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Will I ever draw again?

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I want to be a skilled and recognized artist.

I want to be a skilled and recognized artist.

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Want to have fun and draw with friends
Fuck fun drawing and friends

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thats probably because you are

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When you feel that way, you should hide your layer menu and stick to one layer, use a small pen tool and the eraser, nothing else from there for a while

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I can't stop loving her

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Please help me figure the steps he did to make this. I only know the usual sketch, line, base color, then shade. This looks more fun to do. I specifically want help with the layers as I am not well versed with clip studio paint, or digital painting in general


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hard round brush wins again

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1. Cut and carve line style (where loose sketchy line art is tidied up with the erase tool rather than perfectly pulled inking lines being used). KNKL on youtube is a good example of an artist that works in this way. 2. Blend layers for rendering. Make, for instance, an "overlay" layer and alpha lock it to your base flat layer, and then add a layer mask to completely hide it. Paint with white on the mask directly to reveal the overlay in only the areas that you want it for lighting. This is an EXTREMELY common workflow because it ensures you don't have to go back and color pick every time you want to work on a given layer - you just work on the mask in greyscale and reveal some or all the hidden color that is already there.

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>right side of screen
that is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen

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>Skips the rough sketch
Anon... that's literally the most important part. Multiply, screen, overlay, and CSP's enclose and fill tool can wait.

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Quoted By: >>5031303

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In addition everyone making such posts should also post their work.

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if they are bad wouldn't that prove that the book they followed was bad?

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if they deem the book they post as bad, wouldn't that mean that they were smart enough to learn from a better source?

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/ic/ and smart, pick one

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I pick both

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fuck off

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/v/tard gang who doesn’t even draw rise up!

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wtf bitch?

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>post work
>Study so good /ic/niggers think it's traced
Is there a better feel?

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Oh nonono imagination bros what is this????

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>asuming doing actual work means drawing solely from imagination
ngmi ever

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>26 replies
>still no work posted

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don't twist my words faggot, I wasn't making a statement, just putting it in irony how stupid that anon's post was

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If you don't know who she is, she painted realistic Jesus when she was like 6 years old and has been sort of resting on her laurels of success as a child prodigy painter. I've been following her and every post was just about x painting from x years ago and frankly I'm just relieved she didn't fall victim to prodigy syndrome and actually tried something non-religious for once.

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>Akiane Kramarik
couldnt stand her then, can't stand her now

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It's solid, it doesn't blow my mind. She has a great sense of texture, the clothing looks great, but there's nothing designey or painterly about it that really makes it interesting to me. The composition is boring - it has that "glamour shots" vibe where it's an extremely literal interpretation of a bone stock portrait photo (whether or not she did it from a photo). Nothing is indicated, nothing is abstracted. She gets nerdy points for self consciously making sure you can see the Zorn pallete (which she may well have used to do the actual painting), but loses a point for self consciously wearing an "I'm an artist" hat. She regains that point for, impressively, doing this in acrylic (because acrylic is sucks and makes something like this VERY painstaking). The very high end portraiture zeitgeist seems to be extremely glossy, photo-literal interpretations (see: Ralph Heimans - who charges tens of thousands for a painting), so really she's probably right on point if that's the kind of work she's trying to do, but a whole year on a basic single portrait on black is nuts.

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Great technician but her art has always been extremely tacky. Wouldn’t buy.

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>anon thinks this is realism

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>Look at me, I am PAINTING

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anyone here got ADD or ADHD? have you been medicated? did it have any effect on your ability to make yourself focus on drawing more often and see projects through to completion?

i have had a problem with focusing but i'm not sure if getting medicated will help me. it's not that i can't focus on something in the moment, because i can, when i'm focused enough on a project i can work on it all day long without even having to eat because my focus pushes the feeling of hunger to the back of my mind to where i don't feel it. it's that i get bored of what i'm doing and then move onto something else, and occasionally return back to the same hobby. if i lose interest in what i'm doing then i don't care, and if i don't care then i don't have passion to do it well, and i can't force myself to care about something i don't care about (unless it's a job. if someone was paying me to draw then i probably could make myself do it even when i don't feel up to the task). drawing and painting is one of the few things i have consistently returned to many times. i'm sure someone else here has dealt with something like this in their life. i need some outside perspective. i need to know if it's realistic to expect that medication can do anything about it. ADD and ADHD stimulant medications are purported to give someone with an attention deficit, the ability to focus on something they couldn't focus on before. is being able to focus on something different from giving a shit about it in general? in so many ways it feels like semantics, to differentiate the two ideas from each other. from everything i've read on the topic, it sounds like they are the same thing. your kid doesn't care about doing homework because it doesn't interest them? medicate them, and now they can focus on things they don't care about, but still need to get done.

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it sounds like our problems are opposites. you say it never stopped you from drawing, only from learning. for me, they're the same thing.

i have improved, but at a snail's pace. my drawing abilities are hardly better from what they were at when i was in middle school in the late 2000's. when i do draw, i learn new things by figuring out what works and what doesn't work through trial and error, but since i never draw, i hardly learn anything and i hardly get better. if i had the motivation to draw every single day, then i think i would see huge improvement and progress after only a year or two because that would be a lot of hands on experience. if i was drawing and painting every single day, i would do more drawing in the span in only a couple of months, than i have done throughout my entire life up to this point. also, even if i did get better, i still hardly ever do it. what's the point in developing a skill that you never use? especially one that is used purely for personal hobby reasons

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I tried ritalin once and it had no effect. Literally nothing even at 50mg dose (I mean concentration-wise, it sent my heart-rate up to 190bpm)

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To be fair, I never drew in my free time-- only out of boredom during shitty hs classes. It was the only thing I was even marginally 'good' at. The meds do give you a lot of energy and motivation-- the focus people talk about is less 'looking closely' and more the ability to organize thoughts. I'm biased because it vastly improved my life, but you should consider giving it a shot. You have nothing to lose, talk to your doc about possible side effects and see if it's an option. Expanding your abilities and skills can never be wrong, it's good for your brain.

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Don't do it mate, that shit is pretty much pure dopamine. It might work for a while, a long time even, but eventually it's gonna leave you like an empty husk as you develop resistance to the drug. I did it in the past and it's one of my biggest regrets in life.

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How the fuck do I talk to my doctor to get it? In non shithole countries you have to be pretty much a retarded zombie to get access to it

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>posts art on deviantart
>1 view and 0 favorites because it is not anime and not a fanart.
>gets a llama badge wtf.
>posts art on /ic
>at least 1 anon out there likes it.

seriously, where to post art other than deviantshit but brings the same positivity as /ic?

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deviant is dying the whole user base has became dead accounts that moved to twitter

>> No.5031176

>mfw wanting to have fun with anons here and /v/ with Moot OCs and other drawing, but don’t want to deal with faggots against me for inflation fetish And my other shit.

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Quoted By: >>5031289

Define what you mean by 'worth it'. Having a few people see and like your work? Twitter works if you tag your stuff properly, I once posted a drawing that was nothing but a bunch of cartoony mushrooms and got some likes there. Having several people see and like your work? Depends on what you make, how good you are and how consistent your posting would be, but I imagine that with proper descriptions/tags twitter could work aswell.

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I'm probably asking for too much but all I want is just a little community of people who aren't just trying to grow their social media following or drawing degenerate anime porn. People just giving me likes whether that's 1 or 1000 of them feels really demoralizing, it's just a number.

>> No.5031457

I would add you on discord, but to me, it would be a bad idea at this time.

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Which decade of art is /ic/'s favorite from both the east and west? And what art style trend do you expect from the 2020's?

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can we really summarize a decade in one style?

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Don't care about this topic anymore, but here's my contribution.

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2000s>90s (although a lot of hit and miss) 70s>80s>>>>>2010s

80s>90s>2000s>2010s (same, a few great hits, a lot of misses)>70s

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East: 80s
West: 90s

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why'd he skip completely over the 2000s?

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Let me know what you think,I can teach you how to stunt

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Draw her in your style

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Pay me.

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you first OP

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Waaaauuugghhhhhnhhh im cooooooommmmminnggggggg

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Lmao dumbass just trying to get free coom

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A little over a year ago I got into an accident while going home vfrom work. My entire right side is banged up from the accident. I’ve always been interested in art and wanted to step back in door. This is the piece I’m proudest of doing after my injury and wanted to know if you guys wanted to see my high school pieces that I’m most proud of. I understand if this thread doesn’t belong here (I read the rules but I’m just making sure).

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It's beautiful...

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contrary to msm opinion, 4chan is legitimately the best place to post content. watch to the end and critique me in every hole! thanks buds


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this person might need to take his pills

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Not watching everything, but the video has a really cool graphic clarity.
But the narration sucks, ENUNCIATE.

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Is this a good technique for learning to draw from references?


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Good for learning to draw from references? no. Good for learning to trace? sure

>> No.5030730

drawing from reference doesn't meant to 100% copy a drawing bro

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>> No.5030755

I guess? Seems like a pain in the ass to me.

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Genius is me AH

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i will commission anything for free

what should i draw

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I underestimated the time needed for work.

I will get back to all of you with your commissions.

keep your eyes out for future posts.

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This desu

>> No.5031037

yourself being happy

>> No.5031170

Saber from Fate/Stay Night getting an education

>> No.5031175

Now show her ass

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Quoted By: >>5031985

The mega link with a shit ton of videos is no longer available. Is there a replacement?
Please god I swear I'll download all of them this time.

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Take care brother.

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you don't need any instruction man, that's just an excuse to not draw.

>> No.5031974

Meh, I'd rather have the mega than downloading a torrent

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Procrastinators btfo

>> No.5031986

So while this thread is alive, anyone got link to those bunch of brushes that someone posted a while ago they were brushes for really specific stuff, mainly anime related, sweat, cum, nipples, stuff like that,

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>watching sam nielson
>get to pic related
>look at the screen before and immediately feel the top two are cool and pretty and bottom two look bad and boring
>he says top two are awful and don’t work at all
>says bottom two are good
brehs, am I supposed to accept this?
I am not feeling it at all

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sam nielson - lighting for story and concept art

>> No.5031055

Bottom two are classy. Top right could be cool if it's some psychedelic drawing. Top left is just garbo.

>> No.5031058

top for simple and stylized, bottom for complex and realistic

>> No.5031073

Color theory is pseudoscience. Don't fall for this bullshit. I agree with you top 2 look more lively and bottom 2 look lifeless and boring. In the end, experiment until you find color combinations you like and don't try to follow these autistic guides that aren't really based on any real science in the first place.

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Can you show me some modern art that is technically superior to the old masters?

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i don't think the old masters are that great compared to artists today desu. Lots of people today who can outdraw them in every way, especially the top-notch animators and mangaka. You just can't draw 13 hours a day for 40 years without being at least comparable to the masters of the past.

>inb4 weeb
I think western artists are at the same level too

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Show me at least 1 (one) old master that could make boobs shake. (Protip: you can't)

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Quoted By: >>5031901 >>5031904

Why is purple the most soulful colour?

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>asks for body shots of other men
>j-just as a joke haha
faggots get the curb

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Quoted By: >>5031907

Purple combines the power of red and the calm of blue.
A quiet storm.

>> No.5031904


>> No.5031907

thanks, doc

>> No.5031945

It's the most recent color we've evolved to see. (fun fact: honey is described as being green in Homer's "The Odyssey")

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Dou you guys know of a ref tool/addon for PS similar to bridge that works offline?

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Quoted By: >>5030831 >>5032061

what do you think of my beautiful art?

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>Nice, small, doubles

>> No.5030628

He is not swedish he is italian

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File: 11KiB, 334x139, the end.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.5030831


>> No.5032061


looks cool for what it is.

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Quoted By: >>5030858 >>5030893

it doesn't make sense to me, someone who can draw well should have good control of the pen. so why do so many good artists have terrible handwriting?

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>> No.5030798

I was mad, then I realized I’m still a doctor with a JD and will totally agree out of pure cope. The best backhanded complement I ever got was from a classmate who said my handwriting looks like a founding father’s.

>> No.5030815

For me, my thoughts get ahead of my pen, so I end up making mistakes.
I knew a guy who went all out on being a stereotypical tortured artist, would always try to add a ton of flourish to what he wrote (both to his handwriting and what he wrote). Most people would look at it and say "I can't read this" and he would get so fucking offended

>> No.5030858


1. Prilhisie 40ag PO x 1 stat
2. Asthalat MD RID
3. Pux I lov to Bj
4. Reel 94º Atauft/Altatol
5.Kop nuts > 95% km

1. If you give 40 silver (ag) Power Orbs to Prilhisie, she gains 1 status bonus

2.Get rid of Dr. Asthalat, M.D.

3. "I love to bj", someone tells Pux

4. I order to catch the elusive atauft and altatol fish, one must reel their fishing rod at a 94 degree angle

5. Kop nuts will enhance one's stamina to the point where you can complete at least 95% of the kilometers left to your destination.

Now someone make a videogame with these notes.

>> No.5030893

I think we're just used to drawing from our shoulder instead of our wrist.
Exact work like small letters is harder then unless you make a conscious effort and switch into detail mode.

>> No.5031157

The neater someone's handwriting is, the slower they think
That isn't a bad thing, just how it is.
I used to hate my sloppy handwriting but I've gotten some compliments on it at work

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