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Stupid question but how the fuck did people get this good at coloring but suck at anatomy this much?
It's not just this artist but many artists can render amazing pieces but just plain suck at anatomy or drawing something like a horse from the front.
Aren't they literally copying something in front of them?
I'd maybe understand if this was a beginner but but looking at the rendering that isn't the case.
Did nobody tell them?
How does this happen?
Is this dude just deformed and I picked a bad example?
I see other examples of people that aren't deformed but look terrible.

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Use color picker and her hair looks purple.

But it looks WHITE. How? I want tone able to replicate this effect

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color relativity.

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Learn colors

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take a photo of a white object, color pick it, it wont be white, why? because white gets a lot of bounce light from others objects around reflected

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Ok but I have another question. Why the brain looks at it as “white” instead of purple.

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the brain interpret colors relatively to everything around it because it helped our survival

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Previous: >>5013333

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title. However, by community demand and long history, this is favorably an Anime general.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #art
>yoshikadu2011 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUx5dpO6d5gQ4KWNPc24CKw
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary
>http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=59317 (0033)

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Something weird happening with her body

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hey dudes, whats the best way to learn to draw like "ren and stimpy style"? i just want a little of the shape randomness and grotesque charm...

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The creator of Ren and Stimpy has a post on this https://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2009/11/stiff-period-to-fluid-period.html

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hey man, this is EXACTLY the problem I was having: when I try to draw more "animated", I do the "stacking balls" shit cause thats what I've learned... thank you so much, this is really helpful. :)

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soulless eyes

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Wtf does it actually MEAN!?!?!?!?!?

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Feel the form. Do it for him

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Quoted By: >>5037051

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God I love adam's work
How do I draw like he did

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He drew all day everyday, even on trains he always had his sketchbook out.

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Is it easier to do figure drawings of fat people or am I imagining this?

Pic unrelated

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>Was Lucian Freud right?
No, and if I show up to one more figure drawing session full of boomers and a fat model and have to listen to "Wow I love drawing giant fatasses", or some anorexic old lady and they're like "This is such great practice you can see all her bones!"


>> No.5037006

That’s not a Freud work in the OP. Also I don’t see how your response is related to my question

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Starting next week, I'll start one thread a day (except weekends) for every lesson of Brent Eviston's 'The Art & Science of Drawing'. Together, we will discuss the lesson and its corresponding project, share insights/tips, critique others, etc.

-You need to know nothing, just have paper and pen/pencil.
-Download the required course (see below).


This is how a lesson looks like:

>Post your face when you are going to make it.

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beg shit, it's slow and boring

>> No.5037077

fucking this
week 5 (?) consisting of measuring and the like is fucking soulless, I almost felt like quitting drawing all together

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Quoted By: >>5037109

So 1/8 of the course? Play videogames if you want fun

Is the best BEG tier material you will find. Eventually I'll like to do the same with vilppu, etc ...

You know, you can select files/folders in every torrent client, right?

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hi Brent

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>google "Brent Eviston drawings"
>nothing but monochrome studies
every time

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Are you drawing now, anon?

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I...not yet

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I drew some circles for a warm-up, this was 2 hours ago h-haha

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Yes I drew 12 hours yesterday and I'm going for another 12 today, you can check us out in DAD.gallery or in the DAD/Las thread, we are a community that encourages the artistic growth of all its participants. This is done by reinforcing the habit of practicing, facilitated by simply tracking your "streak", or consecutive periods in which you worked on your art. Moreover, users are a part of a community that continues to provide friendly competition, constructive criticism and inspiration.

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No but I d-definitely will later haha

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Yes. I draw almost everyday, even if it’s just a sketch

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How do indieshits get away with these exaggerated quirky™ palletes?

>> No.5036940

Because they offer game content of value while you're sitting here being worthless as usual

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Quoted By: >>5036976

you made this exact same fucking bait thread already
fuck off

>> No.5036976

You made this thread already and got btfo. Fuck off and go crab somewhere else.
To any beginners: no that is not 'normal' shading

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OP is a faggot

>> No.5037068

because a video game is different from a painting

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Just draw whatever, bro

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I have recently picked up drawing and I like this style very much.
Someone else here who has tried it?
This is my interpretation of an alchemist's workshop.

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/fit/ Jesus. Stippling requires patience.

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A jackdaw.

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I don’t like drawing, how about you?

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I like drawing

>> No.5036841

I draw a lot but i suck

>> No.5036842

If I draw like you with that style I will not only hate drawing but my whole life as well.

>> No.5036844

then why do it

>> No.5036936

dont force urself to do something u dont like

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Have you noticed that as an artist improves in a technical sense, their capacity to create "soul" diminishes?

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SOUL both of them

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Quoted By: >>5037066

I am Tolstoy's ghost and I tell you that this anon >>5037019 is right you stupid monkey.

>> No.5037066
Quoted By: >>5037071

>I am Tolstoy's ghost
Post your ghost feet

>> No.5037071

Foot fetishist took them away when I died.

>> No.5037072

Newer one looks flat and lazy

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How do you make a character have so much life and personality with so few lines?

>> No.5036748

Cartooning. Go watch old looney tunes or merry melodies and see how they did it. Wander Over Yonder is another good show to study. Also, Gilda a shit.

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Pic unrelated.

I bought a few cadmiums and lead white. I've gathered that as long as you don't have skin contact with them or inhale them (context: with grinding when making your own or sanding it when dry) then I'd be safe. I also heard that since they're mixed in paint and that the volume of it is so little, it wouldn't even suffice for it to actually do any harm.

Any word on this being correct?
Any other oil painters out there?

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Quoted By: >>5036848

Cadmiums are a heavy metal so yes, dangerous to your health. Don't eat when painting or eat the paint. I'm a little puzzled as to why you have lead white as a beginner. Lead white is indeed quite dangerous and has very specific uses.

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Quoted By: >>5036848

wear gloves

>> No.5036848

>I'm a little puzzled as to why you have lead white as a beginner. Lead white is indeed quite dangerous and has very specific uses.
What specific uses exactly? I'm not exactly a beginner, I just never had any cadmium/lead based paints because I always have gone with student grade alternatives.

Thank you for replying anon. Also from the thread post, is my statement on handling these cadmium/lead based paints correct? Just avoiding skin contact (no consumption of course), wearing gloves and having an open window would be enough?
I do.

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Quoted By: >>5037087

Don't use lead white as a beginner.
Cads are standard, just don't put your hands in your mouth, but I only break out lead white at the final stages of a portrait, where required. I don't keep it on the palette all the time.

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This is extremely retarded

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>started studying a photo of a highschool crush that I didn't have the courage to ask out
It never ends does it?

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Quoted By: >>5037013

>t. sociopath

>> No.5036985

Nice artwork and critique faggot

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Quoted By: >>5037020

only works for brainless femoids. Wealthy women with good upbringing catch this kind of bullshit quick and sets a distance between both of you.

>> No.5037013

Real niggers know I'm right, plus it's just a verrry subtle jab in the only thing that's valuable to her: her appearance. If you poke a small hole in it, you'll always be on her mind. You gotta humble a bitch. She's gotta want your love more than you want her love, thus the subtle jab at her looks initiating attention/validation seeking.

>> No.5037020

Dude it's even easier with those girls. They've never been criticized or humbled before and they're still just girls. If you humble a rich bitch you'll be on her mind MORE than a dumb poor bitch.

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Post a png of your linework of a finished drawing. Then try to color someone else’s piece and post it linking to the original art. You can recolor and add things but you cannot erase the original’s linework. The more vague your original linework the better.
This might be a good color practice challenge.
I’ll post mine first. Even if you don’t want to color post your linework, or if you don’t want to line then still try coloring someone else’s piece.
This is for fun but critique on colors is welcome.

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nice, thank you

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Thanks for the prompt anon! It was fun coloring something I'm not used to, I might try the other linearts too.

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I tried doing chrome stippling. Pretty weak to be honest.

>> No.5036885

I like what you did with the eye it’s a great focal point. I do think you should have tried to bring out the wings more by creating a pattern.
One other thing is the white speech bubble is really bright and takes more focus than the eye. I like the color shading you did for the head really gives it some anatomy/depth. Glad you had fun.

>> No.5037003

Maybe it’s a lack of line art or interest.

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Quoted By: >>5036527

What are some good digital painting tutorials online , i'ma semi beg. I understand Photoshop and have done the Ctrl paint courses. Now I'm kinda lost on what to do after that. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

>> No.5036527
Quoted By: >>5036541

Draw with Jazza, I think he's the only one that makes sense and is actually talented unlike Sinix or Sycra or MDJ.

>> No.5036541

I'd rather stick my dick in a shredder than be an artist who draws like him , respectfully no thanks .

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What do you think? 18 year old girl, do you feel the sexual vibrations?

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Quoted By: >>5036659

No. I post in beg they say it is not beg. And the alt sex thread is way too hardcore... should have a softcore thread

>> No.5036659
Quoted By: >>5036719

>And the alt sex thread is way too hardcore
Says fucking who
And why do you care
The op image is just a simple nude figure too

>> No.5036688

chink nigger

>> No.5036719
Quoted By: >>5036723

Seriously man, they have like hardcore penerations and lots weirdo stuff. I dont mind weirdo stuff but mine is not hardcore enough, it is just e girl getting some honey on her warm lips and tongue.

>> No.5036723

the last image posted is a topless girl
if that's wierd and too hardcore for you i reccommend visting /trash/ where you can dump all your yoghurt eating retarded girls

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Quoted By: >>5036597 >>5036601

I felt the form and my butt hurts :((

>> No.5036597
Quoted By: >>5036600

thats not how boobs work

>> No.5036600

>crabbing on coomis

>> No.5036601

You didn't feel shit.

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Quoted By: >>5036882

Best advice for avoiding bad progress?

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>> No.5036728

>Think he is a boy who wants to become a girl
>It is actually the opposite
Thanks God for creating me as the most boring and predictable male in the world.

>> No.5036837

Progress is weird with kids, I don't really think it's worth shitting on what a 10 year old did.

>> No.5036859

I see progress. Just not very much, but I don't know much about the person who drew that or if what's posted is in it's proper context.

Just keep drawing often, view your work from different angles, and consider the advise you've been given.

>> No.5036882

If it is a 5 yo it isnt bad progress

>> No.5036884


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Quoted By: >>5036950 >>5036957

Had a heavy black pill today. There are other fuckers out there who need to read this. Call me a crab if you want to just take the bluepill and live in a fantasy

>age doesn't matter, but the power and freedom you have do. That's why starting when your a teen joke is such a big thing. You usually have the most control over your time and finances with the least responsibility to others in this time. its the only time you can make aggressive progress unhindered by financial needs.
>Without proper financial support, you will never succeed. If you come from anything other than upper class, you will never succeed. If you had a bad home life and never learned proper life skills from your parents, you will never succeed
>if you are only doing art part-time, it will take you an extra year to do what can be learned in a month by others. You won't make it till you're too old, and it will be too late. you will be 35 painting like an 18-year-old.
>the moment you say that you are an artist while you're doing something other than making art, you've already lost
>if you are out of shape, the negative ramifications on your body gimp your art
>You're only useful if your art can sell, and you're only worthy of love if you can make money. If you aren't making money and people are still saying they love you, it's out of obligation, not genuine.
>You will never have someone(spouse, family, friend) truly appreciate the challenges and sacrifices you have to put yourself under that are necessary to grow as an artist
>to succeed you will have to alienate these people from your life, but if you don't succeed, they will leave you for more interesting and successful people
>You are only as good as your final piece of work. If your last piece of finished work was from over a week ago, it's already invalid

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Quoted By: >>5036958 >>5037038

>he doesn't enjoy the struggle life throws at him
>he doesn't thrive in the suffering
>he doesn't realize the fruits of his labor and dedication will taste even better the harsher its environment
>he doesn't realize life is all about overcoming hardships
Anon, it's time to exit the cave. Become enlightened in the sun like me.

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>>You're only useful if your art can sell, and you're only worthy of love if you can make money. If you aren't making money and people are still saying they love you, it's out of obligation, not genuine.
Only true if you're a simp. Simps without money are less than human. Men without money are anime protagonists irl

>> No.5036958

based and sunpilled

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>> No.5037088


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Can someone make an image of Chef saying “I can’t breathe” while Officer Barbrady is kneeling on his neck? Thanks

>> No.5036287


>> No.5036300

You can, I believe in you Anon!

>> No.5036306

Barbrady is a good man, leave him aloje

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