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Which one has more /soul/?

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Anyone else tried drawing nudes? I tried drawing this girl off Reddit, what do you think??

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>drawing nudes
nah, never happend bro

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Drawing women is very fun

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>Starting out
Aren't you that retard that spammed a shitty Joker non stop? You have been around for a while

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I'm a newbie and all I draw is nude women

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That ass looks disgusting

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One of the hardest parts is deciding what to draw and how to start the drawing itself.

Do you start by the pose/gesture? if so, should you first look at a reference or do the general idea first and then the reference?

I draw a lot, but generally I just start some sketch and decide everything on the fly, and end up dropping it after I get bored because never had a good plan to begin with

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Read the post nigger, I'm not asking how to start drawing, I'm asking how to start A drawing

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You read the sticky

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Read the sticky.

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I couldn’t paint two months ago, but woke up and my brain just clicked. I’ve been doing pet portraits because friends and family are requesting them (commissions, I’m getting paid), but I would like to do more nudes.

I have a few nudes sketched, but I’m really nervous about diving in.

Any tips and critiques? I’ve only just started, but I can’t stop, and I want to pursue this as a second career.

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idk, paint christmas shit

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This is so nice!

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You don't seem to have a style locked down. You're just haphazardly painting things without knowing what you love about it. My advice? Stop being such a fucking BABY and just paint, stop being so afraid of shadows and maybe learn about values. That white dog has no depth.

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I am confused. What is stopping you from sketching nudes? Do you want people to pay you to draw their nudes? Is that what it is?

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I can't draw at all.
I quit.
4 months I wasted on this dream and it's over, I'm not talented at all, this one anon on /beg/ posts his head drawings and we have been both drawing for the same period of time, he's so much better despite only drawing 30 minutes a day, that's the nature of talent, you either have it or you don't.

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dumb talentchad

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Are you asian? be honest.

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another attentiowhoring gigafaggot. just fuck off.

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> Faggot don't know how to sage
How: Options | sage

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Where can I find artists who draw in this style and do you have tips how someone can learn drawing it?

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read sticky

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how do I delete thread?

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let it die

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Ignore him

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Bill wattersons Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strips that were in color look like this, especially the dinosaur ones. I think it's just black ink work with a brush and watercolors

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We're entering the busiest time of the year for art sales (December-January)

Post tips on selling for the holidays:

>what kind of art sells
>what kind of discounts
>general advice

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I'm not good enough for anyone to pay money for my art (yet)

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Family portraits and the like will sell better.
Well that and regular old coomer art with a santa hat slapped on top.

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what the fuck

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I'm surprised that someone else that would get this would also still lurk here.

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imagine having to scan your work just to get it onto your pc just so you can finish it there

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Yeah, we've been here for far too long.

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Just draw

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What happened to course threads, ic?

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The people who make those megas pay money out of their own pockets to increase their mega storage space in order to share courses with anons, risking their accounts to do so. That's why begging for reuploads seems kind of rude, to me. You should always try to download whatever courses you want the instant you see them because you might never see them again or get them off online courses club.

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This, besides, you either have to be rich or retarded to pay money for the benefit of this shithole filled with retards and autists, me included.

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Lord Lobster

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Welcome to /ic/. If you are looking to hone your creative skills, please consult these general resources:

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jannies clean this up please

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Are there ANY other active art communities online besides /ic/?

I've gotten fears that 4chan (and hence /ic/) is disappearing soon.
I really love /ic/, there's a huge variety of artists here with different interests and skill levels...

Remember that /loomis/ is gone.

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Weak af

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You dropped your fedoras, be careful

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Because everyone is fixated on constantly getting attention redirected to themselves instead of contributing to and building up a community.
They won't bother with anything if they can't get some selfish gain out of it.
And if you even dare to be "unique" and crawl out the bucket, well, you know what happens.
>Is this really all there is?
Either stop thinking and start consuming like the good little cattle you're supposed to be or die miserable and alone.

art is dead
people is dead
go live in the trees or give up

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As long as they're more skilled than me I respect them. Don't matter WHAT they draw
Unlike you, I don't need to shield my ego.

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>i dont need to shield my ego
>is shielding his ego
Not even sure what's your point, but here's your (you), tranny.
Maybe stop sucking your own dick when you talk to people, ye?

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I'm into abstract expressionism. Here are some of my pieces. I'd appreciate any feedback.
My biggest influences are Jawlenski, Rothko, Pollock, and Krasner.
I'd like to pay for formal art classes one day.

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This isn't the most popular place for abstracts, bud.

However, your work is pretty good. The design elements and visual statement have an impact. The blocking into segments leads the viewer to a narrative they might enjoy.

I'd like to see more compositional play in the 4th quadrants to flow the viewer's attention throughout, and color implementation to better understand your ideas.

Thanks for sharing.

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it's true

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how on earth are you supposed to study and learn from something if you have no idea how to even go about trying to draw and paint it from reference? for example i can get the general lineart down but when it comes to painting i have no idea where to even begin how do people learn from studying this kind of shit

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Learn painting fuhdamentals.

>> No.5034260

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLmXZMqb_9sbNLM83NrM005vRQHw1yTKn & https://youtu.be/Qj1FK8n7WgY

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Previous thread >>5024522

For all those who love /pain/ting. Try not to derail the thread with stupid shit about what jitter or pressure sensitivity is for tablets, if you're too fucking lazy to search those up on youtube and watch an actual video demonstration of what is for your respective apps.. then maybe you should just stick to traditional tools.

Pro /Pain/t Tips - PPT:
>Dont argue about brushes and expect to have everything explained to you, art is a visual learning experience that you practice through action, not sitting there and reading shit until it "clicks" it only clicks when you get to work.
>Dont copy everything 1:1 this isnt /asg/ actually try to analyze and understand what youre doing with notes
>Post your work if you want critiques or have trouble understanding something and want help
>Come back to a painting later if youre spending hours on it, dont focus on the details if youre studying, try capturing it in BOLD and BRASH strokes
>Work in grayscale before tackling color, then you'll see colors as values
>Start simple and work toward complexity
>You can always start over
>Hard brush is love , Hard brush is life

Last thread was about values and had some good information, be sure to check that out. Ill also link some youtube channels here that I personally enjoy and help me to see values and colors.




I also decided to work on my own folder for this general specifically, I'll add to it when I have time, as of now the FULL Krenz painting course is in there so you guys can enjoy that for now, but sadly its all in Chinese, hopefully one day it'll be translated lol. Let me know if it works.


Thread image made exclusively with the notorious HARD ROUND BRUSH :^)

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How do you pick the midtones HUE/saturation? Just make it a mix between the light and the shadow or is there a better way I don't know?

pic-related is the little studies I've done today. At least the attempts worth showing :'(

>> No.5042125

for skins you add reddepending on you thin the skin is and how the lights are, but you can get away with adding red whenever shadow and light meets. reason blood

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Theres an infinite number of ways you can play with color and light in this way, but some basic concepts for an appealing image you can turn to when all else fails:

You want a hue shift to occur between the major areas of light and dark. Example: The light and midtones are warm in hue, the shadows are cooler. Etc. Mullins has said as long as this happens and the values are correct, it will work no matter what colors you use.

The midtones just before the core/terminator shadow are usually more saturated. Something about how the light hits the surface right as it is turning away, it appears more colorful to the eye. It also just appears more rich anyway because you have warm hues meeting cool.

But wait - there's more. There's also things like sky light, bounce light and subsurface scattering that change the color temperature and hue of your colors that you want to be aware of, as well as the skin itself just having temperature shifts in different areas. An example of this obviously is like the nose/cheeks/finger tips are usually redder, or the blueish color of veins in the arms or breasts.

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There’s learning and then there’s learning.
You’ll be learning for your entire life most likely. Shaping strokes with an eraser is how do I shot web tier

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>The light and midtones are warm in hue, the shadows are cooler
I've read that many times but never understood that. Usually when I use the color picker on a photo or a master's painting, the light parts are more to the yellow and the shadows are more to the red AND more saturated. For shadows to be cooler wouldn't they have to be more gray?

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How to deal with a shit art day?

I don't know what it's called, but its like you keep making mistakes, or you computer starts lagging for no fucking reason, your computer annoys you when drawing, you can't get into your rhythm and keep making mistakes when drawing, you lack your pen control all of sudden, you can't focus and annoying shit keeps happening to you like you keep getting phone calls.

What is it called, how do you deal with it?
I honestly can not draw today.

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Quoted By: >>5036356

just call it a break day and chill. Watch your favourite cartoon or read comics or whatever you enjoy

>> No.5036054

have a fap and then go back to it
repeat until you're only ejaculating blood or the drawing starts going well

>> No.5036356

The wholesome anon, a rare, almost extinct species of d/ic/ks.

>> No.5036380

all my days are shit art day, i just keep drawing until i can focus on what i'm doing and get into my rhythm

>> No.5036485

just masturbate or play some vidya

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my first drawing in like 10 years what does 4chan think?

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Soul. But isn't that a lobster?

>> No.5034160

yep. he is transgebder

>> No.5034161

Best drawing I've ever seen. It's my new wallpaper.

>> No.5034165

cute claw gloves

>> No.5034247

???!^ - ^

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Really enjoyed the last caricature thread so I figured I'd give it another go with fresh inspiration.
I'll post a few to pick from to kick it off

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Quoted By: >>5034433

I honest to God don't know if this is edited or not, I think this is a real face

>> No.5034142

Okay feel free to post others, this but it would be fun to keep the numbers low so the comparison between different visions of the same person are more bountiful

>> No.5034433
Quoted By: >>5034442

For some odd reason looking at this makes me laughs so much

>> No.5034436

This just feels like a caricature of itself already...

>> No.5034442

It reminds me of Jimmy neutron

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Why does Eastern furry art lack the autism that's rampant among western furfags?

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>> No.5034596

>thinking OP is not autism


>> No.5034602

You are just a cherry picking crab. GTFO.

>> No.5034616

>muh dragon wolf boss dude
>not autism

>> No.5034748

You just haven’t seen it yet because you don’t browse Pixiv.

>> No.5034899

it's cuz you can't understand the japs, you weeb

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Quoted By: >>5034034

What would his reaction be to learning that millions of coomers use his teachings to draw degenerate porn today?

>> No.5034033


>> No.5034034

Loomis was a coomer himself, he would be flattered.

>> No.5034036
Quoted By: >>5034106

What would his reaction be if he finds out his books are use for shitposting on some underwater oilpainting forum?

>> No.5034106

>“I wish my family got paid royalties for all these people stealing my book, but at least they are having fun with their pencils”

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Quoted By: >>5036158 >>5037363

If you go back and tell your younger self advice on drawing. What would you tell them?
What mistakes would you tell them to avoid?
What would you tell them to focus on?

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>> No.5036105

Throw away that way of thinking. There's no concrete guide.
Just draw and feel the fucking form anon.

>> No.5036136

That kitty is a handsome feller

>> No.5036143


>> No.5036158

Stop drawing animu

>> No.5037363

Much better to save up for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9, instead of being stuck on an inferior, utterly mediocre tool made by something else.
The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is by far the objectively greatest purchase any artist could make.

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Quoted By: >>5034473 >>5034527

>how come vilpuu/huston/xyz don't have any complete works
>where are their PAINTINGS
Why does /ic/ only consider paintings and meme over rendered digital paintings as "complete works". Why can't a charcoal figure drawing be a "complete work"?

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>> No.5034473
Quoted By: >>5034479 >>5034563

Their complete works are their students. They sacrificed themselves for you.

>> No.5034479

>they create vicariously through you because they chose the safer, stable path of teaching instead of walking the precipice of art

>> No.5034527

Huston has finished paintings

>> No.5034563

post their students work

>> No.5034570

You didn’t need to announce it, I assume 90% of ic posters don’t even read the shit they reply to

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Hi, what are some affordable easy to erase sketching pencils? Sometimes my undersketch doesnt erase completely, and i can see pencil marks under the black and white ink of my drawing. I use mechanical pencils for their simplicity but im ready to move on to something less limiting. I think that mechanical pencils probably have a harder graphite than i really need for a sketch.

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>> No.5035097

Get H4-H6 pencils

>> No.5035749

i cant help it your mom is too tight anon

>> No.5037497
Quoted By: >>5038509

stop drawing too hard on paper

>> No.5038509

FUCK you

>> No.5038553
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