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How do i draw elliptical eyes? I can draw normal eyes okay-ish but whenever i try to draw eyes like this i just end up failing. How

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I wish op would have posted his own works so i could laugh and then give feedback.

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this fucking board

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Don't draw eyes like that.

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Oh uh here, this was from like two months ago, havent drawn them in a (semi) completed piece yet.

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File... too big had to take a screenshot

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Isn't the OP eye already elliptical shape?

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Soul. Now that we got that out of the way:
try removing the lashes at the bottom.

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the bottom of her left eye is too high up (perspective is too exagerrated) and looks like it's smaller than the right eye

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Ohh you’re right, thanks. I think i figured out the general problem with me making eyes like that, i just lack knowledge of where the eye sockets are supposed to be in relation to eachother concerning different angles and perspectives ; which is impeding my judgement on how big/what direction the eye should be. Going to study more, Thanks for the help :)

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