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jfk thread pretty please

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Previous thread >>3476515
tfw no Angel bf

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Don't bring up /a/ here, why don't you go back there if you wanna know?

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just askin in case the poster in question is a denizen here

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Alright, I made a new thread pls contribute: >>3511271

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This is (obviously) NOT at all cute,
by any stretch of the (well-informed) imagination.

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Face of Aki looks like XD
Great one
Death of beam still hurtssss
I don't like the style of drawing but the colour is just perfect.
So much feelings there
He went to "heaven" with his lil' brother.
Amazing painting

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Shota thread
Please respect people's tastes, as long as they respect /cm/'s rules.

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MM Young Link > OoT Young Link

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Po-tay-to, po-tah-to

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E) Toon Link is cuter (although Young Link is lewder).

Yep. His model was improved a lot in MM.

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>they made his tunic shorter
Not sure whether that's an insult or a compliment.

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I like how he kicks his little legs while sitting in the opening.

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Retro Boys II: Judgment Day

Last thread:

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It's this artist: pixiv.net/en/users/17345509
You'll have to log in to view all of the artwork though;
If google or yandex can't find the original image, I'd generally recommend using saucenao.com.

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Make way devilboys, there's another 70s murdercutie in town.

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Ryouma Nagare. So kawaii, so vicious.

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Is Evangelion retro now?

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Previous: >>3481433

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Where can I find the interview where she downplays the hospital scene?

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New thread >>3489408

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It's not one interview, it's a collection of interviews/things where that wasn't the main focus but was said in passing + some twitter comments if you want to count that. I do remember this because some years ago I went on a reading spree on every Eva interview or comments from the staff I could find and felt it was odd she didn't see this scene as something as bad as it obviously is. She didn't say "oh you guys don't understand poor Shinji here, he's not doing anything bad" or anything but she took the scene as a happening in a bubble, as if that scene had no connection to the movie or Shinji's character. Kind of like: it was a little mistake, let's move on now + some jokes about the recording of that scene that made it feel it wasn't so serious to her (or others?) at the moment. I don't think I'll go through all that to find this, but good luck to you if you try to.

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Previous thread: >>3484753

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I am truly an amazing woman.

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Silly anon, hormones won't turn you into a woman

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The kid I got chained in my basement of course. Who else?
You make me deeply sad anon.

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You bitches started with your normie french shit.

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post 5 dude

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This is sexy

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god i fucking hate stupid ass newfags, don't even know what a fucking shota is.

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Noo that's literally me when I feel cute

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I know it's probably just me but it's just something about this character I love him

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Me fucking too!

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I need somebody to punish me for being a sissy and wearing pretty panties and secretly cross-dressing

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you can't even fucking spell stacy
also if you keep flashing truckers you're going to get fucking killed

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Running with the Wind thread.

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5 or more images to start a thread

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Fuck yeah, more cute lawyers.

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new thread?

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> " new thread? " ;
No thanks.

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God yeah. We just had decent threads last week i thought we would be over this already.

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Another day of mourning all the SBR fanart that made me think Diego was going to be a third protagonist

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Can't complain with his screen time though.
His stand is also the most memorable of the arc imo.

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cutest blonde boy

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It's peppermint candy I swear

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idk if this shit counts. Don't know many clown boys.

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This is good. I guess any goofy looking boy goes.

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Naughty Jester has a really cute jester oc, can't remember his name since its been years but I remember his posts from /d/ pic related though without his hat.

Also theres Mr Mint from candy land if you really wanna get freaky

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Go jerk it to Ronald Mcdonald porn you freak.

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>no Hisoka
Shit thread

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Hey anons, who's your favorite male character from bleach? For me, it's Ishidiya.

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I like both BBW's and pretty boys. Any fellow bi-anons like this?

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Please I need more of best mom

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Cute boys with glasses thread?

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cute anime boys smoking hookah thread? cute anime boys smoking hookah thread. Post your images with heavy emphasis on hookah/pipes and weed but all is good.

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check out this link to see :

be sure to a follower , because you will be able to buy them soon

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