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you know the deeed

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Put stupid or sq in the op next time retard

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>thumbnail OP
gentle to the men....

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I don't understand how display tablets work. Are they just like regular tablets, but with a screen on? Or do they work as a whole computer, with it's own processor, specs, and OS?

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Sory im dum

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I believe they're just like a monitor with the ability to interact with a drawing pen.

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Why do drop folds from tshirt typically goes around the waist when it's stationery? Instead of just going down the bottom.

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It happens in really baggy shirts. Shirts that fit follow the form of the body, and the torso pinches down into the waist on the sides. That's why they go down to the bottom of the front, too.

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how do I make it good

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No you tard. The chest pushes forward at an angle. Stop making it complicated.

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Trying to think of a nice sounding word for dragon December i want to draw dragon girls for a month. should i just go with dragoncember? it's already somewhat being used but for non humanoid Dragons.

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#dragqueendecember , because they're dragons and they're queens

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How do i find balance between grindind fundies and actually drawing what I'm interested in? I'm kind of scared to open myself to draw what i think about even nobody is looking. Like my ideas don't match my skill (whis is /beg/). Pls help.

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Don't be /beg/

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Thanks but it doesn't really answer my question.

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Depends on how long you've been drawing for and where you want to end up. You should make sure you understand perspective before doing anything else.

If you are still in your teens then relax, draw what you want and occasionally look up references and videos on the things you need to improve.

If you are an adult and you want to get really good then you need to find ways to make yourself enjoy drawing fundies for its own sake.

That said, if you are just drawing for fun then its important to understand that the difference between being able to draw a great skull every once in a while and being able to do it consistently is doing it several thousand times.

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>If you are still in your teens

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Display tablets like the cintiq work like any other drawing tablet (like the intuos) but with a screen.

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how 'free' pixiv actually is? I read guidelines, but when it comes to reality? What would they delete?

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they delete nothing, but free pixiv search engine is the shittiest thing in the world so you might want to find a 3rd party search engine for pixiv

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The more expensive tablets have their own computer, the specs are usually bad though

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how do I draw anime heads bros, I know how to apply the loomis head but how the fuck do I apply to anime heads

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elbow clicks when I flex it, no pain.
made a elbow splint by myself ,sometimes muscles hurt when I wake up but nothing changed.
what do

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Also, I do pullups everyday.
Is this bad for my elbow and/o wrist?

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They go to the bottom in 3D, in 2D it looks like they curve

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why does this head look so manly? i want to draw girls and girls (male)

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bc you are mean to draw manliness, and doing otherwise is a betrayal to yourself.

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i dont mind manliness, but only if manly men are fucking my girls and girls (male)

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Girls have more softer edges than men so a strong jawline and a spiky chin don't really work on women, atleast thats what i think. Take it with a grain of salt im only a beginner.

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how do i stop people from recognizing my art, especially my lines? i want to start over. pic related.

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This will probably sound obvious, but take apart the aspects of your art and adjust some (maybe most) to something else. For instance, the lines in your pic related look like the more or less all have the same thickness. Maybe you could make your lines thicker, thinner, or simply add some variation so that some lines are thick and others are thin. Look at how other people draw noses and experiment with that; look at how other people draw hair and experiment with that; look at how other people draw eyes, etc. Instead of drawing a triangle for a nose, try two lines: one for the bridge, another for the bottom; instead of half ovals for eyes, maybe try full ovals, etc. It's your choice at the end of the day how you want to do it, but just experiment by switching little things here and there and go from there.

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why do her legs look so short?

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sorry about the big image

So why do her legs look so short?

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because shes not an anime character, or black

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Use your hand, put one finger on her head, another on her crotch, move the hand down and put the upper finger on her crotch, if the other finger reaches her foot her size is fine at a frontal view

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how do you tell if the artist used watercolor or oil for their paintings

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1) Is it a bad idea to represent a same universe throught different styles from one medium to another If I want to sell my work?I know that Karl kopinski is good at it but I'm still affraid...

How do I devellop 3D thinking?Mike feeling the form is clear since it have a lot to do with practice but I don't know how to have a better "camera" like robertson in his sketches?

How do I start with life drawing/painting?I went quickly throught "Right side of the brain" a year ago. I'm ok with drawing from imagination but meh when drawing from life.Should I go throught the book a second time or "Just draw"

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watercolor is transparent and water-based.
Oil is opaque and oil-based. Oil can be applied thin or thick. When you see those paintings in which the brush strokes look 3d and thick, many times it's thick oil paint. (but not all the time, it can also be acrilyc, etc)

Pic related is watercolor.
Just google for more pictures

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the dark socks and downward tilt of leg away from camera might make them look smaller. but also some people dont perfectly fit proportion models and just have kinda long torsos, nothin wrong with that

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How do I pick up chicks that do art?

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you should study from life, otherwise you'll always remain "meh" in both life and imaginative drawing.
How can you imagine something if you've never seen it / painted it from reference?

To start, pick a photo of something you like (an animal, architecture, a person, a vehicle) or set up a still life and draw it. If you set up a still life, make sure to light it properly (begin with sharp lights and shadows, you might want to use a tabletop lamp).
Start by measuring and putting the proportions down on paper. Do this with traditional media and offline. Concentrate.

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be a nerd

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thank you

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IS there any advantage in using this grip? Besides shading of course.

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Is there any way to get better at drawing poses than using quickposes.com which just cycles through the same images every time? Where are you supposed to get ideas for drawing better poses?

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Make the cranium bigger and make the jaw have smoother curves instead of angular ones.

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Better line quality and natural arm movements, compared to Peter Hans autistic advice of making you use a felt tip pen straight up and down between your index and thumb.

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Btw heres up a great example of this overhand type of grip in use from John buscema [the first guy in the vid]


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if you're drawing with the arm then it literally doesn't matter

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>ignoring the unnatural angle which causes a nails on a chalkboardesque squeek from the felt tip pen


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How can I learn to paint on Paint?

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i was talking about the first part, nobody gives a shit what hanigger said

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How do I do commissions without clients learning my real name?

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I’m new. What is this hard round brush meme?

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It’s the most basic brush in digital painting and you can do pretty much anything with it. Figuring out how to use it is the first big step in digital painting, and most people here don’t know how to use it.

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How do I depict a sense of scale as seen here?

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overlap and atmospheric perspective.

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keys to drawing

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Which is better cintiq and intuos?

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>fun with a pencil, how to draw, drawing on the right side of the brain, natural way to draw
>unnatural, unfun, and don't teach you how to draw
>keys to drawing
>literally the keys to drawing
is it the only /beg/ book that can back up its title?

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How do I get better at drawing with imagination? Do I just use no references when doing sketches?

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i've been postponing reading that book, i should give it a try, thank you anon.

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Thank you

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looks fine to me

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Is there an equivalent of Quickposes for painting and composition?

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You first do what you can from imagination, like literally do a piece to completion without reference. For the parts that look trash or you see it as a glaring problem, you study it using references intensively enough to accommodate any angle/colour/value so that when you go do an imaginative piece you have something to fall back on. For figures and anatomy, you should in my opinion draw a few figures using reference and then a few figures without. The most important part is that the process you create those figures should be similar in both. I believe to be more efficient in studying, you should always have a part in every study that involves recreating what you studied from imagination. What I believe this does for your art is that when you do, say life studies is that you are then able to use elements that you used in the life study for your other work. Efficiency and consistency is key, there is no point in doing a study on faces if you forget about it for a week.

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How to add hair volume on heads? It often feels off

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Is trying to copy other art worthless then

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When you first start, yes. However, once you are able to "unstylishly" draw what you want you will probably want to incorporate bits and pieces from art that inspires you in order to create your own unique style. Which means doing studies to mimic certain brush strokes or colours etc... However, the fastest way to go about drawing from imagination is to learn perspective. You can still draw figures and stuff from imagination without knowing it, but I think its something that goes hand-in-hand with advancing to the next step in your art journey, if you are able to apply the knowledge you learned and slowly understand figures in their perspective. But what I said might not even apply to you, we are all unique and what clicks for me might not click for you so always be experimenting and approaching things differently than before.

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why is it easier to tell i fucked something up after flipping my art?

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what are fundies and how do i grind them?

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when people say they're gonna draw 8 hours a day to get better what are they actually planning to do?

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its the same effect as looking at your art the next day
you're looking at your drawing with new eyes

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I have been doing vlippu course on NMA I am now at the direct light part.
However I'm having some problems with my shadows especially core shadow. I can control my values to a degree but my core shadow always looks off. Somehow it look like a line and not smooth enough any help?

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Your brain gets used to seeing something the way you want to see it. Use an actual mirror to look at your art as you paint, or if you're in PS, just set a shortcut to flip.

Literally draw a circle and work up from there, taking a long time to actually understand what you're trying to do. Eventually that circle becomes an elipse, one of the more difficult shaped to pull off in a still life. You need to draw things to get gud, but you also need to develop your motor skills to keep up with your understanding of shapes and forms.

Most of them are jerking off and posting here. Some of them have a schedule to break up their drawing into specific sessions with goals and objectives in mind. You can work on imagination stuff to warm up and move to study and go back to imagination as a basic idea. They could also have a developed curriculum that they're working on. There's a number of recommended books on improving at art. It's actually very easy to give yourself a classical drawing education, if you have the work ethic. Most people do not.

Go outside to a place and paint. I like to plein air paint in the evening as the sun goes down. You have to work fast and you get one shot to get things right. It's hard and you learn a lot.

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that's a big guy

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How do I render paint faster while doing digital painting, I am talking about from hours to minutes type of technique.

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it goes down in the picture, what's your problem?

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How do i grow a following?. I want to get comissions.

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What color theory books I should start with?
Should I start with Gurney?

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For you

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Listen, what kind of tool do you use for inking?
Is it something like this? I can only find Redis ink and they are very cheap and already got one defective, literally closed up the hole where you're supposed to put the nib.
What are good brands?
Or do modern artists use inkpens with cartridges, instead of ones you have to dip into the ink?

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I wanna draw blowjobs but drawing dick is kind of gay ngl...

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All successful artists are either gay or bi. You have to learn to appreciate a masculine man with a pleasing cock. Go watch some sissy hypno porn and you'll make it.

>> No.5025107

Consider who you want to pander to (coomers, fujos, they/them pronouns?) then do the appropriate trends/fanart. Twitter is good for this.

Color and Light is a good book, but the concepts he teaches in the book might be too abstract for a complete beginner. Unfortunately, I don't have better suggestions book-wise as well, but I like watching Marco Bucci's videos on colors. Hopefully another anon has a book suggestion for you.

Manga dip pens are unironically very nice to use, and I like the tachikawa G pen nib the most. There are people who enjoy fountain pens, people who like microns/technical pens and people who prefer dip pens, it's jus a matter of preference and the kind of lines you want to achieve.

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Dose anyone know what pen Jamie Hewlett is inking with at 13.16?


I'm pretty sure he was using a standard hunt nib throughout his run on Tank Girl but then switched over to whatever this is. The most i could find was a a description on what he used to make pic related which described it as a "black ink pen", but i can't find anything else and it's annoying the shit out of me. I know you don't "need" whatever he's using hear to achieve similar line work but i have autism and want to know.

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are there any good books/longer videos on inking with sable/kolinsky brushes?

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have you ever been so struck by a piece of art that you had an orgasm? not talking coom, just art that really arouses you for its aesthetics or technical skill

>tldr: im cumming, is this normal

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yeah, i cum every night

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whats the right way to use refernece? i've been told that when i use it i'm using it to much

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Have you considered that you might just be gay, anon?

>> No.5026284

Use it as much as you need pl0x. It's there to get you past where your existing memory fails, if you have no existing memory then you pretty much copy the image in the way you interpret it.

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>inking tools
>i can't use this one
>i can't use this one
>i can't use this one
>this one is super hard and impossible to fuck up so i like it
>i can't use this one and just dumped ink everywhere on the page
>i can't use this one
>a fineliner

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How do I get rid of this message when I'm using the transform tool in CSP

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why does everything converge into a single point on the horizon line in one point perspective? how does that work??

>> No.5026678

because you make it that way to make your life easier.
every line that's parallel converges to the same vanishing point, and in one point perspective you specifically set things up so everything is either parallel, so it vanishes at the One Point, or perpendicular to that, so it's just a flat line to the viewer.

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well i hadn't thought about it like that

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use space bar to hide it temporarily

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She says she uses diluted ink in her water brush pen. What type of ink am I supposed to buy exactly? I've already asked and gotten no answer

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how do I start asking for commisions, if somebody ask me for a money commission, whats the most friendly site available

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perspective isn't actually real, its just a drawing technique

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Quoted By: >>5027645

just any kind of chinese/indian ink will do
you can even do this with black paint

>> No.5027303

What digital blend mode is best for imitating trad painting washes?

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Do I add water? God I feel so dumb

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what are some good pencils for sketching? i dont want any smearing. ive been thinking of getting this 6 piece set, any thoughts?


>> No.5028063

Is there anything wrong with just doing studies all day and no original works?

>> No.5028101

At page 38 in fun with a pencil, Loomis talks about ''shadow methods'', what are those? Also, who is Miss E. Grace Hanks and where can I find her books?

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Quoted By: >>5028424

I'm using a really old tablet with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. It's gross and kinda small but it still works. Is it worth it to update to a more modern screenless for size and pressure sensitivity levels? Like would the quality of life improvements be notable or should I just stick with ol faithful.

>> No.5028246

I tend to think of static electricity when I see it, like the shirt is either attempting to cling to itself or the one who is wearing it. You could follow this understanding when drawing other clothing on the same person. If the shirt is clingy, the shorts should be too if it is a soft material.

>> No.5028312
Quoted By: >>5028316 >>5031742

what's better for growth: doing the very best and putting your entire time and energy into a single piece, or doing many non-polished smaller pieces?

>> No.5028316

you need to devote exactly 61.8% of your time to smaller studies and exercises and the remainder to polished pieces, spending no more time on a single polished piece than 1.6 times the amount of time you spent on the previous polished piece.

>> No.5028424

Pressure levels are a meme, but size is important. It'll make the process comfier for bigger pieces.

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>all those rich kids throwing money
Should I learn Mandarin or Arabic?

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Quoted By: >>5035480

How does copyright work? If I use a character, let's say Link from Zelda, the painting is totally original, traditional painting, and let's say I sell that for 20K. Is that illegal?

Another question that's similar. If I paint someone's photo that doesn't belong to me and I sell that painting, is that illegal?

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So I am finally posting art on Twitter and am doing topless girls and clothed girls, is nude girls without making full on coom a mistake and just hindering me or if I started drawing full on coom would that be what I basically have to draw all the time?

Not sure what would be the best route to go...

>> No.5028890
Quoted By: >>5031710

seconding question

>> No.5028904

draw clothed girls, paywall nudes, paywall porn, put your patreon everywhere.
And don't forget to pretend to be a 17y.o. girl.

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Quoted By: >>5029210

How do I get better at gesture drawing?

>> No.5029210


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File: 195KiB, 1121x589, Karl Briullov The Last Day of Pompeii (1827-1833) (11).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

yes sometimes i see good drawing or painting i get very horny
once i saw my most loved painting i got small minutes of swelling in my skirt, minutes after and almost wet myself in the gallery like making love to the art work

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File: 520KiB, 1000x1190, 1590425503348.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What rendering style is this called and how can I replicate it?
Artist is: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3117808

>> No.5029463
Quoted By: >>5029517

jap rendering, hard round brush

>> No.5029475
Quoted By: >>5029517

There is barely any rendering done.
Use a hard brush with opacity pen pressure with low contrast values, then add a noise filter on top.

>> No.5029480
Quoted By: >>5029517

HRB with grain filter

>> No.5029517

Thanks frens, I'm a dum dum in coloring and in art in general.

>> No.5029649

do faber castrel pitt artist pens bleed with ohuhu markers? please be patient i have autism

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Quoted By: >>5031742

is it normal for my hand to be sore? I don't have any problems with my wrist, arm and shoulder

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I tried reddit and quickly regretted it, so Imma ask on my home turf.
I come looking for advice. Ever since I started drawing, I do so with mechanical pencil and other pencils for shading. Other artist friends tell me it would be better if I colored my drawings and that I should do it digitally, trough software. Problem is, I have no idea how to do that. I sincerely don't even know where to start. Some people recommended me various different software, like Krita and Photoshop. I don't know how to operate these programs and how to paint in them, heck, up till now I've only ever used GIMP to darken the highlights so the drawing can be seen better. Should I just redraw my piece in the program? Should I color it through the scan? Do I need hardware, like a tablet? Is there tutorials for my specific problem (i.e. A physical drawing needed to be painted digitally)?I admit my problem is very entry-level and basic, but any help is appreciated, since I've been wanting to learn digital painting for quite some time now.
Any critique to the artwork is welcome, but not the focus

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how am i supposed to pick awesome colors like Lack, CSR, or Sinix?

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use photoshop my dude

>open your photographed/scanned file
>double click on the layer to unlock the layer
>image>adjustment>saturation(ctrl+u) to desaturate your photograph
>image>adjustment>levels(ctrl+L) to adjust the brigthness/contrast to get rid some of the dust
>select all (ctrl+A)
>cut (ctrl+X)
>fill with black (shift+delete)
>quick mask (Q)
>paste (ctrl+v)
>exit quick mask(Q)

now you have the transparent line layer , to add color you can add new layer below your line layer

>> No.5030766
File: 2MiB, 2702x1728, Screenshot_2020-11-29 Tim Löchner(1).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5030907 >>5031298

is there much demand for anime/eastern influenced styles in the western art industry?

I'm thinking of (finally) creating a portfolio in 2021. Tim lochner's style is my ideal https://www.artstation.com/timbougami . What sort of client work would a portfolio like this land (if it came from a no name artist like me instead of tim)? Are there any clients/studios/businesses that employ this style in the west? I want to stay true to content I like but also don't want to stunt my portfolio- I'm willing to pander but I don't know what clients are looking for, without going the route of merc_wip spacemarines.

>> No.5030907
Quoted By: >>5031173


>> No.5031041
Quoted By: >>5031090

Where are some beginner gesture drawing that I can copy?

>> No.5031090
File: 489KiB, 1920x1920, Vilppu day6-7.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Not sure if beginner, but search "Vilppu Manual"

>> No.5031173

>mike zaimont
isn't that really bad anon?

>> No.5031298
Quoted By: >>5031742

how much time does it take to reasonably make a portfolio?
how many pieces is ideal?
and how much time does each piece usually take (on average, as a rough measure of quality)

for a freelance illustration portfolio like this >>5030766

>> No.5031438
Quoted By: >>5031742

I got a Intuos tablet from 2013 for free. Ive never drawn seriously in my life.
what uhh, program is best for learning? does it matter?

>> No.5031445
Quoted By: >>5031724 >>5031742

Should I be writing down notes from an online course (currently drawabox and proko faggotry) into a notebook or is it pointless and I'm wasting my time?

>> No.5031458
Quoted By: >>5031715

Is doing 10 six minutes-gestures a day is a good start or too much?
I also want to put some loomis quicksketch,maybe 3 a day.

>> No.5031464
File: 473KiB, 2433x3993, IMG_20201106_165300.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5031475

How do I actually get back into drawing? I feel like I've lost all my will and I didn't draw anything in weeks. The fact that there are people around my age and younger that are aeons better than me bothers me, and I hate the fact that I still suck and my slowness goes against me.

Pic related Is my art, Sorry If It Is reposted to death but I've always draw one of these shitty doodles per day instead of multiple like actual competent people do.

>> No.5031475

/beg/ so take my advice with a grain of salt but I like to use these "prodigies" as inspiration whenever I lose my will to draw. If I slack off and not draw how will I ever even have a chance of catching up to those I look up to? Deep down I know my art will probably never be half of what theirs is, but it's amusing to tell myself otherwise.

>> No.5031660
File: 831KiB, 4096x2666, 20201129_174753.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5031726 >>5031742

What style is this?? And any artist similar to this? I want to recreate it

>> No.5031680

After Watts' figure drawing fundamentals with Brian Knox, which Jeff figure drawing phase do I continue with?

>> No.5031701
File: 666KiB, 608x766, 1582820018827.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5034995

I've looked at these pics since I was a kid and always assumed it was 100% digital, lel.

Nomenclature varies wildly between languages so I can't say for sure in English, but I think it's just a sharpie/marker, generally sold here as "permanent ink for projector cells".
Looks like it's 2.0mm or even thicker. No pressure, thin lines come from drawing fast/lightly.

>> No.5031710
File: 1MiB, 1920x1090, 1605783009655.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5031877

You become technically good, but then you try to do your own stuff and you find out you have the imagination of a rock.

This is NOT a problem if you are conscious of it and willing to go through all the pain of getting good at this different skill, just like you did with studies. At the very least, you will be able to learn without having the technical side pulling you back, which is what happens to most people who "have so many ideas, but can't execute them".

Just make sure you're not avoiding creation because you are already trying to avoid the pain of sucking at it.

>> No.5031715

It's a fine start.

>> No.5031724

If you have the habit of reviewing, then do it.
But the most efficient way to absorb something is trying to recall as much as possible (say it out loud to yourself) immediately after seeing a lesson.
Just repeat it to yourself, explain it. The act of engaging your brain from passive to active helps to wire the information better and even show things you might have not paid proper attention to.

Do it even when you watch a movie, read a book, or do something worthwhile with your time. Hell, do it with this post you've just read. I believe in you.

>> No.5031726


>> No.5031742

doesn't matter

I'm putting together a portfolio to art school atm and I've allocated 2 months to make new work and even now its a bit tight. A finished piece could take up to 10+ hours to do

It's very common to get RSI or Carpal Tunnel when drawing. Make your tablet pressure very very light.


You should be mostly making finished art, with at most 2-3 hours a day dedicated to studying. Grinding studies all day is good too, but making finished art to the best of your ability is a lot of effort too and not a waste of time. I had to spend so much time learning composition, inking, character design, set design, etc when I wanted to start making comics after only grinding figure studies for several years.

You just have to make copies of their work

Depends on the course desu. Some courses you don't need to take notes with but with others its a good idea. This is why books are so much simpler to study from, you just read and copy the drawings from the book.

I like doing a light pencil under-drawing then inking it. The lines are crisp, it doesn't smear, and all the construction lines are easily erased after. I use the gpen from zebra but you can ink with anything, even a ballpoint pen.

literally one of those things you just have to practice. Direct Light is a skill you can infinitely improve, as are the other "tools" Glenn introduces you to

It's all about learning structural drawing. Vilppu's Drawing manual is the best book on structural drawing that I've seen. I also like Fun with a Pencil and Hampton. You grind fundies in 3 ways: draw from life, draw from other artists, and draw from imagination. You need all 3 and drawing from imagination is probably the most important one because it forces you to actually construct your drawings using the fundamentals of structural drawing.

>> No.5031755

I only use it for research. I don't find the exact pose of a person from the same camera angle that I want to draw my character from. I also never copy the reference image, I just use it to know what something looks like.

just make finished art. I do comics. You could also sit at a cafe and draw people walking by. It forces you to only look at them for an instant and then reconstruct them on your sketchpad from memory. That'll definitely help you draw from imagination

Don't just draw from quick-poses. Go out to the coffeeshop and draw people. Pause movies and draw. Pause youtube videos and draw. There's this one youtube channel that uploads 1 hr videos of him walking through cities in Japan. You can just freeze-frame that and draw. Also, you can draw poses you've never seen before in real life, you aren't limited in only drawing what you've seen before.

Copy anime art. That's the only way

>> No.5031759

Yes. You can use black ink kinda like watercolor. The more water you add, the lighter the wash will be. Less water = more ink = darker wash. It’s like painting in grayscale only you control you values with water.

>> No.5031877
Quoted By: >>5032631

>find out you have the imagination of a rock
>avoiding creations because you are afraid it will look like complete shit compared to your studies work
Say this is my exact situation right now, are you saying the best way to get over this hurdle is just going through many creations of my own work until it gets better? What's the best way to get over this and be less hesitant when drawing original work?

>> No.5032010
File: 42KiB, 724x720, Capture.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5032014

I want my shadows to look like A all the time, but when I make the brush smaller they start too look like B and I want it softer.

How can I achieve that?

>> No.5032014
Quoted By: >>5032290

I forgot to say, I use the photoshop ''Soft mechanical brush'' at size 500 to achieve the look in A but when I make the size smaller it begins to look more precise and less soft.

>> No.5032096

What is better time investment, proko's or eaton's anatomy course? What would you choose between the two?

>> No.5032146

Many thanks, my brother from another mother.
You actually helped me a lot more than any of the people I've asked advice from, up till this point.
I hope you have a great day.

>> No.5032242

What can you do with a VERY small sketchbook? I have one that's like an A6 format and have no idea what to use it for

>> No.5032290

Assuming you are using tablet, play with pen pressure. Or use softer brush, tweak it on brush panel tool.

>> No.5032359
File: 41KiB, 512x215, D5BD70D3-2E1E-4637-B4C0-F220769C98B0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have insomnia and that since I’ll never get regular sleep, I’ll never be able to maintain routines and schedules without external punishment. If I want to be an animator and achieve my dream of one day being show runner, I need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined.
How do I come to terms with my dreams dying? It hurts just to type. I don’t think I want to live unless I can fix this. Outside of Art I don’t think there’s anything that I’m capable of doing if this Is the kind of person that I’m destined to be.
I know I want to be an animator because it’s all I’ve thought about for the last 10 years of my life. But I can’t have it because God has kneecapped my ability to ever make my life better.

>> No.5032424
Quoted By: >>5032803

What makes old masters like Da Vinci so great? I find regular portraits of women just boring, I know his technique was great but is that really it?

>> No.5032540

1) Do professional oil painters actually wait a year before applying final varnish and if not, what is the shortest amount of time after which one can apply it?
2) Should I instead pursue digital artwork? Is there more demand for digital than physical works?

>> No.5032631
File: 133KiB, 424x549, 1581358476088.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5033411

Start working with theme generators or lists, getting requests from people (commissions if you're good enough). Lurking request threads lets you choose which one comes more easily to your imagination, try to pick something more interesting than "my waifu in bikini".
And then try to be creative with the planning process.
Study some composition, try out several different angles/poses before deciding which one to go with. Make a rule: "I will only draw something finished after I've made 10 different thumbnails".

If you think you can take the pain, try to spend an ENTIRE DAY (around 13 hours) drawing only thumbnails. Never spend over 10 minutes on a single idea. Don't think too much, just draw a new one once you're done with the previous.
It will hurt like hell, you will make a lot of steaming garbage, but as you keep at it you will start to shit out a ton of cool ideas and you will probably feel like finishing a lot of these drawings. TOO BAD YOU CAN'T, CAUSE IT'S THUMBNAIL DAY!

When you wake up the next day you will be reseted to a creativelet just like before, cause your brain will shift back its gears as you sleep. But you will have shown yourself you can do it if you keep improving and you will also have a backlog of cool thumbnails that you can now use your own skillset to fully develop.

Good luck.

>> No.5032655

are there any good absolute beginner tutorials that go over the basics of digital art? like some tricks or what tools are most suited for what?
I'm trial and erroring my way through currently.

>> No.5032739
File: 74KiB, 469x700, downloadfile.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5034082

There's something I don't understand and no instructor seems to mention this. Should I draw flat on a table or do I need one of those canvas stands thingies to draw upright like pic related?

If drawing on a table should I draw at an angle?

>> No.5032803
Quoted By: >>5032941

A lot of old master painters are heretics. Enemy of the church. And because of that they usually tell a hidden story with symbolism inside their paintings. Renaissance era was the time when the church are very strict with paganism, and the real story of jesus. So old master painter usually put all kinds of symbolism in all of their paintings and sculptures. If you are able to not just see a painting but also read the paintings, that is where the real fun begin. I found out botticelli was the naughtiest of them all with his paintings.

>> No.5032878
Quoted By: >>5034078 >>5037417

Should i drop out of college? i’m studying arts (just started this year) and i feel like i’m wasting my time. i feel like i could learn a lot from college if i had good habits and a purpose in life but i don’t have any of that and i think i should spend some time on myself and then start college again...

>> No.5032941
Quoted By: >>5033390

Okay, that's very interesting. With so much creative freedom nowadays, do you think modern art can ever be considered on the same level? Is it even possible to be appreciated while being alive?

>> No.5033390

Well the problem is, everything today, for most of us commoners, art and life itself no longer has meaning. We could not see or appreciate anything anymore because we are too busy with our self. If you look at, for example, barnett newmann onement VI, his paintings worth 43 millions. When you look at it, it's just the color blue, and will make us go, wtf even is this expensive shit?! But if you know that blue was ultramarine, and this particular pigment used to be the most expensive pigment in the world, and usually being used to paint the holy virgin, suddenly the story reveal itself. Just like old master painter and their obsession with the holy virgin. That's modern symbolism. Now, we use that pigment to paint walls just because. Something that used to be very rare and sacred, now it's no longer the case. The same can be said with his painting onement I. This particular red called ochre was one of the oldest pigment in the world. Again, another story about this world. So, the painting did have meanings. And yeah, it can be appreciated if you know how to read it.

>> No.5033393

Pls belp

>> No.5033395

Is there benefits in practicing drawing on a White board or it's just a meme?

>> No.5033411
Quoted By: >>5034811

Draw thumbnails from stills and pics or original thumbs?

>> No.5033624
File: 110KiB, 550x552, Assignment 2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Anyone have more examples of simplified but good head studies like this?

>> No.5033691
Quoted By: >>5034354

can i get an invitation for the ic discord

>> No.5034078

Take it slow by reducing the number of registered subjects by half for each semester. You'll have more time for yourself and reflect on things.

>> No.5034082

Depends. If you can read books on a flat table for a long period of time then you won't have much problems drawing on in

>> No.5034353
File: 33KiB, 474x355, yeh.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5034840

crazy how all the issues i had with photoshop were because i had windows ink disabled through the PSUserConfig file, now everything works smooth

>> No.5034354

yes, if someone is willing to give an invite.

>> No.5034377

I've been drawing eye's on and off for the past 5 years, I'd say I'm relatively good at it, but I can't seem to get anything else done, like face shapes and nose construct.

Am I aiming to high?

>> No.5034811

The whole point of the exercise is to enhance imagination, take a guess.

>> No.5034817
File: 22KiB, 321x480, 06F96CCA-D4C7-4A9A-9703-4DFAB727619F.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

does anybody have any tips on drawing or drawings of this angle in a stylized/anime style? i don't know how to make it appealing, especially not for men with sharper features

>> No.5034833
Quoted By: >>5034952 >>5035034

Am I talentless?

>> No.5034840

Windows 10 is such a badly designed operating system holy fuck

>> No.5034952

you're an attention whore, go draw

>> No.5034995
File: 382KiB, 965x540, Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 5.17.35 AM.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thanks for trying. It looks like he might be using several different tools but the footage is too choppy, badly lit and low res to be sure. Ah well.

>> No.5035005

Are booba and booba accessories still banned on tumblr?

>> No.5035034

yes, get over it and quit drawing

>> No.5035480
Quoted By: >>5035521

I see people at the mall selling paintings of Naruto and shit all the time. Is it legal? I don't know, but it is very lucrative.

>> No.5035521
File: 332KiB, 1024x1463, Naruto-Bersyukur.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Naruto got the same legal rights as Mickey Mouse, only that Shueisha doesn't really care.
Hell you could make an unlicensed Naruto live action movie and they still didn't care

>> No.5036048
File: 628KiB, 2048x2048, endo arisu 3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

how do i make an interesting story along with interesting characters? are there any books or courses or anything?

>> No.5036209
File: 50KiB, 333x372, UUUUUOOOOOOOHHHHHH.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5037840

doubt anyone knows what i'm talking about but here goes
I'm looking for a cut of animation on twitter some super talented dude made. It was a fighting scene, 2 girls, one with a spear that has a grappler feature against one with a katana-type sword. The scene starts with the girl with the spear jumping off a cliff and gliding spiderman-style into the ground, and the girl with the sword dashes into her, and then some blow exchanges.
Please help me, anyone who's well versed with the animator side of twitter!

>> No.5036838

So, I got a fountain pen with ink cartridges.
The line width doesn't seem to vary greatly, and when crosshatching, it's obvious if you continued an existing line because the line ends get "thicker", like a small amount of extra ink get on there.
Is that normal? Or did I fuck up with a fountain pen for drawing, is there another kind of pen inkers use?

>> No.5037400
File: 850KiB, 1125x1261, 47489294-B9AE-40AE-803B-4A583D428D23.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5037407


>> No.5037407

You absolute legend! Thank you! Where did you find this pic?

>> No.5037410

how do i get an /ic/ discord invite?

>> No.5037417

Drop out. If the semester is already paid for, then finish it, but don't incur any more debt.

>> No.5037421

How do I stop the coom?

>> No.5037472
File: 253KiB, 552x673, 1606695411338.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm 31. Do I still have the time to learn to draw until I get to a level where I can draw a comic with an expressive and dynamic but semi-realistic look or should I just improve my writing and look for an artist instead?
I want to make about four multi-arc stories and one giant comic that spans through five generations.

>> No.5037488
Quoted By: >>5037499

Are you literally just starting now? have you been drawing at all throughout your life?

>> No.5037499
Quoted By: >>5037532

I drew a bit before, yes, but I never made a real effort to really get good at it.
Now I'm wondering if I should bother since I don't think I can get the money to pay an artist and people always said I had talent for it.

>> No.5037521
Quoted By: >>5037554

of course you have time. people live to be a lot older these days.

>> No.5037532
Quoted By: >>5037554

If this is just a passion project then i don't see why you shouldn't bother trying to git gud if you genuinally have an interest in drawing, but if this is something you want finished and potentially making money off in the next few years or whatever, then i don't know? I know "post your work" is a big meem here but it's kind of hard to evaluate where you're at without seeing any off it.

Also i hope you're not actually trying to make money off comics. VERY hard to do if you're not Japanese.

>> No.5037554
Quoted By: >>5037610

Yeah but what guarantees I'll have the health to keep on working on this?

>I know "post your work" is a big meem here but it's kind of hard to evaluate where you're at without seeing any off it.
Yeah. I don't have anything to show right now and I've been struggling with digital this week. Like, I think I could still draw a roughly proportionate, undetailed figure quickly to show my level but drawing through my tablet sends me all the way back to kindergarten.

>Also i hope you're not actually trying to make money off comics. VERY hard to do if you're not Japanese.
I'm afraid that that was my goal. I'm very lucky to have my needs covered as of now so it won't be a matter of life or death, I hope, but I do realize that whenever I turn the competition will be brutal.
Even if I got really good, I don't even know if I'll have any success if I entered crowdfunding when people with years in the comics industry are also competing for the same audience.

>> No.5037610
Quoted By: >>5037705

Yeah, i don't want rain on your parade but making a living off comics is pretty hard. Especially for people who make independent work. I know of a few artists who seem to make it work but even then i don't know how the fuck they're doing it. Probably commissions and advertisement stuff. If you're not going to end up homeless then i guess theres no harm in trying but you should take in to consideration that this isn't going to be a lucrative investment so don't go quitting your job over it.

>> No.5037705

oh yeah, my job...

>> No.5037728
Quoted By: >>5038277

Are you asking if you can learn to draw within 50~ years?

>> No.5037774
Quoted By: >>5038859

what's the difference between rendering and shading?

>> No.5037840
Quoted By: >>5037864

after hours of splitting hair, I found it. For anyone interested

>> No.5037864

thats cool, though you could have asked animation general if they knew

>> No.5037893

>Are they just like regular tablets, but with a screen on?

>Or do they work as a whole computer
Wacom makes some that work like this. They are referred to as a "pen computer". The ones that function as regular tablets but with a display are referred to as "pen displays".

>> No.5037936
File: 12KiB, 228x211, 9b3516bd034dd354f7322b24afcfae941c9083ce6cfda0a2e36c8524497c47b6.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5037958

were can I get a good crack for photoshop cc 2017 or later, I just got a new pc but cant remeber where I got this shit from the last time.

>> No.5037958

just make a torrent and transfer it to your new pc dude

>> No.5038277

I remember seeing an estimate in a legit-looking course that claimed one could reasonably reach professional-level in about 5 years of intensive practice but I don't feel like I can just dedicate 5 years to that. Keyword: feel.
Maybe I should.

>> No.5038280

Maybe is a dumb question but I don't know what is better.

>> No.5038310
Quoted By: >>5038865

Should I learn to draw line art /sketches well before learning to colour? Or should I learn how to colour at the same time?

>> No.5038344
Quoted By: >>5038345

can we get back our /dad/ thread? we promise we will keep the discussion art centered, we will use it only for art critique

>> No.5038345
Quoted By: >>5038358 >>5038383

I'm out of the loop, what happened to the DAD thread? Are they not allowed anymore?

>> No.5038358

became a houses circlejerk

>> No.5038383

was too powerful for /ic/

>> No.5038768
File: 2MiB, 1575x1125, Broken.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5039479

Is drawing statues a good way of learning anatomy for beginner? Do I need to shade it too? Also please rate. I spend 12 mins on this.

>> No.5038859

Shading is the simple way of coloring from bright area to shadow area.
Rendering is applying the process of projected lighting(highlight, diffuse, specular, SSS, etc) on a surface akin a 3D software renderer.

My 2 cents

>> No.5038865

If you're doing digital, learn sketching but also dab some plain flat color on the bottom layer. It'll helps you get familiar with coloring much earlier.

>> No.5039393

What the heck is a layer mask and how do you use it

>> No.5039479

yeah, real people look like crumbling pieces of marble

>> No.5039484
File: 72KiB, 1080x753, 1606585820663.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5039500

Which is the hardest fundamental to learn?

>> No.5039500


>> No.5039773

Why do youtube artists talk about making money on Gumraod? how is Gumraod profitable at all? like I never hear of people using it except for on youtube when they're advertising it

>> No.5039798
Quoted By: >>5039881

Do I go iPad route or drawing screen tablet route? I would be doing trad lines and digital coloring, so it probably would never leave my room. I have a beefy gaming PC so I don’t think software should be an issue. I’ve just been hearing good things about iPads and wasn’t sure if it was better or just easier.

>> No.5039852
Quoted By: >>5040963

Someone please explain Gesture drawing to me i. I've watched Prokos videos but I can't seem to find the flow of any pose and end up doing the contour

>> No.5039881
Quoted By: >>5039890

Drawing screen tablet route first. iPad route if you got tired of the first route and wanted something different imo

>never leave my room
I think you already knew which route though

>> No.5039890
Quoted By: >>5040971

Yeah, I was pretty set on the drawing screen tablet until I saw all the iPad talk and wondered if I missed something big. Thanks anon.

>> No.5040963

take the vilppu pill

>> No.5040965

whats the difference between art pencil brands? whats the best one to really go for? gets even more confusing when they have different brands within the brands

>> No.5040968
File: 2MiB, 1333x1843, 1606878672787.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5040974

I want to learn how to render skin like this, I have some tutorials on exhentai but they are in japanese

>> No.5040971

ipad is versatile and very economical
thats funny to say about an apple product but thats the truth

>> No.5040974
Quoted By: >>5041843

Traditional drawing and painting is your best bet. Hey I’m the new masters train now

>> No.5041843

No you don't understand, I already know how to to that, what I mean is that I want to know how can I render like that pic I posted, so that means
>What color do they use
>How do they use masks
>What type of brush do they use
If I painted it with my skills the colors may be right but it will not be clean like that pic

>> No.5041852
Quoted By: >>5041880

What is the difference between feeling the form and think in 3d?

>> No.5041880

both are the same

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