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how do i improve

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Dangerous thread to make, anon. I’ve made this thread several times before and only got called a retard over and over.

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dno. I just draw gestures every day, on the weekends I attempt to draw art that I like (Fetish art). rinse and repeat, watch some videos (Proko), rinse and repeat, 1-2 years, I guess. I need time, I will be back after a year.

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a thread died for this

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Thought you would escape by just commenting? You retard.

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draw more

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Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim. Clean up your lines. Some of the don't connect. But I would shift your focus to gathering an audience and publishing content regularly.

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Is this post unironicall way to NGMI for the op? To me it seems it is.

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make his pp hard

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