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cutest blonde boy

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It's peppermint candy I swear

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idk if this shit counts. Don't know many clown boys.

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This is good. I guess any goofy looking boy goes.

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Naughty Jester has a really cute jester oc, can't remember his name since its been years but I remember his posts from /d/ pic related though without his hat.

Also theres Mr Mint from candy land if you really wanna get freaky

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Go jerk it to Ronald Mcdonald porn you freak.

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>no Hisoka
Shit thread

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Hey anons, who's your favorite male character from bleach? For me, it's Ishidiya.

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I like both BBW's and pretty boys. Any fellow bi-anons like this?

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Please I need more of best mom

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Cute boys with glasses thread?

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cute anime boys smoking hookah thread? cute anime boys smoking hookah thread. Post your images with heavy emphasis on hookah/pipes and weed but all is good.

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check out this link to see :

be sure to a follower , because you will be able to buy them soon

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Post boys drawn in similar fashion

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the same artist

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a crusty but strangely appealing art style? the same pose? the same clothes?
you gotta elaborate op!

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I think that the main appeal is the art style and the pose

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5 or more images to start a thread
reminder to not spoonfeed beggers

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You mean Kaneoya Sachiko?
Goddamn, OP, a single Google image search told me who it was

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Previous thread: >>3483664

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Cool, I can post my lewds then.

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>I'm not the femanon
Not only would >>3486037 only work among a circle of female friends, but most women that like shotacon do it for a different reason than men, which is how they can tolerate ugly looking fucks.
Even if you're a man you're probably a gay pedo or something of the type.

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mods pls i was not even being mean i just need to know what makes male and female enjoyment of shota different

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Well here's the thing.
Women (most of them anyways, there are some outstanding fellows with good taste) are interested in having a innocent child. That means they can like shotas that look average or even a bit ugly.
Is that strictly bad? No, If you can appreciate someone's personality, that's good.
But also its bad for a image posting thread, since you can't really see someone's personality from a still image, and I'm somewhat worried that unlike normal instances of liking loli/shota, such desire is correlated with actual pedophilia.

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Jin a cute. Dumping what I got.

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round 2

Previous >>3461936

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Happy Thanksgiving jojobros!!

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is hip mic still popular?

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It hit a bit of a lull for a while because of no content, but with the DH vs BAT stage play and the anime premiering, it's starting to gain traction again.

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Anyone got stuff like this? Cute, calm, cozy.

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Link taking the role of Zelda

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About other men...nine 17. 4twenty 24-twenty four

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According to Dante's to do list he was pretty much about to kill himself after this. Dante is probably perfectly fine with handling Vergils autism when they get back from hell.

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I expect art of Vergil being a bright, beautiful phoenix reclaiming his destiny just as the song says in the next thread. Chop, chop.

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Cockatoo. Not pheonix.

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>both twins were near death


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What's his name?

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Last thread reached the image limit.

Old thread >>3471428

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These two idiot cousin/brotherfuckers.

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I just recently finished watching the anime. "Filling each other's hole", eh? If I remember right, wasn't there a shitstorm on /a/ about the anime ending? Also, any fics you recommend on them?

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>If I remember right, wasn't there a shitstorm on /a/ about the anime ending?
Yeah, because Kayo ended up hooking up with the girly looking boy and had a baby with that guy instead so they hated it since it was "NTR" i guess.

>> No.3496152

Kek, they were so fucking salty about it. I have never in my life witnessed a bigger collective temper tantrum.

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Cute D&D boys?

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last thread >>3448537

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