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some english artist's human au that focuses mainly on phos. they were active on tumblr a couple years back but i never followed them so i can't tell you who it is, sorry

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Previous thread: >>3486105
Tentacle devil edition

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Previous thread: >>3486105
Tentacle devil edition

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Light Clothes Edition
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After three years of near nonstop resource gathering, I finally hit the cap. Now I can quit playing this fucking game aside from events.

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>people tweeting 50k beads already
>I'm just doing 10k a day
It feels slower than last time, last time I was easily scoring 800-1000 each round but now it's all 400-700.

But do you have 9999 request tokens?

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Is the mobile version still a piece of shit? Last time I checked it still is.

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Why is the pc version better though? I never used it, because the mobile one is more comfortable for me and I'm used to it (not that anon)

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laggy as shit back then

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Figurative bread edition
Previous thread: >>3508500

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Well toooooo bad!

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Gross egg shaped blobs you post.
Between the bonefag and you I don't know which one is worse.

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Literal bread

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New thread is >>3512549

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look at this cute femboy

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Is this a mugshot?

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looks like a monkey

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absolutely chigyu

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Last thread reached image limit!

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Today I felt an urge to reinstall the game but not really because I want to play it, I just miss Zagreus

Is this how it starts?

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personally, i started and didn't put it down for another ten or eleven hours after, but if you start missing zag, it's probably too late. you're already one of us.

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Previous thread >>3510121
Why are we here, just to suffer.

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New thread >>3512276

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Three Musketeers Edition

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I'm so glad Deku keeps fighting no matter what.

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he's the Deku who gives it his all

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Two Months until 3.0+1.0 Releases

Previous Thread: >>3505769

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based, giant guys are my favorite type of fantasy

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and here's one of big shinj

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Previous thread >>3509645
Gojo for #5!

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Quoted By: >>3510786

New thread >>3510739
I feel bad spamming but I also don't feel bad when they are all such good boys.

>> No.3510786

Eventually it will fizzle out and you'll end up stalling and barely scraping by like the Promare thread did before you, don't worry about it.

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I prefer what we got honestly, Edgy's outfit is... something

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Vov was boring again and now it's on hiatus.

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>a bloobloo im supposed to feel sorry for some retarded rando incestfag posting on an Indonesian basket weaving forum
If you wanted fake sympathy, twitter and reddit sounds more like your style.

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It was a boring chapter but there were some good panels in this one. Someone make a new thread so I can post the suggestive crops.

>> No.3513782

>suggestive crops
wow so funnii xD


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Because the beauty of the White Aryan boy must not perish from the earth

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I specifically enjoy photoshopping anime boys into landscape paintings I enjoy such as this one

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Are you making another account? Coming back to basedgenz or are you going to try making a ShojoRight server again?
>just shows fags opinions ain’t like the (((media)))
I am sure a lot aren't, you just never see them because they aren't as open in public

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>maxim gorky
Lol that was the guy who said fascism is a byproduct of faggotry... fucking kek, though I mean the Emperor Hadrian destroyed Judea, Oscar Wilde insults Jews in Dorian gray, and several members of the NS party were gay before the purge so I guess he had a point.

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Do you ever get off to the thought of someone stomping you until you stop breathing?
I think this is the thread for that kinda fantasy.

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Read something about this lately

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If only Canute stayed so cute.

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thank you for making this fine thread

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Me and my future husband.

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Quoted By: >>3510121

Previous thread >>3508243

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Damn this boy is so hot. Got a boner when he spoke this ep

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Quoted By: >>3510618

Is there going to be incest porn of these two?

>> No.3510603


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Stop bumping the old thread and move to the new one, newfag /a/ crossboarders.

>> No.3510618


There already is

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I see a Deku and an Endeavor thread, so I'd like to make a My Hero Academia thread for the League of Villains in honor of the last two bombshell chapters and this killer arc.
Hawks is an honorary member.

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post pictures of cute south park boys

previous thread >>3501190

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Quoted By: >>3513377

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Quoted By: >>3513654

why is stenny so popular? not against it in the slightest and i love this pic in particular, but i'm surprised at how popular it seems to be with fanartists

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They have a lot of moments togheter, I think its also because Stan was always saying "oh my god they killed Kenny" but idk

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I've read some fanfics and DJs where Kenny has a crush on Stan, but Stan only ever has eyes for Kyle. A lot of the fanart also seems kinda angsty, I'm guessing that's part of the appeal.
Personally I don't really like shipping any of the main 4 with each other since they've been friends since they were babies, but it's pretty much impossible to avoid in this fandom unless you're a Creekfag.
I also dislike Stendy since they've lost the chemistry that they had in the early seasons, now it seems like they're only still together because they're afraid of being single.

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Quoted By: >>3508818

Hi, I would like to invite you to a discord chat where you can flirt with anyone.

>> No.3508818

No one wants to enter your tranny grooming server

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Previous: >>3490569

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bulbooming and kaninn had the best portrayals of goro. its a shame neither of them draw p5 art any more

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Tomorrow we will finally see the conclusion to the greatest love story every told. Which side of history will you be on?

Previous thread: >>3494031

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