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MGS thread

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your fave hakusho boys?

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suicide boy general thread

official comic can be found with english, spanish, and polish can be found here - https://mangadex.org/title/27455/suicide-boy

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I thought there was one already

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Yes and is not even halfway done >>3482918
Just report, no duplicates are allowed, you're supposed to use the catalog before making new shit.

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Previous thread: >>3493932

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Sauce is >>3498453

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i want vampire/ghost/zombie/frankenstein ones

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maybe there will be more when it's halloween

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POV: you are a glob of cum soaring towards his face

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New: >>3498918

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Previous thread >>3493943

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Ah sweet thanks anons, looks so nice. Really enjoy that Traveler one too.

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Cant find a certain short kinky comic where a woman puts cat ears on a reluctant male and he turns into a female cat saying something like "I want to loose myself and be yours" as he turns into a slutty horny cat.

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Almanac and the album are out in 2 weeks! Previous thread >>3480423

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how time flies...

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rare 2D PB game smile

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youre gross

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You replied to the wrong fucking person retard

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>replying to weeks old bait
Who's the retard now?

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Best boy of all time

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Sorry I forgot to start. Was tired last night.

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Oh sorry was this supposed to be a regu thread? you should make the thread subject clear

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Previous thread >>3478810

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Can we have another one?

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I love Hades, but its a far cry from Ace Attorney. The original trilogy is amazing and the third game is a masterpiece. Also the main ship is super famous and a "almost-canon" classic for more than a decade. If you're into the genre I strongly recommend it.

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Venti apprecciation thread!

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Fuck you waifufag there's already an active thread

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but venti os love, venti is life!

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Eat my asshole with a spoon entitled waifufag.

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prev thread >>3490005

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new thread

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or anything vaguely medical related

I can't be the only one into this

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Bros I bought a doctor and nurse outfit

Now I just need to find a guy I'd be brave enough to wear it in bed with :/

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I bet a ton of people accidentally discovered they like this due to all the covid shit and wearing masks all the time

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After downloading 7 pics from this thread, I guess I'm gay D:

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9 Months Later Edition

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I'm training to do the leg hold and need inspiration!!!! poast cuties doing the leg hold

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For me its Rossiu

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Quoted By: >>3495165 >>3495174

take a look inside your mind. what do you see?

take a look inside your mind and tell me what you see.
do you see.. bright lights?

or do you imagine total darkness?

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Have I truly become a monster?

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Bro, don't do Pilotredsun like this.

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Let's collect 'em all.

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I thought c in /cm/ stands for "cute", what the hell

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Hey guys and gals! Wonderful Tuesday, what do you think of my feet on a 1-10 scale

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What cant you understand about "2D male"? Where between "male" and "2d" did you not realise this is for 2 dimensional men?

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fucking disgusting, fuck off faggot

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disgusting youre fucking ugly you should kill yourself

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Nice 9-10

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It is a crime he barely got any fan art, look at him. A cute little brown boy wearing a hoodie, what else you can ask for. I wish there was more of him. Other than you know the Mike inel's gumball parodies

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Can we have a T&B thread? I got into it fairly recent and I find absurd how likable everyone is . I'm digging on pixiv but I'm sure you anons here have something.
Single/pairings welcome. Bonus points for Bunny's luscious curls or Kotetsu's moe-ness.

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Happy Halloween anon! Hope you had a comfy day.

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I did, same to you, anon.

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That's so sweet.

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(520) 392-5274 paris

>> No.3494805

for free?

>> No.3494807

Just call anytime

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