but you lack mastery in every one of them fundies

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>digital smear crap
into the recycle bin it goes

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Put skin on it and make the lines showing muscle tone more subtle.

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I was going for something more painterly, is Marco Bucci a meme?

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Bueno lo que pasa hombre es que ayyyy caramba andale andale ayyayayya ayy lmao

(sorry, I saw spanish in your pic and freaked out)

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Which fundies should I master first? Form? Gesture? Perspective? Shapes?

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Form and perspective are the same thing, practice drawing forms in perspective grids. Perspective is the most important Fundy because all other fundies require it.

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